Chapter 26.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 26.2 Reader: Soak in the hot springs, talk about life

When Du Ze and Xiu went back to camp, they saw that Violet had already packed everything up and was ready to go. But now they have a bit of a problem: mounts.

After some discussion, they decided to split up into two groups and meet up in Agares City. Violet will bring the flame crystal soul to Belial City first to help Alice out while Du Ze and Xiu will travel on foot southward to Agares City. Although Xiu’s Lich form is the master of undead magic, his human form can use more types of magic since humans specialize in learning. He especially excels in the four elements of water, wind, fire, and earth. Xiu knows a wind elemental magic that can accelerate their travel speed. Their journey was very easy and they arrived in a ruined city in three days.

The reverse side of the continent has 72 main cities that 72 demon gods founded. This ruined city is actually one of those 72, called Dantalion, ranked second from the last. For some reason, the city was abandoned halfway during its construction. Cities that can’t protect its inhabitants from the elemental storms naturally have no one living in them, so this city is empty.

Violet said that Agares City is two day’s travel from this ruined city.

Wait a minute! Du Ze suddenly realized something. Agares City?

Please note, the protagonist’s heavenly luck has struck again.

Flowers bloomed in a silly reader’s heart. If a reader were to list the top ten best YY story arcs of “Mixed Blood,” then the Agares City arc will definitely be on top. It has left an indelible imprint on minds of the novel’s readers.

While Dantalion City is ranked second from the last, Agares City is ranked second among the 72 cities. Although Bael, the first ranked city on the reverse side of the continent, is the most famous city here, Agares City is more famous on the other side of the continent than the city of Bael. The demon God Agares represents lust and indulgence. If Bael City is similar to the heavenly capital, then Agares City is the demonic capital.

This kind of city has a very beautiful Lord – Heidi. She is the most beautiful succubus demon on the continent, and countless suitors have fallen under her skirt. When the protagonist attacked Agares City, this gorgeous demon appeared, attracting everyone’s eyes. Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote that the charm of this demon sister was comparable to that of a movie star dancing her way to the top of the emperor’s harem.

Then everyone watched as Heidi opened the gates and handed over Agares city, the second most powerful in the reverse side of the continent, to the protagonist.

Because she fell in love with him at first sight.

Reader: …

On that day, after a short silence, all of the readers were collectively on cloud nine.1

How great is this event where this sister whose charm conquered the world was conquered by the protagonist’s charm! Incidentally, he even won the world as part of her dowry!


Although the YY novel is full of plot holes – but! He’s so cool!!!


Praise the author! The protagonist is terrific!


As for logic, what is that? Can it be eaten? _ (: 3″∠) _

Please light a candle for the author’s and reader’s moral integrity.

The protagonist’s harem consists of many beauties with different temperaments. They each have their own special charm and appeal to many different tastes. Vivian is the pure type; Ariel is gentle; Kelly is proud and strong; Urlika is the cool elder sister; Lilia is heroically chaste; Violet and Alice are twin demon lilies; and, lastly, Heidi is mature and beautiful (a cougar). She was very active and open. The protagonist’s time in Agares City was greeted with a loud clamor by the pleased readers.

Du Ze is happy to think that they will now meet with a very active sister, seeing as the protagonist unfortunately let the demon sisters slip out of his fingers. Using the master and servant contract instead of capturing the sisters for 3P2 is not a good outcome and Du Ze really doesn’t know what went wrong.

He shot Xiu a look of bitterness. Xiu was standing under the statue of the ruined city’s demon god. Because the city was never completed, the statue is also incomplete and only a rough outline of its form can be seen. Du Ze is not familiar with this city because “Mixed Blood” described this place in a very cursory way and did not explain why there is an abandoned city here.

Du Ze suddenly remembered that he wanted to listen to that song. These past few days he has had no chance to ask Xiu to sing but now they finally have some free time and there is no one else around. When he heard Du Ze’s request, Xiu glanced at the unfinished idol and then asked a question that seemed irrelevant: “What does God think of the world?”

