Chapter 41.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 41.1 – Author: Only a pure person can touch a unicorn.

Du Ze, male, 20 years old this year, yesterday he encountered the biggest problem in his life: the protagonist of his favorite novel (♂) confessed to him.

…. Every word was absurd! Ridiculous!1

Du Ze was lost.2 He tossed and turned the whole night, unable to sleep. His head was full of thoughts like “Moe Lord, how can this be? Wake up!”3 Even after his 0-point restore function restored his eyes and ears back to their original state, he could not stop his thoughts. He wants to think that all of this happened because Xiu became too accustomed to him and deluded himself, but this will change when the cute Lord meets his true love.

A silly, cute person thought: if the plot god again forces events to mirror the novel’s story, then there will be a weapons contest. In the middle of this month, the emperor will hold a weapons contest and invite many important and powerful judges and guests. Saint Vivian will be there – the author’s chosen female lead. Although this Xiu and the protagonist are not the same, the Moe Lord and Vivian did have a fateful encounter before. When Xiu meets Vivian again, he will find that the cute sister is his true love.

… Why does he feel a bit sad? 〒▽〒

Du Ze cut off the faint displeasure he felt in his heart and began to think of a very serious problem: the guests at the weapons contest include not just Saint Vivian but also Eric. In the novel, Xiu entered the weapons contest knowing Eric’s identity, so he was merciless. That is not the point though, what is most important is that the son of the Lord may, perhaps, be equipped with a wicked little yellow (hardcore) book.

Doujinshi: You love to pick me up.

Some cute fool is going to cry. His intuition is telling him that he has to get his doujinshi back before Xiu and Eric make contact, or something terrible will happen to him. Keeping it with him is not good; throwing it away is also not good; when it disappears it’s also not good and he has to go find that demon book! Du Ze wanted to time travel to the past and chop off the evil hand that was the “source of all evil” in the world.

You cheap hand! You cheap hand!4

As Du Ze stared blankly at his right hand,5 a dark hand appeared in his field of vision. Du Ze looked up and saw that Ariel was standing opposite him, her head tilted to the side. Her white braid was slipping down over one shoulder.

[Can I chat with you?]

Du Ze looked at the words that Ariel wrote with the branches and nodded. Ariel happily sat on the branch like Du Ze, subconsciously avoiding the light. When Du Ze saw this, his emotions were complex and he didn’t even dare to look at Ariel’s side.

“I’m sorry.”

The branch that Ariel was sitting on trembled and she seemed to be astonished at Du Ze’s sudden apology.

[Why are you apologizing?]

Du Ze can’t explain. He is the only one who knows what the world’s original trajectory should be. Due to the strong contrast between what what he knew should happen and what really happened, he felt really guilty.

Ariel saw Du Ze’s silent reaction and she wiped away the previous words before writing again: [That elf is the person you talked about before?]

Du Ze felt more and more unable to look directly at Ariel, remembering how much be boasted about how powerful Xiu is. Then Xiu came and was cruel to the elves.

“He is really a good man.”

Du Ze desperately wanted to explain to Ariel but whatever he said would seem to be an excuse for that man.

As Du Ze watched, Ariel wrote: [Well, I think he’s great, too.]

Du Ze looked at Ariel in astonishment and asked, almost involuntarily: “Don’t you hate him?”

[Why would I hate him?]

Du Ze opened mouth but could not spit out the words “the Elf Queen.” Ariel’s golden eyes seemed to see everything and she wrote down what Du Ze could not say out loud: [Because of my mother?]

Du Ze nodded stiffly.

[Mother was not strong enough so she failed. I felt sad.] Ariel sighed but the sigh was her regret over her superfluous sadness: [Only the strong can survive. Weaklings perish, that is the way of the world.]

Du Ze remembered that Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote in “Mixed Blood”: when an elf becomes a fallen dark elf, they fear light and their character becomes cruel and lustful. To the dark elves, what is not seen is not evil, and those who are weak are doomed to die.

[So I don’t dislike him because he didn’t do anything wrong.]

Ariel smiled sweetly, but Du Ze felt a chill in his spine. Ariel is too accepting. She doesn’t hate that Xiu destroyed the Elven Forest, doesn’t hate Xiu’s pollution of the elves, and doesn’t hate Xiu’s actions that led to her mother’s death. The original Ariel could forgive all of this because of her love for Xiu, but this Ariel…

The dark elf princess’s eyes were filled with longing and she wrote on the branch, unaware of the changes in her personality.

[He is very strong and everyone likes him.]

In his imagination, the brown-haired, golden-eyed elf princess in “Mixed Blood” smiled warmly and softly said to Xiu: [I love you so I will support whatever you do.]

The contrast seems particularly brutal.

“Du Ze.”

The sound of Xiu’s voice broke through his delirium. Du Ze looked out into the distance where a silver-haired elf was riding a unicorn, his deep green eyes turned towards Du Ze. “Come.”

Whenever some silly, cute person hears this sentence, his reflex is triggered and he will immediately run towards the speaker. He was already halfway there before he came to his senses and looked back. He didn’t see Ariel leave. All that was left was a lonely tree branch shrouded in shade.

Du Ze stood in place for a while, at a loss. He didn’t know how to face Xiu.

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  1. Every word is “cao dian” (槽点 ). This means the bursting point of Tucao (Tsukkomi). The example given was “if you had to get a permit from the king to eat people, otherwise it’s illegal.” So it’s slang that’s impossible to translate precisely but the general meaning is absurd, insane, preposterous, etc.
  2. 跪 – literally “knelt” but it’s also slang meaning finished, lost, broken, dead
  3. 肿木 – internet slang meaning “how”
  4. *cough* I translated the last five sentences non-literally.
  5. Can someone tell me why he is staring at his right hand? I thought it was his left hand that he used in the infamous “shooting the gun” incident?

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