Chapter 49.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 49.1 – Protagonist: Don’t touch him.

The audience was shocked when a group of people knelt down to show respect1to Du Ze. Some silly, cute person was unable to maintain his usual glamorous, lofty image. Du Ze asked: “Aren’t you talking to the wrong person?”

“I would never mistake you for anyone else.” Eric looked up at Du Ze. His blue eyes clearly reflected the shadow of Du Ze. “Evil is raging in the Chaos Continent and God sent his messenger who has hair and eyes black as the night. He will arrive in the Gnome Ruins. Only when God’s messenger returns can the Chaos Continent be saved – that was the oracle of Bright, the god of Light.”

Du Ze immediately felt that Light God’s con man2 skill level is maxed, not to mention that the god’s oracle can use sensational language to great dramatic effect!3

“I found you at the Gnome Ruins but I was separated from you for a variety of reasons. The god of light will never abandon his followers, so I finally found you again.” Eric placed his right hand on his chest, over his heart, and the knights of the Temple of Light behind him copied the movement. “We finally found Your Excellency, God’s Messenger. Your Excellency, God’s Messenger, you will show us the way.”

Du Ze very decisively stated: “You’ve made a mistake, I am not that person.”

What’s this? Trying to promote this Moe cannon fodder character into the miniBOSS?! Who would agree to that?4

“Your Excellency, you are God’s Messenger!” When he heard Du Ze flatly refuse his assertion, Eric looked anxious. He stretched out his hand and seemed to want to grab Du Ze’s clothing but, suddenly, he drew back his hand. A cold, bright light flashed and, despite his speed, something made a hole in the Son of God’s hand.

A weapon, stained with the blood of the Son of God, was stuck point-first on the wall. It was the weapon competition’s number 99 sword. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the silver-haired elf who had thrown the sword. The elf’s eyes were even colder than the light of the sword.

“Don’t touch him!”

Eric held his bleeding hand and stared at Xiu – The elf is clearly a stranger but that person gave him a familiar, unforgettable feeling, like anger erupting when one touched that which should not be touched.5 It was exactly like that time in the Gnome Ruins when the flaxen-haired gnome expressed intense hostility.

He’s not someone you can touch.

All of a sudden, the silver-haired elf summoned a white unicorn. Xiu mounted the unicorn then immediately went to Du Ze and lifted the black-haired youth onto the horse’s back. The unicorn trembled but finally managed to maintain its posture and did not change its form. Xiu held on tightly to Du Ze, coldly glanced at Ulrich and Eric, then urged the unicorn to jump up, ready to leave this place.

“God’s Messenger!” Eric shouted.

The unicorn jumped up and, in the time it takes to take one breath, it reached the ceiling. The spiral horn on its forehead lit up and tore open the ceiling as easily as though it was paper. The bright sunlight shone down as chaos reigned below them. Everyone fled in a panic to avoid the falling rubble. Seeing this, Eric couldn’t chase after them right away. He chanted a light magic spell to shield the people from harm.

The ceiling was broken but the unicorn could not go further because a shield of light covered the entire place, stopping Xiu from leaving with Du Ze. Xiu followed the magic to its source with his eyes and saw Vivian who was in the VIP area.

Saint Vivian held a slender magic staff and the priests of the Temple of Light surrounded her, helping to keep the magic wall up. When she saw Xiu looking at her, Vivian lifted her beautiful chin and loudly said: “Please give His Excellency, God’s Messenger back to us.”

Du Ze suddenly felt that his back was empty. Xiu had jumped off the unicorn and was standing in a gap in the ceiling. After its master left, the unicorn could not help but turn into a nightmare and tremble. Du Ze did not pay attention to this. His mouth fell open when he saw Xiu take out Qian Bian, change it into a bow and mercilessly aim his arrow at Vivian.

WTF! Moe Lord, that is your favorite younger sister!!!



The arrow was cut down by Eric’s sword. Xiu frowned. The light of the contract flared again and the three-headed hell-hound Cerberus jumped down from the sky. Its three heads were looking in three different directions and each was casting a spell.


Someone screamed out the name of the three-headed hell-hound. Because the entire place was shielded, no one could leave so the people below stared at the legendary Cerberus, shocked: First it was a unicorn, then it became a nightmare, and now he summoned Cerberus. What is that elf’s background?

