Chapter 50 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 50 – Slipping and sliding in the waters of the hot spring

The ground beside the hot spring was flat. The bashful Chu Yu made Xie Xi sit there as his face burned at his own shamelessness. Chu Yu took a deep breath.

In a moment of impulse, I agreed to this…

Fortunately, it was steamy in the hot springs so Xie Xi may not be able to see his face clearly…

Chu Yu lowered his eyes to look at the thing in front of him. Xie Xi’s little brother, which was totally different from Xie Xi’s refined, outstanding, good looks, and was not actually little. His “big brother” was purple and fierce-looking.

Contrary to what one might expect, Xie Xi was very worried. His face was blushing bright red: “… Shixiong, you don’t have to force yourself.”

Because of this, Chu Yu immediately dropped his plan to retreat. Shooting him a sideways glance, Chu Yu asked, “Don’t you really want to try it?”

“…” Xie Xi bowed his head and whispered. “I, I just said it casually, I didn’t really expect Shixiong to promise…”

Chu Yu, his face expressionless, reached out to take hold of Xie Xi’s “comrade” without any gentleness.

Xie Xi’s face changed and his hands that had been resting on the ground curled up into fists. Gasping, his eyes going blurry: “Shixiong…”


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[Slipping and sliding in the waters of the hot spring,
A fish was expertly prepared with the scales scraped off then cooked and eaten…
I will listen to Shixiong because I am a cute little Xie Xi.
The Great Harmony of Life.]




With an expressionless face, Chu Yu looked at the barrage of comments that was flooding his sight. It was enough to blot out the sky and cover the earth.

[UserMiaoMiao: *scatter flowers in celebration* Finally, the fish was eaten again! \(≧▽≦)/ +2 points]

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[UserLittleMoeHauntedHouse: The poster above me, shouldn’t you be asking if Shixiong is delicious? +2 points]


System, if you don’t turn off the barrage then we can’t play…

The System has some minor grievances: “I have already helped the host by postponing the barrage for a few days so that he can play ~ This person has really done their best ~”

Chu Yu: “…Thank you. By the way, speaking of “this person,” are you a human?”

The System made a soft “teehee” sound.

Chu Yu was silent. It seems that since he and Xie Xi… fell in love, the System really turned into a fujoshi1 System…

The person behind him made a soft sound and the hand that was holding his waist started misbehaving. Xie Xi spoke in Chu Yu’s ear, his breath warm: “Why is Shixiong in a daze?”

Chu Yu glanced sidelong at Xie Xi. Focusing his thoughts on his sword, he thought hard about what had just happened.

They had ended up playing at the top of the mountain for several days… Xie Xi’s complexion was now rosy but Chu Yu felt drained and weak.

What about Xie Xi’s injury? What had happened to restraining himself?

Was this the evil consequence of Chu Yu having made Xie Xi abstain for too long?

Chu Yu sighed as he thought of how yesterday they had been entangled until midnight. Now his waist ached and his legs felt weak. This was clearly a mistake in this one’s teaching, a blunder of the highest order. Any insistence on abstinence will only have the opposite effect and, in the end, the one who will be the most miserable will be him.

Xie Xi blinked. Lifting Chu Yu’s chin, Xie Xi pressed a feather-light kiss on his lips, “What is Shixiong thinking? You haven’t said anything to Shidi.”

Chu Yu gruffly swatted his hand away. “Stop. Stop messing around, don’t randomly paw and kiss me.”

Xie Xi was still acting cute: “What is Shixiong thinking?”

“…I was just thinking that making allowances for natural needs is the same as properly respecting and acknowledging life. Life is like that. Therefore, sometimes it’s intense and frantic. Sometimes it’s gentle and mild. At a chaotic, tense moment, proper relaxation is necessary. When it is too dull, then a proper adjustment is also needed. Proper management of the body and soul is needed in the future…”

Xie Xi: “…”

Xie Xi looked confused: “Shixiong, what are you talking about?”

Chu Yu looked serious and turned his back, silent.

Who knows what he’s talking about…


The System gave a hint: “The host’s meaning is ~ in order to avoid his and protagonist’s death from sexual exhaustion in bed ~ in the future he won’t regularly refuse the protagonist’s advances ~”

Chu Yu: “Haha.”


Before returning to Qing Tu, Chu Yu first inquired about Tian Yuan Sect’s current situation.

