Chapter 51 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 51 – Earnestly and Sincerely

The young master raised his eyebrows as he looked at Third Shidi. There were faint flashes of fire in his eyes but his smile was gentle: “Little sweetheart, long time no see.”

Third Shidi’s fair, delicate face turned red with anger but he was always clear about his own strength and knew he couldn’t beat this person. Third Shidi gave him an angry look before turning to Chu Yu with tears in his eyes: “Da Shixiong…”

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The expression on Xie Xi’s face was murderous as he drew his sword and then rushed forward, full of a killing intent.

However, Chu Yu was somewhat suspicious and hurriedly grabbed Xie Xi, holding him back.

That’s strange. I thought that this perverted young master had almost killed Third Shidi, but looking at these two people’s reaction, it seems like it wasn’t like that…

Chu Yu decided to figure out what had happened first. He cleared his throat and politely responded, “Pervert young master, long time no see.”

This young master was a talented, proud, and arrogant person. He always had a smile in his face and could be considered a shady but refined person. After having been called a pervert several times in succession, the expression on his face had become strained and his smile rigid. He barely managed to restore his polite smile: “My name is Wei Ciyin.”

Chu Yu stubbornly held Xie Xi back as he turned a deaf ear to the introduction. “Oh, pervert young master…”

Blue veins twitched on Wei Ciyin’s forehead and his smile became a little bit distorted. He gave Xie Xi a malicious look then said in a polite and amiable tone: “Now that I think about it, ten years ago when I left young master Chu, I had believed that would be the last I would ever see him. When I emerged from the Mausoleum Ruins, I even spread the word that young master Chu had sacrificed his life for another. I never expected that young master Chu would actually be able to survive inside the Mausoleum Ruins for ten years, so it seems that your Dao companion Xie has suffered in vain.”

If this goes on, Chu Yu won’t be able to hold Xie Xi back anymore.

The child was about to go berserk.

Chu Yu reached out and pinched Xie Xi’s face, after whispering a few words to him and pressing Xie Xi’s face into his arms. Out of sight, out of mind. Chu Yu made him look away from that wretch Wei Ciyin.

“Young master Wei, I am very curious. Whatever did you do to my Shidi?” After calming Xie Xi, Chu Yu turned back around to look around at Third Shidi whose eyebrows were twitching and whose eyes were full of fire. The expression on Third Shidi’s face was full of shame and anger. Third Shidi was normally quite even-tempered. Regarding any of his past misdeeds, Third Shidi was like a blade of grass that would bend in whatever direction the wind blew. The original Chu Yu had bullied the protagonist so the previous Third Shidi had followed suit. Later, when Chu Yu’s attitude towards Xie Xi had undergone a change, he had also been the fastest to change his attitude to Xie Xi, too. He has the ability to be a person who will laugh as he pinches a person’s face, a clever cute child who was now often the target of Xie Xi’s hostile looks. What exactly did Wei Ciyin do to make such a smooth and evasive guy become so angry?

Wei Ciyin expression didn’t change: “Why does young master Chu think that something bad happened? I only invited your Shidi to come with me to the mountain.”

Based on his behavior in the Mausoleum Ruins, Chu Yu couldn’t believe that Wei Ciyin would really treat a righteous cultivator so well. Countless pictures filled Chu Yu’s brain as he imagined all sorts of different scenarios. He frowned: “Which mountain?”

Could it be that Wei Ciyin was planning on taking Shidi to a hidden place in the mountain to use him as bait?

Wei Ciyin smile was unchanged: “Wushan.”

Chu Yu: “…Wushan?”

Surely he must be thinking of something crooked?

(TN: Wushan 巫山 is either a place, normally the Wu mountains, or a lover’s meeting.)

In a gentle and lovely motion, Wei Ciyin tossed back his long hair. Narrowing his eyes, he sent one fluid glance like clear water and said shyly: “I had met some enemies from He Huan Sect. In a moment of inattentiveness, I accidentally let myself be drugged. There were only ugly, repulsive people around me and no one could find an antidote. I happened to meet your Shidi at that time. His skin is so fair and delicate that I had thought he must be a female cultivator disguised as a male…”

****! What a ****ing pervert!

Chu Yu shivered as he looked at Third Shidi. The expression on his face was a bit complex.

