Chapter 61 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 61 – Cruel and Unscrupulous

Jiao Xia had also been covered by the great snowstorm and everything that they saw in the vast region was white. Jiao Xia was situated at the very back so from the start of the Great Righteous and Demonic Cultivator War to the end, it had been very stable and safe. Regardless of what kind of news it received, it was unalarmed.

Having left ten years ago, Chu Yu’s memory of Jiao Xia had already become fuzzy. Coincidentally, the moment he entered Jiao Xia he saw Fang Ye City not far in the distance. He followed his memory of those years and traveled north from there. He then saw the city that he had taken Xie Xi to have a drinking party with courtesans.

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Recalling that pure young man who had been so furious at the time that his face had turned black, Chu Yu’s eyes lit up. He was in an excited mood as he dragged Xie Xi into the city and walked two laps around it. He wanted to sigh.

The young Xie Xi from back then was so obedient and adorable……

Xie Xi cocked his head and looked at Chu Yu: “What is Shixiong thinking about?”

Chu Yu replied: “I want to eat tanghulu……too bad the weather’s too cold for it right now.”

Hearing him mention tanghulu, Xie Xi suddenly remembered his younger self who had sneakily taken advantage of Chu Yu. He couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth and grabbing ahold of Chu Yu’s hand. He earnestly intertwined their fingers together before calmly walking beside him.

Chu Yu was somewhat baffled. After walking two laps around the city, they finally found the flower building from back then. It had been ten years since they had last visited it and the present flower building had already been destroyed and shut down. It was now a regular family inn.

Chu Yu found it unfortunate and lamented: “The place where we had our first drinking party……has already gone bankrupt. What a pity, what a pity.”

“Why does Shixiong think that it’s a pity?” Xie Xi lowered his head and looked at Chu Yu.

In the past several days, he had gotten used to the sight of the adorable, red-lipped, and white-toothed little shota with skin as white as jade. Now the person beside him had returned to his original state and regained that aloof, pure, cold, and noble appearance. His black eyes were like deep, cold pools while his lips were the same shade as light-colored cherries.

The image of Chu Yu collapsing in front of him while drunk suddenly arose in his mind.

Xie Xi couldn’t help stroking his own lips as he recalled how he had taken advantage of Chu Yu’s drunken state to steal a kiss from him. The smiling look in his eyes deepened.

Chu Yu was even more baffled: “Shidi’s mood today is quite good?”

Xie Xi’s complexion became solemn: “As long as Shixiong accompanies Shidi, Shidi will be happy every second of every moment.”

Chu Yu’s eyebrow twitched. He said: “Read fewer conversation books. Those things harm your intelligence.”

They toured the city for a while but since this small city didn’t have a righteous cultivator resting here, they couldn’t find out any news. Chu Yu took out the star plate that seemed as if it was about to collect dust in the corner and looked at it for a while before he found the largest city in the vicinity. He planned to ask around for information regarding Jiao Xia’s current state before returning to the Chu family.

Xie Xi’s hopes were dashed.

He had to return to Tian Yuan Sect while Chu Yu had to return to the Chu family. The current situation was worse than staying at Qing Tu. The camp wasn’t too big or too small so they could meet whenever they wanted while the Chu family was located considerably far from Tian Yuan Sect. Once they separated, they were unlikely to meet up again for a period of time.

He was eager for Chu Yu to stick around for a few more days.

Chu Yu knew what Xie Xi was thinking and didn’t expose his thoughts. He secretly slowed down his pace and leisurely spent two days to reach that city. He found the biggest tavern in the city and decided to order a jar of wine. As he drank, he listened to the cultivators sitting in the corner loudly talking.

Regardless of whether it was the world of common people or the world of righteous cultivators, there would always be some people in relatively low positions. They would use their own understanding to idly talk about important matters and then indignantly recount their own reasons for being dissatisfied.

There were currently a few cultivators at the Foundation Building stage sitting in that corner and they were likely wandering cultivators. Compared to the polite and cultured appearances that all great clans and great sects emphasized on, they looked a bit more unrestrained. These types of wandering cultivators would always feel inexplicably resentful and indignant towards famous clans or sects. Nothing nice would be said from their mouths.

One middle-aged man among them opened his mouth and talked about the Chu family.

“Let me say, these great clans are just like the royal families in the world of common people. For the sake of a little authority, they fight openly and make underhanded moves from behind the scenes. They’re all completely devoid of any humanity. The Chu family was so brilliant and righteous that who would’ve imagined that there’d be so much darkness underneath it all.”

