Chapter 52 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 52 – Little Yu-Er

The battle had ended. The sky was dark and the snow fell heavily, quickly burying the bloodstains and corpses that littered the ground. The world had become a vast expanse of whiteness, as though the sounds of battle that had shaken the heavens had never happened.

Teams of low-level cultivators now started cleaning up the battlefield. Chu Yu ordered one of the Chu family’s disciples to check their number. When he confirmed that there was no one missing, Chu Yu felt a deep sense of relief.

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Fortunately, they had been far enough away from the main battlefield so only Xie Xi knew that Chu Yu had been attacked. Chu Yu was afraid that Xie Xi would run off to the demonic cultivator’s camp if Chu Yu didn’t pay attention to him so he spoke softly to Xie Xi to reassure him again.

Back at the Chu family camp, Chu Yu spotted Chu Sheng standing in front of the entrance holding an umbrella.

Had he been waiting here all this time?

Chu Yu almost fell down in shock. He quickly walked over and said: “Big brother!”

Chu Sheng’s eyes lit up: “Little brother, are you okay? What happened? Did you get injured anywhere? Were you scared?”

The barrage of questions made Chu Yu a little dizzy but he braced himself and, one by one, patiently replied to each inquiry.

Chu Sheng was slightly relieved at this. Then after grabbing Chu Yu and taking him to his room, Chu Sheng began a lengthy scolding. Although Chu Yu was willing to listen to Chu Sheng’s instructions, he really couldn’t bear this extremely long and detailed speech right now. Chu Yu massaged his forehead and deliberately allowed his fatigue to show.

Chu Sheng had been watching Chu Yu’s every move. Seeing that Chu Yu looked tired, Chu Sheng shut up and let Chu Yu go to his room to rest.

Chu Yu returned to his room and was surprised to see Xie Xi leaning against his bed.

Earlier, Xie Xi’s eyes had been red with fury as though he was ready to murder someone with his sword but he seemed calmer now. Chu Yu went over to him, smiling: “You’ve calmed down?”

Xie Xi lips thinned. Silently he embraced Chu Yu, trembling: “… Shixiong, I almost thought… I’m going crazy again…”

If Chu Yu was killed in front of his eyes…

Xie Xi couldn’t imagine it.

Chu Yu silently pulled Xie Xi close to his chest and caressed his back. He hadn’t expected Wei Ciyin to smile and say he was acting in good faith in one second and then attack him the next second to show his “good faith.”

Besides, Wei Ciyin apparently needed Chu Yu’s help so Chu Yu hadn’t thought that Wei Ciyin would suddenly launch a sneak attack.

After snuggling against Chu Yu for a while, Xie Xi lay down on the bed with Chu Yu. He kissed Chu Yu till they were both breathing heavily but then he paused and did not continue. Xie Xi just held Chu Yu in his arms tightly, his chin resting on the top of Chu Yu’s head and his arms around Chu Yu’s waist. Still breathing heavily, Xie Xi muttered something indistinct.

He felt too insecure. The only time he could feel at ease was when Chu Yu was secure in his arms. Only then was he sure that Chu Yu wouldn’t be taken away or leave.

Chu Yu listened to Xie Xi’s mutterings attentively but all he could make out was: “…Shixiong… Shixiong…”

Chu Yu replied softly while hugging him back and sighing.

Fortunately, he had decided to stay. If he had left, who knew what sort of condition Xie Xi would fall into…

As they hugged each other tightly their tight nerves slowly relaxed. Chu Yu’s heart was heavy and his head was spinning. Breathing in a familiar scent, he fell asleep while in a daze.

In the middle of the night, Chu Yu suddenly woke up.

He felt as though he had woken up from a dream where he was falling into an abyss. Chu Yu moved his body then blinked. Something was wrong.

… Why can’t he hold Xie Xi?

The moment Chu Yu moved, Xie Xi woke up and, still in a daze, called out “Shixiong” while desperately embracing the person in his arms. Suddenly, the expression on Xie Xi’s face changed and he leaped out of the bed, retreating from Chu Yu as though he was terribly frightened.

Chu Yu was shocked by his actions.

This child usually loved to cling to him all the time. Why is he suddenly looking at Chu Yu as though he was an enemy?

Looking at how the expression on Xie Xi’s face was totally wrong, Chu Yu sat up and frowned: “Shidi? What is it…?”

Chu Yu’s face froze.

The voice that came from his mouth was clearly tender and childlike.

Looking at the expression on Xie Xi’s face again, Chu Yu felt like he was staring death in the face1. He looked down at his body then looked up at Xie Xi. Yes, he needed to look up.

… He had turned smaller.

They stared at each other with wide-eyes. Chu Yu silently turned to look into his bronze mirror to see what had happened to him.

Reflected in the bronze mirror was a young boy who looked a little dumpling made of snow-white jade. Staring at himself in the mirror with big, round eyes, he looked like he was only five or six years old. His soft black hair fell down to his shoulders and his clothes were too big, gaping open at the front to reveal more than half of his shoulders and chest. The white jade skin that was exposed looked quite warm and his shirt now went down to his feet.

