Chapter 28 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 28 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 28 You Can’t Escape

Of course, it was impossible for Chu Yu to stand still.

The expression in the protagonist’s eyes was frightful, as if he wanted to devour a person. Who would dare to stop?!

Behind him there was the faint sound of Third Shidi’s panicked cry, but Chu Yu just gritted his teeth and was determined to escape in a burst of speed as he hardened his heart. However, when he looked back, he was scared and immediately urged Xun Sheng to speed up even more.

Ahhh! Why is the protagonist keeping up?!!

Quickly, go back and treat your wound!!

Xie Xi’s eyes were blood-red as he stared unwaveringly at Chu Yu’s back. His eyes were blurry, there was a tight pain in his chest, and when he opened his mouth there was a burst of blood that accompanied his breath: “Chu Yu!”

Chu Yu blocked his ears and refused to listen.

Xie Xi swallowed the blood in his throat and said in a hoarse voice: “… You’re going to abandon me again?”

His voice was gloomy and full of immense pain that he was unable to supress.

Chu Yu paused. After all, there is nothing that can be done, and he did not have the heart to go on; the monk may flee, but the temple cannot run away with him. Looking up at the sky, Chu Yu faintly heaved a sigh then slowly turned around. He smiled and said calmly: “Shidi, long time no see.”

Xie Xi’s dark gloomy eyes lit up and he trembled as he stumbled his way into Chu Yu’s arms. He had already thrown off the times of his youth and was now a far cry from his young and innocent childish figure. His slender body was now taller than Chu Yu’s.

As such a big person rushed over to him, Chu Yu felt a bit out of sorts. He subconsciously clung to Xie Xi and secretly stopped himself from his once customary habit of pinching Xie Xi’s face.

Holding that man in his arms, Xie Xi at long last felt a little relieved. He sighed and closed his eyes. After a long time, he cautiously and solemnly opened his eyes to confirm that man in his arms was really standing here and not one of his innumerable daydreams.

He looked down at Chu Yu for a long time nevertheless with an unexpectedly tranquil expression: “Chu Yu, you lied to me.”

Ten years ago, there were thousands and thousand of words he had wanted to say, but in front of Chu Yu now, he could only complain and say: “You lied to me.”

Chu Yu had nothing to say, but felt all the more guilty. Not only did he lie, he also stole an important plot event. Fortunately, the protagonist’s halo is still there and even if it was something like a Nascent Soul stage, he had the ability to reach it.

A dry smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he patted Xie Xu on the back. “Well, Shixiong apologises for letting you down.”

What the **** is this? Originally, in order to protect his treasured chrysanthemum, he was going to run far away from the protagonist, but the result of this is that he ended up going back and hugging him! Where did it all start to go wrong?

Xie Xi covered his mouth as he coughed a few times and swallowed the blood again. He had a splitting headache: “Chu Yu, how much do you loathe me? That you would rather prefer to hide from me, inside that awful place for ten years?”

A heavy scent of blood enveloped his body, making Chu Yu feel dizzy.

It wasn’t that he wanted to stay inside the Mausoleum Ruins. At that time, it was an emergency situation and if he didn’t make a decision quickly, then everyone would have had to fight to the end.

To speak of hate and disgust, those feelings did not exist in him. Actually in his heart, Chu Yu only felt alarm and disbelief. Now, if he were to say he was disgusted, the protagonist would surely be heartbroken. But if he says he doesn’t feel disgust, what kind of hope will the protagonist hold on to?

Upon seeing that Chu Yu was silent, Xie Xi revealed a self-deprecating smile. He held on tighter and gritted his teeth: “I never believed that you were dead or gone no matter how many days or months had passed. I was preparing to meet you at Linlan. I knew you’d be back. It’s good that you’re back … good. Chu Yu, you shouldn’t even think of leaving again.”

Chu Yu’s heart thudded in his chest and his eyebrows twitched: “Oh, I beg your pardon, I suddenly remembered I left something behind in the Mausoleum Ruins. I must go back …”

While Chu Yu tried to find an excuse to decline and step back, Xie Xi stubbornly held on to him tightly. Chu Yu was helpless. Suddenly, his hand felt wet. Looking down, he saw that it was covered in blood.

Due to staying indoors for ten years, the shut-in’s1 complexion was deathly white. He hurriedly turned to move away and when his eyes fell on Xie Xi’s chest, he saw that he had a wound there.

Chu Yu immediately became softhearted and he stopped pushing him away: “Alright, let me go. You should return to camp with Third Shidi.”

Xie Xi said: “What about you?”

Chu Yu said with a straight face: “Naturally I’ll go back and see my … parents and elder brother.”

