Chapter 30 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 30 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 30 I want to see you

Chu Yu’s face was solemn as he said in a serious tone: “… Actually, I was helping Shidi heal.”

The three people staring at Chu Yu did not say anything.

Chu Yu remained absolutely calm and didn’t change the expression on his face: “It was a bit hot so I took off my clothes. On the mouth and neck, I was bitten by insects.”

… What a huge insect it must be.

Lu Qingan casually turned his gaze away, apparently willing to go along with Chu Yu’s ridiculously fishy performance. Third Shidi unflinchingly followed his Shizun’s lead and silently turned his head away.

Only Chu Sheng, whose eyes were red, sniffled and stared at Chu Yu. He leaned forward and expectantly said: “Really?”

For the first time, Chu Yu really felt that his older brother was cute. He quickly nodded, saying: “Really!”

Chu Sheng laughed grimly: “Then if I cut off his family jewels, my younger brother should have no opinion about it, right?”

What the ****! Why do you have to ask for my opinion on this!

Chu Yu was stunned for a moment. Then the expression on his face darkened when he saw that Chu Sheng was about to go to the room. Chu Yu hurriedly caught him and brushed the nonexistent cold sweat from his brow: “Big brother…”

Don’t start casually setting up flags! Is the protagonist’s “little brother” something we cannon fodder characters can touch?!

“Big brother… how are father and mother?” Thinking of the youthful-looking faces of the Chu family’s patriarch and his wife, Chu Yu reluctantly spit out these honorifics.

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face was a complex mixture of frustration and malevolence. He stroked Chu Yu’s head and said warmly: “I suppose my younger brother already knows that the cultivators of the Demonic Path attacked. The situation in Qing Tu is therefore very tense. The demonic cultivators have a lot of spies in the Immortal Alliance. There’s no place that they can’t penetrate, and assassins using cruel means to kill could be lurking anywhere. Father and Mother have been discussing setting up a large-scale defensive array over Qing Tu. They will be organizing the formations this afternoon. I am afraid that they will not be able to come back for a few days.”

Chu Sheng smiled warmly: “I’ve already passed the message to them while I was on my way here. I know they must be glad to know that younger brother has come back safely.”

Seeing that he did not speak of the ordeal that he had suffered in the past decade, Chu Yu felt as though his heart was as heavy as a stone. He was inexplicably moved. Chu Yu nodded and said: “I will be leaving tomorrow to participate in the battle against the demonic cultivators.”

On this battlefield, the Foundation Building cultivators are merely cannon fodder. Although it’s not as if the streets are packed full of Core Formation period cultivators, there are many of them and many of them have died. Chu Sheng has stayed in Qing Tu for many years therefore he is quite aware of the current dangers. His expression changed immediately and he grabbed Chu Yu, saying: “No, younger brother, you must not go!”

Chu Yu: “… Why?”

Chu Sheng couldn’t bear to say anything more. Although he said nothing, the look on his face spoke volumes. They could all see Chu Sheng thinking: “You are so delicate and cute, how can I let you go to such a dangerous place?”

Chu Yu’s hair stood on end and he silently stepped back two steps.

Lu Qingan turned his head back and calmly said: “Chu Sheng, Yu-er is in the early stage of Core Formation.”

If it wasn’t for the Mausoleum Ruin’s indescribable power repressing his cultivation progress for many years, Chu Yu would definitely be further along than just the early Core Formation stage.

Chu Sheng still cannot seem to bear it: “No! My little brother hasn’t even seen his family for many years. What if something happens? The Chu family absolutely can’t afford the loss.”

Lu Qingan had long been aware of the Chu family’s fiercely protective attitude towards their children. He was speechless for a long time as he thought. Then he nodded: “Since it’s like that, then Yu-er…”

“Will come back to the Chu family camp!” Chu Sheng was very afraid that his baby brother would be abducted again. He looked towards Xie Xi’s room. “Does the elder have an opinion about this?”

Lu Qingan said: “I have no opinion, but Yu-er seems to have an opinion.”

Chu Sheng looked sternly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu shivered.

Confronting the family’s excessively vigorous and frightening drive to protect its children was too difficult, especially when it comes to this extremely talented prodigy who acted like a spoiled child. Although Chu Yu sometimes acted cute when it was advantageous for him to do so, is there any way that Chu Sheng would listen to the words of this gay guy?

If he stayed in the Chu family’s home, there is a chance that he might be involuntarily put under house arrest. How many princesses would be extremely nervous and would insist on him not participating in the war? Although Chu Yu wasn’t really interested in the bloody battlefield, the fact that the all-out war that had broken out between the two factions was somewhat related to him. He didn’t want to lose face by shirking his responsibilities.

Besides, he still had to pay back Song Jingyi for his sinister actions. That can’t happen if he left now.

