Chapter 57.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 57.1 – Reader: You can’t disappear.


Du Ze stretched out his hands and hugged the limp body of the blond youth. Xiu had fainted and his whole weight was pressing down heavily on him. Xiu’s body was very relaxed, as though he was at ease because he knew he had someone he could rely on. Du Ze sighed helplessly as he silently hugged Xiu, unable to complain.

Moe Lord, this is a foul!

Muir hurried over when he saw that Xiu had fainted. When he learned that Xiu would be in a coma for several days, Muir changed back into his dragon form and brought Xiu and Du Ze back to his lair.

At the black dragon’s lair, Du Ze was blinded by a hill of gold, silver, and gems. The glittering coins and precious gems almost filled the entire cavern. The black dragon motioned for Du Ze to make himself comfortable while he himself lay down to rest. He really was a little tired since he woke up and fought a dragon right away, then later fought the silver dragon, too. He had used up a bit too much of his energy.

Du Ze struggled to clear a space for Xiu to lie down on. Du Ze was involuntarily distracted by the golden hill. Dragons like to collect gold and silver, but they don’t use it the way humans do. For dragons whose skin is insensitive, these gold coins that were piled up are just like cat blankets – how luxurious and shameful! Other creatures struggle to earn a copper coin, but this group of tall, rich and handsome fellows were resting their heads on piles of gold coins, living the good life.1

The black dragon was asleep, the Moe Lord was in a coma, and some lonely loser otaku had nothing to do except count coins. After two days of counting gold coins, Du Ze suddenly saw the black dragon raise his head and stare at the entrance in an unfriendly manner.

A somewhat frivolous voice came.

“Hey, Muir, did you come back?”

A red dragon poked its head inside. Its scales were crimson and its eyes were like balls of lava. Du Ze was looking at the red dragon when a fluffy yellow ball suddenly appeared. It squatted on top of the red dragon’s nose, ruining the red dragon’s ferocious appearance. With the little chick on its nose, the red dragon looked like it was trying to act cute.

“Chirp!” The little phoenix fanned its tiny wings, dived down from the red dragon’s nose, turned a 360 degree somersault in midair, then free-falled until it mercilessly hit a silly, cute person’s face


Du Ze tore the fluffy chick from his face then squatted down and covered his face. He didn’t know why the little chirp appeared on the red dragon’s head, but his heart was full of an unspeakable killing intent. The small phoenix flew crookedly to the top of Du Ze’s head, gleefully fluffing itself up: Finally found the mother chirp ~

“I found this little thing on the way, it looks like good meat.” The red dragon had been staring at the small Phoenix but when it saw Du Ze, it became very excited and spat out a bit of flame as it spoke: “You have a little human here, Muir. Is it for me?”

The black dragon immediately told the red dragon to “scram.”

“Come on, it’s just a joke.” The red dragon stepped back a few paces when he saw the black dragon’s attack stance. “I am here to inform you that Lord Theo told us to go to the dragon valley.”

When he saw how the black dragon seemed completely uninterested, the red dragon continued: “It is said that the Dragon God descended, aren’t you curious?”

Huh? Du Ze was very surprised since Yi Ye Zhi Qiu had written that gods cannot descend to the Chaos Continent.

The black dragon was also a little surprised by the news. The red dragon immediately added: “I have a lot of information… the latest news about the human race-”

The red dragon dodged the black dragon’s flame attack. Removing its head from the cavern, it flew off. From far away they could hear its voice shouting. The black dragon stared at Xiu. He thought that if he hadn’t attacked, the red dragon would surely have died, killed by a smiling, seemingly harmless, blond youth.

Du Ze looked at Xiu and didn’t know how to react. In just two days the Moe Lord woke up, is it because he had awakened six of his bloodlines?

The aftereffects of the Lord whenever he changes forms gets shorter and shorter the closer they get to the end of the story. Du Ze cannot describe his mood. As he knew from the red dragon’s news, the gods have descended into the Chaos Continent.

—— Witness how the young boy will awaken his lineage, experience happiness and hatred, and finally set foot on the road to becoming a god.

Du Ze could almost see the author setting up the stage for the protagonist.

Xiu stretched out his hand and seemed to want pull Du Ze up from the ground, but when his hand was halfway there, Xiu seemed to think of something. He slowly retracted his hand but Du Ze grabbed it.