Xie Xi now looked as though he had seen something amazing. After staring at Chu Yu for a while, he cautiously reached out and poked Chu Yu’s jade-like cheeks.

The soft and smooth touch of Chu Yu’s skin spread out from Xie Xi’s fingertips to the bottom of his heart. Xie Xi fingers trembled and, in a small voice, called, “… Shixiong?”

Although this person was smaller, Xie Xi could now see that it was Chu Yu.

Once again, Chu Yu’s body stiffened and he felt depressed. Holding his head in his hands, he scowled as he grumbled: “That idiot Wei Ciyin…”

His body had shrunk. This is obviously Wei Ciyin’s doing.

What a joke!

He had raised a little Xie Xi before, was Xie Xi now going to raise a little Chu Yu?

Xie Xi, who should have shared the same hatred for the common enemy with Chu Yu, stared at Chu Yu for a while but then he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Previously if Chu Yu had expressed his anger with his usual cold and handsome appearance, it would always make Xie Xi want to push him down on the bed and kiss him hard for a while. Now that Chu Yu was smaller, his face was so childish and cute that when he pouted it made people want to hug him and spoil him instead.

Xie Xi couldn’t help but want to copy Chu Yu’s actions from the past. Hesitantly, he pinched Chu Yu’s cheeks. It was very soft and felt good.

Now wonder Chu Yu had liked to pinch and rub his face all the time…

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up. He had unlocked a new game. Taking Chu Yu into his arms, Xie Xi ignored his struggles and kept on pinching and playing with him.

Chu Yu scowled: “Xie Xi, do you want to be beaten?”

His voice was childish and tender, completely lacking in any of the power needed to deter Xie Xi.

Xie Xi loved this new pastime and kept on playing with Chu Yu as he held the little one tightly in his arms. Smiling, he said: “I didn’t expect that Shixiong would be so cute when he was young.”

“You were much cuter then than you are now.”

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and struggled for a while, but he still couldn’t break free and escape.

“Shidi, if I remain like this…” Chu Yu spoke in a fake sweet tone as he gestured meaningfully towards Xie Xi’s lower body and smiled, “…you will have to ‘take care’ of it yourself, won’t you?”

Xie Xi’s face went stiff: “…”

Chu Yu looked up at him and smiled proudly.

Xie Xi lowered his eyes for a moment then suddenly swooped down and kissed Chu Yu’s little mouth, saying: “Though you are smaller now, the Five Young Ladies can still do their work and page twenty should also be doable, right?”

Chu Yu: “…Xie Xi, if you dare to act so perverted with me like this, don’t even think of climbing into my bed later.”

Xie Xi sighed and calmed down from the strange excitement he felt from seeing the young Chu Yu. After a moment, he took one of Chu Yu’s robes, wrapped him up in it, then carried him outside.

“If that lunatic Chu Sheng sees Shixiong like this, I’m afraid he’ll vomit blood until he falls down on the ground. Let’s go see Shizun first.”

Chu Yu held onto his neck and nodded gloomily.

I knew that nothing good would come of this.

Wei Ciyin is such a well known sinister character that he can’t appear in public so Chu Yu has to find him secretly. However… Wei Ciyin also said that he would be waiting for him in Yun Cuo. Surely that doesn’t mean that Mei Yin Valley will withdraw from the war first?

After a long period of fruitless speculation, Chu Yu leaned back into Xie Xi’s embrace and closed his eyes. The only glimmer of hope he had remaining was that his spiritual power was still there but it was currently being suppressed and he couldn’t, therefore, use his full power.

Seeing Chu Yu move, Xie Xi couldn’t help but kiss Chu Yu’s forehead, whispering: “Shixiong… actually…”

Chu Yu looked up at him.

“I have dreamed of it several times…” Xie Xi said shyly. “I have dreamed that Shixiong had given birth to our baby who would look just like Shixiong is now…”

Chu Yu twisted his face into a terrible scowl.

This d***ed child, not only did he get bent and change the genre to BL, he also wants to add the Mpreg tag and make Chu Yu bear his children? There’s absolutely no way he will let that happen!2

When they arrived at the small courtyard, they saw that no one was there. Chu Yu had stayed here before for a few days and therefore knew that Lu Qingan had probably taken Third Shidi out to train together. He brushed the snow off the top of a stone bench and was about to sit on it when he was picked up by Xie Xi.

“The stone bench is too cold. Shixiong, sit on my lap.”

The familiar voice came from over Chu Yu’s head. Chu Yu, held in Xie Xi’s arms and sitting on his lap, sighed again.

He used to hold Xie Xi in his arms like this while he taught him cultivation methods. Or, when he was in a bit of leisurely mood, he would drink tea and use the original Chu Yu’s skills to play the qin with Xie Xi in his lap. He had a lot of fun with the child back in those days.

Now, the wheel of fortune has turned.3

Now Xie Xi was the one having fun.

