Chapter 43 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 43 – Kill After Fattening

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Chapter 43 – Kill After Fattening

Although Chu Yu felt a bit uneasy about Xie Xi, nevertheless, Chu Sheng’s attitude was firm. He had given his final word. Chu Sheng pulled him up and then took him away. Leaving no room for any arguments.

Chu Yu silently turned his head back to look at Xie Xi, the expression on his face looked torn.

Xie Xi didn’t let any signs of aggression show. He tilted his head to nod at Chu Yu, he then watched the figures of the Chu family brothers disappear. He stroked the scented sachet at his waist and prepared to return to his room to rest. Third Shidi very cautiously poked his head out: “Second, Second Shixiong, you……aren’t mad?”

Even Lu Qingan had looked over.

Xie Xi wasn’t showing even the slightest hint of anger. He gave a faint smile: “It’s only half a day. Chu Sheng dragged Shixiong over there for just half a day. I’ll be going to grab Shixiong to bring him back the moment it turns midnight tonight.”

Third Shidi: “……”

Second Shixiong, you’re too resourceful……


After returning to the Chu family camp, the strained Chu Sheng grabbed Chu Yu and nagged at him for the rest of the day. The main topic was “Although you two have affectionate feelings for each other you still have to be on your guard so you won’t be taken advantage of by that brat. You can’t let that brat get too smug. How hateful of him to snatch away my littlest brother……”

Once he had reached the end of his lecture, Chu Sheng felt full of regret. He crouched down in a corner and began to pull at the grass.

Although Chu Yu couldn’t help incessantly yawning. Seeing how Chu Sheng was grieving, he couldn’t help but crouch down too and stroked Chu Sheng’s head.

Chu Sheng was depressed for a short while, but he still remembered his official matters. He eventually gave a light cough and said: “Xu Keqing will be secretly following behind you. In the future, the Chu family’s disciples will also be waiting for you outside the city……little brother, you have to be extremely careful. Demonic cultivators are treacherous, vicious, wicked, and merciless. You won’t be able to guard against it……”

As he talked, the look on his face little by little became uglier. It could be seen that the conversation was soon going to be derailed. Chu Yu then hurriedly cut him off and nodded his head: “I understand. Big brother should properly look after his injuries and recuperate. I’ll return to my room first to clean up.”

After placating Chu Sheng, Chu Yu returned to his room for a little while. As he walked, he brainstormed how to once again screw with Song Jinyi.

During today’s encounter, Song Jinyi couldn’t hide those looks of envy and hatred of his even if he wanted to. His eyes had been filled with killing intent and resentment. Who knew what else the original had done to him, except for beating him after entering the sect, to incur so much animosity make him hold such a grudge against Chu Yu even now.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it was disadvantageous for the present Chu family to be making too many enemies, in addition to fact of him being Lu Qingan’s disciple and not wanting to cause him any embarrassment, there was no way that Chu Sheng’s sword would’ve been withdrawn so easily this morning.

Letting this kind of scourge that repeatedly tried to harm others live made it difficult for people around to have any peace of mind.

Chu Yu mulled over it for a while but nothing came to mind. In the end could only calm his mind, sit down and begin to cultivate. Before due to Shen Nian’s injured soul still being inside his body, because he had to nourish that injured soul, a portion of his spiritual energy would be allocated to Shen Nian’s soul whenever he cultivated. Ever since Lu Qingan had taken out Shen Nian’s injured soul, Chu Yu felt much lighter. The sensation of cultivating was a lot smoother now compared to how it had been before.

After he had circulated his spiritual energy through his body several times, Chu Yu opened his eyes.

In front of him, there was a face.

Close, it was extremely close. He could feel the other person’s warm breath. There was a tiny spot of smiling intent within that pair of glossy, black eyes.

It startled Chu Yu to the point that he felt a tingly, numbing sensation on his scalp. His soul almost fled in disarray. He immediately closed his eyes.

F***, why was it that ever since he returned, the protagonist loved to use this method in particular to appear?! It’s quite startling okay!

Forcefully suppressing that numbing sensation with some effort, Chu Yu opened his eyes again and shifted backward a bit: “It’s already so late. What is Shidi doing here?”

