Chapter 51.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 51.2 – Protagonist: The one month deadline is now.

Xiu’s vertical pupils shrank as he stared at the black-haired youth’s smile. Then Xiu kissed him hard. Du Ze was shocked and reflexively lifted a hand to push Xiu away. Then he came to his senses and some silly, cute person grabbed Xiu’s clothes and hesitantly opened his mouth. Xiu’s tongue slid inside, stroked Du Ze’s tongue and began to suck. His movements were a bit rough; he was trying to pin down Du Ze.

du ze and xiu kissing

Du Ze tried to keep up with Xiu but his fighting power had never leveled up, so eventually the weak Du Ze was defeated and lay in the Moe Master’s arms, gasping for breath like a dying man.

Du Ze did not have time to calm down. He heard Xiu whisper in his ear: “I want to embrace you.”

… Wait, this rhythm is not right! Ah, we just established our feelings and, suddenly, you want to jump ahead to the part where we roll around in the sheets?! It’s not scientific!

The silly, cute Du Ze realized a cruel fact: “Mixed Blood” is a kind of “stallion” novel …. Stallion … stud…

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu quote: A stallion novel protagonist who can’t do it seven times a night is not a good protagonist.

The reader carefully counted the younger sisters in the Moe Lord’s harem: Rose, Kelly, Ariel, Violet, Alice, Heidi, Lilia – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, – it really is seven times a night!

The protagonist of “Mixed Blood” had seven females; Xiu has Du Ze – the great reader! He has inherited the glorious tradition of the harem. Seven younger sisters, take possession of this soul! He will embody the stud novel’s long history and tradition. At this moment, he isn’t fighting alone. He’s not alone.

… Author, bending the protagonist is your revenge on this young man, right?

Facing the demon who was very loyal to the “stud theme,” the pressure on Du Ze was very great… please change your form! QAQ

“Your Highness.”

Rachel was just in time to save Du Ze from the abyss of suffering. The monocle-wearing demon landed in front of Xiu and said: “We have captured the outer area of the Sky City. Please go up the wall.”

“Don’t go!”

Du Ze heard the familiar lines and reacted. Before he crossed over to this world, the last thing he read was when Xiu went to the wall and the angels used their strongest weapon on him. Xiu fell into the sea and no one knew if he was alive or dead. Seeing Rachel looking at him strangely, Du Ze tried very hard to explain.

“It’s dangerous there.” Du Ze looked expectantly at Xiu: “Let’s get out of here, shall we?”

The next moment, Du Ze was lifted up by Xiu, and Xiu said to Rachel: “Withdraw the troops, retreat.”

Rachel glanced thoughtfully at Du Ze then immediately left to carry out Xiu’s order.

Du Ze was very moved by Xiu’s unconditional trust. Then he heard the demon say joyfully: “After the retreat I will make you unable to get out of bed.”

… Moe Lord, you have lost your moral integrity.

Xiu, holding his family’s silly, cute reader, was ready to leave the Sky City when an angry voice rang out.

“You devil!!!”

Du Ze looked back over Xiu’s shoulder and saw Lilia holding an eye-shaped device. She was in a bad way, with one wing broken and one hand pressing on her bleeding left eye. Lilia was looking at the ruined temple, full of anger, as if the destruction of the temple was worse than her own injuries.

“Take my body and destroy this blasphemous man!” she said.

Her body turned into countless bright dots that were absorbed by the device. Du Ze’s blood went cold. The eye-shaped device is the angels’ strongest weapon: Judgement.1 The eye became brighter and brighter. The eye opened and it was too late for Du Ze to explain, so he covered Xiu’s eyes with his hands and closed his own eyes.

If Judgement sees a person’s eyes, it will hit that person in the heart.

The eye rotated but could not lock onto its target. The Eye of Judgement grew larger and larger before it sent out rays of light in all directions. Xiu’s eyes were covered by Du Ze so he had to use his instincts to avoid the attack. In his previous battle with the god of light, he had used too much power and was now unable to use his lightning to destroy Judgement.