On the other hand, in this place Lu Qingan is here so Xie Xi will not make light of the security here and do anything excessive, especially since he is injured.

In his heart Chu Yu had thought of a solution. He shook his head and said as if it was an excuse: “Shidi is injured. I want to stay and take care of him for a few days. I’m sorry to inconvenience big brother but please let me know when father and mother return.”

Chu Sheng made a heartbroken noise: “You really like that boy…”

Chu Yu scowled: “Nothing of the sort!”

Can’t we just be appropriately happy together like brothers?!

Chu Sheng wasn’t persuaded by his words and seemed even more worried. With an ugly, complicated expression, he said: “No. Younger brother, don’t be willful.”

Chu Yu saw the depressed look on his face. After thinking it over, he suddenly realized that the baby of the family who had been missing for ten years came back. Even even if Chu Sheng was normally indulgent towards the original Chu Yu, Chu Sheng won’t give in this time. Also, it would be strange if Chu Yu refused to go with him again.

Chu Yu suddenly envied the original owner a bit. Even though he was just a cannon fodder character, there were so many people who had doted on him.

Looking back at Xie Xi’s room, Chu Yu sighed a bit: “Okay, big brother, I’ll go with you.”

Xie Xi should be fine. His wounds will heal rapildly. That must be why he’s asleep. It’s probably because he was too tired.

Lu Qingan didn’t leave with Chu Yu and simply nodded at them.

Third Shidi couldn’t help but whisper: “If Da Shixiong leaves, who will take care of Second Shixiong?!”

Lu Qingan bowed his head and pulled out his sword, the expression on his face cold. He slowly wiped the sword clean. After a long time, he spit out: “You.”

Third Shidi’s face turned pale and he trembled from head to foot: “No, no, no, Shizun! If Second Shixiong wakes up and doesn’t see Da Shixiong, he’ll kill me!”

Lu Qingan silently glanced at his third disciple who had no backbone then couldn’t bear to look at him anymore.

Third Shidi didn’t dare to enter the house. Seeing that Lu Qingan was cleaning his sword with his head bowed, Third Shidi crouched down beside him. Moving a little closer, Third Shidi said in a whisper: “Shizun, Da Shixiong and Shixiong…”

Lu Qingan gave him a look: “Do you feel it is very strange?”

Shidi shook his head: “No.”

Lu Qingan said: “You feel it is disgusting?”

Third Shidi continued to shake his head: “No.”

Lu Qingan put away his sword and said in a light tone of voice: “That’s not enough!”1

Three Shidi squatted on the ground, staring at Lu Qingan’s profile. The moonlight shone on his face, half cold and half miserable. In that moment of stillness, there were many things left unsaid in the silence.2

Third Shidi squatted there in silence but then became frightened when he woke up with a start and suddenly realized something. He then quietly went back to his room.

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The Chu family’s garrison wasn’t far from the Tian Yuan Sect’s camp. They were able to walk over and Chu Sheng took Chu Yu to his own small courtyard. His expression was worried, Chu Sheng pulled Chu Yu into the room. He placed a privacy spell to stop the sound inside the room from leaking outside and said: “Little brother, what happened ten years ago?”

Chu Yu was stunned: “Didn’t Xie Xi say what happened?”

Chu Sheng was silent for a moment then said softly: “When you were locked inside the Mausoleum Ruins, that kid went crazy.”

Chu Yu murmured: “Crazy?”

“He refused to say a word. He just sat at the entrance of the Mausoleum Ruins without stopping to sleep or have a rest. Even Elder Lu couldn’t pull him away. He sat there for a year and a half… Later when the Immortal Alliance was formed, he took up Duan Xue and left the Mausoleum Ruins. He came to Qing Tu carrying the heads of some Demonic Path cultivators. His Qi aura was far too dreadful.” Chu Sheng frowned. “I suspect he has a tendency to develop Qi Deviation. He didn’t even remember what happened in Mausoleum Ruins ten years ago and wouldn’t talk about it to others. Little brother, please stay away from him.”

Chu Yu suddenly felt a lump in his throat.

He was in the Mausoleum Ruins for ten years. Unexpectedly, Xie Xi had sat across from him beyond the boundary of the hidden realm for a year and a half.

He really felt uncomfortable in his heart. Chu Yu suddenly very much wanted to see Xie Xi. He paused then said: “There was a demonic cultivator who was raising demonic insects. It was the same kind of insect as the one from Fang Ye City. He had stayed at the entrance of the Mausoleum Ruins to wait for people who were leaving and then stole their spirit grass.”

Chu Sheng nodded: “There was a big commotion over the spirit grass. Father told me about it, is little brother aware of it?”

Chu Yu was now in a state of chaos. He simply wasn’t in the mood to listen so he just shook his head.

