Chapter 49 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 49 – Just use your mouth

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Xie Xi was very unhappy.

Chu Yu knew why Xie Xi wasn’t happy. It was because Xie Xi was unhappy that Chu Yu felt happy. He cleaned the fish and cheerfully lit a fire with a rack for cooking the fish. Rummaging around in his storage ring, he found the seasonings that he had thrown into it some time ago and used them to season the fish one by one. Chu Yu said: “If you want some good roast fish then you have to take it slow and remove the scales then cook it over a small fire. Then it will taste good…”

As Xie Xi listened to Chu Yu speaking, his mood lifted. Thoughtfully looking Chu Yu up and down, Xie Xi’s lips curved up slightly: “I will listen to everything Shixiong says.”

Chu Yu’s head was bowed so he didn’t notice the dangerous glint in Xie Xi’s eyes. When he had finished patiently seasoning the fish, he raised his head. Looking at Xie Xi who was sitting beside him like a cute, well-behaved little darling child, Chu Yu’s heart was suddenly filled with love.

Ah, this obedient look, like that time when he was still a cute little shota…1

Now that the sky was getting dark, the light from the fire shone on Xie Xi, making his facial features even more beautiful.

Chu Yu’s heart started thumping loudly and he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Oh no, he was done for! The heart of this “face-con”2 who was extremely weak when it comes to beautiful faces, has begun to pound.

After staring at Xie Xi for a long time, Chu Yu slowly moved to him and raised his hand to touch the child’s head. He said, in the kindly way of an older person complimenting a child, “I didn’t expect Shidi to grow this big in the blink of an eye.”

“For Shixiong, it might have been just a blink of an eye.” Xie Xi took Chu Yu’s hand and raised it to his mouth for a kiss. His eyes darkened. “But for Shidi, those ten years of darkness were so long that they seemed almost endless.”

Until he saw the end.

At the end was Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was stunned. He hesitated for a moment then asked about the thing he had been worrying about in his heart: “I heard that in your that first year, you were…”

Xie Xi knew what he wanted to ask and smiled: “I went crazy.”

He was so straightforward that Chu Yu was somewhat uneasy: “Shidi?”

Xie Xi took Chu Yu into his arms and, as though he hated being apart, rubbed his face against the side of Chu Yu’s face: “That’s what other people said.”

Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and he was just about to smile when Xie Xi continued: “But I really did go crazy. For more than a year, all that I remembered was that I was waiting for Shixiong outside the Mausoleum Ruins. I waited until the four seasons passed outside the Mausoleum Ruins. When autumn came, I suddenly regained my senses. I didn’t remember what I had been doing for so long, and I couldn’t even remember what had happened inside the Mausoleum Ruins…”

His tone was very calm but his words made Chu Yu’s heart ache.

How painful that must have been…

Xie Xi held him a little tighter and muttered: “I really couldn’t remember anything. For such a long time… all I could think about was Shixiong. Whenever I thought of Shixiong’s smile, I felt that I could still find the strength to live…”

Chu Yu felt even sadder: “Alright… you don’t have to say anything more.”

Chu Yu had originally wanted to ask Xie Xi what he had been doing all these years. Unexpectedly, Xie Xi had just started speaking but Chu Yu already couldn’t bear to hear any more.

Chu Yu was held too tightly and couldn’t breathe. He patted Xie Xi’s back and said, a little at a loss: “…Shidi, why do you like Shixiong?”

“Because Shixiong is very warm.” Xie Xi frowned in thought. Shaking his head, he said, “Shixiong is so good to me; Shixiong is so wonderful. He is everything that Shidi loves. I want to be with Shixiong forever and never separate.”

Never to separate for a lifetime… like family?

Chu Yu’s mind wandered to his relatives in his original world.

A useless father who was at home all day, drunkenly beating and bitterly cursing his stepmother. And since his stepmother had children of her own, she was unkind to him and couldn’t wait for him to disappear.