Song Jingyi did not come out and Song Yuanzhuo still managed to continue sitting on the sect master’s seat.

Chu Yu was slightly disappointed.

After leaving for more than a dozen days, Chu Yu was worried about what Chu Sheng was thinking. Chu Yu then brusquely pushed the clingy Xie Xi to the Tian Yuan Sect section of the camp and quickly rushed back to the Chu family camp.

He hadn’t been seen for more than a dozen days so when the Chu family’s junior members on watch saw Chu Yu, they stared at him blankly for a while then called out: “Third Young Master, it’s good to see that you’ve returned!”

Chu Yu nodded in an aloof manner, maintaining the usual elegance and cold demeanor of the original Chu Yu. He walked quickly to Chu Sheng’s room, hesitated for a moment, but then knocked on the door.

“… Big brother? I’m back. Are you there?”

After a long time, the door was pushed open. Chu Yu was hugged tightly as Chu Sheng spoke with a soft voice that was filled resentment as he said: “Little brother, you’re going to kill me. Writing a letter then leaving… is that kid still alive?”

Chu Yu was surprised: Could Chu Sheng actually be worried about Xie Xi?

It would be nice if the relationship between Chu Sheng and Xie Xi improved. Chu Yu quickly nodded: “He’s vigorous and lively.”2

Chu Sheng’s sharp eyes were drawn the poorly hidden marks on Chu Yu’s neck. After a moment, Chu Sheng gloomily drew San Huo. “Not dead? He didn’t die?!”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu sighed then pulled Chu Sheng, who clearly wanted to go and murder a certain someone, back into the room.

It seems that I still thought too much of him…

Chu Sheng was just looking forward to Xie Xi dying…3

When Chu Yu entered the room, he could smell a strong scent of ink. Looking around, he saw that the room was filled with sheets of calligraphy and paintings. Chu Yu picked up a painting. The person in the portrait looked pure and cold like an immortal. The details were exquisite and the brushwork was peerlessly beautiful overall the portrait was quite vivid and lifelike. One need not examine it too closely to realize that the noble, cool, elegant, and magnificent person depicted in the portrait was none other than this unworthy Chu Yu.

There was a piece of paper next to the painting that was densely packed with the words “Chu Yu,” “Yu-er,” and “little brother” written over and over again, alternating with each other. Each word seemed full of powerful emotions. The words even seemed to cry tears of blood.

Chu Yu again: “…”

There was no need to look around anymore. The paintings and calligraphy in this room were clearly all about him.

If Chu Yu didn’t know Chu Sheng’s temperament and the reason why he acted like this Chu Yu would wonder whether or not Chu Sheng actually liked his younger brother…

Chu Yu couldn’t help but ask: “Big Brother… these past dozen days, surely you haven’t been locked up in your room writing and drawing these things the whole time, right?

Chu Sheng, with tears in his eyes, nodded. “In fact, these past ten years, whenever I thought about you, my brother, it would always become like this. Does my little brother want to take a look?”

Chu Yu: “…No need.”

He was speechless because all of his words were stuck in his throat. When he had mentioned those ten years, Chu Yu felt a little ashamed. It wasn’t just Xie Xi who suffered, it was the entire Chu family, too.

In his original world, he had never managed to receive the love of his family but in this world, he received it in full, to the point of even exceeding his expectations many times over.

Chu Yu felt a little sad. Blinking his eyes, he patted Chu Sheng’s shoulder: “Big brother, I won’t leave again.”

I will not leave this world. I will not leave Xie Xi. I will not leave the Chu family.

I also need to find a way to resurrect the Chu family’s father.

Chu Sheng was startled by his words and the feeling of uneasiness in his heart suddenly disappeared. Holding Chu Yu in arms, Chu Sheng happily kneaded and pinched Chu Yu’s face: “Little brother, my injury has almost healed…”

“Knock. Knock. Knock.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door that put a halt to Chu Sheng’s speech. The excited Chu Sheng wasn’t happy at all at being interrupted. Scowling, he said: “Who is it?”

A gentle voice came from outside: “Brother Chu, this is the day of your appointment. I’ve come to set your bone and help you remove the poison.”

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face twisted: “Who made an appointment with you? Leave!”

Chu Yu was puzzled: “Set your bone? Remove the poison? Big brother, what’s going on?”