“I’m fine.” Du Ze took Xiu’s hand and used it to pull himself up. He pressed on his headphones as he and Xiu looked at each other: “You mustn’t do anything.”

When Du Ze heard Xiu say those words before Xiu fell into a coma, Du Ze became very worried that Xiu would self-destruct. The thought made his heart feel like there was an invisible hand squeezing it. This man has been through so much that he has no sense of security and will doubt others, as well as himself. After constantly denying himself and other people, Xiu has pushed himself to the brink.

“You can’t disappear. I will always stay by your side.”

Xiu’s hands was clasped by Du Ze’s hands, ten fingers interlocking. He held on tightly to Du Ze’s hands like a drowning man holding on to driftwood.

“Good.” Xiu smiled and his eyes were bottomless. “We’ll always be together.”

The black dragon watched all of this. The two were not just in a “dragon rider and dragon are lovers” relationship; they were like two intertwined vines – if you pulled one off, the other one will wither. The black dragon stared at the black-haired human. His Dragon Knight is very strong so there is no need to worry about him, but this exposed weakness could be fatal.

“We must retrieve your dragon spear,” said the Black Dragon to Xiu. “That is the key to leaving this island.”

When Xiu’s dragon blood awakened, a lot of things happened and the spear was discarded in the place where they first saw the black dragon. Only Hilda and her Dragon Knight could pick up the spear, so now they just have to return to the place to get the spear back.

Two humans and a dragon went back to the place where the mountain had collapsed. The artifact was easy to find since it was still calling to Xiu. The black dragon initially wanted to protest when Xiu took out the metal piece in order to fuse it with the dragon spear, but he thought better of it – the dragon spear belonged to Hilda. Now it was up to Hilda’s descendant to dispose of it as he saw fit.

Qian Bian swallowed the dragon spear. At Xiu’s command, Qian Bian took on the form of the dragon spear. Just as it changed, a sudden strange pressure came from the valley. The black dragon was caught unprepared and, with a muffled sound, was pressed flat on the ground. That was the effect of a god’s divine presence. Xiu could suppress it somewhat, but as for Du Ze, he was the only one who was unaffected. Some silly, cute person stretched out his hand and caught the fat chirp that fell down from his head.

The terrific pressure came and went quickly, as if the gods had just used it to proclaim their arrival. The black dragon got up and was surprised to see that Du Ze had not reacted. Xiu wiped the sweat from his forehead. He glanced at Du Ze then looked away into the distance, his sky-blue eyes bright.

There… it is a divine presence

The three of them approached the dragon valley cautiously. Looking down from the mountain peak, they saw that the valley was full of different kinds of dragons sitting or lying down with their wings folded and their tails circling themselves. There were metal dragons (gold, bronze, brass, and copper), chromatic dragons (black, white, red, blue, and green), and gem dragons (topaz, amethyst, sapphire, and crystal). Their scales shone brightly in the sun. The sight was unforgettable.

In that group of dragons, the amethyst dragon was standing in the middle of the valley, in front of five people. Those five seemed to be using the dragon’s humanoid form since they each had some of the characteristics of the dragon form. The dragon’s bodies were clearly much larger than the humanoid forms, but in front of these five people, all the dragons seemed small.

One of them spoke to the amethyst dragon: “Theo, you’ve become old.”

“I’m old, Lendys. I never thought I’d see you again.” The amethyst dragon lowered his head and the two of them touched heads. “I’ve missed you very much, my former friend.”

The god of justice Lendys’ eyes flashed with fond remembrance, but he stepped back, thinking of the distance between mortals and gods.

“Dear Lord God, you have come here, what is your command?”

xiu in humanoid dragonkin form

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  1. 醉生梦死 – an idiom meaning “drunk and dreaming” (as a way of life)

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  1. It was so short, or I guess it just feels that way because I could binge read before. Thank you for translating this amazing story. I’m so curious what the gods have come for. I wonder if it has to do with Xiu or ever=n Du Ze (seeing as he was believed to be the holy messenger).

  2. What an adorable picture of Moe Dragon Lord and his lovely reader DuZe!!
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    1. by the restriction of power, the god of light is the most powerful and can not descend to the mortal world, on the other hand, he was the one who forbade the other gods to descend into the mortal world

  4. 😊 Thank goodness Xiu and Du Ze are very honestly with their feelings towards each other and express it openly too. I don’t want there to be misunderstandings and hurtfulness their relationship after all.

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