Xie Xi gave a bright smile and grabbed his hand. He dropped a soft kiss on it: “Yesterday has already passed. I’ve come to bring Shixiong back.”

What kind of joke was this? If he were to simply go missing in the middle of the night, wouldn’t Chu Sheng be frightened to tears?

Chu Yu resolutely refused: “No.”

Xie Xi’s eyebrow twitched and he restrained his smile. His expression was complicated: “As expected, Shixiong is still like this. No matter what Shidi does, it is unlikely that you would care even the slightest bit more about Shidi.” He released Chu Yu’s hand. He turned around, leaving only the image of a thin back for Chu Yu to see, “Shixiong, when you left in the morning, I wondered if you would be unwilling to come with me if I came to pick you up. Sure enough, you appear to dislike and avoided me, are you sick and tired of Shidi now?”

Chu Yu: “That’s not what I meant……”

Xie Xi still sat in front of him without turning around. With an indifferent, even-toned voice, he said: “I really want to beg Shixiong that even if you can’t care about me the same way that you did in the past, at the very least, don’t push me away.”

Chu Yu felt indescribably guilty. After a moment’s hesitation, he moved forward and embraced Xie Xi, “Things are different now. No matter what, I have to take the Chu family into consideration. In the future……”

As the image of the System’s current number of points interface flashed through his mind. Chu Yu paused and didn’t dare to finish his words.

He didn’t dare to promise Xie Xi that there would definitely be a future.

The days after today would be quite long. Perhaps Xie Xi might not absolutely need him……

Xie Xi turned his head to face back. His eyes were dark and gloomy with something unknown in their depths: “There will be a future.”

After muddling his way through the conversation, in the end, Chu Yu still left behind a voice transmitting talisman and guiltily escaped with Xie Xi.

It was only after they had returned to Lu Qingan’s small courtyard that Chu Yu realized that something was amiss.

The courtyard only had three habitable rooms. Lu Qingan naturally was alone in one room. Third Shidi was deathly afraid of Xie Xi so there was no way he’d dare to sleep in the same room as him. Moreover, Xie Xi wouldn’t necessarily be willing to do it either. Then the question was, was he going to have to sleep in a room with Xie Xi?

Even if this type of behavior, sleeping and eating together had been a natural daily occurrence in the past, but now……

Looking at Xie Xi’s burning gaze, Chu Yu’s eyebrow twitched, exactly that! He didn’t want to have to cover his chrysanthemum while walking about while patrolling tomorrow. Rooming together with Xie Xi meant his personal safety wouldn’t be guaranteed……

Chu Yu silently turned towards Third Shidi’s room. Seeing this, Xie Xi raised an eyebrow but try to stop him. He clasped his hands and remained silent. Chu Yu’s mind was baffled by this. He approached Third Shidi’s room and discovered that a narrow slip of paper was attached to the door.

He took it down and carefully read it.

Water-related things cannot enter.

He had even specially illustrated a couple of examples underneath the words. For example, fish……

Chu Yu: “……”

With a dark face, Chu Yu shredded that piece of paper. His waist was embraced and from behind him came the sound of Xie Xi’s restrained laughter: “Third Shidi fears both Da Shixiong and I. Shixiong, let’s return to our room and sleep.”

Having been brazenly given the cold shoulder and abandoned by Third Shidi, Chu Yu couldn’t exactly thicken his face and go inside to disturb the other person’s dreaming. He followed Xie Xi into the room. His gaze shifted all over before in a burst he gave a dry cough: “I’ll say this first, I’ll live here but you can’t let your hands and feet roam about. Otherwise, I’ll immediately return to the Chu family.”

Xie Xi furrowed his eyebrows and pondered for a moment before nodding. Chu Yu let a soft sigh out in relief. He took off his outer robe and laid down on the bed. He was right in the middle of considering whether or not he should ask Lu Qingan to see if there were any other rooms he could temporarily stay at when Xie Xi suddenly pulled his face over to him and took his lower lip into his mouth and held it in there.

Xie Xi didn’t so much as bat an eye: “I’ve carefully obeyed with Shixiong’s instruction and I haven’t let my hands and feet roam.”

