Chapter 57.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 57.2 – Reader: You can’t disappear.

“I will take some dragons with me and join the Battle of the Gods.” Another red-haired man bluntly said. Behind his body was a red dragon’s tail. The red-haired god faced the dragon valley and shouted: “Who wants to leave the island with me?”

There was a commotion among the dragons. Some of them, mostly the young ones, were tempted while the older dragons, especially the amethyst dragon, wrinkled their eyebrows in disapproval. But still, the amethyst dragon respectfully said: “Lord Garyx, the dragon race is in a crisis right now and the loss of even a single dragon is a big loss for the entire dragon race.”

Garyx, the dragon god of destruction, sneered: “Haven’t you been holed up in this place long enough? The Battle of the Gods has started. Do you think that if you stay here and refuse to fight, the others will leave us alone?”

The amethyst dragon was silent for a moment before stubbornly saying: “I hope that moment won’t come too soon.”

The amethyst dragon’s attitude angered Garyx, whose face became cold. The amethyst dragon was instantly pressed down on the ground by an immense pressure until it could not move. The dragon god of justice said warningly: “Garyx!”

Of course, the mad god Garyx paid no heed to this warning, but he stopped when the dragon god Bahamut coughed lightly. Garyx had no fear of Lendys because the low-level god of justice is weak, but Bahamut is a mid-level god and not someone he can provoke.

Garyx glared indignantly at the amethyst dragon. “Do you think the dragon’s current situation is good? If we win the Battle of the Gods and become the Supreme God, then we can definitely find a solution to the dragon’s reproduction problem! This is all for my Lord Io!”

“The Lord … lord god…” murmured the amethyst dragon. The nine-faced dragon god Io is the chief deity worshipped by the dragons. When he heard about Io, the amethyst dragon began to question himself and glanced at the last person in the group, a young girl with a crystal horn. She is Aasterinian, the dragon’s goddess of creation and the messenger of Io.

Aasterinian, seeing the amethyst dragon’s eyes on her, blinked then grinned. She looked very lively and naughty.

“I have no idea what the Lord thinks,” she said. “Our Lord let us come to protect you, that is all.”

Garyx snorted. The amethyst dragon finally calmed down and was just about to speak when a change came without warning.

The “day” suddenly became dark. The island is surrounded by seawater and its light comes from the luminous plankton. But now the sea that surrounded them became the sea of undead souls – from the void emerged bones and skeletons that covered the island.

Du Ze stared above him. The sea was still there. Those white bones in the deep blue water looked very eerie. Why did the bones give him the same feeling as the sea of undead souls in the reverse side of the continent… ?


The seas filled with bones. The towns and cities that overlapped each other collided, and there were countless casualties1 . The light god looked at everything that was projected and a chill spread from his heart. He went inside a room full of runes and picked up a slender scepter. This scepter represents the position of the ruler of the gods. As long as he has this scepter, he can destroy all the gods who move against him.

The light god held the scepter as spoke as though he was talking to himself.

“Why did the two sides of the continent overlap with each other?… What’s wrong with the rules? … Out of control?… Why are you out of control? … That man … Damn!”

The light god gripped the scepter tightly, angry and fearful of some unseen presence.

“Quickly let me lower the boundary. I must destroy that heresy before it is too late.”


The island suddenly appeared in the middle of the sea of undead souls and became chaotic. Xiu hugged Du Ze and let the black dragon take them away from the island. He had a hunch that if he did not leave, he would never again have the chance to escape.

The black dragon, carrying Xiu and Du Ze, did not fly up but went to the center of the island. Along the way, the black dragon explained to the two humans how they could leave. The reason why the island could exist under the sea was because the silver dragons opened a space under the sea and transferred the island to that space. The outermost layer of seawater functioned as a barrier. In the beginning, dragons were free to go in and out of the barrier. But with the decline of the dragon population, in order to prevent the young dragons from leaving, the older dragons decided to change the barrier so that it would only freely allow entrance to the island. To leave, they have to get permission.