… In fact, from a certain point of view, his stepmother’s wish has been granted.

Like Xie Xi, he hadn’t experienced the care and affection of many of his close relatives. Fortunately, he was optimistic in nature and his personality did not become distorted. When he took care of Xie Xie, Chu Yu relied on his instincts regarding how to treat Xie Xi well, protect him, and take care of him…

And now Xie Xi was trying to imitate Chu Yu by treating Chu Yu well, protecting him, and taking care of him.

These are all things that his so-called family haven’t done for him.

Chu Yu thought about it and suddenly had some doubts.

Contrasting his situation now and in his original world, wouldn’t it be better to stay inside the book? Why did he start off with the goal of going back to his world and desperately try to get more points?

He was also secretly always confused about whether he should stay with Xie Xi or go back to his original world.

There was no need to be confused about this at all!

Suddenly, Chu Yu felt refreshed. Smiling, he stroked Xie Xi’s chin: “Alright, then we will always be together.”

This was the first time that Chu Yu has answered this question directly. Xie Xi hadn’t expected this response and his eyes widened in disbelief. Opening his mouth, he stuttered out: “Shi, Shixiong… Shixiong, what did you say just now? Could you please say it again?”

Seeing his eyes aglow with excitement, Chu Yu sighed. This was probably what his entire life was going to be like.

He patiently repeated: “We will always be together.”

Xie Xi suddenly threw Chu Yu down on the ground.

It not that he wanted to start groping Chu Yu right now, he was just excited to the extreme and simply wanted to hold Chu Yu in his arms, unwilling to let go.

Chu Yu’s head rang and tears of pain filled his eyes. He stared up at the dark sky for a long time before he regained his senses. He couldn’t help but scold: “What kind of way is this to behave? Get up.”

Xie Xi still wouldn’t let go.

Chu Yu could feel wetness on his neck on the spot where Xie Xi had buried his head. He swallowed what he had been about to say. Stroking Xie Xi’s back, he seriously compared their temperaments and felt a little depressed at the thought that Xie Xi was the gong.3

The ground was cold, the air was filled with a burnt smell, the weight on top of his body was very heavy, and the sky was cloudy, too. Not moving was good.

… Wait.

Chu Yu, who had been woolgathering, immediately returned to his senses and sprang up: “The fish!”

The result of having a profound heart-to-heart talk and patiently lying in an embrace was that all of the fish was completely burnt.

Chu Yu bent down over the fire and poked at it in frustration.

Xie Xi, eyes shining, squatted down beside him smiled: “Shixiong agreed to my request to eat fish. Now that the fish is all burnt, are you going to compensate me?”

Chu Yu calmly poked a branch on the fire to extinguish it, dusted off his hands, and stood up. He lectured Xie Xi coldly: “You’re already a Core Formation cultivator but you still talk about eating fish all day long.”

Xie Xi sighed helplessly: “If I say I want to eat Shixiong, would Shixiong be willing?”

The expression on Chu Yu’s face didn’t change and he completely ignored Xie Xi’s question: “Alright, let’s go and see what’s the deal with this mountain.”

After he finished speaking, Chu Yu restarted Xun Sheng and flew to the high mountain the old man had indicated. At first glance, it seemed as though the mountain was very close but it was actually pretty far away. With Chu Yu’s speed, it took him almost half a day to get there.

Looking up from the foot of the mountain, the mountain was indeed very high. Chu Yu thought about it for a moment then activated a barrier. They flew up on his sword into the clouds but a moment later, the two people on Xun Sheng heard the faint sound of thunder and a strong wind blowing. Chu Yu threw a guiding talisman to probe the area above them and saw no abnormalities. Thus, Chu Yu took Xie Xi with him flying towards the top of the mountain.

They had only flown a few feet when a sudden strong wind and lightning came from the clouds. Xie Xi, who was leaning lazily behind Chu Yu, turned aside the wind and thunder with a wave of his hand.

