Chapter 45.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 45.2 – Reader: Selling out teammates.

As the first Mage God, Antonio is a legend. He is the idol of countless people in the Chaos Continent. All of his deeds can be arranged into an epic song for the bards to sing. No one knows exactly how strong Antonio is and it is rumored that he is only one step away from being a god. Antonio is not allied with any of the forces on the Chaos Continent. Right now he is a guest of the Star Empire. In the original novel’s plot, Xiu met Antonio through Honey. One glance was all it took before Xiu harvested a Mage God as a mentor.

This person is very dangerous – is what Xiu sensed. The elf form would be hard-pressed to fight him but perhaps the demon form can fight with this enemy. Xiu coldly calculated. If this person also hinders him …

Antonio raised his bleary eyes and a brilliance shone through them.

“You are a good seedling and this old man doesn’t want to destroy you.”

“They shouldn’t have stolen my man,” the elf said coldly.

Everyone’s eyes went to Enoch who was carrying Du Ze. The short-haired thief stiffly smiled and put down Du Ze. When Du Ze walked to the clock tower’s edge, Xiu jumped down and tightly clutched Du Ze’s arm, like a dragon guarding his treasure.

Antonio took off the wine cork with his mouth, took a swig, and lamented: “Ah, looks like this was a misunderstanding. Young people always have a lot of energy.” His muddy gaze fell on Xiu: “You’re very good. Do you want to consider accompanying this old rogue?”1

If anyone else had heard this sentence, they would probably be so happy that they would faint. The person speaking is the first Mage God Antonio, a living legend!

Hearing Antonio’s invitation, Xiu was noncommittal. He glanced coldly at Enoch and the other people, then made as if to leave with Du Ze. With Antonio present, it’s not convenient for him to get rid of those people.

There will be time for that later.

Seeing Xiu and Du Ze turn to go, Enoch hurriedly shouted: “Hey! You really won’t consider it? My suggestion about you acting!”

Du Ze always felt that the gold mercenary team members were a few bricks shy of a load.2 Even when the Moe Lord clearly meant to kill them, they were still acting carefree and there is no sense of crisis. Enoch’s personality was especially rash.

Xiu remained indifferent and continued to walk away. Enoch saw this and shouted: “Black-haired brother, don’t forget our agreement! I’ll wait for you with the Starlight Troupe!”

Du Ze immediately felt Xiu’s hand on his tighten. Now some silly, cute person has confirmed it – Enoch really is a scourge! Every time after Enoch causes trouble, it’s this innocent bystander who has to suffer the consequences!!!

After finally escaping from Enoch et al, Xiu and Du Ze found a hotel in the Imperial City of the Star Empire. Du Ze could feel his companion giving off an intense chill so he thought it would be better to confess.

“That thief has the thing I want.” Xiu’s reaction made Du Ze speak very carefully, omitting the most dangerous words: “He said that if I help him with something, he will give me that thing.”

“What is that thing?”

Du Ze was silent. How can he tell the Moe Lord that he is after that doujinshi?!

Fortunately, Xiu did not cross-examine him about it but asked another question: “What does he want you to do?”

“… Persuade you to act in a play.”

Xiu stood by the window and the sun spun a halo around his beautiful, delicate face.

“Do you want me to do it?” Xiu said: “Then say it, tell me what you want.”

– Until I become your entire *.3

Xiu’s voice was very cold but also indescribably tempting. Du Ze blurted out: “I want you to act in the play.”

In the sunlight, Xiu’s thin lips seems to curve up slightly. He went to Du Ze and gently gripped the back of his neck.

“As you wish.”

The next day, Enoch waited with the Starlight troupe for his savior. When he saw Xiu arrive, the thief almost cried from happiness.

“Are you willing to act in the play? Are you? Are you?”

Xiu did not immediately answer Enoch and instead asked the thief: “Why did you take him away with you?”

Enoch realized that Xiu was referring to Du Ze. For fear of Xiu leaving angrily, Enoch hastened to explain: “It’s a misunderstanding! A total misunderstanding! I have a friend who has been looking for him. When you rushed towards me, I panicked and took your companion…”

“Who’s looking for him?” Xiu’s voice was calm but Du Ze somehow had the feeling of wanting to run away.

“A friend of mine, his name is Eric.” Afraid of Xiu misunderstanding this, Enoch began to speak for Eric: “He has no malice towards your companion. I can feel he has a good opinion of him.”

“Eric …”

Du Ze silently backed away a few steps. He really felt that now Xiu regarded Eric as a rival he needed to eradicate – don’t ask him why!

