Chapter 5 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 5 – Hello, homo

Yuan Chen Peak is located among the mountains surrounded by waters ; the disciples live on a mountain1 and on that mountain there is a small cliff which is the first place that Chu Yu saw when he opened his eyes in this world.

This is a place of wide, smooth terrain and far away from his residence.

The earth here has a good flow of energy2In the dead of night, it’s the perfect place to murder someone, steal their treasures and leave no trace of the kill.

Chu Yu was holding his sword and looking opposite him at Xie Xi, whose face was distorted with hate. Chu Yu sighed: “Little brother,3 why so …”

No matter how much the protagonist has metamorphosed from trash into a genius cultivator, he is still in the Qi Refining Period while Chu Yu is in the Foundation Building stage!

If Chu Yu wins then the protagonist will only hate him more, 4 and then he will be upgraded from a cannon fodder villain into a mini BOSS.

Ah! He’ll just die earlier!

He can only lose.

“Tonight we fight and whoever dies or lives depends on the Will of Heaven,” said Xie Xi, staring coldly at Chu Yu. He gritted his teeth. Originally he thought eldest brother had changed since Chu Yu no longer insulted him and even treated him well, occasionally guiding his practice.

But he was …

A gentleman prefers death to disgrace and humiliation.

Xie Xi took a deep breath, ready for battle. He suppressed the anger in his heart and quietly raised his sword, used a light body5 skill, then pounced on Chu Yu like a cheetah.

Chu Yu smiled.

What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?

It just made Xie Xi angrier and he instantly rushed towards Chu Yu and mercilessly stabbed a sword into his chest.

Chu Yu did not dodge and let the sword pierce through his robes.

When he noticed that Chu Yu didn’t avoid the strike like he expected him to, Xie Xi panicked. The 13-year-old child could not stop his sword’s momentum so he could only try to change its angle to the side. His sword pierced Chu Yu’s left shoulder.

Gorgeous scarlet blood quickly flowed out from the tip of his sword like a red lotus blooming on the white robe. Xie Xi was shorter than Chu Yu so the blood flowed down through his sword and dyed his hands red.

Warm lifeblood with a rust-like smell.

Xie Xi stared at his hands for a long time, trembling and looking at Chu Yu’s pale face.

“Why did you not dodge?”

With Chu Yu’s strength, blocking the sword or dodging it would be extremely easy.

Chu Yu shook his head. A shut-in otaku like him has never experienced this kind of injury. Cultivation has made his senses extremely sharp so the pain has brought tears to his eyes and rendered him speechless.

Xie Xi’s face showed his fury. He pulled out his sword and the pain almost made Chu Yu fall down on his knees.

Trembling, he roared: “Why didn’t you dodge?”

Because you are the protagonist …

In Chu Yu’s heart, tears were streaming down his face. If I don’t let you vent your anger now, wouldn’t you cut me to pieces later on?

With this thought in mind, Chu Yu endured the pain and, down on one knee, feebly looked up at Xie Xi, “Little brother, are you still angry?”

Xie Xi drew back a few steps and stared disbelievingly at him. His heart is full of tempestuous waves, like the first time he saw Chu Yu.

Eldest brother … What the hell is going on?

Seeing protagonist was still staring at him with a cold face, Chu Yu’s heart became cold.

The atmosphere is so awkward … Lie down and pretend to be a corpse first, then wait for the protagonist to leave …

No sooner had this thought flashed in his mind than Chu Yu acted on it. He immediately closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

Blood was still pouring out from the wound on his shoulder and half of his robe was dyed red. Although it’s not a serious injury, at first glance it was pretty scary.

The ground was uncomfortable and cold. Since it was autumn the wind on the mountain could chill a person to the bones. Chu Yu was lying on the ground for a quarter of an hour and felt that this whole situation was bad. How come he didn’t hear the footsteps of the protagonist as he left? Did the protagonist realize that he was just pretending and wanted to squat here to watch him die in the cold?

Chu Yu’s brain was filled with too many nonsense thoughts.

Xie Xi was still in a daze.

He remembered the time when he had just been brought to the sect by his master, when he admired eldest brother.

