Chapter 30.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 30.2 – Author: As long as you have 998, you can bring a god beast home.

After Dan left, Du Ze looked at Xiu’s still bleeding fingers and made Violet bring some medicine and gauze. The “Mixed Blood” world has a rule: all healing spells can only be used on other people, not for themselves – just as doctors can’t heal their own illnesses.

Violet brought the medicine and gauze but gave it to Du Ze, not Xiu. Du Ze looked at the blue-clothed girl as she calmly retreated, shutting the door behind her. He felt that he should just give up: in the eyes of those two lily sisters, he and Xiu are a pair of gay men!

Du Ze kept his face impassive as he knelt down in front of Xiu to treat his wounds.

F**k! The cuts are too difficult to bandage! Du Ze spread the medicine on the fingers then repeatedly wound the gauze around them. The wounds did stop bleeding, but Du Ze stared at his hideous masterpiece, silent.

Good job, Xiu’s platelets.

“It’s good.” Xiu’s voice was happy: “Next time, please help me again.”

… Are you sure you want to test your healing ability by borrowing this young man’s hands?

Du Ze woodenly cleaned up the medicine and gauze then looked at the note that Dan left. In “Mixed Blood,” it was written that if someone tears up this note, Dan will be on call. After each transaction, Dan leaves another note. The protagonist cannot read the characters written on the note.

Thinking that Du Ze was interested in it, Xiu passed the note to him. “There is something written on it but I have never seen those characters.”

It was similar to the novel. Du Ze took the note and froze.

He could understand the characters.

Like the languages of the world, he can easily read these unfamiliar characters. Du Ze even came to a funny conclusion about this ability: because he is a “reader,” he can read all the words inside “Mixed Blood.”

The note was very simple, with only one name on it: Dantalion.

Du Ze was puzzled. Demon god Dantalion? What does he have to do with Dan?

Dantalion… Dan?

WTF! What! The! F**k!

Du Ze was thunderstruck. The reader’s mood was hard to describe. He had unexpectedly uncovered a spoiler about the plot of “Mixed Blood.” A huge spoiler.

The only thought in his mind was – the true identity of Dan, the mystery merchant of “Mixed Blood” is none other than one of the 72 demon gods, Dantalion? He is a god! A living god! Du Ze had read 500 chapters of “Mixed Blood” but he didn’t find out that the author had placed a god in the middle of the reverse side of the continent!

Now there is only one sentence that can describe Du Ze’s mood: Protagonist, come out to see god!

Du Ze’s strange mood was too obvious. Xiu saw his shaken expression and became anxious. Xiu asked: “What is it?”

“Dan is – “ The demon god Dantalion.

Du Ze’s voice stopped abruptly. He opened his mouth but suddenly could not say “Dantalion.” Once again, that unseen thing or person stopped him from revealing a spoiler. The feeling of his breath suddenly being caught in his throat was very unpleasant. Du Ze breathed deeply then tried to say some less dramatic words: “… a god.”

Thankfully his voice was not stopped this time.

Xiu heard this in silence. He looked into Du Ze’s eyes with an expression that was difficult to read.

“God …” Xiu’s voice was light, but it sounded like he was biting the word mercilessly and chewing it down. “How can a person become a god?”

Du Ze was puzzled, although Xiu will certainly become to the Supreme God in the future, Yi Ye Zhi Qiu did not specify how exactly a person can become a god. The author just kept writing about how the protagonist became stronger and stronger. So Du Ze can only give a general answer: “Become stronger.”

Then the world will naturally put the path to becoming Supreme God in front of you, because that is why this world exists.

Xiu gazed at Du Ze and nodded gently as though he was making the promise of a lifetime.

Leaving aside the topic of god, they now had 10 boxes filled with Flame Crystal Souls with unusually rich fire elements will attract many people’s attention. Xiu stuffed nine of the boxes into a space ring then he took out the stone egg and opened the remaining box. A dazzling red light suffused the room. The crystals in the box were neatly lined up. Although his motives were unknown, Dan really had brought them exactly what they needed.

Xiu placed the stone egg on the Flame Crystal Souls, and crystals began to melt at a rate visible to the unaided eye. Though the fire elements were not visible, Du Ze could feel that they were constantly being absorbed by the stone egg. Soon, all of the fire elements in the box of crystals were absorbed. Xiu picked up the stone egg that seemed to have become a little brighter and took out a second box.

