Chapter 4 – Every day the protagonist wants to capture me

Chapter 4 – Nightly Warmth

The System’s notification sound bombarded his ears as his points suddenly went down to 64. Chu Yu couldn’t bear to watch; he wanted to cry but he did not have enough tears; he wanted to complain but he couldn’t find the words to describe his feelings; and his stomach hurt from the stress.

During these past three years, Xie Xi had been beaten up too much and received many internal injuries that will hinder his cultivation later on when he levels up. In the novel, Xie Xi did not realize that he had internal injuries. He then experienced a Qi Deviation during his obsession to advance that made him quite violent – he almost killed a few people and heavily flirted with one of the heroines.

To prevent this future problem, every day someone must send his Qi to heal Xie Xi’s body and fix its’ Yang deficiency. In Yuan Chen Peak, except for Master Lu Qingan, only Chu Yu can do this.

Turning off the comment interface, Chu Yu sighed in sorrow as the spirit energy flowed from the palm of his hand. A soft, watery blue glow appeared as he slowly and gently poured Qi into Xie Xi’s tiny body, nourishing its internal energy.

It seemed to be extremely comfortable. The sleeping child’s furrowed brows loosened, making his delicate facial features even more attractive. Chu Yu couldn’t help but gently pinch his little face.

Oh! I touched it! The protagonist’s face! So tender! So smooth!

Chu Yu happily continued to send his Qi, not noticing that there was a tall figure right outside of the window.

The night wind sobbed. Lu Qingan, with his sword on his back, watched the scene inside for a long time, smiled, and turned away.


When Chu Yu woke up the next day he was extremely tired.

He had spent most of the night sending his Qi to the protagonist so now all he wants to do is to turn over in his bed and continue sleeping. However, the original Chu Yu’s memories told him that it was time to go to the woods and give early lessons to the other disciples.

Ah … It’s like a night of spring dreams, although it was good, now it feels as if the body was hollowed out …

The tired Chu Yu bitterly put on his clothes, put on Xun Sheng (his sword), then leisurely walked out of the door. As soon as he exited, he saw his master in the courtyard drinking tea, Xie Xi standing beside him.

Chu Yu was so scared that he almost tumbled to the ground: “… Master, when did you come?”

The master never waited for him to get up before …

Lu Qingan casually glanced at Chu Yu, put down his tea cup,and said: “Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

Chu Yu quickly understood this as: “This master got up earlier than you, you dare to wake up so late?”

He quickly grasped the meaning and said: “… I’m full of energy today and will go teach the early classes.”

Lu Qingan: “There’s no need for early classes today. Yu-er, you should go and have a good rest. As a teacher, seeing that you get along well with your fellow disciples is very gratifying.”

Get along well … When did you see us getting along with each other?

Chu Yu and Xie Xi look at each other and tactfully refrained from contradicting their master.1

“Your teacher will be leaving today. I will hand over management of Yuan Chen Peak to you, do not worry over trivial matters. In order to succeed three years from now, it is necessary for you to practice more diligently.”

Chu Yu respectfully bowed: “Yes!”

Lu Qingan left behind some valuable pills and talismans, after he used a few words to ask about Chu Yu’s cultivation again he then walked away, satisfied.

The two people who were left behind in the courtyard looked at each other. Chu Yu pretended to be impassive. Xie Xi really was impassive, staring at Chu Yu.

After they stared at each other for what seemed like half a day, Chu Yu turned to go back to his room.

Xie Xi had been expecting Chu Yu to beat or scold him and was surprised when the other person moved as if to leave. Xie Xi was stunned and suddenly blurted out: “What are you doing?”

Chu Yu’s stance was relaxed as he turned to face Xie Xi and said: “Sleep.”

Just then the dawn came and the rising sun illuminated the handsome features of the young man who unexpectedly appeared happy and lazy. Compared to his normal everyday noble, elegant beauty, right now he seemed warmer and softer.

His smile is really attractive.

Xie Xi was horrified when that thought crossed his mind. He looked at Chu Yu whom he still hated and feared. Pursing his lips, he said: “Didn’t you just tell our Master that you felt very energetic?”

