Chapter 31 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 31 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 31:  Counterattack Counterattack

(TN: Counterattack – *cough* When the uke/shou is aggressive or tries to top. Counterattack Counterattack – when the counterattack is counterattacked. Or a really strong counterattack, lol.)

Chu Yu silently shrank back then pondered for a moment. Based on the protagonist’s appearance, he was probably angry again. In other words, it’s useless to try to explain his brocon’s and close relative’s arguments to him now…

Xie Xi propped himself up with his hand on the wall behind Chu Yu and looked down at him: “Shixiong, you broke your promise.”

Chu Yu was depressed.

He was aware that when Xie Xi persuaded him to make the promise that he was being deceptive and unequal saying he would not leave. However, he supposed that if he asked about it, Xie Xi would completely go out of control.

Xie Xi was stubborn. He pinched Chu Yu’s chin, lifting it to force him to look face to face with Xie Xi: “I forbid you from leaving my line of sight.”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu was staring dismally at the other’s unclouded expression1 when he suddenly had a great idea that would allow him to deal with this emergency. Anxiously, he said: “Shidi! I haven’t seen you in ten years. Why don’t we have a drink to celebrate?”

When he mentioned drinking, Xie Xi at first seemed dumbfounded but then whatever he was thinking of made his eyes brighten. His lips showed a smile and Chu Yu seemed to see the shadow of the cheerful Xie Xi from the early days of his youth.

Chu Yu felt as though the protagonist could still be saved. He would come to his rescue!

He must not allow a bright boy to sink into a dark abyss and blacken without rhyme or reason!

Chu Yu excitedly pulled out a few earthen jars of wine from his interspatial ring. Xie Xi graciously withdrew and stepped aside to allow Chu Yu to quickly and neatly arrange the jars of wine and wine cups. Xie Xi cannot help but feel puzzled and asked: “Shixiong, when did you start carrying wine with you?”

Chu Yu paused and as if it were a joke gave a hollow laugh: “It was conveniently available so I bought a lot.”

After saying that, he poured out a cup of wine and handed it to Xie Xi with a genial smile.

Xie Xi looked down at the clear wine and drank it all in one mouthful.

Chu Yu prepared a drink for Xie Xi on one side while preparing chicken soup for the soul2 in his heart. “This wine has healing effects. You’re injured so drinking this will be good for you.”

Xie Xi swirled the exquisite wine in his cup and gave a smile that was yet not a smile: “This is something conveniently bought?”

Chu Yu: “Hahahahahaha. Shidi, have another drink.”

Xie Xi stared at him for a long time as he drank the wine. He didn’t speak much as Chu Yu poured wine for him to drink. After a jar of wine had been drunk, Xie Xi’s eyes began to look glazed.

Chu Yu was delighted that things were going better than he had expected: He was finally drunk!

Suddenly, the System notification sound rang out: “The number of comments has reached the threshold ~ View the barrage? ~

Why does the comment barrage always appear?!

Chu Yu was disgusted: “Do not view.”

The System continued: “Because the quantity of comments is over the limit ~ the barrage view will automatically turn on in ~ 3 ~ 2 ~ 1 ~”

Chu Yu kept his face impassive as he tried to brush off the large crowd of characters floating in front of his eyes.

[UserGoodforNothing945: Hahahaahaha, is Da Shixiong preparing to counterattack? Getting him drunk to counterattack, how cute. Be careful, don’t get caught in the act by big brother. +2 points]

[UserShipSailingAway: Under the influence of alcohol, peoples’ natures are thrown up into disorder, Da Shixiong, today you are giving me a good present +2 points]

[UserMiaoMiao: *clock out, drops card* ~]

[UserFlashback: *drops driver’s card* ~]

[UserSuddenlyThoughtofFriends: Are the other posters not worried that the car will flip over? *drops scene of a car crash card* ~]

(TN: In internet slang, the “driver” of the car is the one who has a lot of H content. The other users/posters “drop cards” or “swipe cards” to show their support when the driver shares content. Think of it as a “+1” or “like.”)

**** this car stuff!

Chu Yu was furious: “System! Am I that sort of person?’

System: “No.”

The System was quiet for a moment then continued: “According to the settings in this novel, you can’t counterattack ~”

**** counterattacking!

Chu Yu’s face was thunderous. He found the “barrage view off” button and quickly pressed it. The comments disappeared and the world was peaceful and quiet once more. Xie Xi was drunk and sitting cross-legged in front of him, waving an empty wine cup in his hand. He propped up his chin with his hand and gave a tranquil and comfortable smile as he stared unblinkingly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu reached out and tried to take back the wine cup as he considered if he should fill it up again. Unexpectedly, when he stretched out his hand, Xie Xi rushed over to him and hugged his waist the way he used to when he was young. He murmured something unclear that Chu Yu couldn’t understand.