By the time all 10 boxes were opened, it was the morning of the second day and the stone egg can no longer be called a stone egg; it had transformed into a golden egg. It was smooth, warm, and slightly moist to the touch. A faint movement of the life inside it could be felt.

Xiu and Du Ze watched as the egg’s outer shell cracked – “boom!” – and a golden-red light leaked out. There was a shadowy thing inside that was breaking open the egg’s shell. Du Ze was very excited: Ah! Finally that mighty, domineering god beast will emerge!

Inside the egg the shadow was struggling to break the shell. The cracks became bigger until – “snap!” – it cracked open. A silly, cute person looked on with joyful anticipation as something rolled out from the golden egg.

It was a tiny little … Chicken.

Xiu & Du Ze: …

The small Phoenix with a palm-sized face is covered with milky yellow hair – it cannot be called feathers, it’s more like fluff. It’s body was covered in mucus that slowly burned up and evaporated into the air so that the tiny Phoenix became fluffier. It seemed to be a little confused and lay on the ground motionless, a piece of eggshell still covering its small head.

Author, I beg you to show me the mighty domineering god beast! Ah!

When Du Ze saw the soft, cute little “Phoenix,” his heart was broken. Ye Zhi Qiu did write that when the Phoenix hatched it was just a baby, so the protagonist gave it to Alice, who had the fire elemental affinity, to raise. However, the reader did not think that the Phoenix was this young and small – this is just a chick!

Xiu walked over to it and took off the eggshell on its head, exposing a pair of sparkling eyes. Du Ze doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but Xiu was standing behind it so the first thing that the chick saw was Du Ze. The little thing began to tremble and it’s pale yellow fluff stood up. Even so, it still raised its head and stared at Du Ze, making a tender cry: “Chirp.”

Shamelessly acting cute! And, baby, you have mistaken your master!

Seeing that the cold-faced Du Ze did not respond, the chick flapped its tiny wings and stood up. It stretched its wings out completely but its chubby body was not proportional to its small claws so instead of walking to Du Ze, it rolled over instead.

Du Ze watched the hairball approaching, shaking its baby fuzz: “Chirp, chirp, and chirp.”

Chick, you’re shaking! This young man knows you’re scared, so don’t come near me!

When it saw that Du Ze was about to go away, the chick threw itself forward fiercely and hugged Du Ze’s right foot: “Chirp!”

Chick Complex1vs Reader Deterrence – Chick Complex victory, Long live “Mother” ~

Du Ze looked blankly at Xiu: “Take it.”

This is your family’s pet, but it looks a little bit bad.

“It likes you.” Xiu looked at the trembling little Phoenix on Du Ze’s feet and smiled: “You can raise it first.”

Xiu did not wait for Du Ze to reply. Looking outside of the window at the white sky, he said: “It’s very late. Rest.”

In the candlelight, Xiu’s smile was blurry.

“When we get up, let’s get ready to go back to the Chaos Continent.”

fire phoenix
Du Ze with the little chick~


Rachel looked at the bones in her hand. It was cracked and blackened. Only explosions or lightning could cause such a fracture. She glanced at the bottom of the sea of the undead souls where the only thing that could be seen were bones. All traces were covered and the only thing that could be sensed was the rich atmosphere of the dead.

“What are the main cities around here?”

Hearing Rachel’s question, the black-clothed demon looked at a map.

“My lord, near this place are Ose City, Valac City, Andrealphus City, Belial City, and Andromalius City.”

“Search them.”

Rachel looked at the purple sky and her voice was like a sigh.

“Lord Bael, is that you?”



This person always thinks all good things belongs to him: the powerful artifact is his, the beautiful woman is his, the mighty God Beast is his … The whole world is his.

In this way, take it for granted,2 without asking for it.

It belongs to you.

What about you?

– [black box]


The author has something to say:

Author: As long as you have 998, you can bring a God-beast (Phoenix) home.

Reader: (Silently pulls out his wallet)

Author: As long as you have 998, you can take a God (Reader) home.

Protagonist: (Silently pulls out his wallet)


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  1. when the newborn chick imprints on the first thing it sees
  2. 理所当然 – an idiom meaning take it for granted, completely reasonable, cannot doubt the meaning, or right and proper

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