Chapter 23 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 23 Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter title: Lovers’ Sword Tassels

sword tassel

(Translator’s Note: The sword tassel is just that thing that hangs from the end of Chinese swords. It’s only ornamental, as far as I know. See image above.)

Chu Yu was very weak but after he was healed by his grandmother he felt better. He started to think about how to deal with the current problem at Tian Yuan Sect.

Song Jingyi is posing as a person of high morals but he is definitely a hypocrite. However, he is an elite disciple and the disciples who followed him did not show up to tell the truth.

Indeed, it would be useless for them to stay …

Chu Yu had an epiphany. They are useless if they stay. It’s the same if they run. In fact, if they stay, they might hold back or even cause unnecessary casualties. This means there’s no need to investigate this matter.

His relaxed and cheerful good mood was broken by Chu Sheng the next day.

Chu Sheng arrived early in the morning and asked Chu Yu all the details of what happened. Chu Sheng whispered: “Little brother, when you disappeared the elders of Tian Yuan Sect came. This so-called sect master’s disciple deliberately did not send the signal.”

Three years ago, the sect master Song Yuanzhuo learned that demonic path cultivators had entered the borders of the Jiao Xia territory. He guessed that these demonic cultivators were there for the demonic insects. However, he didn’t want to cancel the training for the Tian Yuan disciples so he took certain steps to ensure their safety.

It’s probable that before they departed, Song Yuanzhuo took Song Jingyi aside to speak to him alone and to give him a special signal. When this signal is sent, the elders will immediately come to the rescue.

****! That ****er!

Song Jingyi is truly a hypocrite, hiding his malicious intent under a veneer of righteousness. He seems to be aiming to harm Chu Yu and Xie Xi.

Chu Yu has to be really vigilant this time. In the original Chu Yu’s memories, he and Song Jinyi competed for the first place during the previous Immortal Sword Congress. The original Chu Yu won and when Song Jingyi stepped down from the stage, his eyes were very cold and full of venom.

That person has been harboring ill feelings towards Chu Yu for a long time.

Chu Yu was pondering how to handle this situation when Chu Sheng said in a gloomy tone: “Little brother, I checked and Song Jingyi only comes from a minor family. It won’t be any problem if your big brother were to send someone to …”

Big brother, why are you speaking like a villain …

Chu Yu’s eyebrows shot up: “No need.”

Song Jingyi is the sect master’s personal succeeding disciple. Lu Qingan has a good relationship with the sect master. If Song Jinyi is killed and Song Yuanzhuo has to investigate him, Lu Qingan will lose too much face …

Just being in guard against Song Jingyi is enough. Killing him is not an option.

Chu Sheng sighed and had to give up.

“By the way, little brother, the situation in Jinhe’s territory is tense. Father and Mother had to check it out this morning. Grandfather and grandmother also had to go. Are you staying in Falling Maple Leaf Valley or going back to Tian Yuan Sect?”

“The situation is tense?” asked Chu Yu in surprise.

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face was apprehensive: “Little brother, you don’t know about it. Seven days ago, the Tian Yuan Sect’s Nascent Soul Stage elders caught a few demonic cultivators. Unfortunately, the elders didn’t realize that one of them was carrying a teleportation item. When the elders relaxed their guard, the demonic cultivators escaped from Jiao Xia. Half a day later, seven demonic cultivator squads attacked and the Jinhe River was almost lost. Most of Tian Yuan Sect and Maple Leaf Valley’s Nascent Soul level cultivators have already gone to the Jinhe River.”

“The war between the righteous cultivators and demonic path cultivators a hundred years ago might be repeated.’


What the ****! This plot development and the novel’s plot are not the same!

It should be many years before the war begins.

The expression on Chu Yu’s face darkened – he had an inkling that this was probably because of his own actions.

Those demonic cultivators who fled was probably an important plot point. That was why the seven squads of demonic cultivators made a concerted effort to disrupt the front line to draw the attention of the righteous cultivators there.

This world is a mess and the protagonist is still so small. Chu Yu hoped that the plot will not develop too fast.