Chu Yu paused his wine-drinking and then silently put down the wine cup in his hand. He softly stroked the edge of his wine cup and didn’t speak.

Those people couldn’t have imagined that there would be a Chu family member right there as they continued to discuss:

“Right, for the sake of a bit of authority, they can abandon even their father. These kinds of people are nothing like us wandering cultivators. We’re as free as the clouds in the sky and the wild cranes in the mountains, completely unfettered.”

“What else can you say. In any case, Chu Sheng has already taken control of the Chu family. Sigh, who dares to enter any of the large cities that are under the Chu family’s jurisdiction now?”

“It’s such a pity that as famous as Chu Shuangtian was, there was no way he could’ve possibly imagined that he would meet his end at the hands of his beloved eldest son huh?”

“Let me say, this Chu Sheng usually acts like a modest nobleman, all gentle and kind, but his heart is actually more poisonous than a snake or scorpion……”

Hearing them continue to slander Chu Sheng, Chu Yu couldn’t stay calm anymore. He abruptly stood up and approached that group of people. He asked in an indifferent tone: “You people were talking about the Chu family just now?”

Seeing the cold light in Chu Yu’s eyes and his snow-white satin robe, they could immediately tell that he wasn’t any ordinary person. The group hesitated for a while before nodding their heads: “Could it be that Daoist friends are unaware? The Chu family’s scandal has spread everywhere and almost everyone knows about it……”

After a pause, he talked about the actual topic: “Wasn’t it said that the head of the Chu family, Chu Shuangtian, had been attacked by a demonic cultivator and entered a coma because of his heavy injuries which caused the Chu family’s eldest son to temporarily take on the position of family head? A few days ago, there was suddenly news being spread that the head of the Chu family hadn’t been attacked by a demonic cultivator and received heavy injuries. In fact, he had actually been attacked by Noble Lord Chu and killed. Some people went to the Chu family to ask and Noble Lord Chu didn’t say anything in return. Doesn’t his silence mean that he’s confirming it? Haa, these cultivators from famous clans and sects, their true appearance behind their masks is just too ugly and horrifying.”

Chu Sheng killed his father.

It was unknown just who had gotten ahold of this information and then spread it.

Chu Yu’s face immediately turned somewhat unsightly.

He didn’t even have to think to know just how much pain Chu Sheng was in right now. Chu Sheng was sensitive and gentle. Chu Yu had managed to placate him with great difficulty. He had told him that there was still a chance that their father could be resurrected and afterward, he never brought up what had happened in the secret Decorative Mirror realm ever again. Only then did Chu Sheng gradually calm down and not lose control of himself.

This kind of Chu Sheng, how could he endure outsiders making sarcastic comments or speaking maliciously to his face, heartlessly tearing open his scars and leaving behind bloodstains?

Seeing Chu Yu’s complexion change, the middle-aged cultivator smoked: “Could it be that Daoist friend doesn’t believe me?”

Chu Yu didn’t respond. He swept a cold glance at all of them while restraining Xie Xi who was behind him and then silently walked out of the tavern.

“Shixiong……” Xie Xi was a bit worried, “Trash like them just like to gossip. If Shixiong can’t tolerate hearing these things, then I’ll make it so they can never speak again.”

Chu Yu shook his head: “Don’t be so vicious. I’m afraid that the people in the world of righteous cultivation all believe this to be the truth now. The wise don’t believe in rumors. Don’t concern yourself with them.” After a pause, he said, “I need to return to Falling Maple Valley immediately. Shidi, you should return to Tian Yuan Sect and report to Shizun that you’re safe and well.”

Xie Xi had already known back at the tavern that they would have to part. He knew that they had to deal with important matters first and so he nodded his head. However, he didn’t let go of Chu Yu and stubbornly cupped his face in his hands. Taking advantage of when no one was looking, he lowered his head and kissed the corner of Chu Yu’s lips.

“Shixiong, no matter what happens, you definitely have to tell me. Wait for me.”

Chu Yu smiled and nodded his head. He backed away and waved his hand at Xie Xi before taking out Xun Sheng and then flying in the direction of Falling Maple Valley.

Xie Xi stood where he was and silently stared at Chu Yu’s figure. It was only after his figure had completely disappeared into the horizon that Xie Xi finally moved. He turned around and re-entered the tavern.

Those people were still loudly spouting off nonsense.

