Chapter 44 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 44 – Hello, Five Young Ladies

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He could kill him, but he mustn’t kill him right now.

Hearing that, it sounded quite like something Lu Qingan that would say. Only, just what was it that Lu Qingan was taking into account?

Chu Yu couldn’t help but move closer to Xie Xi. The two fellow disciples were practically glued together as they flew on their swords, far ahead of the small patrol group.

The expressions on the faces of the Chu family disciples and Tian Yuan Sect disciples behind them were all strange. They silently turned their heads around to look at Lu Qingan, who was hanging a moderate distance behind at the very back. Seeing that he didn’t have any reaction to this display, after mumbling a few “the feelings between a Shixiong and his Shidi are indeed quite deep,” they turned their heads towards their surroundings and acted like they hadn’t seen anything.

Having accomplished his goal, Xie Xi restrained the smile that was threatening to break out. He solemnly said: “The Sect Master’s wife is very fond of Song Jongyi.”

Chu Yu rubbed his chin and didn’t speak.

The Sect Master’s wife……was a very impressive person.

There were quite a few similarities between her and Lu Qingan’s personalities. She was cold, strict, and firm. She often went into closed-door cultivation and rarely appeared in public.

Lu Qingan and the Sect Master’s wife had both studied under the same master as children so they had grown up together. Their relationship was quite good, too. Song Yuanzhuo and his wife were deeply in love so Lu Qingan had always been rather respectful towards Song Yuanzhuo.

He had heard that the Sect Master’s wife had once given birth to a child in her younger years. Unfortunately, the child had died young. According to what he knew of the Sect Master’s wife’s personality, she shouldn’t be that affectionate towards Song Jingyi. However, perhaps it was because she thought of her own child when she looked at him that she acted so fond of Song Jingyi.

Could it be that Lu Qingan was taking into consideration the Sect Master’s wife’s feelings?

But Lu Qingan wouldn’t procrastinate like an indecisive person.

As expected, the moment the topic changed, Xie Xi had lowered his voice as he moved closer to Chu Yu. His lips almost seemed to press against the curve of his ear. Chu Yu’s ear tickled from his warm breath. His eyebrows twitched as he pressed down on the tingling sensation that tried to spread and ignored the strange feeling in his chest. With a calm and attentive air, he listened to Xie Xi as he softly spoke.

“There’s something unusual about Song Jingyi’s background.”

Chu Yu was stunned: “What?”

Xie Xi murmured a confirmation. He looked at Chu Yu’s fair-skinned ear and felt extremely wronged and indignant when he recalled how he had been kicked off the bed last night. He wanted to bite down on it, but couldn’t since it was currently broad daylight and there was a group of people behind them sneaking glances. It wouldn’t do to be excessively intimate while in full view. He sighed and discarded those beautiful thoughts. He then proceeded to say: “Song Jingyi should come from a small clan of cultivators. Shixiong should be aware of this. However, when Shizun went to find that small clan’s campsite he found that all traces of that small clan had already been erased.”

Normally speaking, when the Sect Master of a big sect takes a fancy to the son of a small clan family’s first wife and even personally bestows his surname onto that son, then takes him away, and accepts him as his personal disciple, the aforementioned small clan should be proud and elated. They should have been borrowing Tian Yuan Sect’s name and power to crawl up the ranks. They should have been able to gain a bit of fame rather than it appearing as if they had never existed in the first place. Apparently, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of them.

Unexpectedly, even Lu Qingan hadn’t been able to find the thread of a spider or the trail of a horse. Could it be that there were simply no clues?

Chu Yu was flabbergasted: Was this another hidden plotline?

“Shizun inadvertently found this out. Although it’s unclear what the actual truth is, there’s one thing that’s certain and that’s that there’s a problem with Song Jingyi’s background. Until he manages to solve this problem, Shizun doesn’t plan to kill him.” After a pause, Xie Xi gave a deep smile, “However, Shizun has said that so long as we don’t kill him, anything is fine regardless of what we do. He has dared to take advantage of Yuan Chen Peak so many times in the past, does he actually think that we’re that easy to play around with?”

Chu Yu silently looked at Xie Xi whose smile was filled with a dense killing intent. The corner of his mouth twitched: “Shidi, let’s not smile alright?”

Too, too, too scary. Even though he knew that he was not the target of this dense killing intent, in the original story when the protagonist was hacking the original to pieces, based on the descriptions, he pretty much was wearing this expression……

This kind of indescribable feeling of deja-vu was far too frightening.