“Is that the Chu family’s Young Master?” The soft voice that was like a spring breeze said in a gentle, unhurried tone: “That day Elder brother Chu left in a hurry and was too fast for people to say anything to him. He was attacked by a demonic cultivator and received a hit to the shoulder. The sword strike was quite fierce. When brother Chu countered it…”

“Shut up.”

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face was getting angrier and angrier. Pulling open the door, he stared at the person in front of him, schooling his fact to appear expressionless.

That person looked clear, bright, and gentle like jade. The corners of his eyes were turned up as though he was always smiling, making it difficult for people to feel any malice towards him.

Chu Yu looked at him and noticed that there was something missing: “Where is your fox?”

Fu Chongyi stared blankly at him for a moment then he laughed: “It likes brother Chu too much, to the point that it can’t help but want to get close to him whenever it sees him. However, Brother Chu doesn’t like my fox and I’m afraid of being beaten up by the Chu family so I didn’t bring him with me.”

Seeing Fu Chongyi patiently explain matters with such deadly seriousness that Chu Yu felt like laughing. Looking at Chu Sheng then at Fu Chongyi, he said, “Please continue. Just now, what were you saying about my big brother?”

Now that Chu Yu had spoken on the subject, Fu Chongyi was much more emboldened and continued: “When brother Chu countered the demonic cultivator, the powerful spiritual energy that was released injured him, breaking his hand…”

Chu Sheng scowled and raced to cover Fu Chongyi’s mouth. He looked at Chu Yu: “Little brother, big brother has some personal business with this guy. You should go and rest.”

Fu Chongyi blinked and looked around at the room full of paintings. Upon seeing them he couldn’t help but frown. Pushing Chu Sheng’s hand away, he warned: “Brother Chu, I told you that your hand needs to rest but your room is full of calligraphy and paintings. This…”

Chu Sheng almost drew his sword: “I used my left hand.”

“Your left hand is also…”

Knowing that his normally mild-tempered big brother was about to explode with anger at any moment, Chu Yu waved goodbye and left the room. If he stayed, Chu Sheng would be even more flustered and angry at being scolded in front of his little brother.

His room was spotlessly clean. Chu Yu thought about Chu Sheng’s high-strung, nervous appearance and couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh in spite of himself. He sat on his bed and sank deep into meditation, calming his spiritual energy.

He didn’t know if it was because he had been relieved of the burden of carrying Sheng Nian’s soul, but his cultivation has been getting faster and faster. Especially recently, he had a faint inkling that he was about to breakthrough to the late stage of Core Formation.

Chu Yu reflected on this for a while until then, inexplicably, two words appeared in his mind: dual cultivation.


Could it be that this was the result of Xie Xi industriously “plowing and cultivating”?4

Now that he thought about it, when Xie Xi was young, Chu Yu had sent his spiritual energy into his body every day for months so there was likely still some remnants of Chu Yu’s spiritual energy in Xie Xi’s spiritual energy. The five elemental cultivation technique’s water element was very compatible with Chu Yu’s cultivation. In this way, perhaps their spiritual energies merged without them realizing it and they unconsciously practiced dual cultivation…

As for how it happened, he will have to wait until the next time to find out.

As he was deep in thought, Chu Yu suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him: “Shixiong…”

As Chu Yu was already accustomed to it he automatically shifted backward, leaning into Xie Xi as he was embraced. He continued to think about dual cultivation.

Xie Xi didn’t get a response. Stroking Chu Yu’s soft hair, he said: “What is Shixiong thinking about?”

Chu Yu was still in a daze so when Xie Xi asked him a question, he automatically replied: “Dual cultivation.”

After he spoke, he realized that something was wrong and immediately tried to correct himself: “No, no, I mean, I was reflecting on the proper way for two people to dual cultivate…”

Xie Xi was speechless for a moment then started laughing. Slipping his hands under Chu Yu’s clothes, he whispered: “Shixiong wants to dual cultivate with me?”

Naturally, there was no answer from Chu Yu.

“Come to think of it, I seem to have signs of a breakthrough recently…” Xie Xi meditated on it for a moment before his eyes lit up. “Heaven rewards the diligent. Shixiong, we should work harder and strive for a breakthrough together…”

Chu Yu scowled: “Heaven rewards the diligent? What type of diligence are you talking about! Withdraw your hands. Wasn’t last night enough? Keep your hands to yourself for three days.”

