Chapter 60.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 60.1 – Reader: My buddies and I were stunned.

After hearing Dan’s explanation, Xiu gazed at the two overlapping moons then looked back at Dan and asked: “The Chaos Continent and the world of the gods will overlap … What’s going to happen?”

“The realm of the gods will be the same as the Chaos Continent and the Chaos Continent will be the same as the realm of the gods.” Dan said: “All of the low, mid, or high level gods will be able to appear in the Chaos Continent.”

Du Ze immediately thought of the final BOSS, the god of light. When he was in Sky City, he said he was a high level god – oh, shi*!

Now that the Moe Lord has awakened the bloodline of 6 races and is not yet level 80, the author suddenly expanded the plot to include level 100 content?! And he also changed the location of the final BOSS! F***!

For fear that the god of light will appear in front of them right away, Du Ze hurriedly asked: “When a god descends into the Chaos Continent, can he immediately find a person?”

“Gods can get information through other gods and believers, so the more idols and believers a god has, the more omniscient he is.” Dan glanced at his unfinished idol. “If there is no idol of the god or believers who are praying to the gods, it is difficult for the deity to determine a person’s position.”

Du Ze sighed in relief, fortunately, the author still has a lower limit, therefore the safety of the Moe Lord was temporarily guaranteed. Some silly, cute person saw Dan staring at him with interest. The green-clothed businessman smiled and said: “Looks like you offended a god? Let me guess – since you got so nervous about the merging of the two worlds, it must be a high level god…”

Dan put the book under his arm and touched his chin. When his line of sight fell on Xiu, the demon smiled maliciously: “Ah, it must be the god of light.”

Xiu was noncommittal. Dan smiled wider and remarked: “You are really a worthy descendant of Lord Bael. Ah, I believe it was during the middle of the first era? The god of light regarded Bael as his mortal enemy and was bullied by Lord Bael many times. He would run over to provoke Lord Bael and get beaten up again and again.”

Du Ze and his buddies1 were stunned to hear the story about the demon god Bael and the god of light. This tsundere, Moe person … it’s really hard to imagine!

“Demon Bael …” Xiu whispered: “Where is he?”

Dan stared at Xiu and shook his head: “I don’t know.”

The demon god who has lived for tens of thousands of years raised his book to his face and obscured his expression. “The demons and the angels fought for nearly two centuries. The demons were banished to the reverse side of the continent in the second century. Do you think that their defeat was as simple as the angels and elves forming an alliance? In the beginning of the second century, the god of light somehow acquired a scepter that could destroy gods. Many of the 72 demons gods fell at that time and the rest are in hiding. Lord Bael has not been heard of since.”

Du Ze was watching Xiu for his reaction. When Xiu learned that Bael lost, Xiu’s expression was completely free of disappointment, as if he had never had any hope in the first place.

“So, is there any problem?” Dan put down the book and looked at Du Ze. “Then it’s my turn to ask.”

Some silly, cute person didn’t know why he was nervous. The green-clothed businessman was very puzzled and asked: “How did you know my identity?”

– Because your note betrayed you.

“I read the name you wrote.”

Dan was very surprised: “You can read it? Impossible, that’s my own writing that I invented.”

This young man has his own translator and is proficient in all the languages of this world.

Seeing the disbelief on the scoundrel Dan’s face, some silly, cute person felt elated and said in a profound way: “Because -”

I am a reader.

He was too carried away and forgot about the mysterious force that stopped him from telling the truth to the people of this world. Some silly, cute person was still thinking about how to get around this restriction when he saw that Dan had retreated. He looked frightened and his face had changed color, as if he was looking at a bomb that was about to explode.

“You needn’t tell me.” From a distance, Dan said bitterly: “I do not want to know.”


He did not wait for Du Ze to come over. The green-clothed businessman waved the book at his side and his body gradually disappeared into thin air.

“This transaction has come to a successful conclusion. I have to leave now. I look forward to our next trade ~”

Du Ze watched the scoundrel Dan, who was usually very calm, suddenly float away like a cloud.2 The silly, cute reader eagerly asked the Moe Lord who has a high IQ: “Why did Dan leave?”

Xiu shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know. He picked up some blankets from the ground then spread them out, and lay down with Du Ze in his embrace.

“It’s almost dawn, you should sleep for a while.”

Du Ze saw that the sky was almost white. Once he noticed the time, his exhaustion overcame him. He wanted to asked what Xiu thought about the gods, but he fell asleep before he could speak.

When the next day dawned, Du Ze struggled to get up from Xiu’s embrace. He saw Ariel and Nina’s cheerful, smiling faces and wondered if Dan had done anything to the girls since they slept very soundly last night and did not wake up when Dan arrived.

After a day of rest, a lot of Nina’s strength had recovered. She looked at the impassive Du Ze (actually, he was in a daze) whose hair was being combed by Xiu, and felt her heart was disturbed – even if those two are good companions, isn’t this move a little too intimate?

Seeing Xiu looking at her, Nina subconsciously tried to avoid his eyes, her fox ears drooped and her big, fiery red tail wagged restlessly.

Perhaps she was just being too suspicious. The girl comforted herself with this thought.

Since their party was rather large, Xiu summoned the unicorn and let Ariel and Nina ride it together. Xiu and Du Ze rode the black dragon and Old John was carried in the dragon’s paw. In this way, five people continued to travel westward. They finally arrived at Nina’s tribe at noon.

It was not a large tribe. Its appearance and defenses looked relatively simple. When he saw the black dragon descending, the poor beastkin on the lookout tower sounded the alarm bell. His hand on his bow shook. To all of the beastkin who poured out to defend the tribe, Nina shouted from the back of the unicorn: “Sal, it’s me!”

After seeing Nina, the beastkin man standing in front of the warriors was very surprised and said: “Priestess, you came back.”

Du Ze was surprised. The fox girl’s identity was not simple. In the beastkin tribes, the leader was the chief, the heart of the tribe was the prophet, and the priest or priestess was the prophet’s chosen successor.

“I’m back.” Nina’s look became sad: “But Greene… they’re …”

“They are real warriors, the pride of the Beastkin.” Led by Sal, the beastkin all placed a fist on the left side of their chests and roared: “Great beast god, please let them return to your arms. They are your most loyal warriors, both in life and in death!”

The wind whistled over the sorrowful and solemn scene. Sal put down his hand and looked at Du Ze and the others. In a somewhat guarded tone, he asked: “Priestess, who are these people?”

“They rescued me.” Nina glanced at Du Ze and ears twitched. “I would like to invite my benefactor to rest here.”

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  1. Du Ze and 小伙伴 – literally means “little friend/companion/partner”
  2. 轻飘飘地不带走一丝云彩 – some sort of metaphor

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