Chapter 46.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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(Translator’s Note: “En” is a sound that indicates agreement. It’s important to remember this.)

Chapter 46.1 – Protagonist: Because it’s you.

Currently, the most popular news in the Star Empire is the upcoming “Cecil” play presented by the Starlight Troupe. Some people would scoff and say that the Starlight Troupe is going to smash its own signboard, but more people are looking forward to seeing how the most celebrated acting troupe in the Chaos Continent will stage that famously difficult play. Even without special publicity, ticket sales for the Starlight Troupe’s “Cecil” was a great success; they sold out on the very first day. In the next few days, tickets were difficult to procure and prices were rising higher and higher.

Finally, it was the opening night of “Cecil.” It seemed as though everyone in the Imperial City of the Star Empire was waiting outside the door of the Starlight Troupe’s theater. It was so rowdy that the Empire had to dispatch soldiers to clear a way for people to pass through. Every time someone wanted to go inside, they had to go through barkers yelling sky-high prices for tickets – ever since the Starlight Troupe announced that there would only be one performance of “Cecil,” prices shot up. Those who were not able to buy tickets can only beat their breasts and stamp their feet in regret.

In a remote magical tower, glass jars filled with liquids of varying colours took up almost every square inch of space. It’s the famous Alchemy Master Vieruodis’s magical tower. She is Chaos Continent’s most sought-after alchemist because of her research in human immortality. Her medicines can effectively alleviate aging, therefore many people – especially nobles – want to curry favor from her. However, the alchemist is cranky and prefers to stay inside her tower, shutting everyone out.

Vieruodis sat on a wheelchair while quietly reading the text of her ticket to “Cecil.”. She took out a pocket watch from her bosom. Looking at the watch, Vieruodis’s gaze became both sad and complex.

The hands of the pocket watch indicated that the show was about to start in one hour. Vieruodis stared at the ticket for a long time before she finally reached for it and called her apprentice.

Outside the Starlight Troupe theater.

“Look! It’s His Majesty’s, the Emperor’s carriage. It’s so gorgeous!”

“Can you see His Majesty? I heard that he is 8 years old.”

“No, I can’t see him. I think I see the Prime Minister’s carriage – ha, it’s more gorgeous than His Majesty’s carriage!”


Outside, the people watching the arriving dignitaries were very noisy and lively; inside the theater, the leader of the Starlight Troupe was extremely nervous. Everyone knows that the the Star Empire’s Emperor and Prime Minister are mortal enemies. Both sides are always jostling for position. Now the sworn enemies have arrived at almost the same time. As the Starlight Troupe’s leader, he has to greet them both, but which one should he approach first?

The Emperor of the Star Empire alighted. Though he wore an Emperor’s clothes, he was still too young to look as dignified as an Emperor should. On the other side, a carriage door opened and the first to exit was the Prime Minister’s son, Darwin, one of the Star Empire’s most infamous playboys. Then an old man with meticulously groomed hair exited. He is the Prime Minister, the most powerful person in the Star Empire. When the Prime Minister glanced at the little Emperor, his eyes flashed a hint of disdain.

The atmosphere was so tense that the leader was about to cry. Fortunately, the next person to arrive on the scene solved his plight. The leader ceremoniously greeted the Emperor’s and the Prime Minister’s groups before ushering them both into a theater box. Then he was warmly greeted by a little girl who was dragging an old man along with her.

“Lord Antonio, for you to come tonight is a great honor for the Starlight Troupe!”

Naturally, no one dares to disrespect the first Mage God on the continent. Even the Emperor and Prime Minister want to flatter Antonio. If one of them could woo Antonio to their side, then their rival’s side was as good as dead. Antonio casually waved a greeting to the leader and drunkenly said to Honey: “Little Honey, slow down. Grandpa’s old bones are going to break.”

“Grandpa, you’re too slow!” Honey stamped her foot, then looked to the leader: “Where is Xiu?”


Once she got the answer to her question, Honey let go of Antonio’s hand and ran to find Xiu. Honey’s bodyguard Bart followed her. Antonio took out a flask and drank a mouthful of wine, sighing meaningfully, “Young people are so lively.”