“And after that?” Xie Xi laughed gloomily, “After that will you hide from me and stay away, never to come back? You saw me after ten years and then immediately started running away. Chu Yu, is your heart made of iron?”

Your eyes were too scary…

Chu Yu bowed his head and didn’t dare to try to joke2 his way out of this. The corners of his mouth twitched: “I feel that you seem to have some misplaced feelings towards me. Furthermore, I have something to say, we should separate … you should stay cool-headed and calm down.”

“I’ve been calm for ten years and I know what I desire.” Xie Xi suddenly felt somewhat irritated. His hand that had been behind Chu Yu suddenly grabbed him by the hair.

When Chu Yu subconsciously raised his head from the pain, his chin was gripped by two fingers. Then, his lips were assaulted by a ferocious kiss that tasted of blood. It could even be said to be a bite.

While he had been suddenly bitten on the lips, despite how it was painful, Chu Yu was still mindful of Xie Xi’s injury. He glared to admonish Xie Xi, but it seemed as though Xie Xi had received a different signal. His eyes darkened and his movements were gentle, but he became all the more insatiable and reached for a yard after receiving an inch. The wet tip of the tongue explored Chu Yu’s lips and mouth as Xie Xi deepened the bloody kiss.

Chu Yu was becoming frantic. He caught a fleeting glimpse of someone’s empty blank eyes and saw that there was a flying sword nearby. Not far away was Third Shidi, who was dumbstruck was keeping very quiet. The expression on Chu Yu’s face turned thunderous. No longer trying to hold back out of consideration, he used more strength to push Xie Xi away.

Xie Xi staggered then fell down.

****, he forgot that this man is injured!

Chu Yu promptly scooped Xie Xi back in his arms, like a big baby. He looked down mournfully at this big baby then gestured at Third Shidi: “Come here.”

Third Shidi trembled as he walked over to them: “Da Shixiong, I didn’t see anything, don’t get annoyed…”

Ha ha.

Chu Yu tried to give Xie Xi to him: “Take him and bring him back to camp.”

Third Shidi’s head shook like a drum-shaped rattle:3 “No, no, no! Da Shixiong! If you’re not there when Shixiong wakes up he will kill me!”

Chu Yu was silent for a moment then said: “Before he risked his life to obstruct that Nascent Soul cultivator to allow you to escape.  Surely you must have a good relationship?”

Third Shidi simply let out a wail: “Second Shixiong said I would be in the way, and I would only interfere with his fight so he kicked me out…”

Poor thing …

Chu Yu couldn’t help but feel pity. He patted Third Shidi’s shoulders in sympathy: “Lead the way, I’ll carry him back and incidentally pay respects and visit Shizun.”

Lu Qingan was a very important person to the original Chu Yu. Ten years ago there was a huge misunderstanding and Chu Yu felt in his heart that this was not at all good.

As he was rushing over along the whole journey, he had heard many people gossiping that Lu Qingan and Xie Xi killed a lot of Demonic Path cultivators. Not just to help the Righteous Path Immortal Alliance, but also because … they wanted vengeance for a certain person.

As to who that certain person was, a certain fish felt endlessly guilty.

This place was quite far from the camp at Qing Tu. Chu Yu pushed two pills into Xie Xi’s mouth to supply him with spiritual energy for the journey and started to head forward along with Third Shidi.

Third Shidi’s cultivation wasn’t very deep. It’s been ten years but he was only in the middle stage of Foundation Building. His sword wasn’t very fast so Chu Yu could only unhappily follow behind at a sluggish pace. He lowered his head and looked at Xie Xi who seemed to be sleeping soundly in his embrace. Then as he took a closer look at his face, the blood made Chu Yu feel uncomfortable so he used his sleeves to wipe it away. Cleaned of blood, Chu Yu saw that his complexion was deathly pale from excessive blood loss.

His eyebrows furrowed. Chu Yu didn’t want to stick to this slow pace anymore. Instead, he immediately took Third Shidi with him on Xun Sheng, wanting to bring him along quickly. Unknowingly , Xie Xi seemed to unexpectedly wake up or unconsciously felt that someone was trying to squeeze into his position. Xie Xi turned in Chu Yu’s arms then, without any hesitation, he used one foot to accurately kick Third Shidi away.

Third Shidi wanted to cry but there weren’t enough tears. He said in a tone of everlasting regret: “Da Shixiong …”

Chu Yu was speechless. He looked down at Xie Xi and examined him carefully. He confirmed that the child was actually still unconscious. It was only an accident so he beckoned at Third Shidi to come back. Third Shidi returned but was kicked out again.

Chu Yu was furious: “Xie Xi! Are you doing this deliberately?”

Xie Xi was breathing lightly, unconsciously leaning against Chu Yu’s arms. The expression on his face was of one who was reluctant to leave.