With Xie Xi guarding him,4 Chu Yu felt more confident and took them deeper into the clouds. It didn’t take long for the scenery to suddenly change drastically.

Beyond the layer of clouds was a small hilltop terrace covered with green grass and a small cluster of trees. A misty hot spring was surrounded by trees and flowers.

Chu Yu narrowed his eyes and glanced around, puzzled: “Based on what the old man said, I thought that this mountain was really dangerous.”

Xie Xi was indifferent: “Ordinary mortals spread rumors everywhere and each time it’s passed on, it becomes more and more colorful. Shixiong actually believed him?”

“Well, Shizun said that this place has a powerful Immortal Spring. How come there’s nothing dangerous here?” Chu Yu still had some doubts about this place.

According to the laws of the novel’s world, every mysterious treasure always had a mythological beast guarding it. If there wasn’t any guardian then there would be an ancient formation barrier around it. How could it be this easy?

Xie Xi was silent for a moment then turned his head away.

… Shizun was just making something up, if there really was something a little powerful here, then Shizun would be awesome…

Chu Yu didn’t dare to be careless and cautiously inspected the place, confirming that it really was a place with temperate and refined spiritual energy that was hard to come by. He sighed with disappointment and took Xie Xi to the hot spring.

Just now when they were in the air then descended, in a split second there was a hazy fog but in the next breath, the air suddenly became hot and humid.

After inspecting the spring, Chu said sternly: “Shidi, go in. I’ll stand guard outside with a protective barrier.”

Xie Xi looked at Chu Yu’s solemn expression and was at a loss…

…What’s to be done? Obviously, they were here to play around happily without a care in the world, pleasantly letting go of shame and frolicking leisurely, but Shixiong was too serious…

Xie Xi was struck speechless. After a time he said, “Shixiong, it’s very safe around here.”

Chu Yu: “Huh?”

Xie Xi: “ Shidi is afraid of entering a hot spring alone…”

Chu Yu snorted: “Ha! Then I will catch a monster to accompany you.”

Xie Xi quickly grabbed Chu Yu and, with an expression as though he had been wronged, said, “Shixiong knows exactly what Shidi means. Why is Shixiong pretending to be confused?”

Chu Yu pondered over it and euphemistically said, “Shidi, if a young and vigorous man shares a bath, you will inevitably be a little bit out of control…”

“…Shixiong is still not willing?” Xie Xi suddenly burst into tears. “Shixiong said that he liked me and said that he would always stay with me. Why do you always refuse me?”

Chu Yu scowled: “What kind of violent exercise does a wounded person want to do? Go into the spring and wait!”

Xie Xi was unhappy. Originally, he had pretended to be injured to take advantage of Chu Yu’s distress but, unexpectedly, the result was that the fish that was almost in his mouth suddenly swam away. But if he told the truth now, Chu Yu will probably ignore him…

Xie Xi was depressed for a moment. He took off his robes and ran into the hot springs. He didn’t sink down into the water so that his back was exposed and his lean waist was half hidden and half revealed.

Chu Yu, holding Xun Sheng, leaned against a tree and stared at Xie Xi’s back.

…The child seemed to be really depressed.

Xie Xi was injured because of him.

The expression on Chu Yu’s face didn’t change but his heart was a bit shaken and his index finger started tapping on the scabbard nervously.

This sort of abstinence for someone who was originally the protagonist of the type of harem novel that was notorious for the amount of implied H content, it must be hard… especially since Chu Yu has been with him recently…

Just satisfying Xie Xi a little, it should be alright, shouldn’t it?

After struggling with this dilemma for a long time, Chu Yu heard Xie Xi’s voice: “Shixiong…”

He didn’t look back and the sound was soft. His clear voice sounded as though he felt extremely wronged.

