Chapter 31.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 31.2 – Protagonist: Hold me then sit on it.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of fighting. The wind of the battle blew away the fog and they saw a giant mechanical puppet, twice as big as the ones they had seen. It had two stars on its chest. The two-star mechanical puppet was fighting with a group of demons who seemed to be on the losing side. The demons were panicked and all of them had varying degrees of injuries.

Xiu thought about the situation for a moment then instructed Du Ze to wait for him. He took out Qian Bian,1 transformed it into the Burning Desire Demonic Sword, and joined the battle. With Xiu’s help, the group of demons finally defeated the huge mechanical puppet.

One of the demons who had less serious injuries thanked Xiu: “We are guards from Agares City, thank you for your help.”

“What’s going on?” Xiu glanced at the fallen mechanical puppet: “Why are there so many mechanical puppets?”

“We are investigating the cause.” The demon frowned: “We don’t know what happened at the Lost Land. These metal lumps all got activated. When they see people, they attack. You have seen those one star mechanical puppets?”

The demon pointed at the chest of the mechanical puppet. “This is a two-star mechanical puppet. Their strength is 10 times that of the one-star mechanical puppets, around the same level as a Grand Sword Master.”

He pointed in the direction Xiu and Du Ze were going and said: “If you keep moving forward you will encounter lots of two-star mechanical puppets all crammed together in that area.”

Xiu was silent after listening to these words. Two demons decided to leave because of their injuries. After they had left, Du Ze walked to Xiu’s side and heard the blond youth whisper: “I have an idea … Let’s try it.”

Five days later.

In the misty Death Swamp, a mechanical puppet that was wandering aimlessly, suddenly saw two figures.

“Beep – lifeforms discovered, analyzing race. Beep – gnome discovered!” The blue lights in the mechanical puppet’s eyes blinked. “Identifying individual. Beep – identity not found in system, conducting complete analysis. Beep – activate protection program A, escorting the individual ‘home’.”

The giant mechanical puppet knelt in front of the small figure and stretched out a hand, quietly waiting for its master’s response. The flaxen-haired dwarf grabbed the black-haired youth then raised his head to reveal a pair of amber eyes. “What did it say?”

Du Ze gazed at Xiu and the mechanical puppet. The tiny gnome stood next to the two-meter-high mechanical puppet. The contrast gave one an indescribable shock. He repeated the mechanical puppet’s words. Xiu listened then said to Du Ze: “Hold me then sit on it.”

Suddenly, a hole opened up in Du Ze’s brain: these words from a Moe Lord with a tender and soft appearance were like those of a child asking for a hug.

Some fool then bent down from the waist and clumsily picked up Xiu, holding the gnome to his bosom.

Xiu’s put his chin on Du Ze’s shoulder and placed his arms around Du Ze’s neck. His eyes were attracted by an earlobe. It seemed very soft …

The mechanical puppet stood up, holding Du Ze. At the moment when he was jolted by the movement, Du Ze felt his ears were mercilessly rubbed. The mechanical puppet began to run and Du Ze had to grab its shoulder to avoid falling. That place was rubbed until it was hot, and he could not help but want to find some ice to cool it off.

Along the way they saw all kinds of mechanical puppets. When they saw Xiu all of them stopped and solemnly watched Xiu’s group until they ran out of sight. The closer they got to the Lost Land, the more mechanical puppets appeared. The number of stars on their chests also increased from one to three. Later on these three star mechanical puppets were everywhere. Du Ze was somewhat frightened at the sight. If Xiu hadn’t changed into his gnome form, this place would be a dead end for them.

The outer boundary of the Lost Land was getting closer. It was a milky-white membrane.2 To enter the Lost Land, one has to go through it. The mechanical puppet did not pause as it passed through the boundary. Du Ze looked at the familiar scenery. The ice crystal ground, the skies that appear above and below, and the distant pillar of light made him feel like he was in a dream or an illusion.

When the mechanical puppet entered the Lost Land, it took out a robot flying saucer and activated it. The little UFO buzzed and flew in front of them, leading the way. The mechanical puppet closely followed the flying saucer.

Du Ze had described the Lost Land as tsundere, but actually walking around the pillar of light is just one way to get to the center; it’s not the only way. The gnomes found 10 paths and the fastest can allow a person to reach the pillar in one day.

The mechanical puppet holding Du Ze and Xiu entered the pillar of light. In front of them was the activated metal pyramid. The little flying saucer flew over the mechanical puppet and a red light emerged from it, enveloping the group. Du Ze felt a sense of weightlessness in his body as they were guided by small UFO into the space eye.

As they went closer to the space eye, the red light from the flying saucer became brighter and brighter until it dazzled them. When they entered the space eye, Du Ze didn’t know if they were still protected by the red light. He felt dizzy but he did not lose consciousness. After the red light faded away, Du Ze looked outside and gawked at what he saw.

He seemed to be back in the 21st century.

It was a city made of steel. Gray was the main color of the city. The streets were littered with large and small types of machinery. Some of the machines seemed to have lost their energy and quietly sat in a corner while some were still active. The whole city appears to be built underground or in a cave. There were balls of light of varying sizes above them, lighting up the city so that it was as bright as daylight.

He knew the name of this city. Du Ze’s heart began to feel agitated, as if he had heard the plot of “Mixed Blood” whispering to him.

Welcome to … the Gnome Ruins.



[Explore Gnome Ruins: Unranked Task.] Go to gnome ruins to find materials. Task, grade, and pay will depend on materials’ quality. Client: Mercenary Guild. ]

The receptionist saw Xiu staring at the request for “exploring the Gnome ruins” and advised him: “It’s best not to try this task. The Gnome ruins are not a good place to play.”
“If I finish the job and the rating for the materials I find are S, will my mercenary rank rise?” asked Xiu unemotionally.

“Your present mercenary rank is E, if you can get the S-class material …” The receptionist calculated and gave her answer: “Your mercenary rank can be upgraded to A.”

“I’ll do it.” Briskly, with a no nonsense attitude, Xiu immediately put his mercenary card on the counter.

The receptionist wanted to persuade him against it. She was reluctant to see such a beautiful creature die. But when the receptionist saw the elf’s indifference, she sighed and accepted the card.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”

The author has something to say:

Protagonist (Gnome form): Hold me then sit on it.

Reader: Okay.

…… (time interval)

Protagonist (Demon form): Oh … No strength?

Readers: … Damn you! Hiss——QAQ

Author: What happened? I don’t know. ⊙▽⊙


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  1. Thousand Changes, his weapon
  2. Probably a force field of some sort.

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