Chapter 21.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 21.2 – Protagonist: What’s this situation?

Du Ze stared at the Lich in a daze. Although Yi Ye Zhi Qiu did write in “Mixed Blood” that once the protagonist had awakened four kinds of blood, he can freely transform into those awakened forms but – protagonist, your upgrade speed is too fast! It was only after 100 chapters of the novel before the protagonist awakened four of his forms, and it was at 130 chapters when he discovered the secret of blood transformation. Now the protagonist’s front feet awakened the demon form, and hind legs understood the blood transformation … FML! Protagonist, this is going against heaven’s will?

Thoroughly rebel against heaven! = =+

The moral integrity of the crazed fan is broken again.

Xiu looked gloomily at Du Ze, who was huddled into himself and shivering, then Xiu’s gaze turned to the undead mage’s hiding place. He didn’t say anything this time. Qian Bian turned into a death scythe in his hands. The Lich reached out with his power. Not far from where he was standing, the bones started to move to reveal a small hole. An awkward shadow was dragged out by a skeleton and hung on a scaffold made of bones.

Unexpectedly, the undead mage was a dark elf with long white hair and dark skin. The elves have always been beautiful, but right now his face was twisted with fear. In the Chaos Continent, the dark elves are fallen elves, also known as drow, with white hair and black skin. They worship a spider Goddess. As everybody knows, one of the main characteristics of dark elves is that they are lascivious.

The dark elf tried to flee the moment the high-level undead appeared, but the Lich gave him no chance to escape. The Necromancer had some mastery over the undead as a middle-rank mage, but that is not enough to stand against the other. When the Lich appeared, the sea of undead souls completely surrendered itself to him. The dark elf began to despair. In front of the undead Lich, his only trump card – the curse – is useless.

The bones in the sea of the undead souls automatically formed a path to let their master through to the dark elf. The fear in the dark elf’s eyes grew stronger and he shouted in horror: “I was wrong! I’m not going to pursue those two sisters again! I’ll go and remove that curse on your companion, don’t kill me! ”

Standing in front of the dark elf, there was no expression on the Lich’s pale face, but to the dark elf this was more frightening than anger because the other person looked at him as if he were looking at a dead man.

“You can’t kill me! My mentor is Anat! If you kill me, my mentor will -”

Of course, Xiu didn’t listen to any of his nonsense. The Lich’s put his hand on the dark elf’s temples. When Xiu loosened his hand, the dark elf hung limply from the rack. The corpse of a dark elf is a rare material, so Xiu put it in the contract space of the Necromancer1 The Lich reasoned that the dark elf, when he was turned into an undead, would never disobey him again.

Violet looked at the undead in awe when she realized that he was wearing the same clothes as the demon who had suddenly vanished. When Du Ze saw the dark elf hanging his head, he thought that the dark elf had just fainted but when he was thrown into the contract space, he realized that the dark elf was dead.

Dead …?

The scene had no sense of reality for Du Ze. Was it because the dark elf died too quietly, or because, subconsciously, he still thinks that this is just a novel?

After doing all this, the Lich turned to where Du Ze was but then collapsed into the sea of bones.

Du Ze helplessly watched as Xiu fall down neatly, then threw off his disorderly mood. Trembling, he ran to Xiu’s side, extremely worried, but to his relief, Xiu just seemed to be asleep. Du Ze remembered that in “Mixed Blood,” it was written that each time the protagonist changed his form, he would be in a coma for a few days. After all, if he could change at any time without any penalty, then that ability would be too strong for the plot. However, according to the author, once Xiu unlocks all eight bloodlines, he can freely shift into whichever form he wanted without falling into a coma.

What should we do now? Du Ze looked at the surrounding bones. His mind was empty of ideas.

Violet, after hesitating for a long time, finally stepped forward: “You, hello.”

Seeing Du Ze’s expressionless face, and clearly sensing that the other person is weak, Violet doesn’t know why she felt anxious.

“I am the Lord of the City of Belial … Would you like to come to Belial City as my guest? ”


He opened his eyes and the light fell on his face with a warm feeling. How long has it been since he saw the light?

He was in a strange room. There were not a lot of decorations, but it made people feel very comfortable. As he was about to get up, he found that there was something heavy lying on top of his body. Xiu opened the quilt and saw Du Ze almost half-naked. Their two bodies were entwined. The black-haired youth was soundly asleep, curled up on Xiu’s bosom. The glasses had been removed and Du Ze’s face rested on Xiu’s chest. Du Ze’s soft hair was brushing across his skin with the youth’s every breath. Not just his head, but also Du Ze’s hands and feet were also clinging to Xiu. The two people’s bodies were stuck together with almost no gap between them.

Xiu was surprised. What’s this situation?

what situation
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The author has something to say:

Protagonist: What’s this situation?
Reader: The situation of counterattack.2
Protagonist: …
Author: He wants to initiate.3
Protagonist: Understood.
Readers: … You just deliberately ignored me, didn’t you? (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻

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  1. It seems that there is a spatial storage that the necromancer had.
  2. The seme/gong is the attacker. When the uke/shou takes the offensive, it’s called a counterattack. Do I need to explain this or not?
  3. 献身 – literally means dedication but the internet slang meaning is initiating intimate activities.

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