Chapter 49.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 49.2 – Protagonist: Don’t touch him.

Eric jumped down to the dragon’s claw. Du Ze was going to speak to him when a blood-stained hand covered his mouth. Xiu, leaning on Du Ze’s shoulder, said in a voice that sounded weak but determined: “Don’t talk to him.”

Your injury.

As if Xiu heard the words in Du Ze’s heart, his scarlet lips curved up slightly in the hint of a smile. He looked at Eric who was opposite him then at Ulrich above him.

“Do you think this will kill me?”

In this place where the music of light was playing, a black discordant note sounded.

Eric was shocked and, his brain blank, he instinctively rushed up to separate Du Ze from the Lich who was surrounded by a death aura.

Xiu jumped down the dragon’s claw and landed in the VIP area. Princess Kelly look at the Lich beside her. Her eyes widened and she screamed shrilly: “Stop gawking at it! Kill it quickly!”

Xiu raised his eyes. An inverted image of Princess Kelly was reflected in them – this person hasn’t changed a bit.

The Lich has already mended his heart but though the wound is no longer fatal, it has made him weak. The soul flames in his eyes were dim. He needs to feed on a soul.

The Lich looked at the princess as if he were looking at food that was not tasty but was unusually filling.


Ulrich swung the sword and cut into Xiu’s body but the Lich just looked at it with indifference and began to extract Princess Kelly’s soul. Everyone was afraid to step in and stared at the Lich’s fingertips where a soul gradually appeared. If the Lich should move a finger, the fragile soul will be torn apart.

Princess Kelly felt her body getting colder and her fear of death made her start to cry. How could she die? She was the Princess of the Light Empire. How could such a noble lady die at the hands of the undead?

Vivian looked at the undead Lich who was extracting Princess Kelly’s soul. The dark death aura was exactly the same as she had seen that time. That black-robed undead that she had hunted, his name was-

“… Xiu?”

That name was the last thing that Princess Kelly ever heard.

The soulless, empty shell of the princess fell down on the ground. No one had time to stop it. The Lich swallowed the soul of Princess Kelly and his death aura became stronger and stronger until it was almost solid. Ulrich suddenly felt a strong pressure and he drew back the sword, staring at Xiu with bewilderment.

“The undead … Mage God?”

Xiu looked coldly and gloomily at Eric and Du Ze. Holding Qian Bian, he changed it into the death scythe and began to chant a magic spell. Eric was stopped by Du Ze while Ulrich retreated. Only Vivian tried to stop Xiu but the Cerberus sprang in front of her, its six eyes staring at the Saint.

An enormous black magic array formed in the air in response to Xiu’s chanting. Feeling a tickle,1 the golden dragon suddenly became irritated. The dragon raised his head high, opened his mouth, and breathed a white-gold flame at the array.

The black magic array hung in the air for a moment longer before it was scattered by the flame. The golden dragon had not had time to close its mouth when the magic array appeared again. Suddenly, a huge bone dragon emerged from a portal and pounced ferociously on the golden dragon.


Two dragons slammed into the auditorium. However, most of the audience had left when the light shield was removed. Eric grabbed Du Ze and jumped down with him when the bone dragon crashed into the golden dragon. When Eric landed, he saw the pale Lich standing opposite him, his face gloomy.

Swiftly, without the slightest hesitation, Xiu raised the death scythe and the ground began to shake. Countless undead creatures crawled out from the ground. Eric immediately used light magic. Scattered pieces of light elements started to purify the undead creatures. Eric’s hands suddenly became empty. The nightmare had jumped in, bit Du Ze’s collar and brought him to Xiu’s side.

Xiu stroked the nightmare’s neck to express appreciation. He mounted the nightmare, taking Du Ze with him. The nightmare neighed and obeyed its master’s command to run out of there.

The golden dragon was fighting the bone dragon and couldn’t stop them. Vivian was stopped by the Cerberus. Eric tried to break through the undead creature’s attack but was unable to and could only helplessly watch as Xiu left with Du Ze.

Xiu held on tightly to Du Ze. His body was exhausted by his transformation and he didn’t know when he would faint.