When Honey arrived at the backstage area, she was surprised to see that it was incredibly quiet. Everyone was busy, but they did not make even the slightest sound. Their manner was cautious, as though a bit of noise would force them to wake from a wonderful dream.

Everyone was focused on their tasks but their eyes would occasionally wander over to a corner. After following everyone else’s gaze, Honey found the culprit who had made everyone quiet down.

At that moment, Honey suddenly had a deep understanding of Cecil’s story.

This beauty should be preserved forever and no one should be allowed to monopolize it.


With his left hand, Du Ze pulled up a wig with long, straight black hair. On his right hand was a red-and-black dress. His brain was empty.1

Little book, for you this young man has sacrificed himself to this extent … I’m absolutely forced to love you …

Du Ze put down the wig and used both hands to pick up the dress. A ribbon with a flower bud fell down, but before it landed on the floor it was caught by the small phoenix. It carried it in its beak and flew up to the chair. The fluff ball then laid down the lacy ribbon and looked curiously at the wig.


Agonized, the bitter reader looked at the ornate dress. His eyes were almost blinded by the gothic design, long skirt, silk belt, and layers upon layers of lace.2 He hesitated for a long time, but finally took off his glasses and began to change into the dress. As he struggled to get his head out of the skirt, the wig came straight down from the air and settled on his head. The little Phoenix, who had flown the wig up to his head, tweeted excitedly : “Chirp!”

His sight compromised, Du Ze waved his hands around until he was able to put the wig on its proper position. But tragically, he forgot where he had put his glasses. He moved in a circle searching for the glasses, yet couldn’t find it. Du Ze could only put on the clothes for now and wait for someone else to help him find his glasses later. He picked up the flower bud ribbon, and squinted at it, trying to figure out where it went?

What’s this lacy ribbon for? Belt?

Du Ze took the lacy ribbon and measured it against his waist. He came to the conclusion: if I put this thing on my waist, the most likely result is that people will find a body in the dressing room. A detective will take the lacy ribbon and show it to people, saying: “Look, this is the murder weapon.”

A hand took the ribbon from him. Du Ze looked up. His vision was blurry but he could still make out a man’s silhouette standing there while holding the lacy ribbon. Because his myopia is very high, Du Ze can only recognize that it is Xiu, but all the details are blurry.

“Put it around your neck.”

Du Ze heard Xiu breathe those words before he saw the elf’s face, still blurry in his vision, come nearer.

Du Ze felt something touch his skin- it was Xiu holding the lacy ribbon against his neck. Xiu brushed aside the hair on the back of his neck before a pair of cool hands gently tied a knot. Du Ze imagined that Xiu was tying a bell on a cat.

When the bell rings, you can tell where your cat is.

After tying the lacy ribbon, Xiu ran his fingers through Du Ze’s hair. Du Ze thought about how he was in female attire this time and some silly, cute person felt very unhappy.

Xiu seemed to sense Du Ze’s body go rigid with unhappiness so he said softly: “You look very good.”

“You like it?”

Xiu’s fingertips traced the edges of his hair: “Because it’s you.”

Du Ze was speechless. He thought that if Xiu liked the female attire then the Moe Master is still a heterosexual, but Xiu’s answer gave him little hope that Xiu could still straighten out.

—— Because it’s you. Whatever you look like, I like it.

Even though he can’t see clearly right now, Du Ze still had to look away from Xiu. A light flashed into his eyes. Du Ze squinted and and saw that it was his lost glasses, now hanging on the fat chirp’s body.

The small Phoenix, holding the glasses in its beak, acted cute: “Chirp~”

Du Ze: …

As Du Ze took back his glasses, he heard Enoch’s voice: “Ready? We’re about to start!”

gothic dress
Du Ze in a red and black dress with a ribbon around his neck (tied by Xiu).

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  1. 放空 – empty or temporarily forget everything, to rest for a while
  2. 狗眼 (dog eyes) – when you are browsing the internet and someone sends you link to a picture and you saw something disgusting or horrifying (normally used humorously).

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