Chapter 27.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 27.1 Reader: Tempting color1

Du Ze and Xiu paid the entrance fee then walked into Agares City, the “Sleepless City.”

Agares is worthy of being called the demonic capital city. Its size and prosperity deeply shocked some loser. On the opposite side of the mainland, Du Ze visited a total of 4 main cities: the 71st ranked Dantalion City, the 69th ranked Belial City, the 38th ranked Halphas City and now, 2nd ranked Agares City. Dantalion City was in ruins, Belial City was more like a growing small town, Halphas City was an average-sized city, while Agares City can be regarded as a small country – its area even encompasses the Lost Land.

“Mixed Blood” described the history of Agares City in detail. Its predecessor was a large fortress. In the second era, the demons were forced to withdraw into the reverse side of the continent by the angels and elves. Even while they were suppressed, the demons were naturally not willing to live in that barren environment. Therefore, their losses were particularly tragic. The Agares fortress was built during that time. Later on in the fourth century, the channel to the Chaos Continent was closed by the gnomes. Since the demons were now unable to return to the other side of the continent, they settled down and gradually developed the military fortress into its present state.

The City of Hope.

The city of Agares is divided into two parts. The eastern side is the fortress that surrounds the Lost Land. To access that part, one must have a pass. The Western District is the marketplace that gives Agares City the nickname “Sleepless City.” As Du Ze and Xiu walked the streets of the Western District, a cacophony of sounds assaulted their ears. The most frequently heard word was “auction.” The two men did not stay in the streets for long, and after finding the hotel where they had agreed to meet with Violet, they went in.

Inside, Xiu and Du Ze saw the red-clothed Alice in a corner of the hotel.

“Lord Xiu and Mr. Du Ze, you have come,” said the demon girl. Her shy and pure smile attracted a lot of attention. “My elder sister is not here now but she will be back soon.”

From Alice they learned that the demon sisters arrived in Agares city a day earlier and Violet had left to get passes for Du Ze and Xiu. As soon as she finished speaking, the hotel door opened, and Violet came in. The blue-clothed girl’s face was solemn and uneasy and when she saw Du Ze and Xiu, her eyes flashed with panic.

“Mr. Du Ze, Lord Xiu …” Violet came in, suddenly knelt down on the ground and lowered her head: “I’m very sorry! I’m useless! There’s something wrong with the pass.”

Everyone was startled. Alice went to Violet’s side and crouched down to hold her sister’s hand. Seeing Violet trembling, Xiu’s voice became soft, fearing that a harsh tone would frighten the demon girl into committing suicide to apologize.

“What’s going on?”

After Violet’s slightly nervous explanation, Du Ze understood what happened: a few days ago, there were changes made to the policy regarding the Lost Land; Agares City no longer issued passes.

Du Ze was silent after hearing this. Was this change caused by his activation of the metal pyramid …?

Xiu seemed to be aware of this and comforted the apprehensive blue-clothed maiden before calmly asking for more news. Violet was afraid that Xiu blamed her incompetence so, after a short period of hesitation, she excitedly stood up and explained everything she knew.

“… it is said that a demon saw the shadow of a robot outside the fort. No one knows why it was activated. In order to figure out why, Agares City has restricted entry to the Lost Land. Passes will probably not be issued to people who are not investigating this matter. Now, if someone wants to get a pass they have to get it from the Lord of Agares City but very few people can get an appointment to see the Lord.”

Because Heidi is the most beautiful demon on the reverse side of the continent, the creatures that want to see the Lord of Agares City range from the eastern end of the continent to the western end. Even though Violet is the Lord of Belial City, she is still not qualified to meet Heidi. Violet can only try to apply for an appointment and wait for the reply.

Xiu was lost in thought while Du Ze pushed his glasses up, the depths of his thoughts too profound to be plumbed. His moral integrity was flowing out from the hole in his brain.

How to win Agares City Lord: So~ easy, let the protagonist tempt her.

How to see Agares City Lord: Too easy~, let the protagonist jump outside of the city and dance (what’s wrong?).

“Do you have any ideas?”

“Sell -” The silly, Moe person snapped back to reality, stared wide-eyed at Xiu who was suddenly seeking his advice, became nervous, saying: “auc-” then spat out a syllable that was stuck in his throat, “-tion.”

Xiu hurriedly walked to his side and patted Du Ze on the back to help him become more comfortable.

“Is Mr. Du Ze talking about the auction?” At this point Alice spoke: “Agares City will hold a big auction in the Western District tomorrow afternoon. The Lord of Agares City will also attend.”

Du Ze finally caught his breath and nodded, his face saying “I think so” in his usual elegantly beautiful aloof from worldly affairs way. Xiu looked at the silly Moe person, who had a very honest appearance, and relaxed. His fingers wanted to make trouble, and he gave in to the desire to caress the back of Du Ze’s neck.

What did you just think about?

Violet’s eyes brightened; she finally found way to make up for her faults.

“I can get two tickets, and then Lord Xiu and Mr. Du Ze will be able to attend the auction.”

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  1. 色.诱 (the period was inserted by the author to separate the characters) Literally: Color. Tempt.色 – not just color but also means face, look, appearance.

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