Xie Xi felt wronged. He retracted his hands from under Chu Yu’s clothes but continued to embrace him. “Shixiong won’t be coming back with me for three days?”

“Yes.” Chu Yu nodded. No matter what, he cannot always give the Chu family the cold shoulder. Chu Sheng, that brocon, had missed his younger brother so much that he almost lost his mind.

In the past, Chu Yu was soft-hearted when it came to Xie Xi so, intentionally or unintentionally, he kept on running back to the Tian Yuan Sect camp. Chu Sheng observed it all but didn’t say anything even though he must have felt sad about it.

…Therefore, he is also to blame for how he was always going overboard and forgetting the other people in his life.

Xie Xi knew about Chu Yu’s dilemma and therefore he didn’t make a fuss. He sighed: “Then Shidi will have to privately meet with Shixiong in the middle of the night.”

After a while, Chu Yu returned to the topic that he had been wondering about.

“What happened to Song Jingyi?”

Xie Xi frowned: “He’s gone. Shizun told me about it. That day, in front of all the elders, Song Yuanzhou had used all of his power to try to protect Song Jingyi. When things were coming to a head, the sect master wife came in. The sect master’s wife is the daughter of the previous sect master. The sect master had died for the sect so the elders have always had three times more respect for her than for Song Yuanzhou. She and Song Yuanzhuo spoke together to defend Song Jingyi and were finally able to protect Song Jingyi’s reputation. Then Song Jingyi disappeared.”

He disappeared. Perhaps Song Yuanzhuo had sent him to a safe place. Perhaps Song Jingyi couldn’t bear that he was trash now and killed himself but that was unlikely. Seeing how Song Yuanzhou and his wife were so fiercely protective of Song Jingyi, they wouldn’t let him kill himself so easily.

After thinking about this matter for a long time, Chu Yu decided that he no longer cared about it.

Anyway, Song Jingyi is a cripple and his spiritual veins can no longer be restored. There will not be that many Chu Shuanghes in the world who are able to restore their ruined spiritual veins.

They had neglected their duties for many days already. Tomorrow was yet another day of the war between the righteous and demonic cultivators. Chu Yu was already mentally prepared for it and he slept the night away in Xie Xi’s arms, with his mind at ease.

Chu Yu had thought that in today’s melee, as long as none of the Chu family’s disciples die, then he won’t have to exert much effort to hotly pursue and fiercely attack people. He can just stay in one place and watch demonic cultivators be killed.

Unexpectedly, just as the chaotic battle started, Chu Yu had managed to come across an old acquaintance.

The face of the young man opposite him was still the same as before, demonically beautiful, modest, amiable, refined, and courteous. “Long time no see, Chu family’s Third Young Master.”

Third Shidi, who had been following alongside Chu Yu so far to watch the excitement, suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air: “Da Shixiong!!! It’s him!!! That pervert!!!”

Chu Yu: “…”


Translator’s Note:

crab appears bc novels
Image credit: Manhua 抱紧我的小白龙
  • Of course, “that” scene was omitted. As you may or may not know, the Chinese government has banned a lot of things, including H stuff. At least we got a nice confirmation that Chu Yu won’t be leaving.
  • I was dying of laughter when I realized that Chu Sheng had a shrine room full of paintings of Chu Yu and calligraphy of “Chu Yu,” “Yu-er,” and “little brother.” I wish there was manhua of this lol.
  • Aw, but then it was less funny when Chu Sheng said “in the past ten years” he has been like this, meaning that time when Chu Yu was in the Mausoleum Ruins and they thought he was dead.

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  1. 粉红少女 – fěn hóng shào nǚ – literally means “pink girl/maiden.” In the old days JJWXC, China’s biggest website for BL stories, had a pink background. Therefore, pink girls are BL fans.
  2. 生龙活虎 shēng lóng huó hǔ – literally “lively dragon and animated tiger”
  3. 狗带 (gǒu dài) – a pun. The words mean “dog belt” but it sounds like “go die.”
  4. 耕耘 (gēng yún) literally “plowing and weeding” – fig. to work or study diligently. Chu Yu is referring to their days in the hot spring when Xie Xi was diligently ****ing Chu Yu.

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