Xie Xi was panic-stricken for a moment and then hastily stopped making that cold and unfeeling expression. His expression showed he was at a loss what to do as he said: “Shixiong, I, I was only……”

Ah, this kind of stupid and helpless expression is much cuter.

Chu Yu ruefully gave a sorrowful sigh, rubbed Xie Xi’s head and beamed as he nodded: “I know, I know everything.”

Xie Xi was originally somewhat anxious and fearful but after being petted like this for a while, in the blink of an eye, the frantic emotions in his heart gradually dispersed. He let out a long breath, his expression as he gazed at Chu Yu carried great depths within it.

Shixiong was the best. As expected, only he alone could have him.


The patrol ended late in the evening. Chu Yu had managed to sneakily discuss matters with Xie Xi for an entire afternoon. Having now decided on how to take care of Song Jingyi, he felt much more relaxed. He returned to the small courtyard with Lu Qingan and was just in time to see Third Shidi who happened to be standing in front of a stone table drawing talismans.

He had a calm and rapt air about him as he concentrated and there was a dignified expression on that soft and charming face. There was a cinnabar brush in his raised hand. After a pause, it was pressed down onto the yellow talisman in front of him.

The brush moved like a roaming dragon, flowing smoothly. In a flash, a top-quality talisman had been completed.

Third Shidi’s aptitude in cultivation was average but his level of aptitude in drawing talismans was rarely seen, he was a true genius.

Although he had heard of Third Shidi’s accomplishments in talisman-making after he had returned, he had never gotten the chance to personally see it. Before seeing today’s performance, who could have imagined that Third Shidi, whose IQ was normally offline, could be this dignified and steady when he drew talismans. Chu Yu stopped walking and couldn’t help taking a few more glances over at him. Seeing the elegant symbols on the talisman, he couldn’t stop himself from applauding: “Third Shidi, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

After being praised by his deeply respected Da Shixiong, that rarely seen steadiness immediately disappeared. Third Shidi rubbed his neck and bashfully lowered his head as he smiled.

Xie Xi shot a sideways glance at Third Shidi and softly grunted. His eyes were as cold as the blowing wind and his tone was just as cold: “Third Shidi, not bad.”

Third Shidi was then scared into trembling. He quietly moved towards Lu Qingan. He was shaking as he said: “ Shi-Shi-Shizun, you have all returned……”

Lu Qingan silently looked at Xie Xi. Xie Xi looked back with an innocent smile.

After staring at Xie Xi face to face for a moment, Lu Qingan shook his head, “Little Three, follow me.”

Third Shidi looked like he had just received an official pardon as he made his escape just after Lu Qingan and walked out of the courtyard. Chu Yu’s puzzled gaze followed them. Then Xie Xi’s sour voice came from beside his ear: “Shixiong, is he good-looking?”

Chu Yu was stumped: “What?”

Xie Xi continued to be sour: “Is Third Shidi good-looking?”

Chu Yu silently glanced over at him.

This child gets jealous for the oddest reasons……

Chu Yu didn’t respond for a long time before he gave a slight smile, “Good-looking.” The moment he said that Xie Xi’s facial expression changed so Chu Yu didn’t dare to prolong the joke and quickly tacked on another sentence, “But Shidi you’re better looking.”

Only then did Xie Xi’s complexion slowly relax. Seeing that Chu Yu was still a bit bothered about Lu Qingan and Third Shidi, Xie Xi hugged his waist from behind. His chin rubbed against the top of Chu Yu’s head as he smiled and said: “Third Shidi isn’t very proficient when it comes to cultivation. Shizun fears that he’ll die from just one moment of carelessness so from time to time, he’ll take Third Shidi outside by himself. He’ll then find a place to teach Third Shidi some survival tactics. Sometimes they can be gone for an entire night and when they come back, Third Shidi always looks half-dead.”

Chu Yu nodded his head. After a moment’s pondering he suddenly realized something wasn’t right.

Then this meant that there was a large possibility that tonight he would have to be alone with Xie Xi.

Young men were energetic and vigorous, full of vigor and vitality, but he had to carry out his plan to trap and screw Song Jingyi over tomorrow. He couldn’t very well carry it out while covering up his chrysanthemum……


Sensing that the hand that Xie Xi was currently using to hug him was starting to act up, Chu Yu gave a dry cough and hurriedly fought to rescue himself: “Shidi, as there are important matters to take care of tomorrow. Let’s cultivate.”