Unexpectedly, Third Shidi, a straight man, actually had to endure this kind of inhumane treatment.

Even though Chu Yu was now bent, he had still been in a complicated mood when he first did it with Xie Xi. Therefore, for Third Shidi it must have been…

Third Shidi shivered when Chu Yu turned to him with a strange look in his eyes. He smiled and swallowed a mouthful of tears, saying dryly: “Da Shixiong… Second Shixiong managed to come in time… “

Then he gnashed his teeth: “I have always thought that the Demonic Path’s He Huan Sect’s methods are the most perverted and evil!”

Chu Yu continued to stare at Third Shidi silently.

Xie Xi, who was resting in Chu Yu’s arms quietly, smiling at his every move, saw that he was staring at Third Shidi. He said softly, “Shixiong, we agreed that you can’t stare at anyone but me.”

With an expressionless face, Chu Yu patted his Xie Xi’s head: “Shut up.”

Although the two of them were not very close and they had not interacted with much overall, Chu Yu still felt affection for Third Shidi since they were both cannon fodder characters. More than that, Chu Yu felt like this cannon fodder from Yuan Chen Peak was just like his own little brother who now was being bullied by an outsider. He finally sympathized with how Chu Sheng felt. Turning to Wei Ciyin, he pulled out Xun Sheng and said coldly: “Do you want to fight?”

“I must, of course, obey your wishes in this.”1 Wei Ciyin smiled and pulled out a purple jade flute. He looked like a very awe-inspiring figure.

Xie Xi immediately broke away from Chu Yu’s hold and raised Duan Xue. Chu Yu, selfishly calculating the odds, quickly pushed him back and said, “You’re not allowed to interfere.”

Xie Xi’s lip went flat: “Shixiong, I can protect you.”

Chu Yu: “I…”

Xie Xi said: “I’m in charge of fighting and killing, Shixiong please stay behind me and set your mind at ease while I take care of this.”

Chu Yu was moved almost to tears. The plot has changed so much and this was the first time he really felt that he had managed to hug the protagonist’s thighs.

Only, the timing wasn’t right.

Chu Yu stroked Xie Xi’s hair: “Ah, I will handle it.”

Xie Xi pouted though his eyes were cold. “I can kill him.”

Chu Yu: “…I am afraid that you will kill him. I have something that I need to ask him. You can help me by watching over the Chu disciples and Third Shidi, in case any of the demonic cultivators come to kill them.”

Xie Xi couldn’t go against Chu Yu’s request so he nodded his agreement.

Although they had been staying in one far corner of the battlefield, the other demonic cultivators soon noticed them and had come over with their swords and axes, ready to kill. The Chu disciples immediately raised their swords to block the attacks. Xie Xi watched the overall flow of the battle and moved to defend wherever he was needed. Chu Yu was gratified and nodded his approval. In the corner of one eye, he saw a white shadow flash. Reaching out to catch it, he saw that it was a snowflake.

Chu Yu looked up at the sky.

Winter has come to Qing Tu. The sky had been full of clouds and the sounds of battle below had seemed to reach up and shock the heavens, to the extent that they broke open and released a load of snow. Snowflakes swirled down, heavy fluttering flakes that were filling the area with a brilliant whiteness.

Wei Ciyin smiled: “Young master Chu, do you still want to fight?’

The moment he had finished speaking, Chu Yu swiftly struck with his sword. He struck out in an awe-inspiring attack that was fierce and fast as lighting. Wei Ciyin had been relaxed because of Chu Yu’s lack of movement. Seeing Chu Yu suddenly attack without warning, he had to hurry as he retreated to avoid it. Shocked and angry, he exclaimed: “Chu Yu, you’re a scion of a noble house and a righteous cultivator! How can you attack so sneakily?”

Chu Yu was surprised: “Who told you that righteous cultivators don’t use sneak attacks?”

