Chapter 25.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 25.2 – Author: That is the proper use of storage rings

An orange-red flame was flickering in front of his eyes. Sitting beside a campfire, a figure turned around. It was Violet. Seeing that the dazed Du Ze had woken up, Violet was pleasantly surprised: “Mr Du Ze, you’re awake.”

Du Ze wanted to get up, but unexpectedly found that he couldn’t move because he was being held tightly by someone behind him. He turned his head to look at that person and the first thing he saw was a brilliant golden color. A handsome young blonde lay sleeping behind him, his eyes closed and his long eyelashes casting shadows on his face. Du Ze was silent for a moment, thinking: Don’t think that just because you changed your waistcoat that I won’t know you – then he meowed – what happened, why did the protagonist suddenly change the channel?

Violet explained everything to Du Ze in an intimate manner.

“… The master’s hold on you was so tight that I couldn’t separate the two of you. I was desperate, but luckily I found a place where we could all take a break and recuperate. Today is the second day.”

Du Ze was able to escape from Xiu’s embrace with Violet’s help. They planned to stay here until Xiu woke up since the supplies they had prepared were sufficient for a short rest.

For a few days Du Ze sat at Xiu’s side while the protagonist slept, staring at him in a daze. The human in front of Du Ze has dazzling blonde hair and facial features as perfect as though they had been carved by a master sculptor. This is exactly the type of person that can be regarded as a great protagonist: he has a handsome appearance, peerless talent, and countless admirers.

Du Ze’s mood was extraordinarily complex as he gazed on, imagining the light-hearted and spirited Xiu as he was before a shadow was cast over his life. This incident also served as a wake-up call for him: Did he rely on the original plot of “Mixed Blood” too much?

Because he lost consciousness at that time, he didn’t feel or see anything. But after hearing Violet’s description of the events, Du Ze felt extremely guilty and frightened knowing that Xiu had fought so desperately to save him. Du Ze continued to stare at Xiu until he realized that he was looking into a pair of azure eyes. He didn’t know when the protagonist had woken up and just lay there, quietly gazing at Du Ze.

Caught in the act, Du Ze tried to change the subject: “… You’re awake. ”

Xiu stretched out a hand and placed it on the back of Du Ze’s neck. The warmth and the slow pulse proved that that person is very much alive and still by his side.

“Hmm, what about Violet?”

“She is bathing in a nearby hot spring. We aren’t far from the volcano.” Violet had found the hot spring and spent some time everyday cleaning her body.

Du Ze suddenly remembered that he had not yet had time to hand over the loot from the Flame Lord. For the sake of getting this treasure, he had narrowly escaped joining his ancestors.

“This is for you.”

Xiu looked at Du Ze’s palm which held a pair of silver-white rings. One ring was inlaid with a red crystal, the other a blue crystal. The style of the rings was simple and classic.

Du Ze was not wrong about what he said before, the Flame Lord really did have some good things. These two items were the best loot that the protagonist got after he defeated the Flame Lord in the “Mixed Blood” novel – a pair of spatial storage rings. In every YY novel, protagonists always obtain the same magical item: the spatial storage ring, a necessary tool for killing, arson, and sneaky activities. Most of the time, storage rings are rare, and only the protagonist can buy or create them.

In “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist found the storage rings after he defeated the Flame Lord. He already had better equipment, so he gave the rings to the lily sisters. When the demon sisters received the rings, his favorability rating with them soared and they immediately got married to the protagonist.

Xiu looked at the rings. He did not know why, but he had a complicated expression in his eyes as he hesitated, shaken by some unknown emotion, before taking them with a deep, bottomless feeling in his heart.

“Is this for me?”

Du Ze nodded, then remembered the protagonist’s stupid f***ing behavior before, so the cute reader thought that Xiu might not know the correct use of the storage rings, and said: “You can give this to the person you like.”

When Xiu heard this statement he gave Du Ze a profound  look and put the storage rings away.

“I will.”

Xiu’s human form is easy to speak with. When he was in his undead form, he always looked gloomily at Du Ze so the reader found it difficult to overcome his social barrier. Du Ze thought this was a good opportunity so he said to Xiu: “There is something that I want to say to you when we return to the other side of the continent.”

At that time, this young man will definitely find a way to let you return to your Moe self!

“Good.” Xiu did not reject his assertion. The protagonist looked at Du Ze and smiled, eyes like bottomless azure pools: “I also have something to tell you.”

“I’m back …you’re awake, my Lord!”

Fresh from her bath, Violet’s face was rosy. She was surprised to see Xiu awake. Regarding the fact that he transformed yet again, she wisely choose to say nothing. All she cared about was that her master was strong and could make her stronger, too.

Sensing a certain delicate atmosphere around those two people, she suddenly felt as if she had come at a bad time. She cautiously suggested, “Would you like to take a bath?”



He stepped on the corpse of the Flame Lord, and suddenly a ray of light flashed in the corner of his eye.

What’s this?

He jumped up and examined the Flame Lord’s throat. There he found a pair of silver rings, one inlaid with red crystals and the other with blue crystals. Xiu picked them up and saw that it was a pair of spatial storage rings; inside each ring is a magical space of around 10 square meters.

It’s a common low level item, but he can take it to give to someone since he doesn’t need it anyway.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”




The author has something to say:

The Protagonist: I accept.


Protagonist: Your proposal.

Reader: What!?

Protagonist: Bridal Chamber (drags away the reader)

Author: That is the proper use of storage rings


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