The Moe Lord turned into a vicious butcher.6

Du Ze looked below him at the three-headed Cerberus then at the nightmare he was riding. Lastly, he looked up, trying to catch a glimpse of the fluffy chick resting on top of his head.

There is always a cute pet here, of unknown significance.

Eric avoided the red flame that the Cerberus spit out. Before he could stabilize his footing, he was forced to roll away from Xiu’s light arrows. As he rolled, Eric took a strange flute from his pocket. He stood up, put the flute on his mouth, and blew on it.


Some people looked blankly at Eric wondering why they did not hear any sound. But the flute was not meant for people to hear. It was to summon … a dragon.

Xiu suddenly glared up at the sky and the nightmare uneasily pawed at the ground. Above them, at a certain point in the sky, a golden light was shining and it was getting bigger and bigger as something approached. A creature hovered in the air above them. It was a golden dragon. It’s powerful-looking body was covered with golden scales and had bat-like wings.

Vivian removed the light shield. The golden dragon flapped its wings and descended. Wind fanned out from its wings and made Xiu’s silver hair fly up. Du Ze felt a pain in his scalp as the small Phoenix grabbed onto his hair to avoid being blown away. The Phoenix was freely fluttering in the wind like a balloon on a string.

Ouch! Ouch, you bas***d! Q口Q

The Cerberus was forced to jump to one side to avoid the golden dragon’s foot. The golden dragon landed and it was so huge took up 2/3rd of the space. Eric nimbly climbed up on its back and patted the golden dragon’s neck: “Let’s fight together, partner.”

“You haven’t called me for a long time, Eric.” The golden dragon opened its mouth and what it spoke was the human language.

Eric is the rarest type of knight in the entire Chaos Continent, a Dragon Rider. Ever since the dragons went into seclusion on their island, the dragons are rarely seen. As for the people who signed a contract with a dragon, the ones called dragon riders, they are even rarer than dragon sightings. Of all the eight races, the dragons are the most resilient physically. Their scales can only be penetrated by high-level magic weapons, their bodies are tough, and they can spray dragon fire. Their whole body is a weapon.

The people in the crowd gazed feverishly at the Son of God on the back of the golden dragon. Their eyes were worshipful.

Xiu looked dignified. Though the light shield had been removed, the unicorn cannot outrun the dragon. He saw Eric looking up at him and the blond, handsome son of god’s eyes seemed to be sending him a message: You can’t take God’s Messenger with you because he belongs to us.

Xiu’s hand on his bow turned white and shook.

No, absolutely, not-


Xiu looked down at the sword that pierced his heart from behind. The shape of the sword was very familiar because it was made by him. Xiu knew that the person behind, sneering, was Ulrich. During the battle Xiu had been wary of the War God but just now accidentally he lost track of him because Eric attracted all his attention. Thus, Ulrich was able to successfully sneak in an attack.

Ulrich was fascinated by the sword. Looking at the bloody sword in his hands, he, exclaimed: “It is a good sword.”

Du Ze pupils shrank and he stretched out his hand, trying to pull down the silver-haired elf. But when he grabbed Xiu’s hand, the other’s weight pulled him out of the nightmare’s back.

“Divine Envoy!” Eric nervously shouted. The golden dragon caught the two people falling. In the dragon’s claw, Du Ze’s face was expressionless but his hands on Xiu’s chest were trembling. Seeing the elf’s chest wound, the people watching knew that he feared that the elf would not live.

Ulrich wiped the blood from the sword and looked over at Xiu. “Elf, let me give you your last lesson in this life: Too much recklessness is not a good thing.”

The emperor sighed and leaned back to his seat. The expression on his face was much better and on his left side, the princess looked at the dying Xiu with a gleam of delight in her eyes.

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  1. It actually said “kowtow” 跪拜 but I think it’s probably not literal.
  2. 神棍 literally “god stick” but it means “con man.”
  3. 装逼 is slang 装B and its very complicated if you try to say it in English. It has two meanings that are antonyms of each other. One: act very dramatic. Two: Keep a low profile (pretend to be simple ignorant/incompetent). This is why translation is hard.
  4. A non-literal translation of 这种一看就是会被萌主炮灰掉的小BOSS职业谁要当啊!
  5. 逆鳞 – this is impossible to translate. It’s the part of a dragon under the neck. Literally “reverse scale.” The thing is, when you touch that part of the dragon’s body, it will erupt with rage like a volcano. People also have something special that they don’t like other people to touch.
  6. 大杀- vicious evil 特杀 – killing animals

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