Chapter 47.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 47.1 – Author: Time separates this pair of lovers.

The audience was quiet. The leader watched with trepidation in the background. Did they just screw up that scene?

Antonio swallowed a mouthful of wine before he put down the jug and began clapping. The applause echoed through the auditorium, waking audience members had from the dream. The applause was contagious and more and more people started clapping until in the end, the sound was deafening.

Inside her theater box, Vieruodis stared at the bright red curtain, wanting to see Cecil and the lover who had been covered by it.

Together forever …That is a terrible joke.

Vieruodis trembled as she put her hand her pocket, trying to pull out her pocket watch – but there was nothing in there.


“We’ve worked hard!” The leader grinned hugely. “The show was very successful!”


“Pay raises!”


Everyone laughed very happily. Du Ze put his glasses back on. Taking advantage of the time when Xiu was changing clothes in his dressing room, he looked around and saw Enoch standing in a corner. Enoch saw Du Ze and was excited, saying: “Thanks to you, this thief has finally succeeded!”

Du Ze knew that Enoch was talking about his task. Now that Enoch had completed it, Du Ze can finally can take back his doujinshi.

“Where’s my book?”

“I’ll give it to you tomorrow.” Enoch said: “When I got it the book was sealed so I gave it to a friend to unseal.” Enoch was still curious:””Hey, tell me what’s in it.”

Young man, those who do not seek death will not die.

Du Ze wanted to tell Enoch not to let Xiu know when he returned the book. But suddenly, he saw the thief’s eyes open wide in shock as he looked at something behind Du Ze. Du Ze was about to turn around when a person grabbed him from behind and a frivolous voice sounded in his ear.

“Come, let me see this person who is more beautiful than Cecil.”

Du Ze’s first reaction was embarrassment before he thought: Plot God, why do you have to be so professional and dedicated to your craft!

The Star Empire story arc in “Mixed Blood” is divided into three stages: the first stage was the encounter with Enoch, the second stage was the encounter with the rich second generation playboy, Darwin.

Darwin is the son of the Star Empire’s Prime Minister. After “Cecil” was finished, the rich second generation scum went backstage and flirted with the actress who played Cecil’s lover. Xiu came back from changing his clothes and stopped the scumbag. Darwin was furious and when he saw Xiu’s newbie level warrior badge, he challenged Xiu to a duel to the death.

When he read it, Du Ze had been very much in love with how the Moe Master’s **** face-slapping “play pig eat the tiger” (wolf in sheep’s clothing) plot … but why did the heroine become him?

Some silly, cute person looked at the authentic original heroine and then looked down at the dress that he hadn’t had time to change out of. He was speechless with chagrin.

Enoch finally reacted: “Let go of my brother!”

“What if I don’t?” Darwin snorted then looked at his guards who got the message and surrounded Enoch. Darwin put his head on Du Ze’s shoulder and inhaled: “Baby, you smell good.”

Du Ze had goose bumps all over his body.

“I am a man.”

Darwin thought this was just an excuse. He laughed lewdly and made an obscene suggestion: “Then strip naked; let me see where you are a man …”

Enoch was just about to push past the bodyguards to rescue Du Ze when he saw a green shadow appear in the middle of the playboy’s eyebrows.

A strong impact made Darwin let go of Du Ze and stagger back a few steps. Darwin touched his forehead with his hand; there was a small bump on it.

Xiu appeared, his face cold. He went to Du Ze’s side and stretched out his hand to smooth away the wrinkles on Du Ze’s dress with an air of brushing off something dirty.

“You dare to treat me this way -”

Darwin shouted the words, but they fell into an ominous dead space, the whole area was frozen. The silver-haired elf was quietly fixing the black-haired youth’s clothes. Although the elf’s expression did not have even the slightest sign of ferocity, Darwin felt as though he had already died, killed by the elf.

This thought was turned into truth as Xiu spoke calmly, without emotion, like someone knocking on death’s door.


A sharp pain exploded in his head and Darwin covered his forehead, screaming. Everyone watched in horror as thin branches and green leaves shot out from in between Darwin’s fingers. The bright green color of the new growth frightened the onlookers.


Starting from the forehead, the growth extended to Darwin’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. He painfully rolled around on the ground, his sharp nails piercing and stripping away his own skin. His two bodyguards were anxious to save their master. One of them tried to take him away but when he approached, the branches would attack him. Whenever he cut off those branches, Darwin would scream terribly as though he was cutting Darwin’s flesh. Another bodyguard was going to try to fight Xiu, but when he saw Xiu’s gaze, he felt that he would surely come to a bad end1 if he took one step towards Xiu.

Hearing those dying screams, Du Ze wanted to look back but Xiu grabbed the back of his neck and wouldn’t allow him to move.

“Don’t look.” Xiu’s voice was unusually cold. “It’s very dirty.”

When even his shoes had grown branches, Darwin stopped screaming and was barely making any sounds. Xiu finally uttered the word that summoned the final death.


In a flash, the bloody branches bloomed with pure white flowers. The blood and the white color of the flowers made an ironic contrast to each other.

Xiu finally let go of Du Ze’s neck. When Du Ze looked back at Darwin, all he could see were tangled branches, small white flowers, and a barely detectable amount of red liquid. Though he had not seen the whole process, he could tell what had happened from looking at the faces of the people around them – plot god, this was not in the script! How come the arrogant rich second generation scum was killed?! It’s true that in the original plot, Xiu did kill the rich second generation playboy in the duelling field, but at that time they had signed the life and death agreement so the Prime Minister could not vent his anger on Xiu. But now …

Some silly, cute person had a strong feeling that this was the prelude to becoming a wanted criminal.

Everyone was staring at the scene. Darwin’s two bodyguards wanted to sneak away, but Enoch quickly knocked them unconscious. The leader looked at the body that had been turned into plant food. Then he turned his gaze on the expressionless silver-haired elf. He gritted his teeth and ordered people to shut the door. The only people present are the members of the troupe and if he acts swiftly enough, no one will find out about it. However, just as the leader was thinking this, he saw that a stranger was present. It was a woman in a wheelchair. Her whole body was thoroughly covered, including her face; she was wearing a veil and even gloves. On her lap, a little chimera lay sleeping.

The female alchemist spoke: “I am Vieruodis.”

When he heard the alchemist identify herself, the leader was dumbfounded. Why would the famous alchemist suddenly appear here just as they had to hide a murder? He had no idea when Vieruodis had arrived and how long she had been watching.

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  1. 他一定会死无葬身之地 Literally “die without a burial (ground)” but the meaning is “come to a bad end.”

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