Chapter 37 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 37 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 37 – The name of Chu

Chu Shuanghe?

Chu Sheng, who had deep feelings for his parent Chu Shuangtian, and Xie Xi, who had the protagonist’s halo, had actually been deceived by him?

Chu Yu was dumbfounded. Thoughts flashed through his mind then he immediately felt cold from head to foot.

One’s body was closely related to their Nascent Soul, along with one’s Qi and blood. However, one’s Nascent Soul should not rashly leave their body. If Lu Qingan is struck by the sword, he will surely die!

The distance is too close. It can’t be avoided!


The sharp and clear sound of metal hitting metal rang in their ears. Electric sparks flew when their swords clashed. Lu Qingan had unexpectedly casually pulled out Bu Heng. With great ease, he swiftly brought up the scabbard to block the deadly sword strike.

Consternation flashed over Chu Shuangtian’s face. There had never been a next move to make. Lu Qingan had already raised his sword now in readiness and Lu Qingan was a famous expert in the Nascent Soul stage. Ordinary people would not dare rashly come to clash swords with him. While Chu Shuangtian immediately dropped his sword, he still remained standing in the same place while gradually a strange and monstrous smile began to emerge on his face.

Lu Qingan paused with Yan Hue’s blade almost touching Chu Shuangtian’s neck. At any point with the slightest movement, he could cut off his head.

Chu Shuangtian did not seem surprised at all. He smiled calmly: “You were on guard against me?”

Lu Qingan looked at him silently.

Chu Shuangtian was somewhat puzzled: “Where did I go wrong? This body is Chu Shuangtian’s and has all his mannerisms to the extent that sometimes his consciousness even takes control, like when he suddenly protected that dirty beast.”1

Hearing the words “dirty little beast,” the expression on Xie Xi’s face turned cold and he immediately took Duan Xue into his hands as if Xie Xi was ready to immediately rush forward to kill him.

Chu Yu had just happened to have sneakily returned to Xie Xi’s side when he caught sight of Duan Xue being pulled out of its sheath. Without batting an eyelid he quietly pushed it back and patted Xie Xi’s hand.

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Chu Sheng nevertheless was unable to endure it as his patience had been constantly strained recently. He raised San Huo and the expression on his face was cold as he said: “You villain! Get out of my father’s body!”

Chu Shuanghe laughed carelessly: “Sheng-er is truly becoming more and more unreasonable. He hasn’t seen me for so many years but he doesn’t even call me uncle.”

Chu Sheng glared at him with eyes full of murderous desire.

Even though a life-threatening blade was at his neck, the expression on Chu Shuanghe’s face never changed from its calm state. He still smiled cheerfully as he said: “When did you realize it was me?”

Seeing that Chu Sheng did not speak, he was not urgent. He thought it through and realized the truth: “I have it! You knew when we first met? I did wonder why you looked so sad when you saw me. It must be because of the deep bond between a father and son. You had to suffer in silence and not dare to speak. It’s been many years since we last met. Finally, this elder brother has developed a brain.”

Chu Sheng’s eyebrows drew together as if he was thinking of something. His hand that was holding San Huo trembled: “Shut up.”

Chu Shuanghe paid no attention to him and looked obviously over at Chu Yu. He smiled but that smile was sharp like a knife, cold and poisonous, with sinister murderous intent: “This is my elder brother’s third son, your youngest brother? Ah, I guess he looks a little bit like your second brother. It’s a pity, your second brother didn’t grow this tall. I still remember that little child I held in my arms as light as a feather…”

“Shut up!” The expression on Chu Sheng’s face had become increasingly unsightly. His forehead glistened with sweat as his blue veins twitched and his eyes had turned red.

Lu Qingan frowned and was thinking about reminding Chu Sheng to keep his mind centered and calm to protect their original intentions when Chu Shuanghe’s smile suddenly faltered. The expression on his face changed and he slowly closed his eyes. After a long time, he opened his eyes. The madness in his eyes had retreated somewhat and he was calmer. His black eyes looked kind and gentle while his voice was warm: “Sheng-er, don’t be influenced by him.”

Chu Sheng’s body was stiff. He had come close to being carried away by sheer fury but now his mind became clearer. He stared blankly at Chu Shuangtian’s eyes: “… Father?”