Chu Yu: “…”

This child only wants to monopolise one thing only and will go so far as to react automatically to protect it even if he falls asleep.

Chu Yu had no alternative but to continue to carry Xie Xi and follow Third Shidi.

By the time they returned to the camp at Qing Tu, it was twilight. The time when the golden sun, like molten gold, was almost below the horizon and the clouds were dyed with a red color. It was quiet and picturesque. Most of the cultivators were still outside and a few of them were sitting or meditating.

There was a total of seven camps belonging to cultivators from different regions. The Tian Yuan camp occupied the largest space in the area set aside for cultivators from Jiao Xia. Lu Qingan’s rank is second only to the sect master’s, therefore he had a separate small courtyard.

As they neared the campsite, Chu Yu pondered about their approach and asked Third Shidi to take them on a secluded path. He didn’t want to come into contact with Song Jingyi’s disgusting face as soon as he arrived. Song Jingyi suckered them before, so Chu Yu was determined to pay him back with the same coin.


Lu Qingan was meditating in the small courtyard when he heard voices in his camp and the sound of people entering. Listening to the sound of many footsteps, he blinked, and at the moment that he saw Chu Yu, Lu Qingan’s face that had been impassive for many years finally cracked a little bit.

Chu Yu was dumbstruck to see Lu Qingan instantly spring up and instantly walk towards him. Lu Qingan pressed a hand on his shoulder and a gentle spiritual power swept through Chu Yu’s body. After a long time, Lu Qingan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled slightly: “It’s good that you’re back.”

Oh wow! I’ve cured Shizun’s long-established facial paralysis.

Lu Qingan’s display of behaviour was extremely calm, and he also restrained himself from showing too much emotion. After he finished saying that one sentence, he turned around to return to his courtyard.

Third Shidi quickly asked: “Shizun, where are you going?”

Lu Qingan, who had already stepped forward, turned back around: “Returning to the room.”

Third Shidi was distressed and while not knowing whether to laugh or cry, pointing at the big man in Chu Yu’s arms, reminded him: “Shizun, Second Shixiong was seriously injured.”

Lu Qingan suddenly recovered from the shock. He looked down at Xie Xi who was comfortably asleep in Chu Yu’s arms. He then sighed and said: “Yu-er, Xi-er has been very tired these past few years.”

Every time he was seriously injured, he insisted on returning to the room without saying a word, persisting in rejecting any person’s help to heal his wounds, including Lu Qingan.

The sound of his voice landed in the calm and quiet courtyard. Third Shidi cringed as though he were looking at a picture that couldn’t be described. He felt proud that he had always seen clearly what was between Chu Yu and Xie Xi. His initial inference was really good as expected.4

Chu Yu ignored Third Shidi’s abnormal expression. His heart felt heavy and the person in his arms seemed to weigh a thousand tons. The corners of his mouth turned down but he still didn’t speak.

Lu Qingan shook his head. “Since you’re back, you can look after Xi-er right away. His room is over there.”

Looking at Third Shidi, Lu Qingan then said in calm tone of voice. “Go to the Chu family camp and invite the Chu family to come.”

Chu Yu swallowed his refusal, then wordlessly and silently he carried Xie Xi to his room.

After reading the original novel, he knew that the protagonist was paranoid, unyielding, and stubborn as a mule. He didn’t expect to transmigrate into the book, meet the protagonist, and for him to now become a stubborn, unyielding person with a one track mind!

Chu Yu sighed and put Xie Xi on the bed. He was just about to change Xie Xi’s position in order to send spiritual energy to Xie Xi when his wrist was suddenly grabbed and he was forcefully pulled. Chu Yu’s response was immediate. He tried to shake off but his other hand where he had been about to send spiritual energy to Xie Xi suddenly became numb. A cold sensation spread over his body.

Spiritual backlash?

Chu Yu was slammed into the bed by Xie Xi. His head hit the porcelain pillow, making his eyes brim with tears. Cold sweat broke out soon after as he realized something.

I was tricked by the protagonist!

Xie Xi pressed his body down on Chu Yu and put both of his hands on either side of his head. He smiled and said: “Shixiong, you can’t escape.”


Translator’s Notes:

  • Please leave a comment if you see any errors, thanks!!!
  • What on earth is naughty Xie Xi going to do now?
  • LOL @Third Shidi! The drum-rattle thing:drum rattle

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  1. 宅男 – normally translated as otaku. It’s the Chinese translation of the Japanese word otaku but the text isn’t talking about video games or anime here so I think it means “shut in.”
  2. 吐槽 – Chinese slang originating from the Japanese word 突っ込み (tsukkomi)
  3. Image below this chapter
  4. Sorry for the messy wording. Basically, Third Shidi knew it all along. Implied: way before he saw the kiss just now.

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