Chu Yu gave up on struggling: “……”

Sometimes Chinese culture was so deep and profound that it scared people.


The inside and outside of the Qing Tu camp were like two different worlds. The Righteous Path cultivators’ method of fighting differed from that of the fights between the armies of the common folks. Their destructive natures were overwhelmingly strong. Those with powerful abilities could easily move mountains and drain the seas. The area from Qing Tu to the Jin River was almost completely desolate and uninhabited. People and beasts alike strove to flee from there.

After several years of fighting, this strip of land had become riddled with deep scars. Who knew just how many cultivators’ skeletons had been buried here.

Of those who had died on this land, the weakest had been at the Qi Refining stage while the strongest had been at the Nascent Soul stage. It could be said that every inch of this land had been dyed with their blood.

It was hard for Chu Yu to adjust to the desolate, murderous atmosphere as he was more accustomed to a light-hearted atmosphere. The amount of blood that had been shed during the Great Righteous and Demonic Path War was truthfully a grave amount. Too many people had died. There had been deaths in both the Chu family and in Tian Yuan Sect. Chu Sheng always had such a warm and restrained temperament. Yet he could be considered to have suffered all kinds of torment during this war.

Chu Yu couldn’t help beginning to seriously attempt to recall just what the original novel wrote about the Great Righteous and Demonic Path War.

“……However, five hundred thousand words and many beauties later, he reached this point in time and the story was right up to the point where the protagonist had challenged the Yu Shou Sect all by himself during the Great Righteous and Demonic Path War”, and that was it. So where’s the follow-up? Where did the Great Righteous and Demonic Path War end?

Wait, don’t tell me the author abandoned this plot hole? Where was the rest of the plot?

The System giddily said: “ the host uncover the rest on his own~”

Chu Yu completely ignored the System. He raised his eyes and looked all around at his surroundings. It could still be considered fairly peaceful. In reality, other than the occasional outbreak of one melee skirmish every three days, then both sides spent the rest of the time recovering. They would plot over anyway to capture the entirety of the other side’s members in one fell swoop so that this great war could finally end.

After they had been patrolling outside for a long time it had been empty until suddenly, a group of black-clothed cultivators appeared in the distance and they were rapidly flying straight towards them. The Chu family disciples and Tian Yuan Sect disciples immediately formed a tight defensive formation and waited. They were on guard as they watched the group of demonic cultivators.

Any patrol group led by Lu Qingan was the safest. There was no need to doubt this point.

Unfortunately, Lu Qingan had made it clear when he set out earlier that he wouldn’t take action unless he came across a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

Indeed, In order to prevent demonic cultivators from recognizing him and therefore running away in a panic, Lu Qingan had even earnestly made a show of using a white cloth to cover up Yan Han and carried it on his back. He also had put on a mask and was following behind the patrol group at a distance that was neither too close nor too far.

Chu Yu had realized what Lu Qingan’s intent was. With tangled feelings, he stared at the group of demonic cultivators who had, in a flash, flown over to an area only 30 meters away from them. Just as he was about to pull out Xun Sheng when Xie Xi, who had up to then been quietly following beside him, suddenly smiled: “How could this group of small bandits be worthy of Shixiong having to take action.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, he raised Duan Xue and advanced forward while casually waving his sword in the direction of the demonic cultivators. They couldn’t see what kind of profound method he had used, but then someone amidst that small group of demonic cultivators was defeated by it. That person was sent flying and violently coughed out blood. They utterly lacked any power to fight back.

Chu Yu had a sense of fear and trepidation at this scene. He had previously been told that Xie Xi would decisively massacre any demonic cultivators that he encountered with, without ever leaving a single one alive. As expected, it appeared to be true. He didn’t seem so bad when he was in front of Chu Yu but the moment he encountered demonic cultivators, he would reveal a bone-deep killing intent and viciousness. His face would turn so cruel and callous that it would intimidate others and there wasn’t the slightest bit of hesitation in his actions.

In the past, Xie Xi had still been soft and immature. Even when someone like Song Jingyi had pretended to fall, he would still unconsciously go and offer a helping hand. The disparity and change between the present one and the past couldn’t help but make one give a sigh full of regret.