The Nascent Soul stage vassal was excited: “Lord Chu? You’ve regained consciousness?”

Chu Shuangtian nodded to them, gently pushed away Yan Hue, and said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist Lu, I’ve caused trouble for you.”

Lu Qingan sheathed Yan Hue then looked at him with indifference in his eyes: “You aren’t weak. Your mind should be tougher than this. For what reason were you able to get possessed?’

Chu Shuangtian was silent for a moment then smiled faintly. “Everyone has a weakness. The defensive line at the bottom of one’s heart is weak. Therefore, it’s easy for people to go in and take advantage of the emptiness there – does fellow Daoist Lu not also have such a weakness?”

Lu Qingan was stunned. He looked down at Bu Heng at his waist and darkness seemed to flow into his eyes. His lips tightened and he didn’t speak again.

Also, Chu Shuanghe had grown up with Chu Shuangtian. Before the dispute over who would inherit leadership of the family started, the two men had always had good feelings between them and understood each other well. Chu Shuanghe had taken advantage of this but one couldn’t blame Chu Shuangtian for having weak willpower…

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face twisted in agony for a moment then he took a deep breath and calmed down: “Father, mother, she… is she really…”

Chu Shuangtian’s eyes were warm and bright: “She is in my heart.”

As expected…

Chu Sheng pressed his forehead into his hands and trembled: “Father, what should I do? What should I do?”

“His soul has become entangled with mine.” Chu Shuangtian looked down at his hand and said softly, “For as long as I am alive, you will not be able to be sure if it’s me or Shuanghe. He already knows that your grandmother and grandfather are in life-and-death closed-door cultivation. To get his revenge, he… You should be able to guess what now needs to be done.”

Even if he had already guessed what the solution was to be, Chu Sheng’s expression still changed and he turned so pale that his lips were white: “Father!”

Chu Shuangtian said: “Sheng-er, Shuanghe’s sins are many. It’s my fault. If I go to the underworld2 with him, I think his resentment should dissipate a little.”

The expression on the Nascent Soul stage vassal’s face changed greatly: “Lord Chu, you absolutely mustn’t! Chu Shuanghe forsook the Chu family and defected to the Demonic Path faction. He has killed members of the Chu family. Why did you let this kind of sinister villain possess you? Let’s leave this place first. There must be a way to separate your two souls…”

He had not yet finished speaking when Chu Shuangtian’s face suddenly twisted until the expression on his face was no longer refined and gentle. Instead, it showed a terrifying malevolence: “Chu Shuangtian! You vile person! You dare to pretend to be righteous! Spouting such pleasant-sounding nonsense!”

His body swayed then stopped moving. He then painfully clutched at his forehead as if the two souls were fighting there for the control of his body.

Lu Qingan frowned. He pulled out Yan Hue three inches from its scabbard, ready to fight.

After a long time, it seemed that Chu Shuangtian had won control. He said in a hurried and urgent manner: “This a Chu family problem; someone from the Chu family must fix it. Sheng-er, kill me!”

Chu Sheng has to commit patricide with his own hand?

A chill crept up Chu Yu’s spine and he stepped forward almost subconsciously: “Father, big brother…”

“Yu-er, stay back!” Chu Shuangtian snapped as he clenched his jaw, looking as if his very essence was unfeeling and severe. He stared grimly at Chu Sheng and said sternly: “Sheng-er, your natural disposition is indecisive. To you, while the position of the head of the Chu family might not be indispensable. When it comes to Yu-er’s affairs, you are not willing to step back, but regarding everything else, you are uncommitted. The Chu family should not be handed over to someone like this…”

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face was almost like he was practically pleading him not to make him do it. He shook his head and said in a voice choked with sobs: “Father, I can’t do it.”

Chu Shuangtian said: “Yu-er and the Chu family, you must take good care of them both.” He said, looking at Chu Yu, his eyes calm, “Yu-er, hereafter you must listen to your big brother.”

….Ah, he was saying his last words?

Chu Yu was silent for some time then nodded his head.

Apart from silently watching from the side, he was helpless. He could do nothing. The souls of Chu Shuangtian and Chu Shuanghe were already too closely fused together in such a way. Chu Shuangtian’s condition was so that at any one moment he would be speaking in a warm voice but who knows if at the next moment he might turn into Chu Shuanghe and try to stab people in the heart.

