Chapter 46 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 46 – Insatiable Greed 

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Chu Yu knew what they were being wary of and was unconcerned. He patted the spot next to him to invite Xie Xi to sit down. Chu Yu then rested his chin on his hand and secretly whispered something to him.

These people were still hesitating because they were afraid that the barrier was still there. When comparing life and death, the dangers outweighed the benefits. This was reason number one. Reason number two was because they were afraid that Chu Yu and Xie Xi would take action.

Chu Yu wasn’t in the mood to help them think it over too much. Back then at Fang Ye City, under Song Jingyi’s leadership, these people had fled one after the other.

Today, they had only come to watch the show. Their primary purpose was to watch Song Jingyi cause his own suffering. If the rest of the people had an interest in joining the show as well, it wouldn’t too bad.

Song Jingyi stared at that stalk of spiritual grass for a moment with a fervent look in his eyes. Suddenly, he showed a gentle smile and stepped forward to call out to a man in orange robes: “Lin Shidi, why don’t you go take a look?”

No matter how you looked at it, you could tell he didn’t have any good intentions.

Did he want to find someone to test the waters first?

Lin Shidi immediately shook his head.

A hint of impatience appeared in the space between Song Jingyi’s brows. After a long pause, he restrained his temper and gave a slight smile. Without another word, he clasped his hands behind his back and walked up to the edge of the pool.

Although the cultivation levels of the rest of the disciples were about the same as Song Jingyi’s, they genuinely weren’t able to defeat him. Seeing him advance forward, they couldn’t help simultaneously looking at Chu Yu and Xie Xi in the hopes that they would say something or do something.

Chu Yu didn’t take a step from his spot. He lowered his head and wiped his sword. Xie Xi’s gaze was focused as he rested his chin on his hand and stared at Chu Yu’s face while brimming with smiles. He seemed as if he would never be able to see enough of it.

Seeing them act as if there wasn’t anyone else present, Song Jingyi let out a sigh of relief and walked up to the edge of the pool where he lowered his head to take a look. Suddenly, he let out a cry of surprise.

The remaining disciples were originally already extremely tense. They were startled by his cry and promptly assumed defensive stances. After waiting for a while and failing to see any abnormal movements, they all stepped forward one after the other and doubtfully asked: “Song Shixiong, what is it?”

“Have you discovered something?”

“We didn’t find any demons, devils, ghosts, or monsters on our way here. Maybe they’re all hiding here.”

Song Jingyi wrinkled his brows and pointed at the pool: “Just now when I moved closer to take a look, I saw something swim by in the water……”

In this kind of secret realm where the danger was unclear, what they feared most was the appearance of something unknown.

Lin Shidi was scared by this but afterward, he psyched himself up and found the courage to move to the edge of the pool. One hand holding his unsheathed sword, he lowered his head for a look.

What was reflected in the water was his face.

As well as the smiling Song Jingyi who was close behind him.

He clearly had on a gentle smile yet Lin Shidi only felt extremely terrified. His scalp prickled and he was so frightened that he felt a chill run through his entire body. Right when he was about to straighten his body, he suddenly heard Song Jingyi say “oh no” and then he felt a numbing sensation all over his body right before he was abruptly pushed towards the pool by a powerful force.

Even a Golden Light talisman could be easily corroded by this pool water nevermind him!

In his alarm, Lin Shidi wanted to immediately use his sword but that numbing sensation in his body had yet to disappear. His spiritual power was slow and blocked. He couldn’t move so much as a muscle and could only watch as the tranquil and beautiful pool water got closer and closer. In a split second, he thoroughly hated Song Jingyi from the depths of his heart.

B******! Hypocrite! Heartless!

Lin Shidi dejectedly closed his eyes and gnashed his teeth in rage. He mentally cursed Song Jingyi with all of his heart.

After waiting for a long time, his soul was still clear and his body didn’t feel out of sorts.

Lin Shidi dazedly opened his eyes and was stunned to find that he was floating above the deep waters.

No, in actuality, a sword was towing him upwards above the water. It was slowly moving away from the pool and returning to the spot he was originally at.