Standing high above other men, aloof from the mortal world, he was like how Xie Xi imagined immortals6 would look like. Xie Xi didn’t know why but eldest brother hated him from the beginning. After everyone realized that Xie Xi couldn’t cultivate, Chu Yu looked the other way when the other disciples bullied him and often joined them in insulting Xie Xi.

These past three years he has hated Chu Yu.

But unexpectedly, Chu Yu changed.

A cold wind struck, waking Xie X from his daze. He looked down at Chu Yu who seemed to have fainted, hesitated for a moment then sheathed his sword. He put one hand on Chu Yu’s back and placed his other hand under Chu Yu’s knees, lifting up his limp body.

The pretend corpse Chu Yu almost rolled off.

What the f**k! What are you doing, protagonist? A princess carry?! Why are you holding a cannon fodder villain in a princess carry?!

Wrong! Don’t focus on the wrong thing! Protagonist you should not vent your anger on the cannon fodder this way!!

This is not right! Protagonist, don’t throw this cannon fodder down the cliff into the abyss!

Chu Yu was extremely anxious and frightened out of his wits.

However, a long time passed and the things he imagined did not happen. Xie Xi, firmly holding Chu Yu, steadily and slowly walked down the cliff and went to the small courtyard.

Chu Yu was slightly relieved.

The protagonist … is not angry?

The sword wound that he suffered … it was worth it!

It was late at night and everywhere was quiet. Under night’s curtain everything was dim and hazy. Xie Xi thought of the past as he walked slowly, not noticing his surroundings. Suddenly, he heard someone cry out in alarm.

Xie Xi looked up and saw a disciple who seemed to have woken up to go to the toilet.7 It was dark but he could still see the faintly see the shocked face of the disciple who was looking at Xie Xi carrying Chu Yu in his arms.8

“… Eldest, eldest brother?””

He stuttered in a dreamy way.

Chu Yu heard this voice. This is not good. He opened his eyes and that disciple just happened to be in his line of sight. After a moment of silence, Chu Yu closed his eyes painfully and continued to pretend to be dead.

… He had bad feeling about this.

Chu Yu closed his eyes, and the disciple looked in bewilderment at Xie Xi: “Trash … Elder brother9Xie?”

Xie Xi had no affection for any of the disciples in the peak so he simply glanced coldly at him and ignored the disciple. He held Chu Yu tightly and continued to walk to the small courtyard. Though his strength is not small, Xie Xi had to push himself to carry a man so much taller than himself.

Chu Yu was very uncomfortable. He showed a helpless look, and was endlessly distressed.

#Why was Eldest Brother wearing a blood-stained white gown late at night? Why was the former trash embracing Eldest Brother? There was the glint and flash of cold steel at the cliff! For more details, please listen to Tian Yuan Sect’s Yuan Chen Peak real-time broadcast that will open the door to a new world for you!#

Damn it! Enough!

They arrived in the courtyard; Xie Xi took Chu Yu to his room and gently put him on the bed.

Chu Yu was finally able to breathe, he was greatly relieved when he heard a ripping sound.

The … clothes … he wore … were torn …

F**k! Protagonist, what are you doing?!

There was the sound of water. Chu Yu secretly opened an eye and saw Xie Xi twisting a kerchief. Chu Yu hurriedly closed his eyes when he saw that Xie Xi was about to turn around.

Is the protagonist going to tend to his wound?

This time Chu Yu guessed right.

The cold wet kerchief was swabbed over his shoulder. Although the touch was not gentle, Chu Yu still felt drowsy. For three months he had been sending his Qi to Xie Xi’s body every night to fix his Yang deficiency. As a result, Chu Yu cultivation was slow and all day he felt sleepy.

About trying to raise his favorability rating through sending his Qi energy to the protagonist – it’s not that Chu Yu wanted to keep his nightly healing activities a secret, it’s just … Xie Xi was too wary of him and would not have agreed to let Chu Yu touch him when he was conscious.

In addition, Xie Xi’s internal injury was mostly caused by the original Chu Yu so it would have been really brazen of Chu Yu to take credit for fixing the problem.

As Chu Yu was drowsily thinking of these things, he fell asleep for real.

Xie Xi pursed his lips and kept wiping away the blood with his kerchief. After a long time, Chu Yu’s beautiful white shoulders were clean and flawless except for the wound.

Xie Xi’s gaze fell on Chu Yu’s face.