After Chu Sheng left,Chu Yu smiled and turned to look at Xie Xi who has been silent all this time: “Shidi, what are you thinking?”

This is bad! Originally, the protagonist would show him a bright, sunny attitude but after the Fang Ye City incident he became withdrawn and taciturn, more and more like the protagonist’s character in the novel.

Holding the thigh is stressful …

Perhaps noticing Chu Yu’s eyes on him, Xie Xi regained his composure and stared at Chu Yu for a long time. Then suddenly he smiled slyly and said: “I was thinking about how to make Song Shixiong pay for what he did and …”

Xie Xi paused then said: “Tomorrow is the Double Seventh Festival day.Shixiong promised to give me a sachet, when can I get it?”1

Chu Yu: “…”

Don’t we have a good brotherly relationship? Don’t mention the scented sachet.

Since the protagonist, as his Shidi, made the request, Chu Yu would have to respond.

Near the Falling Maple Leaf Valley was a mortal town. Chu Yu knew that he could never really embroider a sachet for Xie Xi. He secretly slipped out of the valley and bought it in the town. He planned to meet with Xie Xi tonight.

After looking around for a long time, he saw a wine shop on the way back to the valley. Chu Yu thought for a moment and bought two wine jugs which he took back to his rooms.

Xie Xi was training his sword skills when he saw that Chu Yu had returned and was holding two wine jars. He raised his eyebrow. Then he seemed to think of something; his expression showed a little surprise and his face turned slightly red.

Chu Yu’s figure was tall and upright. His five facial features were handsome and pure. At first glance he looks like a cold, arrogant nobleman. His eyes are normally like cold, deep pools that made people feel a chill. Unexpectedly, Chu Yu was showing a different side of himself right now as he sat on a stool holding two wine jugs.

Xie Xi’s hand that was holding his sword trembled. It seems he couldn’t train anymore. He sheathed Duan Xue and smiled as he walked towards Chu Yu: “Da Shixiong has prepared the gift for Shidi?”

Chu Yu tapped Xie Xi on his head: “No ambition! It’s the Double Seventh Festival but you ask a man for a gift!”

“Who else?” Xie Xi paid no mind to Chu Yu’s remark. He sat very close to Chu Yu.

If Chu Sheng wasn’t very busy taking care of Maple Valley’s various business affairs, he would have been here. Seeing how Xie Xi was being so sticky, Chu Sheng would probably draw his sword to challenge Xie Xi right then and there.

Chu Yu thought that this was funny. He pinched and rubbed Xie Xi’s face and casually said: “Your Shijie and Shimei, of course. Too bad master’s rules are so strict. During ordinary days, people are not allowed to randomly leave their peaks. Otherwise, because of my little Shidi’s handsomeness, there would be a crowd of girls always around him, it’s a pity …”

Every word he spoke made the smile on Xie Xi’s face fade. When Chu Yu finished speaking, Xie Xi’s face looked like he was sinking underwater.

“Why is it a pity?” asked Xie Xi lightly. “I’ve been wondering why Da Shixiong has been eagerly pushing his Shidi towards one’s Shijie and Shimei, or even other women.”

Chu Yu was speechless. In a moment of complacency, he forgot that Xie Xi didn’t like him to talk that way …

Looking at the sky that showed that it was twilight, Chu Yu wiped away his cold sweat then handed the scented sachet to Xie Xi. He coughed then said: “Shidi, don’t be angry. Shixiong just said it casually … here is the sachet you wanted.”

Xie Xi took the sachet and examined it closely. It was a light blue sachet. The color was similar to the color of Chu Yu’s Qi energy and two playful little fish were embroidered on it. Although the quality of the embroidery wasn’t top-notch, it did have a certain charm.

One look was all it took to determine that some cheap person had bought this somewhere, but Xie Xi’s mood was unexpectedly good. The more he looked at the color and the embroidered figures, the more he liked the sachet.The sachet had a faint fragrance. This scent gave a person both physical and mental pleasure.

Xie Xi flashed a small smile as he carefully stowed the sachet away. He stared at Chu Yu and said, smiling: “Many thanks, Shixiong. I’ve troubled you.”

Chu Yu smiled guiltily.

