Chapter 54.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 54.2 – Reader: Is this something that a man would do?

Suddenly, there was a burst of noise as the silver dragon nearly bit off a crystal dragon’s neck. The female dragons around Xiu dispersed as the silver dragon with bright red eyes roared: “Go away!”

The amethyst dragon was somewhat startled. For the dragons, only females go into heat at a particular time while males can go into heat whenever and wherever. When males sense a female in heat is nearby, they will feel desire. The amethyst dragon pondered for a moment, then ordered a bronze dragon to bring a dragon heart fruit.

Du Ze had a bad feeling about this: “What is that–”

“It is a very useful fruit to us dragons. Don’t worry, we will not harm him.”

You have no credibility at all, okay? Using the dragon heart fruit in this type of situation… it’s an X drug, isn’t it? FML!

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because we’re desperate.” The amethyst dragon stared at Du Ze. The dragon’s eyes were very solemn and filled with unspeakable sadness. “Young man, do you know why we left the Chaos Continent in the fifth era?”

Du Ze was stunned.

“If we had not left the Chaos Continent, the dragon race would have disappeared like the gnomes. I don’t know why the gnomes disappeared, but I knew that the dragons were going to die.” The amethyst dragon’s eyes reflected an inverted image of Du Ze. “To other creatures, we are a ‘treasure.’ Both the wealth we have collected and our bodies are treasures – the dragon’s skin can be made into armor, the dragon’s bones can be made into weapons, and the dragon’s blood is a great restorative. Even though we have the strongest body and the courage to challenge other creatures, we are faced with the most serious problem: reproduction.”

The bronze dragon was so fast that he came back in the middle of Du Ze and the amethyst dragon’s conversation. The bronze dragon grabbed a red fruit and landed in front of Xiu.

“In my generation, the dragons could greet a new life at least once a year, but now there has not been a baby dragon born in 100 years. In contrast, every minute there is a newborn human or beastkin. That is the grace that the father god gave to them.” The amethyst dragon stared at Xiu, and his voice sounded old and full of melancholy when he said: “50 years ago, we lost the last silver dragon.”

Because the silver dragon is an endangered species, you want the Moe Lord to breed with a dragon? WTF! Is this something that a man would do?

Though he knew he was overestimating his own abilities, Du Ze rushed out to try to stop them. Perhaps because he was splashed by dragon blood, Du Ze felt that his speed was incredibly fast. But a green dragon simply stretched out its paw and pressed Du Ze down on the ground so that he couldn’t move. He could only watch helplessly as the bronze dragon squeeze the fruit into the silver dragon’s mouth.

“You’re forcing him.” Du Ze looked up at the amethyst dragon from under the green dragon’s claw. The black-haired youth’s face was expressionless, making his words sound even colder: “What’s the difference between you and animals then?”

The amethyst dragon thought that Du Ze’s words were too harsh. The dragon was silent for a moment then sigh: “I thought that I would never be able to see this beautiful and graceful creature ever again. Now that I have experienced this pleasant surprise, I want to experience it again.”

“Long live the dragon race.”

Forced to swallow the dragon heart fruit, Xiu stopped struggling. The silver dragon bent down his long neck and panted, his eyes red like blood drops.

A jade dragon gingerly rubbed the silver dragon’s wings. The silver dragon did not shy away. In fact, he narrowed his eyes and seemed very comfortable. Xiu spread his wings; he was excited and fully entered the state of aggression.

The amethyst dragon made the golden dragon remove the net from Xiu. The dragon heart fruit is something that the dragons use to help in reproduction. Once a dragon eats the dragon heart fruit, he will temporarily lose his control of his actions and will act on his instincts only. Therefore when a male dragon smells a female dragon in heat, he will feel only desire.

Suddenly, an unforeseen event occurred. The jade dragon tried to clasp the silver dragon’s tail with her own but was whipped away by the silver dragon. The silver dragon leapt out of the circle of female dragons and ruthlessly knocked away the green dragon pinning down Du Ze with a claw.