“Cultivate?” Xie Xi’s head rested on the nape of Chu Yu’s neck and sniffed the faint, fragrant scent coming from his body. He had a pensive look on his face as he mumbled to himself for a bit. He seemed to have suddenly thought of something as he gave a soft laugh before pulling Chu Yu into his room. He rummaged through his ring apparently in search of something.

Chu Yu couldn’t help being surprised by this and was a bit excited as he inwardly thought: Could it be that the protagonist has had some kind of fortuitous encounter and has managed to obtain an exceptional skill and so he wanted to share it with him?

As expected, it wasn’t long before Xie Xi took out a small pile of books.

Chu Yu was internally baffled by this.

Nowadays, was the protagonist’s halo so strong that exceptional skills would appear by the dozens?

He was right in the middle of pondering over this point when he saw Xie Xi reach to pass a book over to him as if he was presenting a valuable treasure. Chu Yu couldn’t describe what he was feeling at the moment. He lowered his head to look and was immediately almost blinded by the risque cover.

F***! How are you still alive, “Flirting With Girls” manual?!

Why do you look so old and your pages look like they have been worn out from being flipped through so many times?!

Just how hard did you study this, protagonist?! The action of wearing out ten thousand books by reading isn’t meant to be used on this kind of thing!

Xie Xi was overflowing with smiles: “The skills that Shixiong asked Shidi to learn, Shidi has properly cultivated them.”

The corner of Chu Yu’s mouth twitched. He honestly didn’t know if he should praise him or hit him. After struggling with himself for a while, he facepalmed: “……It’s okay so long as you’re happy.”

Xie Xi approached Chu Yu and sat down. One hand wound around his neck and drew him close. He embraced him and kissed Chu Yu’s forehead before saying: “Shidi doesn’t just want to be happy by himself. I also want to make Shixiong happy too. Since Shidi has properly cultivated the skills that Shixiong has given me, Shixiong has to properly examine the “skills” that he gave Shidi as well, correct?”

He would pause in between each word, his pronunciation was clear and distinct. The light in his eyes glistened and a faint blush appeared on his face for no apparent reason. He seemed somewhat uneasy but also somewhat a tiny bit expectant.

The moment he heard this, Chu Yu could tell that something wasn’t right. He furrowed his brows but looking at the expression on Xie Xi’s face, he found it hard to voice a rejection. He clenched his teeth: “……Let me look at it.”

It couldn’t possibly be harder on the eyes than this right?

Xie Xi’s eyes brightened and he immediately passed those books over to Chu Yu with an expectant look on his face. Chu Yu received them and after just one small look at the cover, he was terrified by the two large, splendidly blooming chrysanthemums on it.

……This book suddenly felt very heavy and hot to the touch. He really wanted to toss it into the brazier and burn it until he had eliminated all evidence of it.

But, he couldn’t let Xie Xi be too disappointed……

Chu Yu had already faintly guessed what the content was. He swallowed his saliva and cautiously opened the book.

Fortunately, the first page just had two men sitting together face to face.

Chu Yu was initially slightly relieved. He then raised his hand to turn to the second page and was immediately scared out of his wits. F***! Why was pace this fast?! They had still been lovingly gazing at each other on the previous page, but they were already f***ing by the second page!

With having Xie Xi’s burning gaze locked on him, Chu Yu could only brace himself and continue reading.

Doggy-style, missionary, straddling, sideways, there were all sorts of interesting and strange positions all with different appeals……

The more Chu Yu saw, the more fear and trepidation he felt:……Could it be that, possibly, perhaps……the protagonist’s intention was to could study the positions in this book so that later on it would be easier to……do that?

What a joke! There were still quite a few books left!

Who published these kinds of books?! Where was life’s Great Reconciliation?! Where were the severe measures and strict investigations?! Where was the eradication of p****graphy and illegal publications?! Why didn’t the world of cultivation have a National Office Against P****graphic and Illegal Publications?!

Chu Yu’s gave a rigid smile: “……Shidi, we have to cultivate our bodies and our minds through meditation……”

Xie Xi easily replied: “Cultivate our minds? I will definitely comply with Shixiong’s instructions. Should Shixiong continue to ponder over things or maybe we could start practicing?”

