Chapter 39.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 39.2 – Reader: The elves were face-slapped by the author’s malice and turned black.

Suddenly, the golden branch sprang to life and softly wrapped itself around Xiu’s arm. The elves stopped in astonishment and even the Elf Queen’s eyes opened wide. Since the Tree of Life was polluted, it hasn’t moved for thousands of years but now, unexpectedly, it reacted?

Du Ze breathed a sigh of relief. Yggdrasil Tree of Life is the full name of the elven Tree of Life. In “Mixed Blood,” Xiu was forced to absorb the pollution of the Tree of Life and it took him a year before he heard its voice. When Xiu called out the name of the Tree of Life, he finally broke free of the elves’ shackles and became the elves’ master. It’s very fortunate that Du Ze was not banned from speaking spoilers this time. That’s probably because in the original plot Xiu already knew the name of the Tree of Life at this time.

The branches of the Tree of Life were affectionately twining about Xiu’s arms and radiating a halo of light as though it was communing with Xiu. No one could tell from Xiu’s expressionless face what he was hearing. After some time, the branches slid down from Xiu’s arms, but the place where they had rested left traces. Xiu’s arms were marked with golden leaves and branches. The Elf Queen stared at the marks and trembled.

Why would this unknown elf, who had almost destroyed the elves, be recognized by the Tree of Life?

The other elves looked at Xiu, hesitated for a moment, then knelt down before him and assumed a submissive pose.

Whoever the Tree of Life recognizes is the King of the Elves.

This was exactly what Du Ze wanted. This was how the protagonist harvested the elf race in “Mixed Blood,” but the blackened Xiu, because he wanted revenge for the time when he was imprisoned by the elves, released the pollution from the Tree of Life and made the entire elf race fall. In that chapter, a reader wrote a comment: “What do you think the pollution is?” The other readers replied:

“The author’s cosmic malice.”


“The elves were face-slapped by the author’s malice and turned black; we readers were maliciously sprayed with auntie blood by the author.”

“+ ID Number”

Now that Xiu was not imprisoned by the elves for a year, the story should have a happier ending. The Elf Queen is still alive, therefore Xiu and Ariel’s relationship won’t have a huge misunderstanding tearing them apart. When Du Ze thought this, his eyes naturally turned to Ariel so he didn’t see what Xiu was doing.

Xiu stretched out his hand and gently grasped the branches of the Tree of Life.

He definitely didn’t like the elf race.

Noticing that Du Ze’s eyes were on her, Ariel, who was kneeling on the ground, wanted to secretly gesture to Du Ze, but all of a sudden her eyes became big. She looked at her fingertips that had turned black, black like dirt that could not be rubbed off. The color spread to the palm, to the arm, to the shoulder – she cannot see her own face but she can see that her brown hair has turned white. The two colors contrasted sharply with each other.

Du Ze watched as Ariel became a fallen dark elf right in front of him. It wasn’t just her. All of the elves’ skin turned black and their hair turned white. Even without seeing the other elves, he knew that the entire race had turned into a dark elves. The Elf Queen had the strongest reaction to the change.

When the Elf Queen saw her dark skin, she screamed and her voice was full of loathing:

“Am I fallen? Am I fallen? I am fallen!” The Elf Queen forcefully rubbed her skin but even when the skin was rubbed raw and bloody, it could not change the fact that she became a dark elf.

“This color is so vile and dirty …” The Elf Queen gasped violently and her hands pressing her throat: “How can this be?!”

Ariel screamed silently. She stretched out her hand to stop the queen but ended up clinging to her mother’s limp, dead body. Tears fell from the elf princess’s golden eyes down into her dark skin and dropped into the Elf Queen’s white hair.

Du Ze, looking at this scene which was identical to that in the novel, felt chills. He straightened his back and glanced at the person responsible for all this—the silver-haired elf standing beside the golden branch who was staring at something above them. Aware of the young man’s black eyes resting on him, Xiu looked over at Du Ze. His voice was as pleasant to the ear as the sound of jade pieces chiming against each other: “This color is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Like a puppet whose strings had been pulled, Du Ze looked up at the Tree of Life. In the moonlight, the tree’s leaves had become green and tender. They made a cheerful rusting sound and seemed to have gotten rid of the burden of pollution. Du Ze’s mouth was dry. It seems that there is a certain existence in this world that keeps the plot of the novel on track. Outside of the novel you can call it plot, inside of the novel you can call it fate. Even if you know what is going to happen and try to stop it, in the end it will creep up on you and demonstrate that it is all-powerful. You are helpless and cannot change it.

