Chapter 52 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 52 – Reader: I was applying medicine.

Du Ze felt something fluffy rubbing his palm. That tickling feeling made him stretch out his other hand to scratch that place, but his fingertip was poked by a sharp thing. Ouch! The pain woke him up and he saw a small Phoenix in his hand who was innocently widening its black, grape-like eyes.


Du Ze let it go. The fluffy chick opened its tiny wings and jumped to some silly, cute person’s head. Du Ze saw that he was in a cave. Light came from a hole in a distant opening and banished the darkness with some difficulty. When Du Ze saw something golden gleaming in the shadows, he stared with astonishment; it was Xiu’s human form.

Xiu seemed to have fallen beside Du Ze. Potions and bandages were scattered on the ground near his hand – Xiu must have brought them here and tried to apply medicine before fainting.

Du Ze examined Xiu carefully. His clothes were half dry, and some places were crusted with salt – which was obviously caused by seawater. As Du Ze stripped off Xiu’s wet clothes, his bandages that had not been securely tied slipped down, exposing his wounds. The most serious injury was below the clavicle. If the angle of that attack had been slightly different, Xiu would have been hit in the heart. Du Ze was very scared when he saw that and hurriedly dressed Xiu’s wounds. He took a set of clothes from the interspatial storage ring and put them on Xiu. When he had finished, he sat beside Xiu and began to think about their situation.

From what he could tell, this should be same as the plot in “Mixed Blood” when the protagonist fell into the sea. That was the last update of the novel that Du Ze had read before he crossed over into this world, so now he did not know what was going to happen next. Du Ze had always been complaining about the Plot God before, but now that he has lost the advantage of knowing spoilers about the plot, the world suddenly became frightening.

However, when his eyes fell on Xiu, Du Ze suddenly felt that his panic was unnecessary.

As long as he and Xiu continue to walk together, they can definitely reach the end.

Xiu was comatose for several days – an aftereffect of transforming into his human form. During that time, Du Ze explored the cave and its location. He found that the cave was in a canyon. The “blue sky” above them was not actually the sky, but the sea. DuZe realized that they had fallen into this valley that was under the sea. A transparent barrier separated this place from the water. They must have fallen into this secret place because of the Moe Lord’s lucky halo.

Du Ze pushed aside Xiu’s clothes and began change his bandages. The little Phoenix seemed to think this was a game and rolled itself into the bandages, wrapping itself up like a mummy. After a few minutes of noisily playing around, the fluffy ball used the bandages as its pillow and happily fell asleep.

Du Ze carefully checked Xiu’s wounds. The potion was very effective; the wounds had begun to scab. A silly, cute person heaved a sigh of relief, but his indecent eyes fell on a place that he shouldn’t be looking at. He doesn’t know if it is because his mood changed, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the Moe Lord’s nudity. Staring at Xiu’s naked upper body, Du Ze’s moral integrity began to fall. He really wanted to trace those abs with his hands.

Seeing that Xiu showed no signs of waking up, Du Ze finally gave in to temptation and stretched out his hand. He touched the hard, powerful muscles that moved as Xiu breathed. Du Ze discovered that Xiu’s skin is very smooth, like white jade with a hint of a healthy flush.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu always uses the word “perfect” to describe Xiu’s appearance, and Du Ze couldn’t agree more.

When Du Ze looked up, he saw that Xiu had opened his eyes. Some silly, cute person froze. Seeing that Xiu was watching his hands, Du Ze said very softly: “I was applying medicine.”

… Who do you think you’re kidding? There’s no wound where your hand is touching!

Xiu’s sky blue eyes had an inverted image of the silly, cute person’s expression. Xiu’s lips curved up.

“Well, continue.”

Continue? Du Ze looked at his hands that were on the other person’s body before looking at the Moe Lord who accepted his explanation about his good intentions. He bowed his head.

“I’m sorry.” This young man was eating your tofu QAQ!

(TN: Eating your tofu = taking advantage of you.)

Xiu held down the hand that Du Ze was about to retract. He sat up, narrowing the distance between them.

“You desire the person you like, don’t you?” Xiu’s voice was low and rough: “I want you so much that I feel like I’m going insane.”

********* (Translator’s note: a censored scene is omitted here. You can read the full chapter on another website. Please visit the Novelupdates page for the link to that chapter.) ********

Xiu gazed at Du Ze, who was about to lose consciousness. He sighed and gathered Du Ze in his arms.

– This man is his.


The author has something to say:

Reader: I was applying medicine.

Protagonist: I’m on top of you.

Author: The people of the Earth send a congratulatory message.


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