Lin Shidi unconsciously looked at the sword’s name. Astonishment immediately rushed forth in his heart and dispersed his previous ecstasy over being saved: Xun Sheng?

The expression on his face was strange as he turned to look at Chu Yu. Chu Yu was still expressionless and shot an indifferent glance at him. He didn’t say anything else as he recalled Xun Sheng and continued to wipe. He calmly said: “Everyone should stay further away from the pool water. Otherwise, not even your bones or flesh will be left behind.”

Hearing how steady he was as he spoke, as if he hadn’t seen anything just now, Lin Shidi couldn’t help glancing at Song Jingyi.

Song Jingyi’s expression didn’t change as he moved closer to Lin Shidi and worriedly said: “Why was Lin Shidi so careless?”

That push back there had greatly increased Lin Shidi’s hatred. He silently put more distance between him and Song Jingyi and grimly laughed: “Its true that I was blind and wasn’t careful enough. Many thanks to Song Shixiong for worrying about me. Song Shixiong should be more careful as well. It would be terrible if you were to fall into the pool.”

Song Jingyi nodded his head with a solemn expression on his face.

Even though everyone knew that there was no way Lin Shidi had fallen on his own, they couldn’t exactly investigate further into it. After a period of silence, they each said a few words to placate Lin Shidi and then directed their fiery gazes towards the spiritual grass again.

That stalk of spiritual grass resumed its role as the protagonist of this situation. Chu Yu was slightly relieved. He lowered his head and leisurely sighed: “Shidi, wasn’t I fast when I sent out my sword just now?”

Unexpectedly, Xie Xi furrowed his brows. He clearly remembered that this Lin Shidi was part of the group that had followed Song Jingyi and ran away back then. There weren’t any good feelings towards this person in his heart. His hand silently slipped over to grab Chu Yu’s hand. He said in a low voice: “Why did Shixiong save him? Someone who would follow a person like Song Jingyi couldn’t possibly be a decent person.”

Chu Yu lifted his eyelids and slapped Xie Xi’s hand away. He was just about to scold Xie Xi when he suddenly closed his mouth and looked up.

Lin Shidi had walked over.

He hadn’t badmouthed others like Song Jingyi and the others had so he wasn’t that guilty when he faced Chu Yu. He bent his waist and bowed with his hands clasped together. In a heavy tone, he said: “Many thanks to Chu Shixiong for saving my life. Shidi will firmly remember Chu Shixiong’s great kindness and virtue and will definitely return the favor in the future.”

Chu Yu has the protagonist’s thigh to hug so he was as stable as Mount Tai. He maintained an indifferent expression and didn’t respond. He shot a glance at the group of the people who were still standing at the edges of the pool: “You’re not going to fight for the spiritual medicine?”

Lin Shidi considered it for a moment and then walked over to them with the intention to sit down. Xie Xi keenly noticed this and looked at him with a cold look in his eyes. Although he didn’t say anything, the word “scram” was written all over his face in large font.

Lin Shidi could only withdraw his leg and felt a bit embarrassed: “Even if the spiritual medicine is hard to come by, my life is just as precious. If Song Jingyi was able to push me once, it doesn’t mean that he won’t push me a second time. I have no intentions of becoming his stepping-stone.”

Oh? The boy had potential. He actually said it out loud so straightforwardly.

The hand that Chu Yu was using to wipe his sword paused in its movements. He raised his eyes and stared at him for a moment before slowly saying: “Then sit down.”

Lin Shidi looked at Xie Xi and didn’t have the courage to walk over to them while Xie Xi still had that murderous gaze. The corner of Lin Shidi’s mouth twitched. He circled around to an empty space not far behind Chu Yu and sat down with his legs crossed.

Chu Yu rubbed the tip of his nose: “Now there’s a sensible person.”

After failing to hear Xie Xi’s response even after a long time, he turned his head for a look, “Shidi?”

Xie Xi immediately withdrew his killing intent. The corners of his lips raised and he brightly smiled: “You’re right, they’re so hard to come by.”

After a pause, he reached his hand over and didn’t allow any refusal as he grabbed Chu Yu’s hand and intertwined their fingers. Only then did he say in a quiet voice: “Can Shixiong promise me something?”

