Chapter 46.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 46.2 – Protagonist: Because it’s you.

The blurry world suddenly became clear. Du Ze stared at the carefully dressed Xiu. His brain went blank. The elf wore a neutral white robe with gold stripes, and his long, silvery hair was carefully adorned with hair ornaments. The makeup on his face is very light, but it brought out the exquisite perfection of his face – a perfection that had the kind of beautiful androgyny that attracts everyone … a beauty that cannot be described and can instigate a deep desire to possess the owner of that beauty.

This is “Cecil,” and his beauty makes the whole world exclaim in surprise and wonder.

When Cecil appeared, the audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop

[Once there was a very beautiful person, his name was Cecil.]

As the narrator spoke, Xiu just stood there and let everyone go crazy.

Du Ze watched all of this from the wings. He couldn’t understand why Xiu liked him.

… Why him?

Du Ze watched God freeze Cecil’s time. It was like a glimpse of his own fate.

Du Ze put these thoughts aside and started to get nervous because some silly Moe person was about to step onstage. Regarding the character of “Cecil’s Lover,” in order to match Du Ze’s “coldly elegant and beautiful noble appearance,” the leader had changed the script. The lover was now a “cold on the outside, hot on the inside” character so Du Ze can simply maintain his usual facial paralysis while Xiu shows his love, then Du Ze can exit. But even so, this is an enormous challenge for someone with Du Ze’s long-established social barrier. He looked at the crowded auditorium and constantly tried to hypnotized himself. Du Ze took off his glasses in order to not see.

[God froze Cecil’s time so that Cecil would stay forever in his most beautiful moment..]

After the narration, the stage was transformed into a setting with a meadow under a blue sky. Brisk music sounded. Cecil stood under a tree and seemed to be waiting for someone. The birds sang an ode to his beauty and the flowers praised his good looks, but Cecil just leaned on the trunk of the tree. From beginning to end, his gaze focused only in a certain direction, indifferent to everything around him.

Gradually, a girl dressed in black and red clothes appeared. Her face was impassive and she looked very difficult to get along with. But when she showed up, Cecil’s eyes lit up and his breathtaking beauty became even more gorgeous.

The whole world looked at him, but he looked at his lover as if he were looking at the whole world.

Honey, sitting in her box, looked at this and thought: I really envy that person so much.

Almost all the viewers had the same idea as they looked at the girl on the stage, eager to replace her with themselves. In all fairness, the brunette was indeed very comely, but she was nothing compared to Cecil.

Du Ze sat stiffly on the lawn. He couldn’t see clearly but was still able to feel those fierce eyes poking his body – poke and poke, poke him to death, make his blood spatter three feet!

SOS, save me … QAQ.

His head sank but he had to follow the script. Xiu will put a garland on his head, then Du Ze has to kiss Xiu’s face.

But … @The person who wrote the script: Do you really not have a grudge against the lovers? Kissing a close friend in this type of situation, will this young man really be able to retreat?!

Du Ze edged slightly closer to Xiu and instantly felt the eyes poking him more fiercely.

***! This young man is risking his life to act in this play!

When Xiu saw that Du Ze had frozen stiff in the middle of his movement, Xiu did not hesitate and took the initiative to kiss him.

Du Ze’s eyes opened wide: Xiu kissed his mouth, not his face!

The audience watched as the silver-haired elf embraced a girl and kissed her intimately. The intensity of his passion made a lot of people’s hearts quicken and they blushed. Du Ze did not dare to struggle. He hadn’t had time to close his mouth before Xiu took away all his air. At first he still remembered that they were acting in a play but in the end he was in such a dazed state that he could not tell left from right. He could only lie in Xiu’s embrace.

Cecil hugged his lover, kissed his lover’s black hair, and said: “We will be together forever.”

His lover was silent in his embrace for a long time then gently said: “En.”

The birds stopped singing, the flowers bowed their heads, the whole world watched the lovers, and the silence was dreadful.

[The whole world fell in love with Cecil and envied his lover.]

The leader was dumbfounded and thought: In the original script, Cecil gave his lover a garland of flowers then the lover kissed Cecil’s face and said “we will be together forever.” Cecil kissed the lover and agreed. But when he saw the scene today, the leader discovered that the effect on the audience is better. The beautiful Cecil was more active, so the audience became even more jealous of his lover.

Du Ze exited the stage and collapsed. Now the script has moved on. Cecil and his lover are separated. After that scene, the actress from the troupe will play the lover and Du Ze becomes uninvolved. Some silly, cute person’s face was stiff. He looked straight ahead as he walked to his dressing room, too scared to look at other people’s eyes.

Ever since he and Xiu rehearsed the scene from the second act backstage, everyone looked at him with strangely treacherous eyes. Honey just sobbed and said she was lovelorn again. Enoch said: “you are my good brother so I will support you.” How could a silly, cute person overcome his social barrier to explain it? No, some Moe person just said “you misunderstood” without being able to clarify matters. And now he and Xiu French kissed in public.


When Du Ze arrived in the dressing room, the leader smilingly blocked Du Ze’s way.

“I have a request … “

[The lark said to the lover: you are so old, how are you worthy of Cecil?

The rose said to the lover: you are so ugly, how are you worthy of Cecil?]

Seated in her box, Vieruodis watched as the lark-woman and rose-woman surrounded the lover. Her hand on the wheelchair’s arm tightened until it became white.

[The lover began to wonder: If I became beautiful, could I be with Cecil?]

In Vieruodis’ memory, a woman was thinking: If I could make a potion of rejuvenation, would I be able to be with him?

[So the lover used a taboo magic.]

The stage was filled with smoke and the magical array that was painted on the floor in blood gradually disappeared. Cecil’s lover stood in the middle of the stage, her back to the audience, and the narration continued.

[Finally, the lover became beautiful.]

No one can see the lover’s face; they can only imagine. A person more beautiful than Cecil, what would she look like?

[So God unfroze Cecil’s time and froze the lover’s time.]

In the last scene, Xiu walked out from the far end of the sea of flowers. When he saw who was waiting for him in the middle of the stage, he was stunned – it’s Du Ze.

The two are at different ends of the sea of flowers, separated by a vast distance. In the original “Cecil” script, this is the end. However, Du Ze thought of the leader’s instructions and he looked at Xiu. As was his habit, his hands pressed down on the headphones hidden in his hair and said earnestly: “We will be together forever.”

Xiu was a little startled at first, then his expression became so gentle that it made a person want to cry.


The curtain fell.

The audience stared at the red curtain for a long time.


The author has something to say:

Author: Tell me what you can’t understand.

Reader: The stamina of a stud1 protagonist.

Protagonist: Because it’s (topping)2 you.


cross dress du ze
Du Ze in a dress and Xiu in elf form

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  1. There are different types of novels that have multiple female leads for the male main character. A stud/stallion novel is one in which the protagonist beds a large number of females but there is very little or no romance.
  2. 面对 – it means facing/face to face, but it’s a pun and it’s alluding to topping

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