Chapter 30.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 30.1 – Author: As long as you have 998, you can bring a god beast home.

Du Ze looked at the stone egg in Xiu’s hand but did not take it.

“That is for you.” Du Ze pressed on his headphones and said: “A god beast is inside.”

When Du Ze saw the egg at the auction, Du Ze’s plot-capture radar pinged – the oval-shaped stone egg is clearly the god beast egg that the protagonist found in the treasure house after he attacked Kimaris City. At that time, the protagonist realized that although the stone egg emitted a mysterious spiritual pressure, it didn’t have the slightest sign of life.

Hearing Du Ze’s words, Xiu whispered: “God beast … Don’t you want it?”

“It belongs to you.”

Du Ze immediately said he would not covet the protagonist’s role, but at that moment he saw the disappointment in Xiu’s eyes. Is this an illusion? Xiu didn’t wait for Du Ze to investigate the illusion and continued: “What kind of god beast is inside?”

In the original text of “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist also asked his. His well-informed staff told him that inside the egg is a …

“Fire Phoenix.”

Isn’t that freakin’ awesome?!1 When they saw the name of the god beast, all the readers trembled. In all YY novels, the Dragon and Phoenix are at the very top; one is the King of Beasts, (PS: The beasts here refer to the monster and other beasts, not the beastkin race.)2 the other is the King of Birds.

When the protagonist got the unknown god beast egg, he already had the three-headed dog Cerberus and a Nightmare Unicorn. With a Fire Phoenix and a Dragon mount in the future, this group of flashy luxury mounts is enough to blind the eyes of all onlookers. Other people can only acquire such things with great difficulty – the cute protagonist to gathering these kinds of mounts is enough to frighten people into peeing their pants.3

In order to look cool, Du Ze explained to Xiu: “To hatch it we will need Flame Crystal Soul.”

The Fire Phoenix is also called the Undead Bird. It needs to bathe in fire to be reborn. Although the egg is currently like a dead egg without the slightest ripple of life, it can hatch as long as enough flame crystals are present. When they defeated the Flame Lord, they got three pieces of Flame Crystal Souls. One was used to treat Alice. The remaining two were not enough to hatch the Fire Phoenix because the number of crystals required to hatch the Fire Phoenix is 1000.

Du Ze’s felt quite bitter. As if he saw the author right in front of him, from Du Ze’s broken heart he cried out: 998! Just 998! You can bring a beast home!4

Xiu was silent after Du Ze told him the number of crystals they would need. He called the demon sisters over and asked them to inquire about buying Flame Crystal Souls in Agares City. Violet and Alice worked quickly and got the news the next day: A businessman said he has enough Flame Crystal Souls and hoped to discuss the price with the Lord.

When Du Ze opened the door to see the green-clothed figure outside, some silly person’s brain blanked out.”

“Long time no see.” The green-clothed person smiled and patted his head with the book he always carried. “It is my pleasure to deal with you again.”

[System: You found the mystery merchant, Dan. Please select option: Attack or Do not attack.]

He remembered the time when he felt extreme despair and his body was a pitiful mass of cuts and bruises. Although Xiu later expressed confidence in him and believed him, Du Ze was unconscious for a length of time so he didn’t know what Xiu had done to get his clothes back. For this villain to carelessly appear in front of him like this … His hands felt itchy.

Du Ze wanted to roar, but in the end, all he said was just a cool, aloof accusation: “You followed us.”

Violet, who had been the one who brought Dan to the hotel, looked uneasily at Du Ze and Dan. She sensed that the two people knew each other and had a bad relationship.

“Your excellency discreetly inquired.”5 Dan gave a little cough: “I was happy to hear about you.6 As soon as I heard what you needed, I rushed over.” His gaze shifted to Xiu, and the green-clothed demon narrowed his eyes. In a tone both certain and uncertain, he said: “I assume this is Mr. Gnome.”

After being identified by Dan, Xiu finally spoke using the same certain/uncertain tone: “How do you know?”

Very simple; because you look at that person in the same way – no, it’s even more intense and frightening than before, like a drowning man clinging to a piece of driftwood, as though he is the only thing that can save your life.

Dan smiled but did not answer. He clapped his hands and boxes fell from the void into the room. Even with the isolation effect of the boxes, a lot of fire elements leaked out.

Violet looked at the boxes, astonished. She knew that the green-clothed merchant had Flame Crystal Souls, but to see such a large number … Only thousands of years of collecting crystals would account for this many.

Dan stood at the door and smiled, saying, “Can I come in and make a deal with you?”

“What do you want?”

Dan didn’t answer right away. Instead, he patted the boxes that almost filled the room. Like a real businessman, he described his goods: “There are 10 boxes here and each box has 100 flame crystals – your excellency can count them first …”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Xiu interrupted Dan’s words: “Tell me what you’re aiming for.”

