Chapter 23.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 23.1 – Reader: I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?!

Alice leaned against the bed and Violet was reluctant to leave. She took Alice’s hand, turned to Du Ze and Xiu, and rubbed her red eyes in embarrassment: “You can laugh, this is my younger sister Alice – who is also my spouse.”

Sister, you are so heroic! – Du Ze’s head hurt when he thought this.1 He guessed that Violet dared to boldly declare her relationship with Alice because she saw the two of them kissing. Now she thinks that they are good friends who have violated the same taboo. The silly Du Ze is now worried: the protagonist’s “straighten the bent sisters”2 route is messed up! Xiu failed to trigger the “hero saves the beauty” and “scientific rescue” events to enhance his favorability rating with the sisters. Protagonist … you can still delete the saved file and try to play again.

Du Ze was dismayed. He looked at Xiu, but found that the other person was looking back at him. The Lich’s full attention is on him, his eyes very serious, and Du Ze doesn’t know how long he has been staring. Their eyes met for mere moment before Xiu calmly looked away.

Du Ze: ?3

Violet whispered a few words to Alice, as if to introduce Du Ze and Xiu to her sister. Alice smiled shyly at the two strangers. She seems to be more introverted than her sister and let Violet do all the talking.

“At last we can thank you for killing the necromancer. Though I would like to ask you … what do you plan to do next?”

This speech startled Du Ze. All this time he and the protagonist have been on the run; they haven’t had a chance to stop and think about their future goals. In the original “Mixed Blood” plot, when the protagonist left the Lost Land, his goal was revenge. As he pursued his goal, his hatred of the world increased so much that in the end, he decided that the world and everything and everyone in it didn’t need to exist.

The world has no value, therefore destroy it.

Du Ze did not object to the protagonist getting revenge on the foolish humans who wronged him. On the contrary, he was excited when the protagonist trampled on all of those people – tremble foolish mortals, for daring to bully my cute hero!

But when the protagonist changed his target from individuals to the whole of human society, and then the whole world, this was a sign that the protagonist had become deranged.

Everybody says I’m wrong. Since it’s wrong, then why can’t anyone stop me? I’ll keep going until death proves me wrong.

That person kept making mistake after mistake without realizing he’s wrong or turning back, all the way until the very end.

Du Ze involuntarily looked at Xiu. The demon sisters also looked at Xiu. The Lich lifted his eyes expressionlessly and said, his voice hoarse: “How can a person go to the Lost Land?”

Violet was stupefied. She had probably guessed that they were from the other side of the continent, which was not that unusual. There were always some people who came to the reverse side of the continent because of rifts in time and space. Such people either died in the reverse side’s harsh environment, or settled down here and never returned to the continent because the channel has been blocked.

She could not help but remind them: “From the reverse side of the continent, people cannot go to the opposite side because …” Her voice became smaller and smaller as she spoke when she saw the expression in the Lich’s eyes. Violet realized she had been speaking nonsense.

“The Lost Land is in Agares City, do you have a permit?” After she said that, Violet realized she had made a mistake so she began to explain: “To go to Agares City then into the Lost Land, one must have a permit issued by Agares City’s Lord.”

She hesitated for a moment then continued: “I can help you get a permit. Can you please help us with one thing in return?” Like someone who feared being rejected, Violet quickly added: “There is a Flame Lord that I want to get a flame crystal soul from, can you help me?”

Alice’s eyes glittered, and she grabbed her sister’s hand.

System: Quest “Obtain Flame Crystal Soul” Available. Requested by: Violet. Bonus: Lily sisters goodwill +100.

Thus, Du Ze witnessed the stallion novel plot god’s tireless efforts. In “Mixed Blood” this event was also present. In order to help Alice, the protagonist helped kill the Flame Lord and loot its treasures. Alice was finally completely restored; the two demon sisters were completely conquered, and they both joined the harem.

Du Ze stared at Xiu nervously: Protagonist, quickly agree! If you don’t get the goodwill of these two lilies, henceforth you will become a bystander instead of a participant!

The Lich looked gloomy, with no expression on his pale face.4 Violet was very frightened of Xiu but persisted in looking him in the eye. Du Ze, on the other hand, knew that he was about to refuse based on his experience with the Lich in the Lost Land. At that moment, the bitterness in the reader’s heart was so great that it even broke through his social barrier and made him do something irreversible.


Everyone’s eyes turned to the silly, cute Du Ze. The reader felt regret. He dared to overstep his authority and speak for others – is he stupid or is he stupid?

“Thank you very much,” said Alice, who had not spoken before, completely blocking any opportunity for Du Ze renege on his promise to help.

Violet also reacted; she excitedly said to Du Ze: “Thank you! I’ll get everything ready!”

