Chapter 39.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 39.1 – Reader: The elves were face-slapped by the author’s malice and turned black.

Old John’s normally genial expression changed into one of surprise when he saw what happened. He stared at the silver-haired elf in the middle of the pool and said in an uncertain tone: “Little master…?”

Xiu titled his head then gently nodded at Old John.

Old John relaxed and said: “It seems there is a lot about the little master that I still don’t know. If the little master is free, he can talk to this old person.”

Though Old John recognized Xiu even his elf form, the six-star mechanical puppets all stopped whatever they were doing. Their eyes changed colors. First, the red attack mode changed into the blue active mode. Then, when they could not find anyone who could give them orders, they went into standby mode.

The surviving elves watched all of this and stayed where they were, not knowing what to do. Ariel carefully supported the Elf Queen with one arm. The queen’s gaze swept over the blood-soaked forest, the motionless mechanical puppets, and finally landed on the emptied little pool. These sights seemed to stimulate her mind beyond endurance until she became demented.

“The spirit of the wood! Please lend me your power and tear this blasphemous man apart!”

The ground beneath the altar began to quiver. Several large, spiky green vines came out from under the arch and shot out to stab at the center of the pool where Xiu was. When Old John tried to attack the queen, an arrow interrupted his movement. Since his arm was still broken, Simon was using his remaining arm to raise his bow and strung an arrow with his mouth. Then vines rose from the ground and attacked Old John.

Xiu picked up Du Ze and deftly avoided the vine attack.The slender figure of the elf seemed as though it was weightless as he leapt between the dancing vines. Xiu moved effortlessly even though he was carrying a person. Standing on one of the vine’s thorns, Xiu began to chant a magic spell.

The vine that was trampled on by Xiu began to twist madly. It hit the tree canopy and countless leaves swirled down. The rest of the vines whipped towards Xiu from all sides as he stood rooted on the thorn and spoke the last of the spell: “Thousand Leaf Blades.”

As though someone had pressed a pause button, the falling leaves were momentarily frozen; they were suspended in midair. Suddenly, their edges started to shine like metal and they burst into a chaotic dance as they cut the vines to pieces.

Xiu was still holding on to Du Ze. The silly, cute person who was already nauseous from the previous bloody scene, could not endure the excessive jolting that was worse than a rollercoaster ride. He tried to push aside Xiu and take a few steps away to kneel down and vomit but Xiu immediately grabbed him in an embrace when he tried to move away.

Fortunately Du Ze has not eaten anything lately. He just collapsed into Xiu’s embrace and dry heaved a few times. The reader bitter cried out in his heart: Please forgive the one and only Earthman in this world, he has a delicate body.

Xiu held Du Ze gently and coldly looked at the Elf Queen. Several leaves fell from the air and changed angles to strike at her. The queen tried to dodge but some leaves cut her feet. Simon was some distance from her and when the elf tried to come to her rescue, Old John stopped him. More leaves fell. This time they changed direction and aimed themselves at the Elf Queen’s neck.

However, Ariel suddenly appeared in front of the Elf Queen. Her body began to tremble at the cold look in Xiu’s eyes. Nonetheless, she persisted in looking at Xiu, shaking her head vigorously and desperately trying to communicate a message to him.

Please let my mother go. If I can, please let me atone for my mother’s offenses. So, please …

“Don’t kill her.”

Xiu’s brow wrinkled as he looked down at the arm that Du Ze had grabbed. He heard the human say it again: “Don’t kill her.”

This was the first time Xiu heard Du Ze make a clear request. This man has only ever suggested and never asked for something so directly. Xiu should be happy now, shouldn’t he? But Xiu’s restless fingers plainly revealed how much he wanted the leaves to run through the elf’s neck.

“Her name is Ariel. She is very gentle and kind.” Some silly, cute person firmly believes that since he stole Xiu’s role, Xiu never had a chance to realize Ariel’s good qualities, so he began to try to raise Ariel’s favorability rating with Xiu. “She is a good girl and very cute.”

Let this young man build a bridge of love. = =+

But why are Xiu’s arms on his waist tightening? This young man can hardly breathe! This is too much force and might cut a person in half … help, help!

“Do you like her?”

Du Ze instantly understood why Xiu was so agitated that he was almost about to break Du Ze in half. Xiu misunderstood him and thought that Du Ze and the cute sister have- ! Don’t worry, the sister is all yours. Don’t burn that bridge before you get there!

To keep his poor little body whole, Du Ze resolutely and decisively shook his head.


Du Ze felt Xiu’s taut muscles gradually relax. Because of his position, he couldn’t see Xiu’s expression. But the leaves slowed down and landed on the ground, so Xiu must have listened to his words. Du Ze had not even had time to breathe before he heard the Elf Queen shouting to the survivors: “Why aren’t you attacking? He can’t control the mechanical puppets anymore!”

The elven War God hesitated at first before he realized that when the Elf Queen attacked Xiu, the mechanical puppets were indifferent. He began to cautiously approach Xiu.

WTF! Elves, why are you so eager to court death? Please stop it!

In the face of the elves’ suicidal attitude, Du Ze cannot stop to spew out nonsense1 because with this type of event, Xiu is sure to use the gnome’s military might again. Du Ze saw that the Elf Queen had pushed away Ariel. Gritting his teeth, Du Ze pulled Xiu to the center of the pool beside the golden branch.

“Yggdrasil.” Du Ze put Xiu’s hand on the golden branch and quickly said: “Call its name.”

Without the slightest hesitation, instinctively believing Du Ze’s every word, Xiu called out: “Yggdrasil.”

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  1. Du Ze cannot tucao. Tucao literally means “spit into other people’s bowls.”

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