In their case, of course, it is impossible to get permission from the amethyst dragon. Therefore, the black dragon decided to get to the root of the problem. The three of them will go to the center of the island where Xiu can change the space barrier’s properties. Hilda’s spear is the key to the spatial magic spell.

Muir transformed into this humanoid form and pointed to a silver-blue pillar. “After you insert the dragon spear here, you can make it open up a passageway. Then we can use that passageway to leave.”

Xiu did not hesitate to insert the dragon spear into the hole in the column. Outside, the chaos has subsided and once the dragons have organized themselves, they will surely go to the center of the island to check the situation and strengthen the barrier.

The dragon spear fit the hole in the pillar perfectly. The magic spell embedded in it lit up and blew Xiu’s blond hair off his forehead. A stream of information flowed into Xiu’s brain, including how to set up a barrier and how to close it.

Muir saw a spiral of cracks appear in space. It looks like Xiu has opened a passageway. He looked back at Xiu and saw the blond youth’s smile.

How can that smiled be described? It was like the smile of a child who caught a dragonfly and was pulling off its wings while he watched with glee as the poor struggling creature died. The thought made Muir shudder, but when he looked at Xiu again, the blond youth’s expression was normal. It was as though he had just imagined that strange smile from before.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing …” Muir ignored that strange fancy and said: “Let’s go.”

The three people went into the space crack together. Just before they left, Xiu said to Du Ze: “I made a cage.”


“I caged a bunch of lizards and threw them a bone. Do you think lizards like bones?” said Xiu.

Du Ze shook his head. Isn’t it dogs who like bones?

“I also think they won’t like it,” Xiu said with a smile.

Du Ze wanted to ask Xiu what he meant when the whole island suddenly shook, as though a giant was stomping on it. The violent shaking made Du Ze fall into the crack. He didn’t know what hit him because he immediately fainted.

The amethyst dragon looked at the bones outside the barrier. It seems that some of the undead have seen the dragons inside the barrier. In this case, the dragon race can only leave.

Suddenly, a skeleton crossed the barrier and fell from the air. The amethyst dragon stared at it as it fell to pieces. The dragon couldn’t believe his eyes as more and more skeletons came dropping down from the barrier. They began to attack the dragons. Although one flaming dragon breath can incinerate a skeleton, the number of skeletons that were falling was almost drowning the entire island.

Deep in the sea of undead souls, the dragon’s breath disturbed an evil force. His face was dry and terrifying, his skin rust-red, his hair thick and dark green, and he wore a black cloak. The undead have no god, but this horror was something that even the gods feared. He has many names – life hater, death reaper, and so on. Though he is not god, everyone knows him – the god of death Louis.

The god of death looked in the direction of the island and laughed.


“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!”

Du Ze didn’t want to quarrel with the fat chirp, but a sharp object poked his eyebrows. The pain woke Du Ze and he opened his eyes to see a blood-stained machete slash down.

Some silly, cute person was frightened out of his wits and quickly rolled to the side, dodging the killing blow.

When he had finished rolling, he saw that he was in a desert. Du Ze put some distance between him and the other person before examining his attacker.

It is a beautiful girl. Her most prominent feature are the two red fox ears on her head. When Du Ze saw the red and white tail, a silly, cute person finally realized that he was looking at a fox.




We’ll always be together.

Even if I die, I will take you with me to hell.

— [black box]



The author has something to say:

I am very sorry. The next story is about the gods so the author spent too much time researching and editing the updates. Now that the rotten writer has sorted it all out everything will be smoother from now on. The gods of this story are based on the D&D Pantheon.

The Dragon Race Pantheon

Io, the chief god of the dragons
Bahamut, the god of goodness.
Tiamat, the god of evil
Lendys, the god of justice
Garyx, the god of destruction.
Aasterinian, the goddess of creation.
Astilabor, the goddess of wealth
Chronepsis, the god of fate.
Faluzure, the god of decay
Hlal, the goddess of mirth.
Tamara, the goddess of life.


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  1. XD here: Just in case it wasn’t clear, the two sides of the continent are somehow merging together. The sea of undead souls merged with the sea, etc etc. I’m trying to keep it as the author wrote it, so I won’t change the sentence too much.

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