Xie Xi seemed to be thinking of this, too. He laughed softly a few times and pinched Chu Yu’s little face, saying: “Shixiong, I still remember that when you used to hold me like this. I would put my ear to your chest to hear your heartbeat…”

Chu Yu was surprised. He leaned closer and listened to Xie Xi’s heartbeat.

The snow had already stopped falling. The whole ground was covered in a blanket of snow, reflecting some of the moonlight so that it quiet but not too dark. Chu Yu calmed his breathing, closed his eyes, and listened.

After a long time, he looked up and asked: “Why is Shidi’s heartbeat so fast?”

Xie Xi looked down at him, his dark eyes filled with tenderness, as if Chu Yu was his whole world. He whispered, “Because Shixiong is in my arms.”

Chu Yu was silent.

Chu Yu: “… You’re a ped***ile.”

Xie Xi’s mouth twitched. He was about to defend himself when the small courtyard’s door made a squeaking sound as someone opened it.

The first to enter was the cold and tall Lu Qingan, who scanned benches and tables in the courtyard, staring at Chu Yu with a slight frown on his face.

Third Shidi was drooping with fatigue, his hands and feet were weak. He was sweating profusely, half-dead from the training. His voice was hoarse when he spoke: “Shizun… what is it?”

He followed the direction of Lu Qingan’s gaze and almost jumped up in terror: “Se- Second Shixiong, you’re back!”

Xie Xi, with an expressionless face, held Chu Yu, who was hard-pressed to keep a straight face, as he sat silently at the stone table.

Only then did Third Shidi notice Chu Yu being held by Xie Xi. His eyes widened: “S-s-Second Sh-sh-Shixiong! This is, this is… your illegitimate child?!”

There was a loud banging sound as Xie Xi stood up. The ground had been split open.

Third Shidi understood that this was a denial and sighed in relief: “That almost scared me to death… Then this is?” He looked at Chu Yu’s features carefully. The more he looked, the more he thought that the child looked very familiar. He thought it over for a long time then suddenly saw the light.

“Shizun, is this the child of Da Shixiong and Second Shixiong? Ah, no, but Da Shixiong can’t give birth…”

Chu Yu pulled back his hand, quickly squatted down, and made a snowball and said in a cold voice, “Third Shidi.”

Third Shidi was shocked and he pointed at himself: “Huh?”

Chu Yu decisively threw the snowball.

“Whoosh!” The snowball hit Third Shidi in the chest who immediately fell down as though he was dead.

Chu Yu hadn’t made that much of an effort but Third Shidi was still scared.

Seeing them act so rowdy, Lu Qingan shook his head and approached Chu Yu. He examined Cu Yu’s facial features for a few moments then said: “Yu-er, what’s going on?”

Chu Yu shivered a little when he was called Yu-er. Silently pulling on his collar, he was just about to explain the cause of his current condition when he suddenly heard the sound of laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Chu Yu: “…”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

A faint shadow suddenly appeared under one of the snow-covered trees. A young man, dressed in black, leaned against the tree and pointed at Chu Yu while doubled over laughing himself silly.

Chu Yu scowled: “Shen Nian… Senior, long time no see.”

Shen Nian was laughing so much that he was crying. He forced himself to stop then leaned on Lu Qingan, putting an arm around his shoulder and smiling at him: “An-an, look. Little Yu-er has really become a little Yu-er.”

(Translator’s Note: “An-an” is the last syllable of Lu Qingan’s name repeated.)

Lu Qingan’s face remained expressionless but he didn’t brush the other person’s arm away. He said coldly: “Call me that again and I will let you sleep for another hundred years.”

Shen Nian: “Don’t! I say, brother, have we met before? Why do I feel particularly happy when I see you? I especially want to go to bed with you… Don’t stare at me. I mean, do you look like my wife?”

Lu Qingan’s face was cold. He pulled his sword from its scabbard with a terrifying look in his eyes.

Shen Nian was smart enough to shut up. He looked more closely at Chu Yu, blinked, then blurted out: “Did you have an encounter with someone from Mei Yin Valley?”

Then he scratched his head while muttering something softly.

Chu Yu knew that Shen Nian’s memory was faulty. He also saw that beside them, the trembling Third Shidi was now squatting on the ground, close enough to hear the secret. Chu Yu said reluctantly: “Yes.”

Shen Nian shook his head and searched his remaining memories. He said: “Little Chu, who did this to you? Although this technique isn’t very harmful, I know that it can only be removed by the person who triggered it, so I can’t help you. If you don’t want to remain like that forever, you need to go and find that person.”

After a pause, he added with a smile, “However, compared to your usual coffin face that’s like your Shizun’s, this little one’s appearance is much more charming.”

The expression on Lu Qingan’s face became colder.


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  1. 视死如归 (shì sǐ rú guī) – face death unflinchingly
  2. 门都没有 (mén ér dōu méi yǒu) – literally “there’s no door” meaning “it’s impossible” or “you can’t do that.”
  3. I guess every language has a version of this idiom, right? 风水轮流转 (fēng shuǐ lún liú zhuàn) – Reversal of the wheel of fortune/ Every dog has his day

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