“Since my Shixiong has given me a gift, naturally this Shidi wants to reciprocate.”

Xie Xi smiled and took something from his storage ring. He handed it to Chu Yu.

These past two days that Chu Yu returned to the valley, he found a lot of valuable things in the original Chu Yu’s house. He was surprised and curious about the gift from the protagonist, and took it with a look of gratitude.

A sword tassel?

“Xun Sheng and Duan Xue don’t have sword tassels. I made two of them, please don’t reject it, Shixiong.”

I don’t dare reject it!

Chu Yu involuntarily looked at Duan Xue. It already had the exact same sword tassel on it.

His heart suddenly gave birth to a strange feeling, Chu Yu silently hung the sword tassel on Xun Sheng. In the moonlight, Chu Yu looked at Xie Xi’s smiling expression as the latter stared at him tenderly. Chu Yu cried out in his heart:

What the hell!

Ah! I’m not one of those rotten girls who like gay couples!!!

Why did I just think that my Shidi was looking at me that way!!!

Why did I just think that these are a pair of lovers’ sword tassels!!!

I’m dead for sure if the protagonist knew I thought of something so impure!!!

This is just two brothers’ pair of sword tassels. This is just two brothers’ pair of sword tassels. This is just two brothers’ pair of sword tassels.

Chu Yu took a deep breath and calmed himself. He pointed to the wine jugs on the table and smiled as he said: “Shidi, let’s drink?”

Xie Xi narrowed his eyes: “Hmm. ”

The wine was fruit wine that he bought from the small town. It’s sweet and strong. Knowing that the alcohol content was too high for him, Chu Yu was afraid to drink too much so he smilingly gave a white jade cup full of wine for to Xie Xi to drink.

The child recently changed too much. Whenever Chu Yu tried to talk to him to ask what he was thinking, he refused to say anything. Therefore, the only thing Chu Yu could do was to make him drunk.

After all, not only does he want to know the thoughts of the person whose thigh he wants to hug, he also doesn’t like it when this child is too quiet …

He hadn’t expected that Xie Xi’s tolerance for alcohol was different from Chu Yu’s. After drinking one jug of wine, Xie Xi was still smiling and his eyes were still clear, the same as he usually was.

Chu Yu was depressed and continued to pour.

His efforts eventually bore fruit. Xie Xi’s face turned slightly red, his eyes became blurry, and he stared at Chu Yu with watery eyes for a while. He said hoarsely: “Shixiong …”

He’s finally drunk!

“Well?” Chu Yu excitedly pinched Xie Xi’s cheeks, smiling in response.

Xie Xi blinked and said in an aggrieved tone: “I really want to … you …”

The word in the middle was too soft for him to hear. Chu Yu’s intuition told him that word was very important. He moved his ear closer to Xie Xi. “What did you say? Want to … me?”

Something soft and moist touched his ear fleetingly. Chu Yu was so startled that he almost jumped up but he managed to hear a soft voice say in his ear: “Want …”

Chu Yu pressed that tingling feeling down and turned to face Xie Xi. “What do you want?”

Xie Xi stared at him in a trance: “You …”

Chu Yu was dumbfounded: “Me? What’s wrong with me? Can you talk about it all at once?”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was complex: “…”


Translator’s Notes:

  • I also have an April Fool’s Day chapter, you can read it here.
  • Kindly let me know if you found any mistakes in this chapter.
  • So those two exchanged gifts, huh? Chu Yu is still in denial but at least Xie Xi got a nice little present from his Da Shixiong. 🙂
  • The Double Seventh Festival celebrates the legend of “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.” It’s a Chinese folk tale that tells of the love between Zhinü (織女; the weaver girl, symbolizing the star Vega) and Niulang (牛郎; the cowherd, symbolizing the star Altair). Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River (symbolizing the Milky Way Galaxy). Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day. (source: Wikipedia) Nowadays this is like the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Couples celebrate it by exchanging presents.
  • Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment if you can. I absolutely love comments.

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  1. The Double Seventh Festival is based on the romantic legend of the weaver maid and the cowherd. Today, it’s basically the Chinese Valentine’s Day when couples give each other gifts.

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