“What?” Chu Yu was held in place so he couldn’t continue wiping his sword. As such, he directly put his sword away before patting Xie Xi’s head which had moved closer to him.

In front of other people, Xie Xi was like the living image of a Rakshasa.1In front of him, with the exception of that moment of craziness back when they had just reunited, he was always acting like a spoiled child, acting cute, rubbing against him, and hugging him. He was as sticky as a child.

Chu Yu looked like he was petting a stray cat that he saw on the side of the road in his past. As he petted Xie Xi, a feeling of regret abruptly arose in his heart.

To have hugged someone’s thighs to this degree, actually, it could also be considered a kind of achievement……

With a “ding” the system said: “Then you’re amazing~”

Chu Yu habitually ignored the system. It was only after he had rubbed until he was satisfied that he leniently said: “What is it? If it’s not too absurd, then I’ll promise you.”

Xie Xi bowed his head and lowered his eyes. The look in his eyes was dark and unclear. He faintly said: “If Shixiong continues to stare at other people, Shidi will be very unhappy. From now on, Shixiong shouldn’t stare at anyone besides Shidi. Even Chu Sheng isn’t okay.”

……What kind of messed up request was this?

Chu Yu suddenly remembered the time when Xie Xi was pretending to be unconscious and repeatedly kicked Third Shidi off of Xun Sheng. His face darkened and right as he was about to sternly refuse there was a sudden disturbance beside the pool. Chu Yu had been dead-set on seeing today’s big show so he immediately turned his head to look. He was greeted by the sight of Song Jingyi flying to the empty land at the center of the pool.

Xie Xi also slowly walked over and said in a soft and sticky tone: “Shixiong didn’t refuse so that means you agree. From now on, I’ll beat up whoever Shixiong stares at.”

Chu Yu: “……”

Huh? Did he hear wrong?”

Chu Yu silently withdrew his gaze and stared deeply at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi’s face gradually turned pink from Chu Yu’s gaze and his breathing had slightly quickened. He was misty-eyed and his voice was somewhat hoarse: “Shixiong?”

Just from being looked at by Chu Yu, he would start overthinking things. He couldn’t help wanting to kiss him, to mark him. He wanted to confirm that this person was completely his.

Chu Yu was unaware of the thoughts running through Xie Xi’s mind. He had a gentle look in his eyes and a sincere smile: “You’ll beat up whoever I stare at?”

Xie Xi: “……”

Xie Xi quietly laughed before grabbing Chu Yu’s hand and patted his face with it. He leisurely said: “Done.”

Chu Yu didn’t feel like arguing with him so he turned his head to continue watching the show.

Over on that side, Song Jingyi had already plucked the spiritual medicine. He swept his eyes over the people by the edge of the pool. His expression was strange.

A moment ago, after bickering for a long time, they had finally decided to bring the spiritual grass back home and refine it into pill medicine which would then be split evenly between them.

Even though the effect of the spiritual grass would be greatly weakened that way and it might even have no effect at all, these people refused to give way to someone else and so it was impossible for them to allow anyone to have this stalk of spiritual grass for themselves.

Song Jingyi had already been stagnating at the early Core Formation stage for several years now. Although this could be considered as normal, every time he saw Xie Xi’s cultivation rise he would feel that as the future Sect Master, his reputation had been thoroughly discredited and other people were looking down on him. The more uneasy he felt, the angrier he would get. He desperately wanted to raise his cultivation level and break through the early Core Formation stage, this critical juncture.

How could he readily surrender this spiritual medicine and put faith in an unknown effect? Moreover, it would also have to be refined and turned into many spiritual grass pill medicines.

There were already people on the other side who had sensed something was amiss: “Song Shixiong, why haven’t you come over here yet?”

Song Jingyi slowly raised his hand and revealed a mocking smile: “Song gives many thanks to all of my Shidis for presenting me with this gift today.”

Finished speaking, he turned his hand and pulled something out. A layer of golden light shone and enveloped him inside of it.