God? The god of light? Du Ze thought about it. In the novel, all the gods seem to be in a space separate from the continent. They speak to people through Oracles when they want to give instructions to their followers as they find it difficult to appear in the Chaos Continent. The higher the level of the god, the more difficult it is for them to appear. Otherwise, the god of light would have personally appeared to strangle the protagonist himself rather than sending cannon fodder to the protagonist again and again.

“They look down on the world from above, observing it. They occasionally say some words, but they traditionally remain aloof.”

Xiu’s smile imprinted itself deeply into Du Ze’s eyes: “I want to talk to him, but not when he is high above and looking down on me as the object of his speech. That is not ‘talking,’ don’t you agree?”

Seeing Du Ze nod, Xiu cast down his eyes, concealing his emotions.

“So now is not the time. ”

A question mark appeared above Du Ze’s head but Xiu did not speak; he just walked over to him and gently stroked the back of Du Ze’s neck.

“Let’s go.” ”


Halphas City welcomed a distinguished guest today.

The new Halphas City Lord looked at the demon sitting opposite him in awe, this demon was wearing a monocle and looked polite but this is someone that people do not dare to underestimate – the Thunder Regiment’s representative, who was in control of the reverse side of the continent’s most terrible power.

The legendary demon Bael formed the Thunder Regiment. In the war with the angels, it became their biggest nightmare. The weakest soldier in the regiment was of at least Sword Saint rank, and under the leadership of Bael the Thunder Regiment was invincible and set the record for many illustrious military exploits. After Bael became a god, the regiment was left in the city of Bael. These soldiers are faithful to Bael, and even the Lord of Bael City cannot command them. They only listen to Bael and his agents.

The demon wearing a monocle is the legendary agent, Rachel.

“… You mean a gnome suddenly became a demon?” Rachel put down the black tea in her hand: “Go on.”

The Lord of Halphas City described how Xiu had killed the former lord. When he got to the part where the demon used the lightning power, Rachel, in her reverence for that power, repeatedly asked him to describe it again and again. Rachel listened with a gleam of splendor in her eyes.

“Tell me which direction they went.”

“Lord Rachel, the demon and human flew west.”

West? The sea of undead souls.

Rachel stood up, and looked down at the Halphas City Lord.

“You are very clever, I don’t need to tell you what to say and what not to say, right?”

“Of course, of course! I’ll take care of it right away and there will be no strange rumors!”

Satisfied with this answer, Rachel left. A black-clothed demon followed in silence; they both had the Thunder Regiment’s symbol printed on their clothes.

“Next … the sea of undead souls. ”



The succubus was like the sun, an enchanting, brilliant beauty that attracted everyone’s attention. All of the men present wanted to push her down in bed and caress her snow-white skin, lick her bright red lips – she can evoke man’s most primitive impulses.

Heidi gazed at Xiu, running her hands through her fluffy curls and smiling.

“I like your blond hair very much … Tonight, will you come to me?”

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:

Reader: Soak in the hot springs, talk about life.

Protagonist: Soak with a reader, fall in love.

Author: Light a candle for the reader’s chastity.


Translator’s Notes About Harem Members (so far):

Vivian – Saint Vivian of the Temple of Light
Ariel – she was the one who sacrificed her soul for the Lich
Kelly – Princess Kelly, an enemy who was saved by Xiu in Louis’ tower, she was the one who accused him of being a descendant of Louis, Xiu used the Wither curse on her
Urlika – Xiu’s teacher in the magic school
Lilia – she was seen in an excerpt, Xiu used the blood contract on her


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    Praise the author! The protagonist is terrific!


    As for logic, what is that? Can it be eaten? _ (: 3″∠) _

    Please light a candle for the author’s and reader’s moral integrity.” I was rolling in the bed while reading it!

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