Chu Yu was still in the process of feeling some regret when a familiar voice sounded softly from beside his ear: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Xie Shidi take action. As expected, each move still results in a death. His fortitude doesn’t lose to that of any of the demonic cultivators. Yet as the Shixiong, Chu Shidi isn’t nearly as powerful as Xie Shidi. It truly makes people want to cry……”

The words were said in a way that was deliberately ambiguous and his tone was even more so.

Lu Qingan was right there and he still dared to cause trouble?

Chu Yu cast a sidelong glance at Song Jingyi who had caught up to him who knows when. Remembering his expression yesterday, Chu Yu mildly said: “Song Shixiong, how’s Sect Master Martial Uncle’s injury?”

Song Jingyi’s smile froze. He hadn’t expected that Chu Yu would hit him in his sore spot.

Chu Yu continued to speak: “Sect Master Martial Uncle has always treated Song Shixiong as if he were your own true father. Song Shixiong’s presence isn’t required at this very moment so why isn’t Song Shixiong at Sect Master Martial Uncle’s bedside taking care of him?”

Hearing the words “as if he were your true father,” Song Jingyi’s body suddenly trembled. His face twisted and he was no longer able to keep up the gentle and amiable facade. His face darkened and he said with a cold tone: “None of your business.”

Seeing that Xie Xi had almost finished disposing of that group of demonic cultivators and was about to come back, Song Jingyi swallowed the rest of his words and gave a cold humph before retreating to the back of the group again.

Chu Yu was unable to make head or tail of the encounter.

Hadn’t this person always loved putting on a facade? How was it that it now only took a few words, not to mention he wasn’t even critically injured, for him to show his true personality?

Could it be that after ten years, his face had thinned instead of thickening?

How strange.

However, just like how Song Jingyi would occasionally look at him with an unconcealed killing intent, Chu Yu would also have thoughts about Song Jingyi should quickly get the f*** out of the living world and roll down to hell. Unfortunately, Chu Yu and Song Jingyi both had a common problem that obstructed them: Lu Qingan

Although with Lu Qingan here, this patrol group could be practically free of worries. On the other hand, it was also because Lu Qingan was here that Song Jingyi didn’t dare to set anyone up and Chu Yu couldn’t freely screw with him right him back.

Chu Yu was truly quite vexed.

Xie Xi then returned to Chu Yu’s side. Without any extra trouble, he flicked the remaining bloodstains off his sword and placed Duan Xue back at his waist. He cast an indifferent glance at Song Jinyi who had already hidden at the back and softly asked: “Is Shixiong worried about that two-faced backstabber?”

Chu Yu paused for a moment and then nodded his head.

If Song Jingyi wasn’t disposed of, then going forward, they would constantly have the feeling of a knife hanging over their heads. Being continuously watched by this kind of person wasn’t a pleasant sensation.

He had originally planned to ask the Chu Family’s Emissary Xu to take action and kill Song Jingyi when no one was watching. He was going to create a scenario where they ran into demonic cultivators while patrolling outside and got into a fight with them. But it seemed that Song Jingyi knew what he was thinking and ever since they had left the Qing Tu camp, he had stayed close beside the other Tian Yuan Sect disciples. He hadn’t moved a single step ahead or behind them.

How annoying.

An icy killing intent was concealed within Xie Xi’s smile. He lowered his voice: “Ten years ago, I took advantage of a moment when he was alone and almost managed to kill him.”

Chu Yu was speechless. He had always found it strange that Xie Xi hadn’t made his move ten years ago. So it turned out he had taken action……however, this “almost,” did Song Jingyi escape or in the end was Xie Xi stopped by someone?

Xie Xi said: “I was just one step away from chopping his head off with my sword. When, unfortunately, Shizun suddenly appeared and stopped me.”

It was actually Lu Qingan?

Then again, as Tian Yuan Sect’s elder and Song Yuanzhuo’s Shidi, Lu Qingan naturally wouldn’t be able to allow Xie Xi to kill the Sect Master’s personal succeeding disciple.

Seemingly knowing of Chu Yu’s inner thoughts, Xie Xi shook his head, “Shixiong, the situation’s a bit complicated. At that time, Shizun told me, ‘You can kill him, but not right now’.”


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