Chapter 58.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 58.1 – Reader: Feel good.

Du Ze looked at the fox-eared maiden opposite him. There are many kinds of beastkin, like bears, snakes, wolves, etc. The beastkin in front of him was obviously a fox-type beastkin.

The fox-eared girl had her hands on a knife while she panted and stared at Du Ze. Her appearance was very messy; her white robes were covered with blood, but Du Ze couldn’t tell if it was her own blood or not. Just trying to recover the knife from where it was deeply buried in the sand seemed to take all of her strength. Unable to lift the knife, she abandoned it and seemed desperate to fight with Du Ze.

Du Ze watched the beastkin girl walk a single step towards him before suddenly falling down on the sand, unconscious. If she doesn’t turn over soon, she will surely suffocate and die. Du Ze hesitated for a moment and then cautiously approached the vixen. As he walked, he noticed that there were human and beastkin bodies buried in the sand. There was clearly a battle here recently. Du Ze turned the fox-eared girl over. The girl’s eyes were closed and her expression was full of pain, as though she could not escape her nightmare even when she was unconscious.

Some silly, cute person crouched down by the fox-eared maiden’s side and looked around in all four directions. All he could see was endless sand with no trace of Xiu – he and the Moe Lord must have become separated when they teleported out of the Dragon Island. Du Ze thought about it and came to the conclusion that the space cracks at that time seemed to be in an abnormal condition. Perhaps because of this he was teleported here where there was a fight between the humans and beastkin?

Du Ze stood up and walked around in a circle, looking at all the bodies. The battle here was not a large one, but from the dead’s expressions and posture, the battle was very fierce. One of the humans had cut off a beastkin’s head while another human had an arrow through his heart. Du Ze turned over the last body and confirmed that he and the fox-eared maiden were the only living creatures present.

When he looked back at the corpses, Du Ze’s heart almost stopped as he seemed to hear a voice. He doesn’t understand these dead people’s feelings of wanting to pull the others down to Hell, even if they themselves died. The intense bloodlust gave him a shock and left him speechless.

In order to survive, in order to fight for a belief —— even until death.

The strong desert wind blew yellow sand over the bodies, gradually burying them. Du Ze stood there for a while then finally walked back to the fox-eared maiden’s side. The sand here was really too active and she was already half-buried. Du Ze dragged her out from the sand. The girl’s situation didn’t seem too good. Du Ze fed her a little water but her face was very red; obviously feverish.

Du Ze didn’t know how far Xiu was from him, but he waited in the hopes that Xiu might soon appear over the horizon. However, as the sun climbed higher in the sky, Du Ze couldn’t bear it anymore. Not only was it windy and sandy, it was also very hot and Du Ze felt that if he didn’t find an oasis soon, when the sun rises to its highest point he will be baked alive.

The fox girl was breathing rapidly. Du Ze stared at her for a while before deciding to carry her on his back. Although the fox girl tried to kill him, he still can’t abandon the girl to die in this desert. Du Ze was not worried about himself. Even if the environment is tough to survive in, he has his 0-point restore so he doesn’t have to worry too much about food or water. As long as external factors don’t stop him, such as unluckily stepping on quicksand, he is confident that he will be able to survive until the Moe Lord comes to pick him up.

He had no idea where to go since every direction looked the same to him. As Du Ze was hesitating, he thought of the small Phoenix on his head. The little fluff ball isn’t reliable, but it is a god beast. It should be able to find the water elements in this desert, right?

The scorching sun burned them all with its light and heat. The air itself seemed to be distorted by the intense heat. The small Phoenix flew in front of them in a leisurely way while Du Ze walked with the fox girl on his back. Every once in a while, Du Ze had to stop and rest. He took his vest off and placed it over the beastkin girl’s head. The sun’s rays were very fierce, and Du Ze imagined he could smell hair burning.

Ever since he came to the world, he has visited the forest, climbed the Snowy Mountains, crossed the ocean, and walked through the desert — these were a lot more exciting than all his experiences in his previous 20 years of life combined. Some silly, cute person looked at the hot sun above his head and was resigned to his fate. He walked on.

Near dusk, Du Ze stood on the dunes and found that he was no longer in the monotonous, sandy desert. In front of him were strange black and red rocks that showed signs of wind erosion. The wind made a strange sound as it passed through the rocks. Although there was no sign of water, they could rest here. Du Ze climbed into a crack in a rock and set down the fox girl, thinking that he had passed through hell.

The sun gradually sank into the sea of sand. Du Ze looked at the fox girl. She was still unconscious and curled up on the floor, looking quite frail in a way that made people feel pity for her. In YY novels, the fox, cat, and rabbit beastkin girls are very popular because they fulfill the male fantasy of cute cat eared-girls, rabbit-tailed girls, and, as for the fox, a “foxy” girl is a sexy girl!

Du Ze thought that he had robbed the protagonist of yet another story arc. Yi Ye Zhi Qiu had undoubtedly planned this out. After the Moe Lord established a harem in the Dragon Island, he must have been meant to find this girl when he left the island. This was probably supposed to be the start of a new harem and the introduction to the beastkin plot.

As a potential harem member, the fox girl’s appearance is perfect. Even though she is a mess, her current appearance cannot hide her charms. Du Ze lifted her up and gave her some water. As he was putting her down, he accidentally touched a furry object. A silly, cute person stared at the big red tail in his hands. It felt good and he instinctively squeezed it.


Du Ze was pushed down. He steadied himself and looked at the fox girl who had fallen down at the same time she had pushed him. She glowered at him with her large, beautiful eyes and opened her mouth. She seemed to be angrily saying something to Du Ze.

It was evening, so his headphones had no more charge. Du Ze tried to make sense of what she was saying. Based on the fierce expression on her face, he felt that she was probably venting her hatred of humans. Du Ze looked at the fox girl with an impassive face as she continued to endlessly scold him.

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