Chu Yu’s heart softened. Stroking the long hair he had scattered, he whispered softly: “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi eyes went blank for a second then went misty and he appeared to be drunkenly confused. He was misty-eyed and murmured unintelligibly for a long time then he suddenly looked up at Chu Yu and said: “Shixiong, I like you…”

Chu Yu hugged him. Looking down, his eyes accidentally met Xie Xi’s almost flawless eyes and his heart softened at the sight he was most fond of: “Well, I like you, too.”

Anyway, the protagonist is completely drunk, it’s better to just go along with what he says.

Xie Xi gave a sluggish breath and after a moment his eyes teared up: “Shixiong, I really like you very much…”

Chu Yu, who was somewhat preoccupied with the issue of turning off the barrage view with the System, blurted out without thinking: “Shixiong really likes you very much, too.”

Xie Xi: “Shixiong, let’s do it.”

“Well, we can do…huh?”

Chu Yu quickly regained his senses but he was still a step too late. Before he knew it, he was lying down and had been pushed into the bed by Xie Xi. Fortunately, he had changed the pillow into a soft one earlier, otherwise, he would have been hurt all over again.

Xie Xi straddled Chu Yu then bent down and kissed him on the lips. His face was full of his excitement as he said: “Shixiong, you promised.”

Chu Yu stared at Xie Xi for a while, an impassive expression on his face. He saw that Xie Xi was smiling as if he were someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.3 Chu Yu reached out to pinch his face and said: “Get off me. Or do you want me to kick you off?”

This dam**d child had unexpectedly learned how to pretend to be drunk and deceive people!

Xie Xi said in an aggrieved tone: “You promised.”

Chu Yu’s head hurt: “Get off!”

Xie Xi felt as if he had been wronged but, either because he saw Chu Yu’s wooden face or because he felt a little guilty, he moved to the side, lowering his head dejectedly.

Chu Yu sighed.

He really was unable to figure out what he was feeling now. Whenever Xie Xi gets too close, he couldn’t help but reject it but his body was very honest and displayed his acceptance…

Was he bent? Were these merely the last futile struggles of a straight man?

Chu Yu paused and felt sorrowful. Looking at Xie Xi, he swallowed a mouth full of saliva and hesitated for a while before moving closer to him: “Shidi.”

Xie Xi looked up, the glistening teardrops in his eyes sparkling.

Chu Yu clenched his teeth. As Xie Xi just watched while being utterly shocked, Chu Yu lowered his head and kissed the corner of Xie Xi’s lips.


Chu Yu’s heart was dead like ashes, he felt hopelessly apathetic. He was ruined… Sure enough, there wasn’t even the slightest feeling of discomfort.

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was indescribably splendid. Joy, shock, doubt, and disbelief flashed over Xie Xi’s face as he appeared frozen for a long time. Mechanically, he raised his hand and touched the place that Chu Yu had kissed. His breathing sped up and he said: “Shi …Shixiong?”

Chu Yu looked at him coldly: “Hmm, go back to your room, it’s late.”

A moment of silence and then Xie Xi’s face paled: “Shixiong, are you going to drive me away again?”

It really was quite late. If Chu Sheng came back even for a moment and noticed that he had a wild man in his room, he might get too emotional and draw his sword.

Chu Yu rubbed his forehead and explained: “My older brother and parents are here. Nevertheless, I have to stay here for a while and my older brother … is not very hospitable. He will be coming back soon and I don’t want him to see you. If you two get into a fight and you get hurt, that would be no good.”

His eyes bright, Xie Xi listened and said: “I can beat him.”

Chu Yu was angered: “You dare to strike my eldest brother?”

The protagonist unexpectedly still wants to do it with him! Bah, in the end, what kind of Shidi does he want to be?

Xie Xi sniffled in a petulant way and didn’t speak again.

Chu Yu remembered how pitifully Xie Xi had waited for him outside of the Mausoleum Ruins for more than a year. He couldn’t bear to see Xie Xi upset so he hesitated for a moment then whispered: “Afterwards… when my big brother leaves I will let you come back.”

Chu Yu paused then added: “You are only allowed to cultivate and you can’t do anything else.”

Xie Xi just smiled with joy written all over his face and hugged Chu Yu. He stepped back three times then left.

Chu Yu lay in bed. The expression on his face was full of confusion and doubt.

# A straight man suddenly noticed that he was a little bent, there ought to be some kind of damage?#4


bc novels
This is a fan translation by BC Novels. Thanks for supporting the translator by reading this on the BC Novels website.

These days, Chu Yu’s recent schedule was quite full.

During the daylit hours he spent most of his time with Chu Sheng, meditating and cultivating in his room. He also had a daily psychological counseling and love education session with Chu Sheng. There was also a bedtime “chicken soup for the soul” session.

In the evening, after the Chu family leaders went to meetings or went to bed… that was when Chu Yu would receive his little Shidi who entered through the window. Although he had negotiated an agreement that they should focus on cultivating and shouldn’t do anything else, he was always stroked and embraced.

Chu Yu had a feeling that more and more things were becoming strange: Why does it seem as though he is already involved in a clandestine love affair…?!

