Chapter 33 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 33 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 33 Can’t Wait

Chu Yu was silent, then he softly whispered: “…Shidi?”

The person holding his hand was silent for a moment before he said: “From the past, till the present, I am never the first person you think of.”

… It’s just that the person who had been physically closest to him was Chu Sheng.

Chu Yu’s heart was rather tangled as he stroked Xie Xi’s head: “Alright… let’s take a look at where we are.”

When his head was stroked, all of Xie Xi’s anger and bitterness instantly disappeared. Xie Xi at once was in good mood and he sighed. He gently lifted Chu Yu’s hand and kissed it, then he held him by the waist. Before Chu Yu could object, Xie Xi snapped his fingers and a faint flame appeared at his fingertips, illuminating their surroundings.

They were in an empty room.

As Chu Yu looked around he saw that, sure enough, only he and Xie Xi had been teleported here.

He didn’t know what was the matter with that sword and why Lu Qingan lost his composure and was driven to distraction when he saw it. It must have been a trap set by Chu Shuanghe.

This must be Chu Shuanghe’s base?

Chu Yu thought it over for a while. He took some precautions then carefully pushed the door open then took a step back but what met his eyes wasn’t the hidden weapons or poisonous smoke trap that he had imagined.

Like the image of a bamboo screen, the scene that greeted his eyes was a beautiful starry sky and below it were fine jade eucalyptus branches that hid blooming flowers that shone with an azure light. Not far away was a vast lake, reflecting a nearby magnificent building together with a vast palace.

What the h*** is this place? A light bulb flashed over Chu Yu’s head. He stroked his chin and poked Xie Xi: “Are we in an illusion again?”

Xie Xi looked down at Chu Yu and smiled slightly: “If Shidi was really in an illusion, Shixiong wouldn’t be standing here.”

Though he felt that Xie Xi’s smile was a little strange, Chu Yu couldn’t restrain his curiosity: “Where would I be?”

Xie Xi smiled grew wider as he leaned in close. His voice was soft and magnetic as he whispered into Chu Yu’s ear, so close that his lips almost touched it: “In bed.”



Was he being seduced?!

Even though the comment barrage view was turned off, Chu Yu could imagine those rotten women screaming. He drew back from Xie Xi and pulled his hands off his waist. His face deadpan, he said with a pale face: “Stop making trouble.”

Xie Xi was reluctant to give up and was not willing to listen to any excuses. He continued to hug Chu Yu and complained, “Shixiong, I missed you very much.”

Thinking more or less about his chrysanthemum…

Chu Yu’s face was expressionless and he pulled free and walked out of the room. He looked all around. They must not just blindly rush to explore the palace behind them. It would be better to walk all around the area so they can find Lu Qingan.

Chu Yu thought the decision over and looked back at Xie Xi who was staring at him in a bizarre manner. He pulled Xie Xi over by the hand and indicated they should walk over to the nearby woods. “It was nothing more than a joke. Let’s go find the others.”

Xie Xi listened to his suggestion and walked forward. The expression in his eyes was difficult to read: “Unexpectedly, Shixiong doesn’t want to be alone with me?”

How did the child become more and more clever like this …?

Chu Yu sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “We have to find and join up with Shizun quickly. Chu Shuanghe isn’t someone we can deal with by ourselves. It wouldn’t be good if we ran into him.”

Looking at Xie Xi’s face that now seemed to be strained, Chu Yu went beyond his limits and tried using Xun Sheng. He didn’t expect the sword to suddenly seem to be restrained by some unknown force. He flew three feet then the sword fell with a “plop” sound. The glimmering lights in the star chart also appeared to have vanished. This place now seemed somewhat sinister and resembled the Mausoleum Ruins.

Chu Yu was now being half carried by Xie Xi. The feelings in his heart were very complex. When they got close to the lake, he looked down and saw something that made his heart terrified and horrified.

The lake unexpectedly didn’t show the reflection of him and Xie Xi.

He pulled Xie Xi and hesitated for a moment. He just prepared to try throwing something into the lake, the blank talisman in his hand, when Xie Xi dragged him away from the edge of the water.

Almost at the same time, the lake seemed to be heating up all over, and its surface started boiling violently. Almost in the next breath, a small scorpion emerged from the lake. The poisonous needle on the tail rose up and flashed with a dull blue light as if it were charged with a powerful electric current.

Chu Yu swallowed and looked back. The whole area was now covered in poisonous scorpions. His hair stood on end.