Soundlessly, Judgement cut off a corner of the Sky City. Rachel led a group of demons to rescue them, only to see a corner of the Sky City fall into the sea of clouds. Xiu and Du Ze were nowhere to be seen.

Xiu was still holding on to Du Ze as they fell down with the rubble. Du Ze had fainted. Though Xiu had tried desperately to dodge the attacks, he had been run through in several places. Fortunately, it was not fatal. The eye-shaped weapon was created to fight demons and restrain their powers. Xiu’s wounds were getting worse and he was unable to fly because of the injury to his wings.

They fell below the clouds. What appeared before Xiu’s eyes was the endless sea. Watching the sea getting nearer and nearer, Xiu took a deep breath, transformed into his human form, and chanted a magic spell calling on the wind to slow down their fall. Thus, when they finally fell into the sea, their speed had slowed to an acceptable range.


Xiu and Du Ze sank down into the cold water. Xiu used water magic to let the two of them breathe in the water. He tried to swim away with Du Ze, but a strong suction forced them down. Xiu stopped struggling for a few moments and they were directly sucked into the depths of the sea.

The sea was quiet again, as if nothing had happened.


The god world, the Palace of Light.

The god of light crushed the crystal angrily. At the most critical moment, his projection accidentally used too much power. The rules were triggered, and the projection was automatically removed from the Chaos Continent.

The meeting with Du Ze was an unexpected failure. The god of light paced anxiously. Forcing him to use too much power, that heretic’s growth rate is too fast. He will be able to reach the “false god” state in no time.

Even though he knew that only Du Ze could kill the heretic, the god of light still felt that he couldn’t wait any longer. He was limited by the rules and could only use all his followers to kill the heretic- whether or not they can succeed, he couldn’t sit still and wait for death.

The god of light conjured up a new crystal, linked it to the light shrine of the Chaos Continent, and heard the Pope’s anxious report.

“My God, the Empire was invaded by the beastkin! They have the blessing of the beast god!”



EditorJinYi: Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?!!!

EditorJinYi: I must have opened it the wrong way! You said you wanted to abandon it?

EditorJinYi: Is anyone there? *buzz* Hey, you big shot!

YiYeZhiQiu: Haha

EditorJinYi: … Every time I see you write haha, I want to smack smack smack2 you.

Editor Silk: No, tell me your previous message is not true.

YiYeZhiQiu: It’s true.

EditorJinYi:…… Why don’t you want to write?

YiYeZhiQiu: Tomorrow is the end of the world.

EditorJinYi: The end of the world hasn’t arrived yet. I think your doomsday is coming. [knife]

YiYeZhiQiu: Haha.

EditorJinYi:…… Boss, you really want to use that excuse? I don’t know you were the type of person who would believe in the end of the world so naively!

EditorJinYi: Give me a good reason!

YiYeZhiQiu: Well, okay. The protagonist, he found out that I was the author of his abuse, so he climbed out and killed me.

EditorJinYi: …

EditorJinYi: Acting cute! Shame on you!

YiYeZhiQiu: Haha.

EditorJinYi: You really don’t want to write?

YiYeZhiQiu: Yeah.

EditorJinYi: Hey, tell me what happened after that. The cliffhanger is inhumane.

YiYeZhiQiu: Next is the new era, the battle of the gods.

EditorJinYi: **** it. Ugh, you unexpectedly abandoned your work.

YiYeZhiQiu: It doesn’t have much to do with the main character.

EditorJinYi: Hey? What’s next?

YiYeZhiQiu: The Twilight of the gods.

Chat record December 20, 2012 11:58:13


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  1. 裁决 – it actually means “verdict” but “judgement” sounds better and it’s almost synonymous anyway.
  2. 突突突 – tututu onomatopoeia

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