The other dragons quickly entered fighting mode but, to their surprise, after the silver dragon swept the green dragon away, he did not immediately run off with his Dragon Knight. Instead, the silver dragon began to circle the black-haired youth. From time to time he touched the human with his tail. Because of the size difference between the dragon and the human, the silver dragon could only use the tip of his tail to wrap it suggestively around the waist of the black-haired youth.

The amethyst dragon couldn’t believe his eyes. At first he thought that Xiu was not affected by the dragon heart fruit and just pretended he felt the effects to escape from the net and the dragon’s encirclement. But now it seems that he is not in a rational state but was in a mating frenzy. The silver dragon unexpectedly approached a human male … wanting to mate?

Du Ze looked at Xiu. The tail around his waist was firm but not too tight. Xiu was staring at him with red eyes and seemed to be urging him to do something.

Does he mean for Du Ze to hold his tail as he takes Du Ze away? Some silly, cute person thought this then hugged the tip of the silver dragon’s tail.

Then Du Ze was really taken away. There was a flash of gray light; Xiu and Du Ze were instantly teleported a distance away and Xiu flew off.

All the dragons were too surprised to react in time as the silver dragon ran away with his Dragon Knight.

The amethyst dragon’s mood was difficult to describe. He knows what will happen next, which makes him feel even more puzzled at the strangeness of what occurred. He can’t figure it out: Why did the silver dragon ignore all the female dragon to chose a human? Not just a human, why did he chose a male?

The other dragons asked the amethyst dragon whether they should go after them. The amethyst dragon looked at the sea above them then shook his head, sighing helplessly.

In any case, without guidance they cannot leave Dragon Island.


Divine World, Pantheon

The god of light sat on a throne high above above Gruumsh, the god of the beastkin.

“Gruumsh, He Who Never Sleeps, why did you break the rules?”

Gruumsh picked up his bloody spear. It was dripping with blood, his blood – his life was coming to an end.

“Rules?” Gruumsh laughed: “Those are your rules, why should I follow them?”

In the face of Gruumsh’s rudeness, the god of light still maintained his benevolent attitude in front of the other gods.

“As long as you admit your mistake, I will forgive you,” he said.

Gruumsh started laughing and laughing until he coughed up blood. His voice was unusually loud, echoing through the Pantheon, and clearly passing through all the ears of all the gods.

“Just because my people don’t worship you, you exiled them to the Savage Land. As the god of the beastkin, I can improve my people’s lives, what is wrong with that?” Gruumsh scanned the surrounding gods: “Don’t you want more faith? Now is our the only chance. The high gods cannot leave the divine world but the other gods can enter the Chaos Continent. Soon, the gods will be able to-”

Gruumsh’s voice stopped abruptly. He opened his mouth and spit out blood. Before he fell, the beastkin god stared at the god of light who sat high above him; his tiger eyes sparkled.

[You’ve sat too long in that position.]

The light god understood the words that Gruumsh said silently as the beastkin god’s burly body came crashing down. The god of light stood up and looked down at the other gods. Although his face still had a gentle smile, his words were a threat.

“I hope that you can all settle down and do your duty.” The god of light said: “Otherwise, if you flee to the Chaos Continent, the day I leave the divine realm will be your death.”

After the gods had departed, the god of light went to Gruumsh’s corpse. His face was angry because he knew that no matter how intimidating his words were, there would still be a few gods who would flee to the Chaos Continent and make a mess there. He was still unable to leave the divine realm and he didn’t know when he would be able to descend to the Chaos Continent.

The light elements began to gather in the hands of the god of light. He wanted to reduce the body to ashes but suddenly, a black hole appeared above the corpse and the body was sucked into it. Then the black hole disappeared without a trace. The god of light looked at the place where the black hole had disappeared and shuddered.

That was a manifestation of… the rules?


This day, countless shrines received oracles from the gods, and even from the god of light himself.

The fall of the beastkin god was the dawn of the Battle of the Gods.


The author has something to say:
Protagonist: Today eight races.
Reader: Is this something that a man would do?
Protagonist: (dragon shape pushes down the reader): Well, I’m not a man.
Author (covers eyes): How terrible.


dragon xiu and du ze


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