Chapter 34 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 34 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 34 Blush

Chu Yu’s made one final protest: “Shidi, this place is not suitable …”

Xie Xi turned a deaf ear to his protests and lowered his head to kiss Chu Yu’s lips in an unyielding way. He pried open Chu Yu’s jaw and entangled his tongue. Emotions running wild, he was unable to keep himself from biting Chu Yu’s lower lip. His low, magnetic voice was rough with desire: “Yu-er…”

Having been kissed until his head swam Chu Yu was dazed. He thought of something and his face darkened: “Call me Shixiong.”

All of a sudden, a hand snuck down and began to explore his lower body. Chu Yu was terrified and shocked. He heard Xie Xi’s voice whisper in his ear: “Why don’t you let me call you Daddy?”


Once again, one thing from the past can cause a bloody incident to occur.

Sure enough, someone with a cheap mouth will be unable to escape his cheap words for ever and ever.

The smile on Xie Xi’s face was light and soft, he recklessly took off his robe spread it on the ground. He didn’t wait to give a chance for Chu Yu to run off and immediately put him down on the ground, pressing him down with his weight down on top of him.

The ground here was flat; there was no gravel or anything like that so it wasn’t uncomfortable to be lying down on the ground, except for it being somewhat cold.

Chu Yu couldn’t flee and could not help but respond while lying down as Xie Xi “played” with him…

The child must have taken advantage of the time when he wasn’t there. How many erotic books did he peep at? His movements were too skillful.

Xie Xi propped himself up with both of his hands then pulled the hairpin off Chu Yu’s head and threw it aside. The man under him had inky black hair flowing down resembling a stream of water, his eyes were half-closed eyes with long lashes that trembled with a hint of fear, and because he had just been kissed, his pink lips that looked moist and alluring. His jade white face was misted over with the glow of the rosy clouds at dusk.

This man, he was within his sight but beyond his reach.

Xie Xi was quiet for a while. Chu Yu was puzzled. He opened his eyes to look at him: “Are you not going to do it? Then let’s get up, we can continue to look for… ahh.”

Chu Yu’s lips had once again been captured. Xie Xi leisurely sucked on his lower lips, then slowly moved down to his lower jaw and then to his neck. Chu Yu was unable to endure the sensations of being kissed on his neck. His body involuntarily arched up and he stretched out his hands to encircle Xie Xi’s neck. Soft moans spilled out from between his lips.

Encouraged on by the responses he received, Xie Xi persisted his efforts in kissing his way down and pulled off Chu Yu’s robe, throwing it aside. His mouth nibbled, licked, and teased its way to Chu Yu’s delicate clavicle then slowly went lower and lower until it reached his stomach, then it went even lower …

[System Announcement: Protagonist Xie Xi did a good job. Player Chu Yu’s chrysanthemum fell. The two achieved the Great Harmony of Life.]

At the end of the session, Chu Yu was too tired to lift a finger and his whole body was covered in hickeys. Xie Xi was clinging to him tightly, his eyes overflowing with joy, while his thing was still inside Chu Yu.

Chu Yu leaned against Xie Xi’s chest and seriously thought about what had gone wrong. It is reasonable to say that, even if he was turned bent, the “attacker”1 of the pair should be him, right …?

Xie Xi watched the absent-minded Chu Yu and smiled. He asked anxiously: “… Shixiong, do you really like me?”

… what the ****?

Chu Yu was furious: What’s with that line? Why is he acting like Chu Yu was a queer uncle who enticed a young girl and took advantage of them? He was the one whose chrysanthemum was taken, right?

Chu Yu’s whole body was lacking any vigor and he couldn’t get up. All he could do was bite Xie Xi’s chin and ask in a bitter tone of voice: “Nonsense! If I didn’t like you, would I give it to you?”

When Xie Xi was bitten, he felt aroused and wanted to continue. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he suddenly rolled over and pressed Chu Yu beneath his body: “Shixiong, you were the one who seduced me.”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu rubbed his sore waist and didn’t want to talk.

The evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear.


The woods seemed to be very large and they did not see the edge of it even after walking for a while. The glowing blue trees were quite dazzling. Chu Yu was still thinking seriously about the problem of being the “attacker” when the person who was leading him by his hand asked: “Shixiong … are you really alright? Should I possibly carry you or hold you?”

Chu Yu’s legs trembled slightly but he ignored the pain coming from his lower body. His lips pursed and he refused to look at Xie Xi.

In fact, he couldn’t see him at all.

The comment barrage had exploded again.

