Chapter 22.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 22.1 – Author: In YY novels, lilies can be straightened

(Note: Du Ze is an otaku and he uses anime terms a lot. Yuri (百合) means “lily.”)

Xiu did not dislike the skin-to-skin contact. That person’s body was soft and it made the undead’s perpetually cold skin feel like it was warming up.

That smell …

Xiu hesitated for just a moment before stretching out a finger to feel Du Ze’s breath. As Du Ze exhaled, Xiu’s fingers were wrapped in hot and moist air, but underneath it was the cold and cloudy breath of the undead.

Du Ze was awakened by Xiu’s movements. The black-haired youth opened his eyes, confused, but did not raise his head right away. His right hand quickly and skillfully hunted around until he found his glasses. When Du Ze put on the glasses, he raised his head and saw that Xiu was awake. He felt like a fool, and at that moment he saw the final outcome.1

The novel said that the protagonist would be in a coma for five days. Why did he wake up after just four days?!

The bitter reader wanted to weep, yet lacked the tears. When the demon sister led them to Belial city, Du Ze was finally able to eat and sleep. He naively believed that all of his hardships were over and waited for a better future. Then the curse’s “imprinting on the first thing it sees, like a baby chick” problem struck Du Ze with a vengeance.2

The cold curse wasn’t stopped by the 0-point restore!

The cold curse’s method is this: the caster calls a demon to enter the specified target body, and the very cold Yin spirit will make the accursed person feel cold from his or her soul. Because it is acting on the soul, it is useless to try to defeat the cold by wearing more clothes. The use of fire elements won’t help either. As far as people can see, the body temperature of the accursed person is not abnormal when felt externally. The curse doesn’t damage the physical body; it is purely a spiritual torment. Since the cause of the curse is the Yin spirit, if the spirit is destroyed or leaves the accursed, the curse will disappear. In “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist easily sucked out the spirit from Alice’s body.

That was why Du Ze’s fate was quite tragic. He had never seen such a cute fool of a Yin spirit. He had expected to be able to get rid of the curse when his 0-point restore ability activated, but restore can’t stop the Yin spirit’s actions. At midnight Du Ze was restored to his normal state. The Yin spirit in his body was cast out and the cute spirit looked around with wide eyes. The first time he saw the Yin spirit, Du Ze was interested in the white shadow’s crying expression. But then the spirit looked around blankly and suddenly ran back to Du Ze’s body, chirping like a baby chick.

Du Ze: …

Your mom’s eggs! Why are you trying to act cute? Your master is gone, I’m begging you to pursue freedom, boy!

Du Ze endured the extreme cold until the next midnight when the spirit was squeezed out. When the spirit was still disoriented and couldn’t understand why it was expelled, Du Ze turned to run but again was attacked by the bear child (the naughty spirit). On the third day, judging from its expression, Du Ze thought that the spirit was about to cry. Du Ze almost cried himself. No matter how many creatures were around, the Yin spirit only recognized Du Ze; it refused to possess anyone who wasn’t Du Ze.

Violet wanted to help but couldn’t. Belial City had no experts in undead magic, otherwise the blood poison plague wouldn’t have caused such devastation in their territory and they wouldn’t have had to search for a cure for it. Du Ze wanted to cry; he could only put his hope on Xiu who was still in a coma. Right now Du Ze saw that Xiu’s eyes are green – which means that he is a life-saving medicine and a human-shaped hot water bottle for Du Ze.

The curse of the Yin spirit can be alleviated if it is suppressed by a high-level undead person. In “Mixed-Blood,” Violet had to run to the sea of undead souls every once in a while to find herbs to ease Alice’s suffering until they met the protagonist.

In Belial City, are there any higher level undead than the Lich?

Therefore, the reader was unable to bear it and grabbed Xiu’s hand out of some evil impulse. When Du Ze grasped Xiu’s hand, the reader’s frozen fingers finally felt like they regained their normal temperature – but the warmth only affected the hand. The rest of him was still extremely cold. Thus the degeneration of Du Ze’s moral integrity began.

Initially he just held Xiu’s hand, then the whole arm, and so on, until at last the frenzied reader tore off the protagonist’s clothes and clung to Xiu. From beginning to end, the object of his aggression was in a coma, which made this a brutal assault on an unconscious person.3

Some silly, cute person then thought (obviously this is wishful thinking): as long as he stops before the protagonist wakes up then Xiu will not find out that Du Ze forcefully seized another man in his arms. Du Ze held on to Xiu for a few days in a row because of the cold curse. Because he had not rested well for quite some time, he accidentally fell asleep while on him, which precipitated this disaster.

And now Du Ze’s gaze moved from Xiu’s eyes to Xiu’s chest, silent.

Xiu stared at Du Ze’s expressionless face. This is the first time Xiu was able to observe the other’s face closely and for so long. Every curve of the other’s face was magnified several times, clearly reflected in Xiu’s eyes. He suddenly realized that this person wasn’t as indifferent as he seemed. The black-haired youth’s face had almost no expression, but if one looked closely, the tension in his facial muscles showed a refusal to reveal … nervousness?

Du Ze was completely unaware that Xiu’s keen eyes had penetrated his usual “elegantly beautiful aloof from worldly affairs” surface and saw the silly, cute boy underneath. He put on the headphones. This was going to be very difficult to explain.

Protagonist, you want the calm young man to know that what you want to hug is a sister, but this is just human error, the way he calculated the days must be wrong!4

“… my body is so cold.”

… Did he just start to recite the lines again foolishly?

The soul fire in Xiu’s eyes flared then suddenly extinguished. Without the soul fire animating the eyes of the undead, they become completely dull and would not reflect anything anymore. But Du Ze had a feeling that Xiu was examining Du Ze’s soul’s condition. After Xiu’s investigation was finished, the Lich’s eyes returned to normal. Xiu simply said: “I will warm you up.”

– Do you have to be so professional?!

Suddenly the silly reader experienced the protagonist’s professionalism as the Lich began his scientific “first aid” treatment.

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  1. 终极 – the extreme, the limit, the final outcome. But I have no idea what he means. The ultimate result of what?
  2. The raw said the curse’s 雏鸟情怀 (chick’s feelings) meaning when a baby chick imprints on the first thing it sees when it hatches
  3. I know this is redundant but it’s the author’s style to say things twice.
  4. The actual raw seems to be a cat meme “the cat grabbed the wrong mic” (it was a cat tail instead of a mic).

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