……Shizun hurry and come back!

Chu Yu carefully put down the pile of books in his hands and then with his heart still fluttering with fear pushed them farther away. He kindly patted Xie Xi’s head: “Shidi, that won’t do. We still have important matters to take care of tomorrow.”

Xie Xi instantly responded: “It’ll be fine tomorrow even if I’m on my own. Shixiong can just take a rest.”

Chu Yu’s face darkened: “That is out of the question!”

He actually intended to do him to the point he wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed?!

Xie Xi immediately felt wronged: “Shixiong always rejects me……”

Chu Yu: “……”

Chu Yu silently turned his head away: “We can talk about this again when tomorrow’s business is taken care of.”

Xie Xi pestered him for a while, teary-eyed. He moved closer to Chu Yu and lightly rubbed up against him before turning his attention towards the jade-white ear that he had been longing for a while now he then opened his mouth and bit down on it. He sucked at it and licked it. Chu Yu tried to keep a straight face and he was about to push him away when he suddenly felt something holding down his leg. Xie Xi heaved a sigh: “Shixiong, I feel so uncomfortable.”

……Guess it was to be expected. Xie Xi had only just managed to eat him once but then he had once again had to restrain himself again for several days. In any case, he had still inherited the “big and energetic tool” that was common in all stallion novels. There was no way the child wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Chu Yu closed his eyes and ruthlessly discarded his last remaining bit of morality: “……Shidi, do you know the five young ladies?”

Xie Xi had a blank look on his face. He cupped Chu Yu’s face and kissed it, “Who are they?”

“Let the five young ladies help you take care of it……”

Xie Xi paused for a moment before a frosty, cold look appeared on his face: “Shixiong wants to use the same trick again?”

When he said this, it switched over to be Chu Yu’s turn to be dumbfounded. After reflecting on it for a long time, he finally recalled what Xie Xi had meant by “trick.”

What a dark history……at that time he had naively still thought that the protagonist was straight. He had wanted to capture a female fox demon to give to the protagonist so that she would enlighten him and help him pop his cherry……

Chu Yu silently gazed at Xie Xi for a moment before moving in closer to him and kissing his lips. He bit Xie Xi twice out of spite. Xie Xi slightly wrinkled his brows: “If Shixiong isn’t willing to……Shixiong?!”

Chu Yu moved a bit away from him and said with a straight face: “Close your eyes. Focus your mind and recite the Heart Sutra.”

As he spoke, the hand that had nimbly squeezed into Xie Xi’s pants trembled once before it grasped ahold of Xie Xi’s “holy soldier” once again.

Xie Xi’s breathing had become rushed and urgent. He looked blankly at Chu Yu with astonishment. A while later, he finally realized exactly what the term “five young ladies” was referring to.

……They truly were five amazing ladies.


The distant sky was dark and gloomy and it seemed like a storm was coming.

By coincidence, they had come across another small group of demonic cultivators. Xie Xi had pulled out his sword to welcome them. Song Jingyi then took the chance to move to the front again.

Chu Yu cast a sideways glance at him: “Does Song Shixiong have any advice?”

Song Jingyi’s smile looked odd: “Chu Shidi, today there’s a big battle at the frontlines so Martial Uncle Lu has been moved over there while we’re in charge of looking around here for treasures. You should be more careful and try to stay close.”

Chu Yu gave a slight smile: “It’s not as if we have captured anything. In fact, if it gets too dangerous then it would be better to retreat and return to Qing Tu.”

Song Jingyi’s smile flourished. Seeing that Xie Xi was about to return with his sword in hand, he then rapidly retreated. Chu Yu shot a sideways glance at him. He then waited for Xie Xi to come over and patted his head while he showed him an honest smile.

Yesterday night, Tian Yuan Sect suddenly received news that there was a secret realm located at the top of a mountain south of Qing Tu. Only those at Core Formation stage and under would be able to enter it. There was spiritual medicine within it that could help someone break through to the next stage. The moment this kind of news came out, Song Yuanzhuo had immediately taken precautions to prevent it from being spread. After cautiously reflecting over it for a night, he decided to dispatch Chu Yu and a couple of others.

Since Song Jingyi had been stuck at the early stages of the Core Formation stage for a long time now without any sign of progress and his cultivation was stagnating, when he heard the news his eyes had flushed with joy.

This kind of enticement was almost like throwing a piece of meat in front of a starving wolf.


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