It was true that people knew righteous cultivators are somewhat prone to calling out a battle-cry like “brothers, let us fight together to rid the world of these demonic cultivators” as they attacked head-on with large amounts of warning.

Wei Ciyin scowled.

Chu Yu was calm as his sword struck again and again. Wei Ciyin dodged and retreated until they were both a little farther away from the main battlefield. He raised his purple jade flute to his lips and blew into it.

A soft sound, like the sobbing wind, sounded. The mellow and rich tune was dark and gloomy with killing intent. The expression on Chu Yu’s face never changed as his sword struck neatly and efficiently, forcing Wei Ciyin to drop some notes in his melody as he dodged the strikes.

The two of them exchanged rapid blows with the sounds of blows between the sword and flute ringing out,2 in a way that was seemingly quite fierce. However, if one looked closely, they would see that although Chu Yu’s sword strikes were powerful, his sword never hit the mark. Wei Ciyin also blew deadly notes that never hurt Chu Yu.

After diligently exchanging some blows, Wei Ciyin’s lips twitched as he smiled gently: “Ah, it’s snowing again.”

The expression on Chu Yu’s face was impassive: “If you have something to say then, please, be quick about it.”

Wei Ciyin clicked his tongue twice: “So impatient… alright. Don’t point your sword at me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Ten years ago I went to the Mausoleums to seize the spirit sealing grass. Brother Chu, do you remember that?”

Chu Yu said: “Quit trying to act so friendly.3 Talk.”

Wei Ciyin shrugged: “Actually, I don’t know exactly what is going on but apparently using the spirit sealing grass seemed to awaken a terrible thing…”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know.” Wei Ciyin sighed. “Actually, brother Chu, ten years ago I was very hesitant. If I had delayed a little longer, maybe that thing would never have been awakened. But because of my father’s orders, I had to rush out to get back in time…”

Chu Yu frowned. He was mystified by Wei Ciyin’s words.

Wei Ciyin said sadly, “Now I regret it. I should have stayed with you for a few more days. That way I would have missed that opportunity. Then that thing wouldn’t have awakened and my father wouldn’t have become like this…”

Chu Yu was even more baffled: “What are you talking about?”

“You don’t appear to be aware of the Demonic Path’s Seven Sects’ situation right now.” Wei Ciyin’s voice was becoming gloomier and gloomier. He sneered: “In fact, the Dun Yue Sect has taken control of all of the other sects. You might have noticed that in this war it’s the other sects who field the most combatants and suffer the most casualties?”

Chu Yu made a soft sound of surprise: “Sorry, this is my first time in the battlefield.”

Wei Ciyin choked for a moment then continued: “Well, the Demonic Path Sects are in a very bad situation right now…”

Chu Yu was silent for a moment. He said: “I have no intention of joining the Demonic Path. The things young master Wei has said, therefore, don’t seem to be of any concern to me…”

Why does it feel like he has been saying “brother, you are qualified to join us so, therefore, why don’t I give you a rundown of the current situation?”

Wei Ciyin opened his mouth but appeared to be at a loss. In short, the situation will change in a few days. You’d better be prepared. Things will not be that simple.”

Chu Yu snorted: “Are the two of us familiar with each other?”

“Not familiar.”

“Then why should I believe you?”

“Because…” Wei Ciyin smiled awkwardly. “As there’s a favor I want to ask brother Chu so therefore I won’t hide things from you.”

After a pause, Wei Ciyin said: “I heard that the Chu family has a treasure, called the soul-calling bell that can break any illusion spells and that only someone from the Chu family can use. My father is currently trapped in an illusion so I need brother Chu’s help.”

Chu Yu turned around and walked away.

What a joke.

Who was Wei Ciyin’s father? He’s the master of Mei Yin Valley, a Nascent Soul middle-stage level cultivator. In the novel, there were no true divine immortals, therefore the late-stage Nascent Soul cultivators were all considered the big shots in the later part of the war. Not to mention, why would he want to go to Mei Yin Valley when they were on the opposite sides of this war? Besides, the requirement for using the soul-calling bell was that “one must not gather spiritual energy, sink into quiet meditation.” That obviously couldn’t be fulfilled.

