Chapter 59.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 59.2 – Protagonist: How can a person become a god?

“Oh, you are asleep?”

Dan’s voice suddenly rang out. Du Ze sat up and saw the green-clothed businessman sitting on the idol, laughing hatefully. Dan appeared so suddenly that not even Muir saw him arrive. Muir looked at him, startled and not knowing how he suddenly appeared. Dan jumped off the idol and smiled at Xiu.

“I’m very sorry. Last time you called me but I wasn’t able to meet you.” Dan glanced around at the ruined city, smiling: “Fortunately, I sensed your presence and came to make up for my previous shortcomings. So, what do you need?”

Du Ze looked across at Dan and the unfinished idol, feeling that he was very subtle. They were in the other person’s headquarters, no wonder Dan sensed their presence and came. Du Ze glanced at Xiu; when they were in the Dragon Island, he had tried to summon Dan to get more information about becoming a god. It’s extremely rare to have a demon god eagerly wanting to make up for a previous mistake. It would be stupid of them not to ask him about it now.

“I want some information about the gods,” said Xiu.

“No problem.” Dan looked at Du Ze. “In exchange, I would like to ask you a question.”

Seeing Du Ze nod, Dan smiled: “In order to make up for my last no-show, I will supply the goods first. What do you want to know, please?”

Xiu bluntly asked: “How can a person become a god?

“That’s a really embarrassing question.” Dan patted his head with his book and looked at Xiu. “In fact, in terms of strength, you will soon be a false god.”

“The strongest in the Chaos Continent level are the Mage God and War God. Although they are called “gods,” the truth is that they are far from being as strong as a god. People who are able to touch the threshold of the power of the gods are called “false gods.” However, though they are called false, some of these people are stronger than some gods. There was a person named Louis who had the power of a high level god. The false gods have great power and are not afraid of the pantheons, but they are not really gods because there they are not worshipped.”

Dan glanced at the city he had deserted; he did not want to be a god so he did not have any worshippers.

“Faith is the meaning of a divine existence.”

Du Ze just listened. This is actually a very simple truth. In the twenty-first century, even though no one really saw god, there were always people who were convinced of their existence and believed in them. Thus, Buddha and other gods are born.

Dan said to Xiu: “When you become a god, the power of faith determines the strength of your powers. Even the gods have levels. The low, middle, and high level gods of every race, and which god is the most powerful – all of these are determined by divine power -”

“Well, I digressed. Let us continue to speak of god: when a false god gains the faith of people he becomes a god. The godhead or divine nature of a god is a necessary tool for the gods to assimilate and use the power of faith, which is the core of the power of the gods. Most of the powers of the gods are dependent on the operation of the godhead… how to get godhead?”

Dan smiled and said: “Very simple, killing a god to capture his godhead is the quickest way.”

“In short, you become a false god, obtain a godhead, gain the power of faith, and you can become a god.” Dan raised a hand: “A friendly reminder though – once you become a god, you will be thrown into the realm of the gods, which is a rather bad place.”

“The realm of the gods?”

“Now, I do not know why the continent’s two sides have merged and why the gods can descend.” Dan complained: “I saw the realm of the gods once. I never wanted to return there.”

Xiu was surprised and asked: “The god world … You can see it?”

When he heard Xiu’s question, Dan smiled mysteriously.

“In fact you can see it now.” The green-clothed merchant stretched out his hand and pointed to the yellow moon that the sky was about to overlap with the purple moon. “It’s above our heads all the time.”

Du Ze looked up in amazement at the moons that had been with him since he came to the world, as if he was seeing them for the first time. In all this time, the purple and yellow moons have never looked so close to each other; they seem to be about to become one.

“The continent and the spirit world, they are very close,”1 said Dan, but the meaning was not clear.


On the Dragon Island, Lendys, the god of justice, stared in disbelief at the undead Necromancer in the black cloak – too powerful! He’s clearly just a false god but he can fight with five of the dragon gods and even seriously injure Bahamut. Lendys looked around at the island that was drowning in skeletons and zombies and felt despair, an emotion that he was unfamiliar with until now. Many dragons have been transformed into zombie or bone dragons and have joined the undead army, fighting against their former companions. The dragon race will soon disappear from the Chaos Continent.