Chu Yu smiled, his attitude noble and glamorous as always: “Children are children.”

Then he went back into his room, closed the door, and went back to sleep.

Since Lu Qingan left and Chu Yu doesn’t have to take care of morning classes for the other disciples, there’s nothing for him to do at Yuan Chen Peak during peaceful times. So Chu Yu slept until noon to recover his spiritual strength, afterwards his whole body felt very relaxed and comfortable.

He was not interested in going out, therefore he simply sat cross-legged and began to reorganize the memories of the original Chu Yu. The original used a water-based cultivation method, the power is moderate, and it is not very lethal.

Three years from now he will have to fight those man-eating demonic insects. He can’t be careless in his cultivation.

He will need to learn some killer moves to protect his life since running away is out of the question. Chu Yu searched his memory for a long time and finally found the technique he wanted. Unfortunately, there are restrictions to it, otherwise it would have been perfect.

However, he has the ability to learn by himself.2 In the next three years he would cultivate and, with single-hearted devotion, study the two techniques he had chosen

He cultivated for a few hours with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes it was near dusk. Practitioners in the Foundation Building stage can fast but he is greedy, so he took care in fastening his sword and then went to the dining hall to get a meal.

Formerly the original Chu Yu had never gone to the dining hall since his meals were sent to his courtyard. Once he built his Foundation he has never been seen there,3 When the disciples inside saw Chu Yu they were surprised, half of them were so startled that half of them sputtered and Qi Qi choked on his food.

Regarding their surprise, Chu Yu explained: “Second Brother has not eaten.”

The rest of the disciples who had managed to control themselves suddenly burst out laughing and choked on their food.

Chu Yu stroked the tip of the nose and didn’t see their reaction.

If he remembered correctly, from the day before when he brought the protagonist back, Xie Xi hadn’t gone to the dining hall. He is not Chu Yu, therefore no one will send him food.

So Chu Yu went back to the courtyard holding a wooden plate, his thoughts tangled up together.

Originally he went to the dining hall because he wanted to satisfy his own appetite but then he remembered that his future golden thigh hadn’t eaten. How hungry must he be?

He thought it over and decided to carry the wooden plate to Xie Xi’s door. He politely knocked and said: “Brother, I’m coming in.”

After he finished saying that, he pushed open the door without waiting for a response.

Xie Xi’s face was black: “Eldest brother, since you didn’t plan on waiting for permission to enter, why bother to knock?”

Chu Yu pretended to laugh haha and said: “This is between us two fellow disciples, there is no need to be so polite.”

He put the wooden plate on the table, saying “For you. Do not starve yourself or when master returns he will scold me for mistreating you.”

Xie Xi’s body shook with disgust as he stared at the food on the table as though it was full of poison: “I won’t say anything to master! Why do you force me?!”

Seeing how wary and frightened the protagonist was, Chu Yu felt that this misunderstanding was really huge and that hugging his thighs later on will be a bit difficult.

“You think I put poison in the food?” Chu Yu frowned while sitting at the table, picked up the bamboo chopsticks and ate a mouthful of each dish, smiling coldly: “If it wasn’t for master, would I take care of you?”

He thought of the original Chu Yu’s “care” and felt slightly guilty.

Xie Xi’s face did not change, nor did he speak.

Chu Yu secretly chuckled to himself. It seems that whenever he shows good will to the protagonist later on, he can use the fact that the master requested it as an excuse. Looking at Xie Xi’s apprehensive face, Chu Yu didn’t press matters any further and left.

Late at night, Chu Yu sneaked into the side room to treat Xie Xi and raise his body’s temperature (TN: giving him warmth/Yang energy is part of the treatment). As expected, the meal he had brought was untouched. This is not good since Xie Xi’s cultivation isn’t high enough for him to fast and his body is still growing.

Skillfully pushing aside Xie Xi’s clothes, Chu Yu sent his spiritual energy to the protagonist while thinking about countermeasures.

The main reason why Xie Xi does not go to dining hall is because those small cannon fodder disciples are always insulting and bullying him.

