Chapter 36.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 36.2 – Reader: Once upon a time there was an elf princess who fell from the sky.

The elf story arc in “Mixed Blood” began with the protagonist’s departure from the Lost Land: the protagonist left the Lost Land through the metal pyramid. The protagonist’s luck stat allowed him to break through the elves’ thousands of years worth of obstacles that isolated them. He randomly landed on the elves’ Tree of Life and absorb its precious sap that allowed him to awaken his elven bloodline – the plot so far was very normal, but then Ye Zhi Qiu, that “professional,” dug a pit and threw the protagonist down there for thirty years, unable to move, grr!

The Elf Queen led the elves to view the Tree of Life and saw that their treasure (the sap) was sucked dry by some unknown elf. The queen was about to go crazy when her henchmen found that the protagonist can absorb pollution. The elves in the original plot were facing a crisis because the Tree of Life had been badly polluted and the elves who were born from it became fallen dark elves. The elves tried many ways to remove the pollution, but couldn’t find a solution.

When he read this, the reader’s heart beat wildly: the ****ing author is up to something …

To the despair of all the readers, the author happily wrote: The elves seized the protagonist, placed him under the Tree of Life, and forced him to absorb the pollution. The protagonist was locked up for a whole year until he was finally able to work with the Tree of Life and released himself.

Then, under the disbelieving gaze of the queen, the protagonist opened up the Tree of Life and expelled all of the pollution from it. The entire elf race became polluted.

The author said that the protagonist loved to harvest a strong and beautiful sister and younger brother.

The reader said to the author: I want to talk to you about life.

Thinking of that cruel plot, Du Ze felt unwell– especially since his hands and feet were tightly bound with vines, the same way that Xiu was tied to the Tree of Life. His mood was profoundly complex.1

The poor reader was forced to stay under a big root. Simon threw him here before disappearing without a trace, so Du Ze still doesn’t understand why the elf grabbed him. But this wasn’t as important; some silly, cute reader was experiencing a grim reality …

My constant companion, where is it?!2

Du Ze tried to desperately recall when he last saw the doujinshi. When he was with the mercenary team, he still had it. Then he fainted so perhaps… perhaps… probably the rival had it now?

Doujinshi, come back! If you and he come into contact with each other, the results won’t be good!!!3

Some silly Moe person then thought that his life was full of gloom. He doesn’t want to imagine what another character will think when he sees himself playing a strange role in the doujinshi. The cruel reality is that Du Ze now has to go back to the rival to recover the doujinshi because he feels as though something even more terrible will happen if he doesn’t retrieve it.

For example, what if the protagonist saw the doujinshi in his rival’s hand: “That book seems familiar.”

The rival smiled brightly: “Do you want to read it?”

“This person … is me?”

“I think this other person is me.”

“…” X2

– ****, it’s scary, so scary, super scary! He doesn’t want to imagine what the world will be like after that!

It took a Moe person an entire day to accept this cruel reality. Simon seemed to have forgotten him since he never reappeared. Du Ze’s range of activities cannot exceed three meters. If he moves farther than that, the vines will tighten and pull him back. Du Ze can only do his best to grasp the proper range and try to look outside.

The elves’ place of residence truly deserved its reputation as a wonderland. Not far away was a huge sparkling lake. On its shores were a few white unicorns leisurely eating grass. Some elves were brushing a unicorn’s hair, and all of them were very beautiful. The whole scene was like something out of a lovely fairy tale.

In the middle of the lake was a large, majestic tree. Just looking at it gave Du Ze a shock and he felt great awe and reverence – this was the precious Tree of Life of the elves.

Du Ze stared at the Tree of Life. The branches of the tree appeared lush, but it didn’t give off a vibrant feeling. Only one-third of its leaves were green. The rest of the leaves and their stems were black. When the branches of the Tree of Life were shaken by the wind, no birds flew out from its deathly stillness.

The Tree of Life was already in such a serious situation?

In the original plot of “Mixed Blood,” the pollution of the Tree of life was contained because of the presence of the protagonist. And now, because he disrupted the plot, Xiu did not appear in the Elven Forest. Therefore no one was able to prevent the pollution of the Tree of Life.

Seeing the Tree of Life in this state, Du Ze thought that the elves were probably going crazy. Some silly person didn’t admit that he was gloating inside. Du Ze has never had a good opinion of the elves – you dare to use the Moe protagonist as some sort of dirt-sucking machine?! You are courting death, courting death, courting death!

Suddenly a person’s name flashed through Du Ze’s mind. The silly reader silently retracted his curse on the elves. In fact, there is one Moe person among the elves …

The protagonist was imprisoned for a year by the elves. During that time, he met an elf who had a great influence on him – the elf princess. At that time, the elf princess went to the Tree of Life and accidentally stepped on air. She fell directly on top of the protagonist’s body …



Countless leaves fell. Du Ze opened his mouth wide but couldn’t call out because the person that fell on him was right on his chest. Although the other person was very flustered and immediately got up, Du Ze remained stupefied for some time. He looked across his chest at the beautiful female elf and his brain froze. Once upon a time, there was an elf princess who fell from the sky. Her name was Ariel.



Xiu do not know how long he had been imprisoned here. Black vines still wound around his body, conveying a steady stream of pollution.

Anger, sorrow, hate … Do you want to vent?

Xiu raised his head. The Tree of Life’s thick foliage blocked all of the sunshine. To them, he is just a “thing”4 to be used.

Suddenly a touch of gold appeared in Xiu’s vision. Xiu opened his eyes slightly and stretched out his hand as if to seize the “sunshine.”



Countless leaves fell. Xiu lowered his head, looking at the beautiful female elf in his arms. She had soft brown hair, a slightly flustered look, and very beautiful golden eyes.

Eyes that are the color of the sun.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:

Author: Once upon a time there was an elf princess who fell from the sky.

Protagonist: (Catch)

Reader: (Pushed down)

Author (Smile): The seme (攻 gong) appeared.


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It’s weird but this is the meme that was referenced when Du Ze thought “Doujinshi, come back!”


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  1. 微妙 – subtle
  2. Well, the sentence is 小同你在哪里啊小同. 小同 means either “basically the same,” referring to how Du Ze is in the same condition as Xiu in the novel, or “Great Harmony,” the Confucian ideal of a perfect society. And, lastly 同人志 is doujinshi. So it’s wordplay that can’t be translated. I might be overthinking this though so I just used the simplest translation.
  3. Here the author put 尔康手 in parenthesis which seems to refer to the 尔康脸 meme. Image is below this chapter. Does anyone know what this meme is called in English?
  4. Literally “stage prop”

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