After almost half a month, the Chu family head Chu Shuangtian and Madam Chu still had not yet returned. Chu Sheng was very busy taking care of the cultivators and his younger brother and was under such pressure that it was a long time until he finally realized that something was wrong.

Even though the defensive array was meant to protect the entire Qing Tu territory, all of the necessary formation flags and tiles had been prepared beforehand. Chu Shuangtian and Madam Chu, both middle stage Nascent Soul cultivators, should be able to set it up well within ten day’s time.

Chu Sheng went back to use the star charts, that had not been switched on for a long time, to check for their position. His face fell. Chu Shuangtian and Madam Chu were still in the northeastern corner of Qing Tu and their markers had been stuck and not moving forward for a long time. Either they encountered trouble or accidentally dropped their star tokens.

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible that they dropped the tokens accidentally.

This kind of matter is best something that outsiders should not be aware of… Chu Sheng informed Chu Yu about it to keep him updated and discussed it with the elders of the Chu family. The elders decided that he should go to examine the place where the tokens had fallen.

Chu Yu raised his hand: “Big brother, can I go with you?”

Being treated as the baby of the family and treated like a cherished treasure under house arrest for half a month in the Chu family camp… what’s the difference between that and being forced to stay inside the Mausoleum Ruins?

Faced with this request from his younger brother, Chu Sheng hesitated for a moment then decided to bring him along on the journey.

However, they still hadn’t yet finished planning how many people to take with them when someone arrived at the Chu family camp.

The one who had arrived was, to be precise, a messenger who currently served Chu Shuangtian and his wife. When he returned to the Jiao Xia camp, his appearance was extremely wretched and his body was covered from head to toe in bloodstains. His right arm also was already missing.

When he saw Chu Sheng, he only just had time to get a jade scroll5before his body trembled then toppled down.

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face was gloomy as he reached out and took the jade scroll. With a simple wave of his hand, he directed the people idling around to withdraw. He used a spell to give them privacy then used his spirit energy to activate the scroll.

The jade scroll trembled then a young man’s pleasant-sounding voice suddenly rose from it and in an instant, their complexions turned a deathly white.

“I recently awakened from dreaming and saw that there were some friends who had come for a visit. I couldn’t bear to not offer them my heartfelt hospitality. I happened to be so bold as to request those two people to chat with me. It is such a pity that those two people were far too unromantic aiya, it seems I lost control and grabbed sister-in-law’s Nascent Soul too hard by mistake and broke it …”

As they listened to the message, Chu Sheng’s face grew paler and paler, his expression crumbling and the light of hope in his eyes gradually died.6

Chu Yu’s heart turned cold. He didn’t mishear it… broken Nascent Soul?

After a gentle little chuckle, the voice continued: “Truly sorry to inconvenience others, so I requested that eldest brother should to return home to apologize. Sheng-er need not worry.”


The jade scroll in Chu Sheng hands shattered.

This was the first time that Chu Yu had ever seen that expression on Chu Sheng’s face. He looked like he wanted to cry but was forcing himself to endure it. His eyes turned red and he trembled but he could only silently struggle with the pain and stay calm.

Chu Yu silently confirmed it one more time in his mind. Madam Chu died and Chu Shuangtian was captured.

How could it be that two Nascent Soul mid-stage and a large number of Core Formation cultivators get completely wiped out?

All of a sudden, his heart started throbbing with pain. Chu Yu bowed his head and put a hand on his chest. He had very little contact with the Chu family. They were complete strangers to him but at the moment it didn’t feel like it had been that way. Tears stung his eyes and he felt a deep pain in his heart.

Perhaps this is left over from the feelings of the original Chu Yu’s. How much more pain must Chu Sheng be feeling right now?

He was silent for a short while but then couldn’t help but whisper: “Big brother…”

The jade scroll was made of the finest material and it was extremely hard yet it had been shattered so easily by Chu Sheng gripping it tightly in his hands. The shards were sharp so blood was dripping down from the palms of his hands but Chu Sheng seemed to feel nothing. His hands gripped tighter and tighter on the shattered pieces of the scroll. After a long time he said in a hoarse voice:

“Little brother, this is the man who slaughtered our second brother in front of me.”

He raised his hand, and his blood flowed down to the ground, splashing it with red.

“He killed our mother…”

Chu Yu looked at Chu Sheng but he couldn’t say a word. His voice seemed to be stuck in his throat.

Chu Sheng: “Chu Shuanghe.”



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  1. 眉尖直抽 – straight eyebrows
  2. Chicken Soup for the Soul is very popular in China
  3. 人畜无害 – “people domestic animal harmless.” When used to describe products, it means it’s safe/non-toxic for humans and animals. When used to describe people, it means someone who is gentle and wouldn’t hurt other people.
  4. The ## is the format for a question on the internet.
  5. 玉简 – in real life, this would be a scroll made of bamboo strips that were used for writing. In Xianxia, since everyone is a rich tycoon, it’s made of jade.
  6. 眼眦欲裂 – “the corner of his eyes appetite/hope cracked” Sounded too weird so I took some liberties with the text and interpreted it. I think this should be the meaning.

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