He will deal with the people from the Temple of Light later.

When the nightmare again jumped up to the gap in the ceiling, it was stopped once again. An incomplete light shield covered the venue but this time it was not Vivian who cast it. One after another, priests and knights appeared and surrounded Xiu and Du Ze. Their robes and armor were imprinted with a small figure: Bright, the god of light. These were the elite of the Temple of Light.

The group of elite fighters made way for an elderly man in red robes. The light clung to his body and even his most casual gestures were filled with a rich light element.

“His Holiness the Pope!”

The Pope waved to the Holy Saint and the Son of God, signaling that he knew everything.

“Evil undead, let go of God’s Messenger. He is not someone that you can touch.”

Xiu paid him no heed as he stared at the light shield. The soul flames in his eyes kept flaring and the Lich’s wrath began to kindle.

And another person was trying to steal what was his …

Du Ze heard Xiu laughing behind his back. The sound was low and deep. That laughter was not the Lich’s hoarse voice but a voice full of cruelty and power that wanted to destroy everything.

“… Die.”

The bright lightning tore the void. The destructive energy that shattered the earth and sky struck down, illuminating the faces of the people below who had turned pale with terror. Vivian covered her eyes with her hands, shielding them from the intense electric light. She squinted and saw – God’s Messenger and the one with him was not the undead Lich but … a demon?

The light shield was destroyed and the purple lightning was raging in the hall like a giant electric serpent, destroying everything.

The golden dragon threw down the bone dragon and, with the Son of God and the Holy Saint, tried to break through the wall of lightning. The pope’s eyes were wide with shock. This destructive power could not be fought directly. In fact, many of the knights and priests had already been melted like wax by the power of the lightning.

The lightning dissipated just as quickly as it had appeared. The contest hall was turned into rubble and the survivors watched with terror at the remaining purple lightning that arced around. Du Ze’s shoulder sank as Xiu fell on his back in a faint – changing his form twice has taken its toll on Xiu’s body.

The nightmare ran a few steps before it was stopped by the Pope’s magic. When the Pope looked at the devastated ranks of the elite knights, his eyes flashed with a hint of heartache – he had worked hard to build up this elite force. So when the pope’s eyes fell on Xiu, his anger was palpable.

“Don’t touch him.”

When the Pope was about to attack, he heard Du Ze’s flat voice speak. Seeing the Pope looking at him, the black-haired youth spoke again: “This is God’s Messenger’s command.”

The Divine Oracle of the God of Light emphasized that God’s Messenger should be brought back to the Temple of Light and that they must give the God’s Messenger whatever he wants.

“Yes, we will obey God’s Messenger’s orders.” The Pope emphasized the words “God’s Messenger.”

“I am God’s Messenger.” With a distinct lack of moral integrity, Du Ze immediately equipped the title. He said to the Pope: “Let us leave.”

“God’s Messenger, that is the only command we must refuse. The god of light ordered us to bring you to the Temple of Light.”

Du Ze thought about this for a while. The situation right now did not allow him to refuse this invitation. The people from the Temple of Light seemed to respect this God’s Messenger so as long as he orders them to leave Xiu alone, the Temple of Light will not attack him. When Xiu wakes up, they will be able to escape.

When Du Ze nodded his agreement, the Pope quickly lifted the magic from the nightmare. He smiled kindly at Du Ze. So long as they go to the Temple of Light, he will be able to find a chance to take the demon away from the God’s Messenger’s side.

“… We finally found him.”

A voice rang in the air and the people of the Temple of Light tried to find its source. Demons started falling from the sky. They all wore black uniforms with a thunder badge. Du Ze felt the weight on his back lighten. He hurriedly turned around and saw that Xiu was being held up by a demon wearing a monocle. The demon looked carefully at the comatose Xiu. Her expression was full of delighted surprise.

“What are you doing here, demon?”

The remnants of the elite knights of the Temple of Light surrounded the Pope who confronted the demons. The monocle-wearing demon looked like she was the leader of the demons. She looked down at the Temple Knights and said: “Oh, don’t mind us.”

Rachel smiled.

“We are just here to greet our King.”


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  1. Literally “feeling a breath.”

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