Chu Shuangtian must think that before his death he must put pressure on Che Sheng. It’s true that it would be an extremely effective way of forcing him to be more resolute and to steel himself for the future but this method was really too ruthless.

Chu Sheng was gentle and sensitive but he had a shadow in his heart3 because of Chu Er. Unless he is able to make the resolution to become ruthless and place righteousness above loyalty then killing his own family, is something that would be almost impossible for him.

Chu Shuangtian walked up to Chu Sheng and looked down at him. He raised his hand and gently stroked his head. However, this kind of warmhearted tender feelings did not last long. Suddenly, a black Qi appeared in his hand and he moved his hand down to strike the top of Chu Sheng’s skull with it.

Lu Qingan, who had been standing beside them for a long time watching with the cool eye of a bystander, waved his hand. The black Qi was dispersed and Chu Shuanghe was flung back a few steps. In order to prevent Chu Shuanghe from using another demonic technique, Lu Qingan was on him in a flash, striking his body more than a dozen times. He then walked to the side and lifted his head: “Feng Ling Xue.”

Chu Shuanghe couldn’t move. All he could do was stand there, his whole body rigid and stiff. Suddenly, he made a “hmph” sound and said in a ferocious tone: “How could a sword cultivator from the Righteous Path suddenly know the Jinghua Sect’s Feng Ling Xue finger skill? Lu Qingan, you should thank me for inadvertently finding this secret place. Otherwise, you might never have found your old friend’s tomb in your whole lifetime.”

(TN: 封灵穴指法 – Feng Ling Xue finger skill. A skill where the cultivator uses his fingers to press on a person’s Qi pressure points, aka acupuncture points. This time Lu Qingan merely made Chu Shuanghe unable to move but there could be other therapeutic or harmful effects depending on which points and pressed and how much pressure is used.)

Lu Qingan froze: “…Tomb?”

Chu Shuanghe burst into a fit of violent laughter: “When Shen Nian’s soul flew away and scattered, he left his body in this secret place. Even if you find his corpse, no matter how much you wish for it, in this life, you will never hear him say a word to you—”

His words were vicious. Lu Qingan’s face turned a ghastly pale and his eyes were full of anger.

Chu Yu was also furious and wanted to slap him, but because it was Chu Shuangtian’s body, he couldn’t do as he pleased. He sighed and suddenly realized that his hand was being held. He turned his head and saw Xie Xi watching him with a gentle look in his eyes. Xie Xi stroked Chu Yu’s back to comfort him: “Shixiong, I’m with you through everything.”

Chu Yu was silent for a moment then forced himself to smile at him with a bit of effort.

It’s impossible to say that this wasn’t difficult.

Even if the original Chu Yu’s consciousness had been completely annihilated, he has been doted on by his family so much and had received so much kindness from them that he could hardly bear it.

Chu Shuanghe laughed in a demented manner for while then his face suddenly darkened frightfully and he stared coldly at Chu Sheng: “Kill me! Kill me! Kill your father! Then the position of the head of the family is yours. You and your father, both of you are the same, you false hypocrites!”

Chu Sheng bowed his head. His hair covered his eyes so that his expression couldn’t be seen clearly. He unsheathed San Huo. Holding the sword point downwards, he walked slowly to Chu Shuanghe.

He whispered: “Why do you hate my father and the family so much?”

Chu Shuanghe said coldly: “Chu Shuangtian exhausted my Qi and crippled my spirit veins, thus forcing me into the Demonic Path. Why should I not hate him? The Chu family protected him and forgave him but they wouldn’t forgive me. Why should I not hate them? What was the reason for this? My father said again and again that I was his pride and joy, but then he turned to mother and said, ‘This son of mine is too flighty and impetuous. It would be easy for him to turn to the Demonic Path. The Chu family mustn’t fall into his hands. Only Shuangtian has the proper breadth of mind and steady temperament that can shoulder this big responsibility.’”

