Chapter 23.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 23.2 – Reader: I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?!

When Du Ze and Xiu returned to the room and saw that there was only one bed, the cute person realized that they had not dispelled the sisters’ idea about Xiu and Du Ze’s “queer pain-in-the-ass”1 relationship. Now it’s not realistic for him to go back and ask for another room. Besides, after they ate dinner, the headphones ran out of power. Du Ze turned to look at Xiu but saw that the Lich had taken out Qian Bian and changed it into the Magic Codex. Xiu was reading it earnestly and it seemed that he didn’t plan to rest at all.

Seeing the protagonist activate his diligent training mode, Du Ze sought to make his existence smaller.

The thought of Xiu working so hard to become strong enough to get revenge gave Du Ze mixed feelings. He thought that he should find a chance to talk to Xiu about his future: the abused trash brings down the god of light and then destroys the world – that is the villain BOSS’ role! The cute master shouldn’t take over that job.

He thought about these things then fell asleep.

Violet was excited about the task that will save Alice’s life and got everything ready the next day, but there was just a small problem.

Du Ze looked at the yellow creature in front of him. It was two meters high, similar to the Late Cretaceous Velociraptor, with its large hind legs that appeared to be somewhat miniature compared to its forelegs. It is often referred to in fantasy novels as a dragon. There was a saddle on its back and was obviously prepared as a means of transportation. However, when Du Ze approached it, the ground-dragon sobbed and shrank down, trying to make itself smaller. As he went nearer, the creature started struggling as if it were a female about to be *censored*.2 When Du Ze attempted to climb on it’s back, the poor creature started foaming at the mouth then passed out.

The crowd of onlookers and the other dragons: …

Violet was very frightened. There is no power leaking from the human – no, perhaps that black-haired youth is not a human. The legendary high-level dragons can freely transform into their humanoid forms. The mount is a low-level demonic beast and it could not withstand his proximity, could he be … a dragon?

Congratulations! The reader has unlocked the “High-Level Dragon” title in addition to his existing “High-Level Demon” appellation

Xiu glanced at the unconscious dragon, took out Qian Bian, and used the death scythe to draw a magic circle on the ground. When the outermost circle was complete, the magic pattern lit up with a black light. A horse neighed and when the light had died down, a white and gray skeletal horse appeared, its dark eyes burning with blue soul flames.

In its past life the skeletal horse was used to riders. Xiu put a saddle on it and turned to look at Du Ze, saying: “Come.”

Oh, oh, oh! A good, domineering mount!

Some stupid, cute person ran to it and was barely able to climb onto the skeletal horse’s saddle. Before he could straighten up his body, the mount bent down. A cold chest was stuck to his back and a pale hand came around from behind.

Wait a minute.

“Only the undead can ride a skeleton horse. It will throw you off,” explained the Lich.

Du Ze’s body became stiff. This time it’s because of shock: he clearly said nothing, how was the protagonist able to read the doubt in his mind?

There was no need to whip the mount. Under the Lich’s mind control, the skeletal horse ran quickly. Xiu hugged Du Ze’s waist, slightly squinting in the breeze.

– If you observe him closely, this person is actually very easy to understand, isn’t he?

The Flame Lord’s lava habitat was southwest of Belial City, about 2 days away. That night they camped out. After a whole day’s riding, Du Ze’s legs felt soft and the frail otaku missed the 21st century cars very much. Tired, Du Ze went straight to his blanket after dinner and fell asleep.

Perhaps these past few days spent in Belial City has been too comfortable; his sleep was fitful. Some time in the night he woke up. He stared at the fire for a while, still half asleep, and when he had fully woken up, he saw that something was not right.

With his blurry eyesight he could make out two shadows in the firelight. Du Ze put on his glasses and saw a scene that made his blood boil: Xiu and Violet were not asleep. They were sitting next to the fire and seemed to be chatting. Xiu said something that seemed to surprise Violet at first but then she smiled happily in response.

Du Ze hated the fact that his headphones aren’t working right now, otherwise he could fully witness this classic scene. What did the protagonist say to this sister? Is it the love confession? ****, you’re so cheap! You remain calm and quiet while taking down the sister, this is the style of life’s winner!

The cute reader suppressed his excitement and continued to watch.

They said something again. Suddenly Xiu moved closer to Violet and the demon female moved her face forward, closing her eyes and looking very eager.

Are you going to kiss? Are you going to kiss? Go on! Kiss!

Under Du Ze’s hot, expectant gaze, Xiu pointed his index finger between Violet’s eyebrows and cast the spell for the master and servant contract.

… I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?!3

A mouthful of blood rose up in Du Ze’s throat. The ****, I spent three days and three nights waiting for a love action scene and all I get is a wacky kid’s cartoon!4 Why! Ah!

Argh! This is bs!!!

The pale light of the contract gradually dissipated. Between Violet’s eyebrows appeared a mark that slowly faded away. She gave Xiu a respectful salute then left. Xiu was left sitting at the fire. The Lich glanced in Du Ze’s direction then stared at the leaping flames, his thoughts muddled.5

Because of last night’s ups and downs, Du Ze’s mood was particularly bleak when he got up. He sat impassively in Xiu’s arms as they rode the skeletal horse, thinking to himself: exactly what went wrong?

After a day’s journey, they finally arrived at the lava habitat.



She said: “You ask me … why are you with Alice?”

She said: “I hope that Alice’s companion will only be me, whether in the past or in the future.”

She said: “Alice is my one and only special person.”

She said: “The most important thing is that I like Alice, this has nothing to do with gender and identity.”

She said: “Aren’t you and he a couple? Why don’t you understand?”


The man can only stay by his side.

That person is different.

That person is important – why is that person important?

– [black box]


The author has something to say:

Author: I’ve lost my moral integrity, and you let me update?

Reader: I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?

Protagonist: You’ve already taken off your pants, and you won’t let me top you?


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  1. egg-ache base (gay) friend
  2. The author cut off a word here so use your imagination.
  3. Internet slang meaning: this is so disappointing, I was expecting more.
  4. Du Ze makes a reference to 蓝娃 who is a character from a Chinese-made kid’s animated series.
  5. not knowing what he was thinking

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  1. Protagonist: You’ve already taken off your pants, and you won’t let me top you?你裤子都脱了你让我不上你?
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    1. Hmm, yes I did think about that but “top you” is funnier. Also, I thought “ride you” is when the woman/man goes on top but he/she’s still the receiver? Maybe I’m wrong.

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