On the opposite side of the two happy little lilies, some Moe person had to face his personal hell. Struggling to find a good excuse, Du Ze turned to face to Xiu, his voice flat as he sought to explain his presumption: “There will be good things there.”

You have to believe that this young man is doing this for your own good. When you are surrounded by beautiful women you will appreciate my lasciviousness!

However, the Lich’s eyes had a strange, unfamiliar expression that Du Ze couldn’t decipher. It didn’t look like blame. Hearing Du Ze’s words, Xiu looked away and said: “Then let’s do it.”

Du Ze: ???

Although the fact that the protagonist agreed is very good, Du Ze felt uneasy at his strange attitude.

Is he just imagining things?

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  1. Literally “his balls ached.”
  2. Lily sisters
  3. Like an anime character, imagine that there’s a question mark above his head.
  4. I know gloomy and no expression are paradoxical but that’s what the author said.

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  1. I’m quite new to BL stories, this is only my 4th after The Untamed, WoH and Scum Villain but I’m absolutely hooked! I’m really enjoying this, it’s quite different in many ways but also similar in other ways. I love the two main characters and am looking forward to seeing where the story goes for them. 😍😉

    I’m not a prude and am obviously fine with gay stories/characters but tbh the incest between the demon sisters is a bit off putting! Lots of people have had their lives ruined by incestuous relationships and normalising it in stories like this and/or saying it’s bc they are demons just doesn’t sit well with me.🤔😕

    Anyway apart from that I’m loving the story, many thanks to the translater, you’ve done a fantastic job. 👍👏💜

    1. You’re welcome! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the story since it’s a little bit weird (but fun).

  2. listen, i’m glad that the demon sisters get to remain lesbians instead of what happened to them in the original novel, but please, do not consider incest as a good rep for a lesbian relationship. i’ve seen some people saying it like it’s a good thing, especially on twitter….

    1. Well , i hope the author put a warning ⚠️ now .
      Something like …
      “This is just a fiction , and do not engage this type of behaviour in your reality and surrounding”

      The incest part i mean . But, well , even without this , this thing actually happen in real life . I hope they found the right way soon .

  3. i felt the need to comment after seeing all these comments:
    1. bisexual people exist, du ze will likely just realise that he likes men as well..? hes not “turning gay” because thats not how sexuality works
    2. having a straight person realise theyre not straight is fine; we need more lgbtq rep and it does make for an interesting story, although ill say its frustrating when ALL danmei are like that.
    3. having wlw/lesbian people “turn straight” or be “straightened out” is not the same AT ALL. wlw/lesbian rep is scarce in a lot of media and its not okay to erase that representation. that being said, they could realise that they are bisexual or whatever, but in this context violet and alice are just being talked about like theyll “turn straight”

    the fact theyre sisters is a WHOLE other thing..
    anyway lol as a mlm/nblm person reading this its odd to see how people dont understand all that. lovely translation though, thank you

  4. MC saving wlw and mlm relationships ftw POG
    that being said– i’m sorry if i start a comment war but
    I find it quite hypocritical that some of you are criticizing Yi Ye Zhi Qiu for writing lesbians being ‘bent’– when, in fact all of us are currently reading a story in which the MC is straight (judging by the fact that he was reading a smut/harem fantasy novel) and is bent by the ML later.
    Also, isn’t ‘straight man becomes gay’ quite a common theme in mainstream yaoi? Why does it shock you when Het stories use the same plot device?

    1. Wasn’t the last chapter’s black box just about that though? As in, they both are somewhat hypocritical.

      IMO the straightening of bent people in het novels for the harem/main couple is less often seen, so I guess that’s why I’d be surprised.

  5. Read “I know gloomy and no expression are paradoxical but that’s what the author said.” —> thought it could rephrased as “gloomy and straight-faced” —> realized that was paradoxical in a whole other sense :3

    1. Then again, gloomy with a straight face could also be very accurate when applied to Xiu

  6. …..wlw/mlm solidarity i fucking guess. jesus h christ, mixed blood’s author… incest AND lesbian reformation ?? i’m so glad reader is there to fix your shit ‘romance’ elements

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      it’s really a wild ride, I have never read anything like it before
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      But for real though, can I ask why a lot of BL novels treat gay people like predators? Especially the “top”. They’re either terrifyingly possessive or scarily abusive.

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      @red, the possessive seme is so common because bl is still shoujo. and don’t we all know how even the strongest girl is always completely dominated by the rather screwed up male lead… i have no idea why, but it seems a certain type of women just like this. just as they liked 50 shades. abusive villain hides a tender heart(?)

      the seme/uke divide is also something typical of bl written for a female audience.

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    Du Ze: huh?

    (Hearing aid: *whistles innocently*)


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    Thank you for the chapter!

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