Chapter 25 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 25 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter Title:  Into the bridal chamber

Chu Yu almost laughed out loud from the innermost depths of his heart.

The General Assembly started, presided over by the Yu Hua sect master. He gave a few polite greetings then announced the beginning of Immortal Sword Congress. The rules of the contest were fairly simple and crude: there were bamboo sticks containing the names of the disciples who were participating. Respected elders from the eight great sects will draw sticks to randomly match disciples. The winner of a match will get to keep his name tag and the loser can challenge any of the other winners. Two people will fight on one stage and there are five stages set up at the event for matches to be held simultaneously.

The elders on the podium slowly drew two names.

Chu Yu blinked and prayed ten million times that he wouldn’t have to fight Xie Xi.

“The first match – Tian Yuan Sect’s Xie Xi vs Tian Yuan Sect’s Song Jingyi.”

Xie Xi’s eyelashes quivered. Underneath, his pitch-black eyes flashed with an ice-cold glimmer.

Chu Yu was stupefied. This was extremely fortunate! Last night they had talked over and over about teaching Song Jingyi a lesson by beating him up. Now Xie Xi’s first match was with him.

Today it looks like Song Jingyi is truly s**t out of luck.

Xie Xi leaned closer to Chu Yu’s ears, so close that his lips were almost touching his earlobe. He spoke in a low voice: “Shixiong, is Song Jingyi the type who cares about his image a lot?”

The hot breath in his ear made Chu Yu vexed and weak in the knees so he pinched Xie Xi’s face and nodded: “Be careful.”

The elders of the eight great sects were all entitled to seats at a high platform. Below them was a huge space where the matches were held. Five pairs of names were read and the disciples immediately fly over on their swords.

Song Jingyi showed a lukewarm smile and walked over, looking strangely at Xie Xi: “I didn’t expect to begin with a match with a fellow disciple from my own sect. Xie Shidi, let us begin.”

Xie Xi glanced at him coolly then flew down to the middle of the event area. Song Jingyi, who had been disregarded, did not take offence and maintained a smiling expression. He flew down, landing some distance from Xie Xi. The two disciples faced each other.

Chu Yu, who felt nervous and excited, walked to the edge of the stage and was unable to take his eyes off Xie Xi. This is the first time the protagonist will fight with a cannon fodder character! Surely he will beat up that guy so badly that his own master won’t be able to recognize him! Ah! How exciting!

Before Chu Yu could get too excited, Xie Xi smiled brightly, drew Duan Xue an inch out of its scabbard, then slammed it back in. In the next moment, everyone saw the shadow of a figure flash by. Suddenly, Song Jingyi sprayed out blood from his mouth with a “Pu” and his body was kicked several feet away until he hit a wall, then slid down.

The audience was silent.

Xie Xi slowly retracted his leg. His clothes were not even the slightest bit disheveled. His long hair, along with his headband,1 was flying in the wind and the corners of his lips were turned up in a derisive sneer: “Thank you, Shixiong, for taking it easy on me.”

Chu Yu was stunned.

F*** that was amazingly cool! No wonder Xie Xi asked him whether or not Song Jingyi was concerned about his reputation. With just this one kick, he absolutely crushed his opponent. Its destructive power was far more devastating than losing long fight. Wow!

Xie Xi looked back at Chu Yu with a pure, cheerful smile. Chu Yu immediately recovered from the shock. Taking advantage of when Xie Xi was flying back on his sword, Chu Yu glanced quickly at Song Yuanzhou’s deathly pale facial expression, and then he turned to Lu Qingan, saying in a soft voice: “Shizun. Shidi, he …”

Lu Qingan raised a hand to indicate that Chu Yu need not speak more: “I will take responsibility.”

_(:з)∠)_ Shizun, you’re so cool!

The expression on Song Yuanzhuo’s face was a bit ugly but he was obviously doing his utmost to restrain his reaction. He continued to sit calmly on the high platform talking and laughing cheerfully with the other elders. He just heaved a sigh and shook his head over his disciple’s bad luck at losing his first battle. He didn’t look at Lu Qingan.

Lu Qingan was also impassive and simply kept serenely drinking his tea. When Xie Xi came back, he nodded slightly: “Pretty good.”

Xie X’s face went a little red: “Many thanks, Shizun.”

Third Shidi’s expression looked as though his body had been hollowed out. When Xie Xi arrived and brushed past him, Third Shidi shivered. Chu Yu had pity on him and patted his head. This child had followed the lead of the original Chu Yu in bullying Xie Xi. Now that he had seen how powerful Xie Xi had become, he was so scared that he almost cried. He looked really pathetic.

Third Shidi trembled even more: Da Shixiong … I beg you please don’t touch me … there’s a look in Second Shixiong’s eyes that makes it seem as if he wants to kill someone …

Chu Yu turned and caught sight of Xie Xi’s scary expression. He pinched Xie Xi’s face, smiling as he asked: “What is it?”

The words hit the mark and the ice in Xie Xi’s eyes suddenly melted until only spring water remained.

“Nothing,” said Xie Xi. He happily hugged Chu Yu’s arm and was all smiles as he rubbed against him with his body.