It seemed that there now was an endless torrent of scorpions emerging. When they arrived, he and Xie wouldn’t be able to use their sword to escape. His Golden Light Bowl1 had been damaged ten years ago so it would be almost impossible to escape. In this place they can only use up their talismans or spiritual force and who knows how many other creatures are staring at them from the darkness.

He frantically searched in his interspatial ring for anything useful, rummaging around for a long time until he finally found a jade box and took it out.

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was one of indifference when he caught sight of Chu Yu removing the jade box until he glanced at it. With a quick look, he recognized it. His memory was astonishing: “Xing Yan grass?”

Chu Yu patted Xie Xi’s shoulder.

Unexpectedly to still remember those things from long ago … to remember going to the auction and how the child quarreled with his future wife over a hairpin, the monk may flee, but the temple remains.

Now the protagonist doesn’t need a harem … the System’s requirement that he develop into a true stallion character, harem master can no longer be fulfilled.

Chu Yu had a fleeting sense of desolation. He nodded and said: “I’ll use the Xing Yan grass to draw the poisoned scorpions here. You must take the opportunity to run away and wait for me in the woods.”

Xie Xi’s face changed subtly.

Unaware of Xie Xi’s reaction, Chu Yu vigilantly stared at the scorpions, wondering how he could use the lightness talisman in his ring to assist him to perfectly avoid their poisonous attacks.

Xie Xi smiled in such a way that indicated that he was holding back a profound reaction. He said in a low voice: “So many years have passed, but Shixiong hasn’t changed at all.”

Chu Yu was startled but soon after that realized what was going on: “You can set your mind at ease that I will not leave you this time.”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was still dark: “Shixiong, I am unwilling to believe you again. You never have confidence in me. I can protect you.”

There are so many scorpions, you can’t kill them all…

Of course, Chu Yu believes in the protagonist’s strength but it was merely customary for him to want to protect the protagonist. It’s strange. He had wanted to hug the protagonist’s thighs but … unexpectedly, he didn’t hug the thighs but the third leg instead.

Xie Xi smoothly licked his lips and no longer said anything. Unsheathing Duan Xue, he glanced coldly at the poisonous scorpions while waiting for action after charging his inner power.

He gave a single wave of his sword.

A golden sword light like a ray of sunshine coming from the rising sun appeared in a corona that dazzled the viewers. Chu Yu, who had stood ready to help Xie Xi, stared blankly at the pile of tens of thousands of poisonous scorpions that seemed to melt like snow and ice, crushed by the golden sword light as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood they vanished in an instant.

What the ****! This is far too abnormal!

The protagonist’s halo is really a big buff!

Chu Yu couldn’t help but swallow and finally understood how the Chu family in the original novel had been abolished by the protagonist.

Xie Xi retracted Duan Xue, staring silently at Chu Yu. His eyes were slightly bloodshot: “Shixiong, I said I can protect you. I don’t need you to do anything…”

Chu Yu quickly tried to appease him: “I realize this.”

Xie Xi was inexplicably irritated: “You absolutely don’t understand!”

Chu Yu stared at his bloodshot eyes and all of a sudden he heard Chu Sheng’s voice in his head — Xie Xi was insane.

Insane, meaning prone to a Qi Deviation?

Thinking of that possibility, it seems like the protagonist’s temper has indeed become unstable and hard to predict. Sometimes he acts cute and soft then from time to time he becomes gloomy. This was probably because of the shock he received ten years ago making him have a tendency for a Qi Deviation.

Regardless of this matter, Chu Yu will try to pacify him first.

Mouth dry, Chu Yu carefully approached him, tentatively reaching out and hugging Xie Xi: “Shidi, calm down…I’m not going to leave this time.”

Xie Xi said: “Shixiong, I like you. Do you like me?”

Chu Yu quickly replied: “I like you.”

Xie X paused lifted Chu Yu’s chin with keen, sparkling eyes: “Do you realize what I mean when I say ‘like’?”

When Chu Yu looked into those eyes, he broke out into a cold sweat and he felt his chrysanthemum tighten.

He knows he doesn’t hate or feel disgusted by Xie Xi but whether it is love … his feelings are unclear.

Is he… really bent?

Chu Yu was inexplicably filled with grief and indignation at that thought.

Xie Xi blinked and whispered: “Shixiong, for what reason did you kiss me that night?”

I went on a fishing expedition trying to find out if I’m really bent …

“If you don’t like me, then there is no need to provoke me in that kind of manner?” Xie Xi paused, “Every time I try to woo you, you push me away, but you don’t take responsibility at all. You provoke me then ask me to leave…”

Let’s change the subject, shall we?

Chu Yu said resentfully: “Shidi, what do you want to say?”

“I just want to ask Shixiong whether he likes me or not.”