[UserMiaoMiao: Ahhhhhhh, finally they got to do it! Give a like to Shidi! Mercilessly pressing him down on the ground is a pleasure that can’t be described! +2]

[UserSecondBrotherNextDoorNeighbor: You still want to counterattack? Hey, Shidi you are too kind to Da Shixiong. He actually has the strength to think of counterattacking! +2]

[UserSesameDumpling: The only thing I care about now is where Shizun and the brocon are… +2]

[UserAhJiong囧: It’s not easy to eat fish he cannot change his behavior. Cherish what you have at the moment →_→ finished. Tonight my roommate said it would be good to eat Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil. My thoughts become perverted… +2]

[UserbaiYunyun: Pushed him down on the ground and did a good job, hahahahaha +2]

[User:TheGreatWuShuai: Shixiong neglected it … Shixiong, you can’t heartlessly pull out that thing… Ah, looks like something’s wrong? _(:з)∠)_+2]



System, if you are continuously in a chaotic state and cannot control the comments and let them leak out, then I, your father, will grab hold of you and we can die together in the endless flood of comments!

Chu Yu scolded the system furiously for a long time. Until the System made a notification sound: “Host, please calm down ~ You have experienced how this works2 ~ It’s not good to interact with readers ~”

The readers were waiting for the protagonist to push him down! “Interact” my grandfather!3

Chu Yu kept his face expressionless as he watched the barrage of comments gradually decrease until he could finally find the button on the screen that allowed him to turn off the comment views He secretly raised a middle finger.

As soon as those sort of uncalled for comments disappeared, he suddenly saw a handsome face that was smiling slightly. Chu Yu reluctantly stretched out his hand and pushed it away, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He did that for no reason. Suddenly, that place hurt but he was still in very good spirits.

How come the protagonist wasn’t feeling embarrassed or awkward at all? The spoiled little brat even acted cute, asked for a hug and sought a marriage alliance4… he was being molested so much. Chu Yu reached out a hand and slapped Xie Xi’s hand away. Xie Xi looked at him sideways with a wronged expression on his face so Chu Yu was unable to endure his own soft-hearted self. He stood on tiptoe and kissed Xie Xi on the corner of his mouth: “Alright, stop it. Don’t make a fuss, we have to find Shizun quickly.”

Looking like the cat who got the cream,5 Xie Xi narrowed his eyes in perfect satisfaction. Then he looked in front of them and frowned all of a sudden. Xie Xi then pulled Chu Yu into his arms protectively, raising Duan Xue in a guard position.

Chu Yu leaned on his chest, unable to make head or tale of the situation. He was about to look behind him, he heard a somewhat familiar voice say: “Yu-er.”

This voice…

Chu Yu tried hard to think about it. The original Chu Yu remembered this voice because it was the voice of his father…

**** they were caught in flagrante delicto! Did his father see Chu Yu kiss Xie Xi just now?

Chu Yu almost jumped up, dreading that the overprotective Chu family head would rush to Xie Xi and pounce on him with his sword. He turned around and saw the person who had walked out from behind the trees.

The man was wearing a soft, lilac satin robe, its hem was fluttering in the wind. The robe was beautifully made and exquisite pattern of maple leaves was embroidered on its sleeves. He looked handsome and his eyes were gentle from the inside out. Anyone who looked at him would only think that he looked warm and kind. He had the air of a calm and dependable person.

Just as Chu Yu was about to say “Father” in a noble and cold voice when he suddenly realized that something was wrong. Wasn’t Chu Shuangtian captured by Chu Shuanghe? How could he then be in this forest? Chu Shuangtian and Chu Shuanghe are also twin brothers who look similar to each other as expected it would not be easy to tell them apart.

Even if he had only seen Chu Shuanghe once, he had also glimpsed the original Chu Yu’s memories. The image of the person in front of him and Chu Shuangtian with a bloody sword in hand gradually overlapped.

Chu Yu silently stared at the man for a moment, then lifted Xun Sheng and said coldly: “Chu Shuanghe?”

The man shook his head. His eyes were somewhat plaintively sad and revealed complex emotions: “Shuang… that traitor was already beheaded by my sword but was then trapped here, unable to find out the way out. When I heard something moving, I came to see what it was.”

… There was something moving.

Chu Yu’s face turned red.

Fortunately, he didn’t arrive at that time. Otherwise, Chu Yu would never again be able to hold his head high for his entire life.

“Yu-er, why have we met here? Who is that person at your side? Where is Sheng-er? Why isn’t he with you?” A series of rapid-fire questions came from him. Then the man noticed Xie Xi’s hand around Chu Yu’s waist and his face turned pale. He shouted in a stern voice: “Boy! Who are you? What are your intentions towards Yu-er?! Let go of him, otherwise, my sword won’t be merciful!”

The sword in his hand was shaped like electricity; the blade was thin and the characters “Yin Hong” were engraved on it. It was Chu Shuangtian’s sword.

Chu Yu: “…”

Suddenly, he felt a bit wobbly…

Originally he thought it was Chu Shuanghe, but looking at his fierce protective attitude towards his child, it seemed as though it wasn’t an act…

After all, the members of the Chu family are naturally overprotective of their princess.

Chu Yu felt that he still had to be vigilant. He hesitated for a long time then finally said in a flat/ordinary tone: “This is my Shidi, you’ve seen him before. I heard that you were captured by Chu Shuanghe, and we came to rescue you.”