Chu Yu was used to this behavior and patted his head, continuing to watch the fights. He failed to notice Third Shidi’s warped expression.

After a long wait, it was finally Chu Yu’s turn. Chu Yu was ready for combat, having accumulated spiritual energy. His opponent was Surong Yujian.2 Unexpectedly, after just a few blows, the other party admitted defeat.

The expression on Chu Yu’s face was complex. “…”

He was prepared to fight but he hadn’t even used half of his actual strength when his opponent gave up. This gave him the sense that it was really boring …

The contest began early in the morning and when it was finished it was already almost sunset. As the twilight bell sounded, Chu Yu and Xie Xi were finally matched to each other.

Seeing that in no time at all there were only ten people left over, Chu Yu had already psychologically prepared for this moment. He went up on stage, turned to look face to face at Xie Xi for a moment, then smiled faintly and said: “I concede.”

He’s already in the top ten. Now that he can enter the Mausoleum Ruins, why would he care about what rank he was anymore?

Chu Yu nodded his head in thanks at Xie Xi, and flew down from the the stage on his sword. The last few matches were then held; sure enough, Xie Xi really was number one.

Chu Yu couldn’t help but feel extremely moved. Eyes brimming with tears of excitement, he thought: ****, it’s been so long but at long last there is a plot development that conforms to the book’s plot …

The only fly in the ointment was that after Song Jingyi had vomited blood he later chose to turn his fortune around by challenging a winner and was once more able to get into the top ten. Therefore, it will be impossible to avoid his company in the future since he was now also entitled to enter the Mausoleum Ruins.

In the dim light of the night, the sect masters of the eight great sects summoned all of the top ten finalists of the Immortal Sword Congress to the stage. One of the elders then handed over some immortal weapons and elixirs and, with a solemn air, warned them of the dangers of the Mausoleum Ruins.

The most perilous thing in the Mausoleum Ruins were the interspatial rifts. Once a person falls into one of the interspatial rifts, no matter how strong his mind or body, that person will disappear from this world both body and soul. The second most dangerous thing there was an ancient illusion spell that confuses one’s mind. If a person isn’t careful, he will get disoriented and will not even be aware of any danger until he dies.

After entering the Mausoleum Ruins, the disciples must go through an ancient spell matrix. Otherwise, they would be randomly sent to an unknown place. If that happens, it’s very possible that they might fall into one of the interspatial rifts.

For many years, the people from the eight great sects have explored the Mausoleum Ruins and they passed down the correct way to navigate the ancient spell matrix. The elders informed the disciples of the correct procedures and told them to be careful. Once the Mausoleum Ruins opens, it will remain open for half a month.

After half a month, regardless of whether a disciple has found any treasures or not, he must leave immediately, otherwise he will be stuck inside the Mausoleum Ruins until it opens once again in ten years’ time.

Chu Yu read about this from the original novel. He looked around at some people who seemed uninterested. In the novel these people simply picked up a few things then left. On the other hand, the protagonist had been accidentally trapped inside the Mausoleum Ruins for ten chaotic years. When he managed to leave, he was in the Core Formation stage. Henceforth his sword swept away all of his opponents throughout the world that were of the same level and even leapfrogged over and slaughtered higher level ones. Because he looked like an immortal and decisively cut down his enemies, he was honorably named the “Sword Immortal.”

At long last, the thighs are finally going to grow up ~

The only problem is that, after ten years of separation, when the protagonist comes out once again, perhaps he will have forgotten Chu Yu …?

Chu Yu decided to increase his favorability rating while they were in the Mausoleum Ruins.


Because of the demonic cultivator’s sudden offensive, the Immortal Sword Congress was held specifically to pick those who would have the power to participate. They were not allowed to delay and after one night of rest, Chu Yu and the others were taken to wait at the entrance of the Mausoleum Ruins.

The entrance to the Mausoleum Ruins existed in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by tall trees that provided shade and springs flowing with sweet water. The portal rippled like water, flashing with light.

Chu Yu’s eyes were filled with curiosity as he looked it up and down. Turning to look back, he saw that Xie Xi’s face was calm and collected. This child had been like this since yesterday. Chu Yu could not guess what was wrong with him and he feelt like he couldn’t ask. Chu Yu’s heart felt uneasy.

Right now they had a bit of free time to chat. Therefore Chu Yu wanted to clear the air with some heartwarming and inspiring words.3 He patted Xie Xi’s shoulder, whispering: “Shidi, we are about to walk down a dangerous path where life and death will be uncertain. The expression on your face has been so ugly but you haven’t yet said anything to Shixiong. Are you not afraid that in the future you won’t be able to see Shixiong for a long time?”

Xie Xu’s long eyelashes trembled: “Nonsense!”

At last, he lifted his eyes and looked at Chu Yu. His eyes were full of grievance: “I won’t let Shixiong disappear. Shixiong promised me that he would never leave me.”

Chu Yu promptly stroked the child’s head: “Then why since just now have you not said a word to me since yesterday?”