To not like him … for so many years they had been traveling together, how could he not like Xie Xi? But to say he loved Xie Xi…

He really … does love him a little.

Chu Yu was really surprised by himself in the end. Looking up at Xie Xi’s eyes that were glowing with infinite expectation, his heart suddenly softened. He didn’t want to disappoint Xie Xi. Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, he made up his mind and determined to do it no matter what, he spat out three words: “… I love you.”

He said it. He said it! He really said it out loud!

It didn’t seem to be that hard to say.

Not only does Chu Yu have no regrets, on the contrary, he even felt as though he had finally put down a burden. The clouds had parted and showed the blue sky above. His heart was at ease and he smiled: “You’re so clingy. Even when I don’t like it, I still seem to like it.”2

The disappointment in Xie Xi’s face gradually disappeared, and in an instant, it was replaced by disbelief and then he became wild with joy, as though he had become the happiest person in the world.

Chu Yu’s heart became even softer and a thought emerged in his mind: as long as Xie Xi is happy, anything is fine …

Xie Xi’s eyes brightened and he said without the least hesitation: “Shixiong, let’s do it!”


He wants to take his words back.

With an impassive face, he pushed Xie Xi away and walked towards the woods.

Xie Xi went over to him and wrapped himself around Chu Yu with an expression full of smiles, lifting up his hand and gently kissing it. It wasn’t enough. He kissed all ten of Chu Yu’s fingers.

Chu Yu’s heart was touched he was not able to fight against Xie Xi’s smiling expression. It was like a small animal rubbing itself against Chu Yu. There was no trace of impatience in Xie Xi’s actions, only unlimited tolerance and softness.

See that Chu Yu did not object. Xie Xi’s smile widened: “Shixiong, do you remember this?”

Chu Yu glanced at him. His heart was cold and Chu Yu felt that what Xie Xi was going to say wouldn’t be anything good.

Xie Xi laughed in a sweet and cloying manner and softly said: “Ten years ago in Ye City when we went to kill the demonic insects, we stopped to rest along the way in a small town and Shixiong promised me …”

Chu Yu’s eyelids fluttered faintly as he vaguely recalled something.

Xie Xi said: “Shixiong said that whenever Shidi asks he was willing to, Shidi can eat fish any time.”

Chu Yu. Chu Fish. Fish …

Eat fish. Eat fish. Eat fish…

Chu Yu: “…”

It is true that at that time he didn’t notice any problem but now, hearing this promise again with a clear mind, it sounds … infinitely ambiguous.

But now Xie Xi revealed his true self in such a way. Chu Yu thought he was just a clingy little child but he actually had the nerve to …

It won’t be easy to preserve his chrysanthemum today.

Chu Yu calmly looked around him at the trees that appeared to be giving off a gentle light. He made a sound of surprise then bluntly changed the subject: “Shidi, look. The trees in this forest are glowing. When I see my brother I’ll have to tell him about this. Maple Valley is full of maple trees but it would good to increase the tree diversity by introducing a new species…”

Xie Xi clasped their ten fingers together and said with a smile that was yet not a smile: “Shixiong, I want to eat fish.”

Chu Yu decided to play the fool until the end: “Ah child, don’t make a fuss. This awful place is just too spooky. Just now you saw that there’s no fish in the lake only poisonous scorpions. After we leave this place you can eat as much fish as you want …”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet when Xie Xi suddenly slammed him back against a tree with his body pushing him in. The ten fingers that were clasped together were also pressed above his head so that he couldn’t move.

Chu Yu wildly protested: “Xie Xi, we are in a dangerous place!”

Xie Xi looked down at him then bent down to kiss him on the lips, with a wide smirk: “Shixiong, don’t be afraid. Previously I had already checked the area. This place is quiet, without any monsters or evil spirits here. The poisonous scorpions were only phantoms made by the lake and were not dangerous. This place is not dangerous. It does not have an aura of death and we do not need to be afraid. I believe the owner of this place does not have any evil intentions for visitors …”

… Just a mirage?

Chu Yu wanted to burst into tears.

As expected, the protagonist has a vast education …

Xie Xi’s kiss his way down to Chu Yu’s neck, knowing that his neck was his most sensitive point. Sticking out his red tongue, Xie Xi licked his throat. With a muffled laugh, he said: “Don’t worry.”

As Chu Yu was licked until his knees weakened but he still stubbornly clung to his moral integrity: “We … we can leave then do it … we must get out of here first …”

“When we leave we won’t have the chance to spend time alone.” Xie Xi looked up at him with his eyes shining like spring water. “Shixiong, we would be too late.”




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