But Enoch, who was clueless about this, continued to say: “When you meet Eric, you will see that he is a very good person. Right now Eric left to do something but he said he will be at the weapons contest. I can introduce you to him then.”

At this moment, Du Ze was enlightened. In fact, it’s not that Du Ze is an innocent bystander who got caught up in Enoch’s mess, the truth is that Enoch is a professional at selling out his teammates!4

Du Ze was frightened as Xiu nodded impassively. Enoch, that rash fellow who had absolutely no idea what he had done, triumphantly led them to the leader of the Starlight Troupe.

The leader of the acting troupe was very excited when he saw Xiu. After Enoch proposed staging the play, he was also thrilled at the thought of being able to put on a proper performance of one of the most challenging plays. The Starlight Troupe had already prepared everything that was needed. All they were missing was the lead actor.

The most important part of a play is the audience’s suspension of disbelief. “Cecil” is considered difficult to stage, but that was not because the acting is difficult. Rather, what was difficult was the ability to make the audience, both male and female, feel that the Cecil in the play was truly a stunning beauty. Everyone needs to be captivated by the beauty of Cecil, and when Cecil’s lover appears, the play is considered successful if the audience becomes jealous of the lover.

The Starlight Troupe’s leader now wants to cry. He finally found the ideal leading man. The face of the elf was beautiful even without makeup. After makeup, he would certainly look like Cecil. His long experience in the acting business made him certain that the elf would absolutely make everyone in the audience go crazy, but …

Even if the audience is in love with “Cecil,” they will never be jealous of Cecil’s lover.

Because when “Cecil” looks into his lover’s eyes, it’s like he is looking at grass.

There’s already an issue with him looking into his lover’s eyes, don’t even mention what it was like when he was supposed to kiss his lover. The leader was in dire need of a drink. How many troupes couldn’t stage “Cecil” because of the first act when they had to make the audience fall in love with the lead actor’s beauty? The elf easily finished the first act yet he was stuck in the second act that depicted Cecil’s relationship with his lover. But this scene is also the most crucial one: it needs to make the audience feel jealous, then the next part will turn their jealousy into compassion. After they see the conclusion, the audience will be moved.

The other scenes were fine but the d***ed second act just wouldn’t work. The leader wanted to kneel in front of Xiu and beg him: “I don’t want you to see the heroine as a lover. Do you at least think of her as a person?”

After learning of the leader’s tragedy, Enoch hurriedly looked for Xiu. Du Ze was with the other onlookers watching the stage and he saw the two of them talking. Xiu looked to the side and said a sentence.

It was at that moment that Du Ze saw the world’s most wonderful face-changing performance from Enoch. The thief had a stupefied expression on his face, then he ran to talk to the leader. The leader’s also looked quite astonished at first but then his expression changed into one of determination, as though he was ready to do anything.

Du Ze suddenly had a premonition that something bad was going to happen when he saw the two men walk over to him. Enoch and the leader were both smiling cordially.

“Hey, brother, do me a favor. Can you play the heroine in the second act?”



If the heroine is him, I’ll kiss him.

I’ll kiss you, don’t worry about it.

– [black box]


The author has something to say:

[System]: The BOSS Protagonist has appeared, HP:???? , MP:???? , SSS danger level

[Main Tank] Reader (Aggro Level Max): Heal, heal, heal, – hey, buff me, too!5

[Healer]6 Author (Retreating to Safety): I wish you happiness, haha.

[Main Tank] Reader (Was Pushed Down): WTF! You actually sell out your teammates!!!


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  1. I think I got it -要不要考虑和我这个老头子混混
  2. 缺根筋 – literally “lacking root tendons” meaning “there’s something wrong/missing with his brain/personality” but the meaning depends on the context. For example, it can also mean “silly” “eccentric” or “difficult to deal with.”
  3. The asterisk was in the original. We, the readers, are supposed to fill in the omitted word ourselves.
  4. 卖队友 Literally “sell your teammates.” This refers to gaming behavior when someone in a cooperative game quits. Like it’s a 2v2 game and a team can win but a player runs, leaving his teammate to be killed… having said that, I really think Enoch is more like the Leeroy Jenkins of that world, always thoughtlessly rushing into dangerous situations.
  5. He is literally asking for “milk” but this is just a Chinese gaming term. Healers are jokingly referred to as wet nurses and the players ask for “milk”. It’s lost in translation so I had to use the real gaming terms.
  6. Literally “wet-nurse” but it means healer

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