“Then I’ll be very rude.” Dan looked directly across at the handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. That person had same beauty but had a completely different form. “I want some of your blood.”

Watching from the sidelines, Du Ze was stunned. In the original text, Dan also asked for the blood of the protagonist as his price. Even though the current plot is a mess, the people of this world will still follow the original plot. For example, Heidi still fell in love with Xiu and Dan still asked Xiu for blood.

Another example: Xiu will give his blood to Dan.

“This transaction has been very pleasant ~” Dan probably also knew that he is not welcome here, so after he collected a bottle of blood, he immediately left. Right before he turned to leave, Dan snapped a finger and a note fell into Xiu’s hand. “You can use this to contact me whenever you need something. I’ll try my best to meet your needs.”

“I look forward to our next transaction.”

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  1. 牛叉 – swearing but there is no set translation since meaning depends on context. So I just interpreted it.
  2. Author’s Note
  3. Omitted – 问君能有几多爽,恰似一群吊丝上青楼. I just couldn’t find a translation that didn’t sound super dumb. Literally “Ask the lord how much good you can have, just like a group of hanging silk (**** losers) in a brothel.”
  4. LOL, apparently in China 998 is an advertising buzzword for home TV shopping. “(The price is) Not three or four thousand, not one or two thousand, as long as (you have) 998! Just 998! (You can) Take home ___!
  5. Discreetly inquired about the Flame Soul Crystal
  6. Literally “I was very easy to feel your breath.”

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    1. Is it to ascertain his bloodline shiz (lol haven’t read it all yet)? Well, that seems to be the predominant case. Then maybe create a living weapon in xiu’s likeness? Just some of my guesses.

    2. Or use it for a transaction with Bright to put a curse on xiu? Or not a curse but smtg else

  1. Ohhh goshh…really Du Ze attitude just pains me for Xiu…somehow it is as if he knows everything, he does not want anything, everything is for Xiu, anything for himself…like if he was part of this world for a very very long time, and still will be here for a very long time, not needing anyone, not needing enything…I wonder if at some point Xiu will think if for Du Ze he is not just a passerby, that before him there have been many many other, and that he is just some kind amusing thing to follow around…

  2. It’s okay Du Ze! You’re not alone! I also wanted to punch that bastard’s face until it goes flat.

    Poor Xiu, I hope some fluff in future chapters can cure that, it’s okay Xiu! You have more stuff to do with Du Ze along the way of conquering him~ 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  3. “because you look at that person in the same way” – so random people like Dan and the demon sisters can see that Xiu has feelings for Du Ze but our cute reader still doesn’t realize it? Lol, well Du Ze is always described as being a silly person … hahahaha poor Xiu.

  4. Hurray!! Shenanigans!!~ Fire phoenix, here we come!! Although… I wonder if it will be afraid of Du Ze too… He has some pretty horrible (or maybe good?) luck with animals… Makes me wonder if Xiu will have a similar reaction in beastkin form… Then again, beat != beastkin, so we’re probably safe there

    Dan is back!! I have to admit,I’m a little nervous about what he could be planning… Blood with the power of all the eight races… i just hope it can’t be used in future to bind Xiu or anything… The only other things i can think of are some sort of power boost (to let him change forms?) or maybe for some magic ritual or something…

    Then again, he is a collector of rare/weird stuff, and I doubt you can get something rarer/weirder than 8 race blood (lol)…reminds me of one of those ultra rare items you find in games after you collect ‘x’ stars/coins/rings/spirit stones/whatever…or even like those ridiculously long chain trading quests…

    Heh, it would be a lot cooler if he managed to gather those up on the fly (which would make him insanely powerful… seriously, how many flame lords/lava demons/whatever do you have to beat for that?!) but the possibility the fetch quest possibility amuses me…

    He’s the ultimate merchant though, he knows his target audience!! He’s definitely a looot more than that though… Hidden party member/boss unlock?

    1. This chapter is 3,000 words, the previous chapter was 2,300 words. Anyway, it’s not like I can make the chapters longer.

    2. Lmao, no. How, when you reside in a fantasy world, that has magic, BLOOD magic at that, could you give away your own blood. Especially for someone like Xiu. Just give away your life box while you’re at it.

      I really hope he pulled smth crafty. (“Oh?? you meant MY blood?? How was I supposed to know that you didn’t mean the blood of the dark elf, which is in my possession, which I own, which therefore classifies as ‘my blood’??”)

  5. The reappearance of Dan and what does he want with the blood ….
    Also id almost forgotten about the egg and xiu wanting to gift it to Du Ze so sweet!!

    (Also is the end of this sentence supposed to say ‘this’ insead of ‘his’?

    In the original text of “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist also asked his.)

    Thank you as always for the daily translations!

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