His complexion was rosy again, his heroic eyebrows slightly tense, and his sleeping face was peaceful, like someone a person could easily become intimate with.

Xie Xi bowed his head and said: “Eldest brother?”

Naturally, Chu Yu did not respond.

The look on Xie Xi’s face was complex as he stared at Chu Yu for a long time then suddenly pulled out Xun Sheng from its scabbard.

Xun Sheng is a high-grade immortal sword with a slender blade. The sword’s light was cool and refreshing like deep autumn waters and the sound it made was very pure and clear.

Like its master.

Holding the Xun Sheng sword, Xie Xi continued to stare at Chu Yu for a long time. Xie Xi ground his teeth and put Xun Sheng back in its scabbard. He picked up some medicine from the table and sprinkled it on Chu Yu’s wound. When he was finished, he turned and walked away.

However, as he was walking to the door, Xie Xi paused then reluctantly went back and covered Chu Yu with a quilt.

Stabbing Chu Yu’s shoulder with his sword was too much stimulation for him and he was a little dizzy. He had a feeling that Chu Yu was a different person.

The resentment that had accumulated inside him these past three years seemed to have been scattered after he stabbed Chu Yu.

After one last glance at Chu Yu, Xie Xi silently turned away.


Chu Yu slept well and woke up refreshed.

Folding down the quilt, Chu Yu suddenly felt like half of his chest was cold. Looking down, he saw that his robes had been violently ripped and he made an “ah” sound.

Yes, last night the protagonist stabbed a supposed child molester.

But, how could the protagonist pity him enough to bring him back to his room to clean his wounds?

A cultivator can heal his own wounds quickly and with the use of medicine. Thus, after a night’s rest, he was feeling much better.

Chu Yu stared at the scabbed wound for a long time before he gave up on thinking and got out of bed. He put on some clean clothes, hung Xun Sheng on his waist, and went out.

Xie Xi was not in the side room.

Chu Yu hasn’t risen this early for a long time so he doesn’t know where Xie Xi went. Wondering if the younger disciple was still angry, he walked out of the small courtyard.

In the woods the disciples were having their early morning class. Chu Yu, carefully maintaining his usual glamorous and elegant posture walked past them.

At the sight of Chu Yu, the crowd of disciples quieted down and stared at him. Everyone was giving him a very odd look.

Chu Yu was surprised and horrified.

These disciples were normally both respectful and afraid of him. What was wrong with them today? Could it be that the news about him being carried by Xie Xi last night had already spread? They were all giving him a strange look …

Third Brother got up from his prayer mat and pensively walked to Chu Yu. Staring at him oddly for a while, the other person spoke softly as though testing the waters: “Eldest Brother, good morning. Eldest Brother, Second Brother … he looks very pretty, doesn’t he?”10

Chu Yu was stupefied and could not understand why the other had said something like that. He couldn’t figure out what the other disciple was saying so he just coldly agreed: “Ah.”

Not only is he pretty, he is simply a lovely boy!11

Third Brother’s facial expression became even more strange: “… It’s been said that of those who use the demonic cultivation technique, there is a devil who is very fond of raising boytoys..”

“Huh?” Chu Yu was even more puzzled. Why are you mentioning this? These disciples are not yet ready to go out into the world to defend the righteous path and eliminate devils right now.

Third Brother looked carefully at Chu Yu’s face, swallowed his saliva, and finally bit the bullet, saying: “I heard, last night … Second Brother carried Eldest Brother in his arms and brought him back from the cliff.”

Realization hit him like a bolt from the blue and Chu Yu finally realized something.

Those odd looks – these disciples all have the expression in their eyes that they are looking at a gay guy!


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  1. Immortals and cultivators almost always live in the mountains, and often cultivate inside a cave
  2. 风水宝地 – basically, good feng shui
  3. 师弟 – Shidi, junior disciple
  4. 结梁子 – literally “knotted beam” but the actual meaning is a hatred/bad feelings between people
  5. 轻身 – just a Taoist skill that makes the body light
  6. Specifically, immortals who 食烟火 abstained from eating cooked food.
  7. Back in the day, toilets were outdoors.
  8. on his bosom
  9. 师兄 Shixiong, what a disciple calls a more senior disciple.
  10. “very pretty” but implying in a sexual way… subtly
  11. He actually uses the term used for beautiful women.

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