After the protagonist released the pollution onto the elves, he blackened even more, and he destroyed the whole world, this is the plot.

After Xiu released the pollution onto the elves, Xiu blackened even more, and Xiu destroyed the whole world, this is fate.

… F**k fate!

“Xiu.” Du Ze saw that Xiu’s bright eyes were full of volatile emotions. He summoned up the courage to say: “Can we talk?”

Even if Xiu starts moving towards the destructive ending in the original plot, this is the one thing that he won’t compromise on.



Xiu stretched out his hand and the Elf Queen could not believe her eyes when she saw him grasp the golden branches of the Tree of Life.

The Elf Queen watched with horror as her white skin was splashed with ink and the blond hair that she had been proud of faded into a pale white – she degenerated into a dark elf. Not only the Elf Queen, but all of the elves have fallen and become dark elves. The whole race was cursed.

“Am I fallen? Am I fallen? I am fallen!” The Elf Queen gasped violently, her hands pressing her throat: “This color is so vile and dirty. How can this be?!”

Xiu stood in the middle of the altar coldly gazing at all of this. When the Elf Queen committed suicide, his eyes flashed with satisfaction as he got his revenge.

Tip, tap, …

The sound of panicked footsteps came nearer and nearer. Ariel arrived and was shocked when she saw what had happened. Xiu glanced at her. This girl is the only person he will spare from his revenge.

Ariel trembled as she walked to the Elf Queen and gently picked up her mother’s limp, dead body. Ariel sobbed. She didn’t know why it was like this and she didn’t know what she was going to do next. Ariel looked up at Xiu with misty eyes. The silver-haired elf stood beside the golden branches. He seemed to be looking at something.

Sensing the elf princess’s brokenhearted eyes on him, Xiu did not turn back but said softly: “This color is beautiful, isn’t it?”

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


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  1. Um… dark skin is “vile and dirty” so much so that you want to kill yourself??? Abandoning your child because they have a disability??? Sorry to say it but that Elf Queen deserved to die.

    1. You know this has nothing do with dark skin like in rl and everything to do with the fact that she became corrupted and fell due to the pollution caused by the negative emotions they filled the Tree of Life with, right? Besides, the author’s concept of dark elves seems to be based on the dark elves of Norse mythology.

    2. Yeah, I know. But it doesn’t change the fact that when I first read this it made me upset, being dark-skinned myself, sooooo… :/

    3. ikr??! i mean, i know its probably because she was got corrupted and all but thats still so damn terrible >:'((

    4. I’m like 90% sure they mean bitch black. Like black paint, not actual human dark skin (I’m saying this as someone who has dark skin)

  2. I’m agonizing over this story. Each chapter is short but you translate them fast. Its bittersweet like experiencing love.
    Wait. Is this love??

    1. I think it’s more that this time, Xiu has no reason to be fond of Ariel. He wasn’t the prisoner she visited every day, that was Du Ze instead. So he doesn’t care about her one way or another.

  3. Xiu didn’t look back at Ariel in the original story, but he looked back at Du Ze here!!! Illustrating just how much Xiu loves the moe reader hehe

    Thank you for translating!

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      The Chinese names of the novels from the left to the right are:
      1. 父 2.骗子x攻略x穿越 3.结与劫 4.读者和主角绝逼是真爱 5.圈养 6.撒旦的DiYu

      OTL sorry if my words mess up. I’m not really good at writing in English.

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    Man, it took 39 chapters for the two to have a serious conversation about each other (barring the first time Xiu and Du Ze met of course)… This really makes me curious what’s going to happen, ah…

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    I knew Ariel wasn’t going to be spared… Although I’m really sad by it I’m somewhat glad the author kept Xiu’s tunnel vision and jelly gaze consistent.

    And the Queen is so dramatically @&#!. Poor Ariel.

    It was at this moment that the elves knew, “They fucked up.”

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