Chu Sheng’s attempt to tempt him ended in defeat. He felt gloomy and said: “Little brother, the Mausoleum Ruins are far away from Qing Tu. Even a Core Formation cultivator would need to travel for a month to get here. However, the Mausoleum Ruins had only opened a few days ago … You must have come out early, right?”

Chu Yu lowered his eyes and said: “I was bored in the Mausoleum Ruins and searched high and low and looked into every corner. I recently discovered an ancient formation in a stone cave and was bold enough to try it out. I was lucky and teleported out.”

Ordinarily, people who are alone inside the Mausoleum Ruins don’t dare to explore. They just stay in the same place, otherwise, they might die before they even know it.

When you came across an unknown formation, how could you dared to try it out?

Chu Sheng gave a huge gasp, as he was extremely frightened, and couldn’t help but slap the back of Chu Yu’s head: “Little brother, you’re going to scare me to death! You must never be that rash again … When our parents return, you must not tell them about this.”

Chu Yu smiled.

Some words can’t be spoken, even to those that you trust absolutely.

Chu Sheng was very concerned about Chu Yu and asked a lot of detailed questions until he gradually calmed down. Looking at Chu Yu, he started thinking of the little boy who used to stumble behind him and speak in soft, childish voice. Chu Sheng couldn’t help but hug Chu Yu. His voice was soft as he said: “Little brother, don’t get in trouble again. I have already unexpectedly lost a younger brother; I don’t want to lose one again …”

The Chu family had three legitimate heirs. Chu Yu was the third son. Unfortunately, their second brother died of a disease when he was young. But listening Chu Sheng’s words, something seemed to be wrong?

A light bulb seemed to light itself up in his brain but Chu Yu had no time to think because there was a sudden jingling sound coming from outside. The sound gave him a feeling of deja vu. Chu Yu could not help but raise his eyebrow.

Chu Sheng released Chu Yu, pushed the door open, and saw a flying note trying to enter the area of his privacy spell. Every time it bumped into the barrier, there was a bang.

“So urgent?” Chu Sheng murmured. He undid the enchantment and took the note.

A soft, pleasing female voice slowly said: “Noble Lord3 Chu, please come to the main hall to discuss official business.”

The head of the Chu family and his wife had already left, therefore Chu Sheng was in charge. Chu Sheng thought for a moment then took out a note, said a few words, then let it go. He turned and smiled while saying: “I had asked father’s younger male cousin to go see to the official business. There must have been many unavoidable quarrels during the deliberations. I don’t know when I will be able to return. Little brother, you should go to the room first and rest.”

Seeing Chu Yu nod, Chu Sheng smiled and left on his sword.

Chu Yu pondered deeply: This is strange. Why does he now feel impatient to see the protagonist’s current mood? What’s going on?

After standing still for a moment, Chu Yu walked inside the bedroom.

It was already midnight. Chu Yu tossed from side to side in the bed, tired but unable to sleep. Eventually he sat up in bed, cross-legged, and tried to meditate and look inside his body. Apart from his Core, there was another thing in there. The feelings in his heart were complex.

After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes.

Right in front of him was a smiling face.

What the ****!

The cloud of melancholy in Chu Yu’s heart suddenly broke apart. His blood ran cold and a sense of numb terror spread from his feet to his head. ****! The corners of his mouth were unable to endure and twitched.

“…Shidi, how did you get here?”

Xie Xi did not speak. He slowly approached Chu Yu. Although he was smiling, the expression on his face was cold as he sighed and said leisurely as he pressed up against Chu Yu: “Shixiong, why do you have to leave every time?”

When Xie Xi woke up from his sleep he realised that the place beside him was empty, as if the previous encounter was only a dream that he had been trapped in.

Chu Yu broke out into a cold sweat.

As the saying goes, “Speak of the devil and he doth appear.”

This isn’t good. He didn’t speak of the devil at all. All he did was think about someone, how come that someone appeared?4



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  1. It’s not enough for him to not be disgusted. I think he’s saying Third Shidi should be more supportive.
  2. 似乎一瞬间沉寂了许多 – the literal translation would be “ it seemed in that split second, there was a lot of silence.” I mostly interpret the lines the way I think it’s supposed to be.
  3. 公子 – some translators just use “gongzi” but I prefer to translate this. It’s an honorific that people in Ancient China used for the sons of nobles. I recently watched a Xianxia and noticed that the translators used “Lord” which I think is good. This time it’s dagongzi meaning “great lord.” I translated it as Noble Lord.
  4. The original was 白日不可说人,夜晚不可说鬼 – literally “Don’t talk about people during the day and don’t talk about ghosts during the night.” Meaning – don’t talk behind people’s backs because they don’t like it. This isn’t an idiom in English so I used the related/implied idiom in this context – speak of the devil and he doth appear.

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