What was he supposed to do? Walk up to the master of Mei Yin Valley and say, “Hello, senior, I will help you wake up, please sit still and don’t move?” He would be lucky not to be killed immediately.

Wei Ciyin clearly thought it was just a simple matter.

Wei Ciyin hurriedly tried to detain him: “Brother Chu, don’t go, please. I’m saying this in good faith…”

Chu Yu rolled his eyes silently. Looking around, he chanced to see Xie Xi heading over so Chu Yu smiled and waved at him.

Xie Xi’s expression as he rushed towards Chu Yu, however, was one of extreme horror. Focused on something behind Chu Yu, Xie Xi looked as though his entire world was about to be destroyed and his eyes seemed to be red as he yelled: “Shixiong!”

Chu Yu immediately knew that something was wrong but it was too late.

Wei Ciyin wasn’t far behind him, therefore it would have been easy for him to make a sneak attack. However, it wasn’t Wei Ciyin but a Nascent Soul stage cultivator who attacked.

The pale purple light instantly covered Chu Yu. Even though Xie Xi was flung several feet away by the powerful spiritual force of the attack, he rushed forward holding Duan Xue, almost screaming: “Shixiong! Shixiong!”

Chu Yu’s eyes widened. The intense pain he thought he would experience didn’t come, but something, bit by bit, merged into his body, forcing something to change.

It was like falling into a quagmire, unable to move, only able to watch himself slowly falling.

Thought it seemed like a long time passed, it only took a moment for the pale purple light to dissipate. Chu Yu gasped for air and his body felt weak as Xie Xi took Chu Yu into his arms. Raising his arm, he touched his forehead and found that it was dripping with cold sweat.

Xie Xi’s voice was as freezing cold as the Ninth Circle of Hell: “Shixiong, can I kill him?”

Chu Yu took a deep breath, shook his head, and turned to look at the gentle and refined Wei Ciyin behind him.

Wei Ciyin’s smile was bright and showed not even the slightest trace of shame: “Righteous cultivators can use sneak attacks. The demonic cultivators are no different, right brother Chu?”

Chu Yu said coldly: “This is what you call ‘good faith’?”

Though he didn’t know exactly what happened, the purple light that had just melted into his body was certainly not a good thing.

Wei Ciyin said: “Brother Chu, please be at ease. Elder Fang had no intention of harming brother Chu. He only did something to guarantee that brother Chu will help. This technique was something that the ancestors of Mei Yin Valley created. Only the elders know how to use it.  Naturally, only they can remove it, so brother Chu has to help me. I will be waiting for brother Chu at Yun Cuo.”

When Wei Ciyin finished speaking, he cupped his hands and turned away.

Xie Xi wanted to rush up and cut Wei Ciyin up with his sword but didn’t dare to do so because of what he had said. Taking a deep breath, Xie Xi took Chu Yu’s wrist and carefully checked his pulse: “Shixiong? Shixiong, does it hurt anywhere?”

Chu Yu didn’t speak. For a moment, he just looked up at Xie Xi, always thinking that something was wrong. After a long time, he shook his head: “I seem to be alright for the time being.”

What medicine was Wei Ciyin trying to sell?

What the devil did that Elder Fang do?

****! It was definitely nothing good!



Reika’s Notes:

  • 封灵草 – feng ling grass. I translated it as “spirit sealing grass” though Wei Ciyin said it unsealed someone/something. Perhaps it both seals and unseals?
  • Wow, what was that thing that entered Chu Yu’s body??? Let me know what you think will happen.

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  1. 恭敬不如从命 (gōng jìng bù rú cóng mìng) – literally “deference is no substitute for obedience” but it’s simply a stock phrase meaning “okay, I’ll accept your invitation/request
  2. The entire fight is liberally translated since a literal translation would sound absolutely bonkers. 两人打得乒乒乓乓 – Literally “the two of them struck ping ping pang pang (onomatopoeia sound).”
  3. 套近乎 (tào jìn hū) worm one’s way into being friends

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