Chu Sheng looked up at him utterly speechless: “When you had a Qi deviation, my father spared no effort to try to save you. Why did you blame him for that? When my grandfather saw you fall into the Demonic Path and kill my younger brother, both times he could not bear to kill you and he only sealed you underground. Why? Chu Shuanghe, you know all the basic facts. You know you that you’re in the wrong, but you dare not admit that your wrongdoings. Instead, you push all the blame on to the Chu family. You…”

“Shut up!” Chu Shuanghe violently interrupted him. The expression on his face was very fierce: “Kill me! Chu Sheng, if you have the guts then kill me!”

Chu Sheng looked at him quietly for a moment then suddenly he knelt.

He slowly kowtowed three times. With great difficulty, he held back the tears in his eyes.

Chu Yu involuntarily tightened his hold on Xie Xi’s hand. His heart was in his throat and he could hardly bear to watch. On the whole, ever since he transmigrated into the world of the novel, his life had been easy and comfortable. No matter what he did, Shizun and his family indulged him, looked after him, and let him do whatever he wanted. Even during his ten years inside the Mausoleum Ruins, he was guided by Shen Nian so he was never in any danger.

This is the first time it has encountered such a tragic event

In fact, according to the original novel’s plot, at this time the Demon war shouldn’t have broken out yet. The original Chu Yu had courted death by provoking the protagonist. The protagonist finally was driven beyond the limit of his patience and snapped. He hacked the original Chu Yu into pieces then drew out his soul, placing it into a soul furnace to destroy it. Then Chu Sheng, who heard of his younger brother’s death, came rushing overall the way from Falling Maple Leaf Valley and the protagonist chopped off his head with his sword——

They were originally supposed to be dead but here they are, watching Chu Shuangtian, who shouldn’t have died at this time, calmly seeking his own death.

The novel’s plot…has actually continued to exist only, the role of the dead person has been exchanged.

Chu Sheng bowed his head and slowly stood up and raised San Huo: “Chu Shuanghe, grandfather and grandmother already listed you among the dead in the Chu family records. You died 200 years ago when you had a Qi deviation. Today, all I kill is a demonic cultivator whose hands are covered with the blood of the Chu family.”

Chu Sheng finished explaining and the expression on his face became cold. In his hands, San Huo hummed and shone with an intense, powerful red light: “You’re not worthy of the name of Chu!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hands trembled and he resolutely thrust the sword into the chest of the body of the person he had known and loved since childhood.

San Huo’s red light grew more intense as its burning hot fire energy drilled right into the body’s spirit veins, ferociously attacking his soul realm’s Nascent Soul. The two souls in the Nascent Soul who had been fighting each other for a long time were already exhausted. They couldn’t defend themselves from this spiritual attack. They only resisted for a moment before the souls trembled then started breaking apart and dispersing.

Chu Sheng pulled out San Huo. The sword crashed into the floor with a harsh clanging sound but he only stared blankly at his father’s face. After a long time, Chu Shuangtian opened his eyes. The light in his eyes was gentle and mild. He didn’t speak but he smiled a little.

Chu Sheng suddenly collapsed and hugged Chu Shuangtian while he burst into tears, crying in a heartrending manner that penetrated all around causing an ache in the soul.

Chu Shuangtian stroked his head then looked up towards Chu Yu and saw that he was holding hands with Xie Xi. He looked at Xie Xi for the first time, a look of warning implied in his eyes. After a moment, his face rapidly turned white.

Chu Sheng’s voice stopped short.

There was no life in the body he was holding.

Chu Shuangtian, Chu Shuanghe, they are both dead.

Chu Sheng looked up in a daze. There were still tears in his eyes that hadn’t fallen yet. He opened his mouth as if to speak but his voice was still choked with sobs and he was unable to say a word.

Suddenly, there was a soft and gentle voice like water sounded in his ear.

“Yu-er, Sheng-Er…”



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  1. 小畜牲 – Xiao Chu Sheng – means “little/dirty animal” but it sounds similar to Chu Sheng’s name 楚声. However, he seems to be referring to the part where he grabbed Chu Yu to protect him from the rain of arrows.
  2. 黄泉 – the Yellow Springs; the underworld of Chinese mythology
  3. 魔障 – literally Mara, the demon of temptation. This is normally translated as “heart demon” or “heart devil.” In cultivation stories, whatever trauma or weakness a cultivator has can be considered a demon that he has to defeat to become stronger.

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