Why don’t you just do it … Although the stage may be a little early, having the protagonist eat properly is good for this growing child!

The next day, the news that Xie Xi was now able to cultivate was all over the Tian Yuan sect. The ones who were most interested in this news were the disciples who had been bullying Xie Xi, the Yuan Chen Peak’s cannon fodder group.

Isn’t he trash?

Although the idea of “Xie Xi is trash” is deeply rooted, they said goodbye to the idea of bullying Xie Xi. Even if the master is not there, they will no longer look for the “trash” again.

Chu Yu, who had been hiding in the dark while observing everyone’s reactions, smiled merrily. Very good, although he had advanced the plot a bit, the story is still the same and these minor cannon fodder characters have been very cooperative.

Every day he sneaked into the side room every night, slept until noon, then meditated and cultivated until evening.

Although a lot of disciples felt that eldest brother had changed greatly, Yuan Chen Peak was peaceful.

Meanwhile, Xie Xi’s cultivation speed was as fast as a rocket. Within three months he went from rank two to rank seven and before long he should be able to build his Foundation.

Chu Yu, who was stuck at the early stages of Foundation Building, was envious. The protagonist is the protagonist. As for Chu Yu, his role is not to be a genius.

It was another dark and stormy night when Chu Yu sneaked into the side room and skillfully pushed aside Xie Xi’s clothes while looking at his points.

Three months of hard work have not been wasted. Some people finally recognized his efforts and he harvested a good long series of praise from readers. His points are back to the original 100. He placed a hand on Xie Xi’s chest and was about to send his Qi when Chu Yu suddenly became aware of something wrong. He looked down and saw that Xie Xi’s eyes were open.

The bright black eyes were filled with monstrous fury.

… Sh*t! When did you wake up?

Xie Xi’s face was terrible to see; the veins were jumping on his forehead while he stared disbelievingly at Chu Yu. After a while he bursted out with a roar: “Shameless!”

Chu Yu hurriedly withdraw his hand, unable to maintain his elegantly beautiful noble attitude: “Brother, listen to my explanation.”

Xie Xi scowled and he activated a fire technique and threw it at Chu Yu without delay. It was the Fire Dragon Exhales High technique but it didn’t have a cultivator’s power behind it. Chu Yu hastily avoided it while eliminating the flames; he can’t afford to let his courtyard burn.

Of course, the protagonist is proficient in all five elements so how could it be only a fire tactic? Just as Chu Yu avoided the fire dragon, a row of thorns suddenly sprang out of the ground at his feet. It wasn’t easy to dodge in this small space so Chu Yu hurriedly jumped out of the window.

He breathed a sigh of relief, laughed hollowly, and turned around to try to speak to the other person again: “Brother, listen to me …”

A sword was in front of his face.

What the f**k!!

Chu Yu reflexively pulled out Xun Sheng and blocked the sword. Water droplets splashed in all directions.4

Xie Xi also jumped out of the window. After three months of Chu Yu treating his Yang deficiency, Xie Xi has grown a lot and no longer looks like a little teenaged boy. Right now his whole body was expressing scorn and anger, and one can already see a hint of his future graceful, resolute immortal charm.

“You’ve drawn your sword? Good!” Xie Xi raised his eyebrow and spoke with a cold voice. In his hands he held the low-grade sword that disciples used. He stared at Chu Yu: “Eldest brother, I know you hate me a lot. If you want to fight or to scold me, this younger brother will endure it all. But, why do you want to humiliate me?! Let’s fight tonight!”

Chu Yu was full of bitterness.

No, he’s not a pervert.5

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  1. 心照不宣地别开视线 – Literally “tacitly didn’t open their eyes” but I interpreted this line as “they pretended everything was fine” rather using a literal translation.
  2. 能学一个是一个
  3. Uh, the author repeated this, not me.
  4. Er, his sword is water element? I’m not sure why there is a splash here.
  5. 蜀黍 – according to Baidu it’s a man with a Lolita complex aka Lolicon, taken from the Japanese term. So in this case, it means shotacon, pervert, or creep.

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