Chapter 54.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 54.1 – Reader: Is this something that a man would do?

Seeing so many dragons, Du Ze guessed that their present location is the legendary Dragon Island.

Although in the novel Xiu has not yet awakened his dragon bloodline, “Mixed Blood” does have more information about dragons than about gods. Stories about Dragon Warriors are the bards’ favorite, and signing a contract with a dragon and becoming a Dragon Knight is the dream of all young people. Like many other fantasy novels, “Mixed Blood” dragons consist of colored, metal, and crystal dragons. These great Western dragons were the masters of the fifth era of the Chaos Continent. They have strong and powerful bodies, and few creatures are able to kill a dragon alone.

Why did such powerful creatures decide to retreat from the Chaos Continent and stay in Dragon Island, which no one can find? For the people of the Chaos Continent, this riddle is on the same level as the mystery of “why did the gnomes disappear?” Although some people have signed contracts with dragons to become dragon knights, none of them would speak about it.

Of course, for the Moe Lord, all he has to do is to fall into the sea and he can find the legendary Dragon Island. Du Ze sighed as he looked up at the dignified and beautiful silver dragon. Sure enough, the Dragon Island story arc is the “awakening the dragonkin bloodline” plot. The Moe Lord in dragon form is so cool and domineering

Du Ze was very satisfied with Xiu’s silver dragon form. The other dragons were also looking at Xiu appreciatively, and as for the amethyst dragon, his eyes as he gazed at Xiu were like those of a grandparent looking at his favorite grandson.

“When I look at you I remember Hilda.” The amethyst dragon said in a kind tone: “You are Hilda’s descendant, correct?”

Xiu seemed to be having trouble adjusting to his new form. He grunted a reply but he was not able to form a word and accidentally released a small white flame.

The amethyst dragon listened to the “um” sound and looked at Xiu with even more gentleness in his eyes.

“Rest on this island, this is your home, child.” The amethyst dragon expressed his goodwill: “If there is anything you don’t understand, you can always come to me and ask.”

Xiu was panting as he gradually accustomed himself to his new and unfamiliar form. He found that his new body is very strong. His eyesight is ten times better than a human, and each of his muscles are full of strength. When those stones smashed into his scales, it just felt like a tickle. Xiu opened his mouth and this time he did not spit out any flames: “How can we leave this island?”

“You want to leave the island?” The amethyst dragon was surprised; “The Dragon Island is the most suitable place for dragons to live. I think you should stay here.”

Xiu narrowed his red eyes: “You want to keep me here?”

The amethyst dragon looked solemnly at Xiu.

“I suppose so, child.” He said: “You must stay on the island.”

The atmosphere was tense. The dragons around them began to surround Xiu. Xiu glanced at the approaching dragons then used his dragon language magic ability: “Anti-gravity.”

Some dragons were caught unprepared and were flung into the air by the spell. The dragon language is the dragon’s innate ability. Each kind of dragon has a unique type of magic. The silver dragons can control space. Du Ze was also caught off guard when Xiu grabbed him by the collar and placed on his back. Du Ze barely had time to stabilize the body on the back of the dragon when he heard Xiu warn him: “Hold on to me tightly.”

The silver dragon opened his wings and flew up. Du Ze used his whole body to cling tightly to Xiu’s neck. The rest of the dragons moved to try to contain Xiu but they were thrown into the air. The silver dragon swiftly flew past the encirclement towards the sea above.

The silver dragon’s speed was amazingly fast and they reached the sea almost in the blink of an eye. Directly above them was a transparent membrane that kept the sea and the island separate. Xiu and Du Ze tried to fly past the seemingly fragile barrier, but it was impossible. He could not penetrate the barrier no matter what he tried; neither physical nor magic attacks worked.

In the meantime, the other dragons recovered and chased after them. Xiu flew sideways to avoid the white dragon’s ice attack and used his spatial magic to disrupt the blue dragon’s thunderbolt attack. However, Xiu accidentally crashed into the golden dragon’s net made of holy power. Xiu tried to use his magic to teleport out but the holy force enveloped him, making it impossible for him to escape.

As a result, Xiu and Du Ze were once again brought before the amethyst dragon.

The amethyst dragon stared at the silver dragon that was lying on the ground wrapped up in the golden net: “We do not want to hurt you, child.”

You don’t want to hurt him?! ****! That group of dragons that captured the Moe Lord are insane!

Du Ze looked at the trapped Xiu and the dragons around him; he wanted to bite the brazen amethyst dragon to death.

Because of the golden dragon’s net, Xiu and Du Ze were separated. Xiu wanted to change form but any kind of form he changed into would be suppressed by these many large dragons. The silver dragon struggled to raise his head and his blood-red eyes were full of rage.

“In order to protect you, I won’t let you leave the Island,” declared the amethyst dragon. He signaled the golden dragon to loosen the net a bit. “It will be too dangerous in the Chaos Continent; the gods are about to start a war and we cannot afford to lose a companion.”

The net loosened enough that Xiu was able to stand but still be locked firmly in place. After releasing the net a bit, the golden dragon did not leave but stretched out its tail and seemed to want to clasp the tail of the silver dragon.

The silver dragon mercilessly swatted the tail off. The golden dragon seemed to feel wronged but persisted in coming closer to the silver dragon. When the other dragons saw that the amethyst dragon did not stop the golden dragon, the others crowded around Xiu. They moved close to Xiu and tried to rub against his neck or clutch his tail. Du Ze could see that something was wrong and finally could not help but ask the amethyst dragon: “What are they doing?”

“This season has always been the time when females are in heat.” The amethyst dragon examined Du Ze. “Are you his Dragon Rider?”

Du Ze was shocked by the amethyst dragon’s first sentence. He looked at all the dragons surrounding Xiu – these female dragons were asking Moe Lord to join with them!?

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  10. In the novel, the protagonist is having a ‘great’ time with the ‘warm welcome party’ the dragons are hosting; in the novel, our silly, cute reader is greatly displeased by the ‘fun’ the dragons are doing.

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