The people at the edge of the pool had been caught unprepared. They all erupted in anger and immediately used their swords to hatefully attack only for it to be utterly ineffective.

That was a defense treasure that was similar to the Golden Light Bowl.

Those with sharp minds were alarmed as they suddenly realized something.

This thing had only been seen at Sect Master Song Yuanzhuo’s place. If they had guessed right, Song Yuanzhuo had probably given it to Song Jingyi in secret before they had left. As for its purpose……

It was likely that its purpose was to defend against this very scenario where there was only one stalk of spiritual grass.

If there was only one stalk of spiritual grass and Song Jingyi hogged it to himself, the others would definitely feel indignant and it would be hard to avoid a dispute. However, after eating the spiritual grass, he would need to meditate and absorb spiritual energy. He wouldn’t have any ability to resist and there wouldn’t be anyone beside him who would protect him.

In this kind of situation, a defense treasure would be very important.

Granted that it was unavoidably inexcusable of him to hog it to himself, so long as he swallowed it and broke through, once he took down the defense barrier and came out, even if his reputation would be a bit unpleasant to hear, he would have still gained the greatest benefit.

Chu Yu cried out in surprise: “He took the bait.”

Xie Xi was somewhat skeptical: “Shixiong is so sure that Song Jingyi will continue to search for spiritual grass and find that place?”

Chu Yu gave a slight smile and patted his head: “After eating this kind of spiritual grass, the person will be extremely sensitive to the same kind of smell. You should just wait and see.”

The faces of the remaining Tian Yuan Sect disciples couldn’t be described with just the word “unsightly” anymore.

Song Jingyi had brazenly made a fool of all of them. They had eaten such a big loss yet it was uncertain whether complaining to their masters once they returned would even have an effect.

They could only sit here and watch Song Jingyi break through.

The ring of people surrounded the pool and walked a few circles around it. When they turned their heads, they saw the cold expressions of Chu Yu and Xie Xi, this pair of Shixiong and Shidi. They recalled Song Jingyi’s hypocritical smile again and suddenly, they felt that these two expressionless people were extremely pleasing to look at. One after the other, they moved closer to them with the intentions of saying a few words.

Xie Xi’s expression didn’t change but with a bell-like sound, Duan Xue suddenly unsheathed itself and floated in the air at a distance of 10 meters from the two of them. It gave off the feeling that it would cut down whoever dared to come over.

The originally depressed people became even more depressed. When they walked over to Lin Shidi, Lin Shidi gave them all a cold, mocking glance. The feeling of depression in their hearts had reached the extreme point.

After four hours, Song Jingyi came out.

Originally, he had been somewhat dispirited because of Mei Yin Valley’s persecution and torment but now, his face had a rosy glow to it and he was brilliantly smiling. Seeing his fellow sect members’ obvious, ill-intentioned gazes, he smiled and said: “You shouldn’t look at me like this. I had just swallowed the spiritual medicine when I sensed a few stalks not far from here. Do you wish to follow me for a look?”

There was no need for Song Jingyi to trick them. If this kind of lie were to be told right now, it would cause a real angry mob.

The people who had originally been thoroughly depressed considered it for a moment and after exchanging looks with one another, they all nodded.

Chu Yu also stood up and dusted off the grass and leaves that had gotten on his robe. He followed behind them at a leisurely pace.

Sure enough, they hadn’t walked far before a cave appeared. Its interior glistened with dim, green light. The delicate fragrance wafted in the air and made one relaxed and happy.

Song Jingyi had already broken through to mid Core Formation stage and had ample confidence. He swept his eyes across the rest of them and slightly smiled before entering first. Now that he had gotten a taste of the sweetness, how could he share it with other people?

The secret realm collapsed and only he escaped. This kind of reason wasn’t up to other people to decide whether or not they believed it.



Translator’s Notes:

  • Xie Xi was compared to a Rakshasa. In this context, it means “Xie Xi was like a bloodthirsty demon.”
  • Ooh, I like this story arc. It looks like Chu Yu and Xie Xi have something planned???
  • Please let me know if there are any errors. Still no editor, lol. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Rakshasa – a type of demon or goblin in Hindu mythology.

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