Chapter 37.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 37.1 – Reader: I don’t know enough about him yet.

Du Ze stared dully at Ariel, one of his favorite sisters in “Mixed Blood.”

Noticing that Du Ze has honest, straightforward eyes, the brown-haired, golden-eyed elf princess became flustered. She swept away some leaves and wrote on the ground using the gorgeous elvish writing. However, when she had written half of what she wanted to say, Ariel paused and showed a broken-hearted expression, suddenly realizing that the black-haired human would not be able to read the elvish language.

From beginning to end, the elf princess made no sound. Yes, in the “Mixed Blood” setting, Ariel, though an elf princess, had a fatal flaw – she could not speak. Because of this, she became a disgrace to the whole elf race – no, not even a disgrace. All the elves, including her mother, the Elf Queen, ignored her.

So when Ariel met the protagonist who was the only one willing to talk to her, she fell in love with him. Almost every day Ariel would secretly run away to meet with the protagonist. In order to communicate with him, she taught the protagonist a little bit of the elvish language.

Later, when the protagonist released himself from his imprisonment, he polluted the entire elf race except for this poor, lovable elf princess.

Long-term neglect coupled with her physical defect gave Ariel an inferiority complex, but it could not conceal her gentle and kind nature. From start to finish, she was a good person who never schemed in “Mixed Blood”. When Ariel later sacrificed her soul to the protagonist, all the readers were amazed at the soft girl’s strong side. Du Ze was surprised that the author with a shitty personality was kind enough to add in a “healing element” into the story.1

Ariel’s story became a tragedy. The protagonist was the direct cause of the pollution of the elves. The Elf Queen could not accept that the elves had degenerated into dark elves. She killed herself, which caused a rift between Ariel and Xiu. The protagonist became very suspicious of the princess. Even though he still kept her around, he couldn’t believe that Ariel wouldn’t betray him one day to get revenge for her mother.

It was only after Ariel died that the protagonist suddenly realized that she truly, unreservedly loved him. In order to revive Ariel, the protagonist decided to attack the angels’ Sky City.

The only ones who knew the location of the Sky City and could fight the angels was the demon race, so the protagonist decided to conquer the reverse side of the continent.

That is why Du Ze always thought of Ariel as the true female lead of “Mixed Blood.” Although Saint Vivian also had a strong presence in the novel, for Xiu she is more like a vision or a good memory from the past. Du Ze felt that Ariel was the most suitable companion for Xiu.

The Moe sister with a healing presence and the Holy Saint Moe sister, they are a matching pair that can’t be more Moe!

Du Ze’s wolf blood boiled for a long time so he only reacted after some time had passed. Because he did not respond, the cute sister became anxious, as if she was about to cry.

Ariel pressed her hand against her throat, pointed to her open mouth, and tried very hard to express her inability to speak and her apologies – rather than being concerned about her defect being discovered, it seemed that she was more worried about her inability to apologize. Du Ze unconsciously touched his headphones. He looked at the anxious Ariel and suddenly thought that caring too much about the headphones is not manly.

“It’s fine. You can write it out. I can read it.” Du Ze tried to soften his expression. “My name is Du Ze. What’s your name?”

So the silly, cute reader spent a lot of time with the Moe elf princess. Like in the original “Mixed Blood” plot, Ariel was very happy that someone was willing to communicate with her. Almost every day she ran away to meet with Du Ze. Most of the time it was Ariel who wrote things and Du Ze only occasionally wrote to her, but this made Ariel exceptionally satisfied.

Du ze began to worry. He must be insane to actually rob the protagonist of his role! How can the protagonist increase his favorability rating with Ariel after this? But Du Ze found that he could not refuse to communicate with Ariel because the more they communicated, the more he found out how lonely she had been for such a long time. So some silly, cute person decided to constantly bring up the Lord during his chats with the elf princess, to sell that destined person to her.

After Du Ze racked his brains and piled up all the compliments he could think of, Ariel became interested in Xiu. She took a tree branch and wrote on the ground: [Is there really such a perfect person in this world?]

Du Ze nodded without hesitation, and Ariel continued to write: [Can you tell me more about him?]

Seeing that Du Ze was stupefied, Ariel wrote: [You describe him very well, it’s just …] Ariel paused and seemed to find it difficult to think of a proper adjective. [It feels unreal? He seems to be the perfect character that everyone likes to write about in poetry, like an abstract ideal. Can you tell me what he likes and what he wants to do? ]

Ariel looked hopeful, but Du Ze felt like his heart would stop at that moment.

– What does he like?

Strength, power, money, beauty, this is what the protagonist likes, all readers can say. But in that moment, Du Ze realized that he didn’t know what exactly that person likes.

– What does he want to do?

Xiu got to know him, Xiu stayed beside him, Xiu waited for him – the main character of “Mixed Blood” would not have done all of that.

When Ariel saw that Du Ze’s expression shifted many times, she was flustered and gesticulated with the branch: [What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong-]

“I realized that,” Du Ze’s voice was barely audible, “I’ve been unreasonable.”2

From beginning to end, he only regarded Xiu as the protagonist and never thought of him as a person. Always clamoring and trying to influence the protagonist. He was too arrogant and ridiculous in trying to influence the protagonist. He knew what the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” wanted, but he has never bothered to find out what Xiu wants.

Ariel saw Du Ze lift his eyes and look at her. For the first time, he uttered a long sentence.

“I don’t know enough about him yet. Next time I will definitely tell you what kind of person he is.”

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  1. Thanks to Amaruna Myu. I non-literally translated it at first but this makes more sense.
  2. 过分 – too much, excessive, over the limit

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