Chu Yu’s heartstrings vibrated. He took a deep breath, clenched his teeth, and stepped closer. Standing on a slippery boulder next to the hot spring, he said warmly: “Wait until your body has recovered. Now is not a good time.”

After a pause, Chu Yu gave a slight cough. “If necessary, the five girls can help you…”

Xie Xi kept silent.

Chu Yu was at a loss. Kneeling down, he stretched out a hand to pat Xie Xi’s head: “Be good, don’t… ah!”

His hand was caught and he was pulled down into the hot spring. The warm water instantly soaked his entire body. Chu Yu took a deep breath. He was just about to educate Xie Xi about proper behavior when Xie Xi pressed Chu Yu’s body against the side of the boulder. Their bodies were pressed against each other with no gap in between.

Xie Xi smiled earnestly. He pinned Chu Yu’s hand behind his back and lifted Chu Yu’s chin. In a low voice, Xie Xi said, “Shixiong, you came down here on your own.”

Chu Yu’s face was expressionless: “… Let go.”

Xie Xi turned a deaf ear. Squeezing a leg between Chu Yu’s legs, he winked and said: “It looks as though Shixiong feels guilty and yet feels too embarrassed to take the initiative to compensate me, so please let your Shidi claim it himself.”

Chu Yu was forced to raise his head. His lips thinned as he narrowed his eyes to look dully at Xie Xi.

Just before Xie Xi caught him off guard and pulled him into the water, his Starry Splendour hairpin had fallen into an unknown corner so that his fine black hair was flowing down, clinging wetly to his face and neck. The black hair contrasted beautifully with his skin that was white as snow. His clothes were disordered and had fallen open slightly, revealing a strong white chest.

Xie Xi blinked and stared at Chu Yu’s rosy face and his moist red lips that were slightly parted…

This scene was familiar but where once he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, now he can do it.

Xie Xi lowered his head and bit Chu Yu’s lip. A gentle kiss slowly turned into a passionate, forceful5 French kiss. Xie Xi’s hands slipped down Chu Yu’s back and their two bodies rubbed against each other for a while in the warm water. Both of them began to breathe a little faster.

Xie Xi’s eyes glowed. Remembering Chu Yu’s sensitive spot, he lowered his head and licked Chu Yu’s Adam’s apple teasingly.

Chu Yu raised his head. His hands flexed unconsciously and he started panting heavily his mind blank. A strand of wild pleasure wound its way up from the bottom of his heart, impossible to ignore.

… After all, he wasn’t a monk6 who practiced abstinence.

Chu Yu could clearly feel something pressing against his lower abdomen that couldn’t be described. For a moment, he felt dizzy then suddenly recovered and pushed Xie Xi away.

Xie Xi was stunned: “Shixiong?”

Chu Yu kneaded his forehead. “Don’t misbehave. Your body is still not well. It’s out of the question.”

Xie Xi wanted to cry: “…Shixiong, actually…”

Chu Yu is also a man. Knowing how uncomfortable it is to be pushed away at this time, he ground his teeth and, with a ruthless heart, said, “Page 20, right?”


“Page 20, right?”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was strange: “…Really, Shixiong?”

Chu Yu grinned: “It’s just ‘using the mouth,’ isn’t it?”




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  1. I don’t add in Japanese words that aren’t in the original. This word is “正太” (zhèng tài) which is a Japanese loanword meaning “shota.”
  2. 外貌协会 – this was mentioned in the earliest chapters when Chu Yu declared that he was a member of the “looks fan club” (wài mào 协会)
  3. Gong – The seme or the “attacker” (top) in the relationship.
  4. 保驾护航 (bǎo jià hù háng) – escorting the Emperor’s naval convoy
  5. 狂风暴雨 (kuáng fēng bào yǔ) howling wind and torrential rain. Meaning: difficult, dangerous situation
  6. 食草动物 (shí cǎo dòng wù) – literally “herbivore” but it means a man who lacks manliness or is indifferent to desires of the flesh

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