He paused and he asked, “Father, where is mother?”

Chu Shuangtian was silent for a moment and his bright and gentle eyes gradually turned red. With trembling hands, he buried his face in his hands for a long time, before gritting his teeth to endure the feeling of grief. He hung his head: “Yu-er, it’s my fault, I didn’t protect your mother…”

The voice was filled with a sense of desolation.

Chu Shuangtian met with his Dao companion when they were young. The two people were similar in temperament and had similar interests. Even their talents were similar. They had been married for two hundred years and never quarreled. They had mutual respect in marriage with each other and deep feelings of love together were long-established.6

Chu Shungtian’s wife was dead, and he was really suffering.

Chu Yu was stunned. His intuition told him that Chu Shuangtian’s type of inconsolable grief was not fake He was just about to let his misgivings disappear and comfort the father of his body when he suddenly remembered Xie Xi’s words and hesitated for a moment. He turned to Xie Xi and gave him a questioning look.

He was always good at making decisions without authorization so to yield to Xie Xi made him feel very insecure. His attempts to hold the thigh had resulted in repeated failures. Therefore, it was better to start anew and let the protagonist come to his assistance.

When Chu Yu wordlessly asked for his opinion, Xie Xi was stunned. He didn’t expect that Chu Yu would consult him. When he recovered his composure, he had stars in his eyes. He leaned close with a smiling expression to Chu Yu’s ear and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “No murderous intent.”

It really is Chu Shuangtian!

Chu Yu felt like a crispy and shredded dried fish as he breathed a sigh of relief and went to Chu Shuangtian. He thought about the situation. In fact, the original Chu Yu had an unfriendly and cold temperament, not just with others, but was also mostly not very affectionate towards his family members. Most of the time it was the Chu family’s princess control and the brocon who were stubbornly affectionate towards him. He had not had much contact with Chu family. Right now … how can he comfort Chu Shuangtian?

Chu Shuangtian is not Xie Xi who would be happy with a hug or a kiss so Chu Yu was at a loss. Suddenly, at the other end of the forest, there was the flash of a golden light flashed and they heard the sound of an explosion. A powerful blast wave of air was accompanied as the debris of broken branches and leaves seemed to blot out the sky and cover the earth. The expression on Chu Shuangtian’s face became cold as he lifted his sleeve and waved, forming an invisible barrier to block the blast wave.

Xie Xi also moved very fast. When Chu Shuangtian lifted his sleeve to form a barrier, he quickly took Chu Yu into his protective embrace and whispered: “It’s Shizun.”

In a short time, as soon as the sound of his voice faded away, two people appeared on the other side of the golden light. The group, with Lu Qingan in the lead, walked over to them. The expression on Lu Qingan’s face was extremely icy and he was covered from head to foot in a cold, golden light. He looked aggressive and murderous.

Chu Yu swallowed. He had never seen Lu Qingan like this. He didn’t know what was going on and what had made him so wrathful.

Chu Sheng was following behind at the heel of Lu Qingan and saw Chu Yu. His eyes lit up and he ran towards Chu Yu while giving Xie Xi a cold look, on guard against him.

Chu Yu silently facepalmed: Your family’s cabbage has already been eaten … it’s no use trying to protect it now …

Chu Sheng hurriedly went to Chu Yu and in a flurry checked him over from top to bottom. “Little brother, are you hurt? How do you feel? Did you run into anything dangerous? Did that boy do anything to you?”

Chu Yu carefully covered over the hickey on his neck and wondered if his swollen and reddened lips looked suspicious: He laughed dryly as if there was nothing important going on: “I’m okay… Big brother, are you okay…?”

He saw that Chu Shuangtian was silently looking at them with a dejected and yet relieved expression in his eyes. Chu Yu coughed: “Big brother, father is back.”

The strength of a brocon’s feelings was truly terrible. In his eyes, there was only his younger brother and didn’t even notice that his father was there.

Chu Sheng turned around and looked at his father behind him hesitantly.

Chu Yu was a little nervous. Chu Sheng and Chu Shuangtian have deeper feelings and they are more familiar with each other. If Chu Sheng was the one to determine if this was the genuine goods at a fair price then this Chu Shuangtian, there should be no mistake.

Chu Sheng stared at Chu Shuangtian, dumbfounded for a moment before his body trembled. Suddenly, tears sprang into his eyes that were full of grief. His voice trembled: “Father…”



Translator’s Notes:


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  1. gong or seme
  2. 您体验这个游戏 – literally “you’ve experienced it (the game) yourself”
  3. The “my grandfather” part is just mild cursing.
  4. I think he was being figurative. Marriage alliance = merging of their bodies = sex
  5. 像是偷到蜜似的 – looking like someone who stole honey
  6. The author really piled on the adjectives and idioms here. 举案齐眉 – lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage. 相敬如宾 – lit. to treat each other as an honored guest; mutual respect between husband and wife.

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