Xie Xi paused for a moment then whispered, “I did not expect Shixiong to let me win. This first time, I was going to set the match aside for Shixiong.”

… Kid, we’re not on the same channel, are we? Chu Yu was surprised for a moment. It took him a long time to react but then his heart melted. He pinched Xie Xi’s face, thinking that the protagonist was extremely lovable and cute today: “This sort of empty reputation, who would care about it?”

After these comforting words, the upset child cheered right up. Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Xie Xi, who showed a brilliant smile. After all, this was the child he raised, soon, they will have to part ways for ten years. Just thinking about this made him feel dreadfully depressed.

They waited for half an hour then the portal to the Mausoleum Ruins slowly opened. All of a sudden a dark hole like the mouth of a cave slowly spread out to reveal itself, indistinct and gloomy it faintly appeared. Song Yuanzhuo’s eyes brightened as he said: “Right now, get in!”

The ten disciples who had already been waiting for a long time dove in. The layer of light rippled like water then immediately enclosed them, caging them inside.

When he entered the ruins, everything in front of his eyes suddenly turned black. It took some time before his eyes adjusted and he could still barely see the path in front of him. According to what the elders said, three feet in front of them is a spell matric that will allow them to safely enter the Mausoleum Ruins. One wrong step and he will be teleported to a random, unknown place.

Chu Yu swallowed. His hands were sweaty but the next moment his right hand was suddenly held by someone as he was lead along the path.

A familiar voice sounded in his ear: “Shixiong, there is no need to be afraid, I will protect you.”

Listening to these words was really reassuring. If he still remembers this sentiment ten years later after emerging from the Mausoleum Ruins, that would be great …

Chu Yu held Xie Xi’s hand firmly and smiled. Apart from the three people from Tian Yuan Sect, there were seven other people from different sects whom they had never spoken to. They were all silent.

They waited for a moment then they all walked one after another towards the ancient spell matrix.

In the darkness it was hard to see. Perhaps because it was too dark, Song Jingyi’s footsteps became crooked and he suddenly seemed to stumble.

Xie Xi, who was closest to him, stretched out his hand without thinking as he hadn’t expected anyone near him to have an accident.

Song Jingyi’s face showed a refreshing smile like a spring breeze. He suddenly pulled Xie Xi forcefully while his voice was low and ruthless: “Xie Shidi, farewell.”

Xie Xi was caught off guard and made a wrong step. At his foot was the ancient spell array, shimmering. Chu Yu’s pupils contracted as he shouted out “Shidi” then threw himself at and clung to Xie Xi.

Right before one’s eyes an intense light, bright as the sun, flashed. The ground under them seemed to collapse and they felt a sense of weightlessness.

Dizzy, Chu Yu opened his eyes but, confused and disorientated, his eyes were still all a blur and he was not able to see clearly what was in front of him.

It was very noisy. All around him there were the sounds of gongs and drums, people shouting, laughter, and even firecrackers exploding. It sounded like a celebration. Chu Yu made a great effort to open his eyes and tried to see what was happening but all he could see was red.

The noise of shouting assaulted his ears and would not stop. He paused then suddenly realized something and tore at the thing in front of him. It was … a red veil?

Suddenly, a man’s low magnetic gentle and soft voice sounded in his ear: “Yu-er, what happened?”

Chu Yu froze, stunned, and looked up. Standing in front of him was a person dressed in festive red clothing. His figure was slender and graceful. That gorgeous face, sword-like eyebrows, eyes bright as stars, stunning smile, and that peerlessly beautiful face…

Seeing that Chu Yu did not respond, that person frowned slightly. Taking Chu Yu’s hands in his, he asked worriedly: “Yu-er?”
Chu Yu rose up with goosebumps all over his whole body.

Even though the face in front of him had changed, he still recognized it! WTF! Why would there be an older version of the protagonist wearing festive clothing? Why was he looking at Chu Yu with such tender affection and calling him “Yu-er”?

Wait a minute!

At long last, Chu Yu finally realized a fatal fact.

His mouth twitched as he looked down at the red veil in his hands.

This belonged to him. He just pulled it off his head.

Not far away, a deliberately loud voice came: “The bride and groom, please enter the bridal chamber.”


Xi Xi is not wearing a headband like little girls wear. Look at the left side of this image. It’s more of a long piece of cloth tied on the male disciple’s hairstyle. In Xianxia or Wuxia films, the martial artists tend to have half up/half down hairstyles. The hair in front is gathered up so it doesn’t block their face when they fight but it flows down at the back … I think because it looks pretty that way. In this pic you can also see the “hairpin” they wear, like the one Xie Xi bought for Chu Yu in the auction. This image is a screenshot from Zhu Xian.

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  1. See pic below for the “headband.”
  2. 肃容- – Su Rong, this looks like the name. 驭剑 – Yu Jian, either a name or a title. Doesn’t seem important for now.
  3. Actually, the raws said “闲扯淡熬鸡汤” – lit. idle chit-chat lightly boil chicken soup. “Chicken soup” is a reference to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book, meaning inspirational, self-help content. I had to change it because I think most of my readers don’t know what Chicken Soup for the Soul is.

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