The god of death, Louis, raised his scythe. If Du Ze were present he would find that the giant scythe and Xiu’s death scythe are the same. Before anyone could react, Louis cut Garyx in half. Garyx was instantly killed but Louis was not able to claim the body of the dragon god because a black vortex suddenly appeared in mid-air and sucked in the corpse of the dragon god of destruction.

Louis stared at the black hole for a long time before looking to the remaining dragon gods – no matter, there are other gods.

As Louis prepared to wield his scythe again, someone blocked his attack. That person had all the characteristics of the dragon race.

“My Lord!” Aasterinian exclaimed as she clutched her wounded arm.

Io, the leader of the dragon gods, grasped the scythe of the god of death Louis. He was finally able to descend to the Chaos Continent but casualties that resulted cannot be undone. Io looked at the condition of the Dragon Island with eyes full of sadness and anger.

“Undead, you must pay for what you have done!”


In the Gnome Ruins, the spider goddess Lolth staggered back and looked angrily at the gnome god. Flandal Steelskin,2 whom Xiu and Du Ze had met before, was sitting on a mechanical puppet while his Mia was mercilessly killing dark elves.

“Hmph. Elf, this is not a place where you can run wild.”

Lolth was furious at being wounded and at the death of the dark elves, but there were 3 gnome gods and she was alone here.

More machines came running into the fray and the dark elves were almost all dead; only a few people were left. Lolth smiled thinly and threw a spider dagger into the heap of dark elves’ corpses.

“Black Blood Strangling Array.”

Baravar Cloakshadow, the gnome god of spies, was suddenly dragged into the stream of blood and was soon consumed by it.

Flandal was shocked at the spider Goddess’s action: “You even sacrificed your own followers and used a forbidden technique?!”

Lolth smiled: “To die for me is an honor!”

Unnoticed, a black hole appeared and silently sucked in the body of the god of spies.

The death of a companion made the gnome god completely enraged.

“Elf!” Flandal angrily shouted: “Since you don’t care about their lives, we will destroy the Tree of Life and help you wipe out the elves from the Chaos Continent!”

“Ahem.” A cold voice sounded and the leader of the elven gods, Corellon, fell from the sky. He looked at the spider goddess in disgust then coldly looked at the gnome god. “I don’t care if you kill her but I won’t let you touch the Tree of Life.”

“We were just trying to help your companion achieve her long-cherished wish.” A gnome dressed like a clown jumped Corellon’s side. The gnome god Garl Glittergold winked at the elf god.

“She seems to want to taste the state of having no race of worshippers – just like us,” he said.


The god of light took his scepter and rose from the throne of god. He had waited a long time for this day.

The rules no longer compel him to stay in the realm of the gods. He can go to the Chaos Continent and do what he wants to do without having to rely on his believers to do tasks for him.

Tasks such as killing the heretic.


The author has something to say:

In this way the human, orcs, dragons, undead, gnomes, and elves are all in a pinch. The angels and demons will also appear. “Mixed Blood’s” plot will happen in the same order; Xiu will appear too late tomorrow OTL.

Some information:

Gnome Pantheon

Leader of the gnome gods, Garl Glittergold [high level]
God of forging, Flandal Steelskin [mid level]
Guardian god, Callarduran Smoothhands [mid level]
God of the forest, the patron of the wild, Baervan Wildwanderer [low level]
God of death, the Lord of the Earth, Segojan Earthcaller [low level]
God of spies, Baravar Cloakshadow [low level]

Elf Pantheon

Elf Lord God, Corellon [high level]
Spider goddess, Lolth [mid level]
God of bows and arrows, Solonor [mid level]
God of forestry, Rillifane [low level]
God of hatred, Shevarash [low level]
God of mischief and rogues, Erevan [low level]
God of thieves, Vhaeraun [low level]


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  1. 完全重合了啊,大陆和神界 – they “coincide.” Perhaps this means they are becoming closer or merging with each other.
  2. I translated the name as “Frank” before but I was wrong. It’s “Flandal.”

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