By chance, the member of the Chu family that had been overlooked just now, Chu Yu, was now being mentioned. Xie Xi sat back down in his previous seat. Cold light was accumulating in his eyes and that cold light was the killing intent that he was forcefully restraining.

“Oh right, doesn’t the Chu family have one more son? His father was killed by his elder brother. Why hasn’t he appeared yet?”

“You’re talking about what’s his name, Chu Yu? I heard that he was trapped in the Mausoleum Ruins ten years ago and survived by a fluke. He appeared at Qing Tu for a while but then he disappeared again. Who knows, maybe he’s a scared coward who’s worried that Chu Sheng will silence him so he doesn’t dare to show himself.”

“Ha, don’t you know how famous Chu Sheng’s protectiveness of Chu Yu is? Chu Yu was pampered by Chu Sheng from childhood until now. Chu Sheng would bring along the Chu family’s people and wipe out the entire family of whoever dared to touch so much as a hair on Chu Yu’s head. Saying that Chu Sheng would silence him, that’s impossible. On the other hand, I suspect that……hehehe, Chu Yu might be Chu Sheng’s exclusive property?”

“Daoist friend’s words are quite reasonable. I also heard that when Chu Sheng killed his father, Chu Yu was right there watching it happen. I’m afraid that that act of patricide was something that those two brothers planned out. These two brothers are so cold and ruthless, cruel and unscrupulous. It must be hard on the Chu family’s lunatics, protecting those two.”

“In the past, I had the fortune to see Chu Yu at the Immortal Alliance Conference. His presence truly was out of the ordinary……huh? The cultivator that came to talk to us a moment ago seems a bit familiar?”

Xie Xi slowly stood up and walked to their side. Killing intent flashed through his eyes as Duan Xue left its sheath and abruptly pierced the center of the table.

All the wandering cultivators were scared out of their minds by this and were utterly bewildered as they looked at Xie Xi. Someone was about to loudly curse at him but the people beside him had the brains to carefully sweep a glance at the name that adorned the gem-white sword. Their faces immediately paled and they forcefully grabbed ahold of their companion and prevented him from speaking.

Duan Xue.

During the Great Righteous and Demonic Cultivator War, Xie Xi’s name had become famous and along with the name of his sword, Duan Xue, had become well-known throughout the world of cultivation.

The spiritual energy of the sword in front of them was so forceful that one look was enough to tell them that this wasn’t a fake.

The person that the Sword Immortal Xie Xi respected the most in his entire life was his Da Shixiong. It was also because of his Da Shixiong that he massacred so many demonic cultivators during the Great Righteous and Demonic Cultivator War. As for what his Da Shixiong’s first and last name were, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know.

Since the person in front of them was Xie Xi, it wasn’t too hard to guess who that clean and cold youth with a noble aura from just now was.

The middle-aged cultivator trembled and his voice slightly shook: “……Xie Xi, what are you planning to do?”

Xie Xi calmly said: “If people who gossip behind people’s backs were to lose their tongues, they should quiet down quite a bit.”

The group’s faces paled even further. The terror in their eyes as they stared at Xie Xi was incomparable.

“Xie Xi! You……right now every person in the world of cultivation is talking about this matter. We just mentioned it and yet you’re going to be so ruthless. Do you actually think you can act so ruthlessly towards the entire world of cultivation?!”

Xie Xi coldly scoffed at them and seemed careless in his movements as he extended a finger and made a motion as if he was slicing the air with it. In a split second, the light coming from Duan Xue expanded and the rays of light were so bright that it hurt to look at them. The wandering cultivators reflexively closed their eyes. They then heard Xie Xi’s indifferent voice coming from right beside their ears.

“Since none of you seem to like seeing the truth before you gossip, you won’t need your eyes.”

As the last word fell, the sword’s light dimmed. Those wandering cultivators opened their eyes but all they saw was a field of black. They were all alarmed and frightened so in an instant, all their bitter resentment and curses flowed out. Xie Xi gave a grim laugh before withdrawing Duan Xue and turning around to leave.

He hadn’t actually made them blind but it was necessary to make them suffer a bit.

Xie Xi walked out of the tavern again. He looked up at the dark sky and suppressed the worry in his heart. He rose up on his sword and flew towards Tian Yuan Sect in the other direction.

It took Chu Yu half a day before he reached the Chu family.

He used his waist plate to open the barrier and entered the valley. Chu Yu looked down, it was the same as he remembered. The Luo Feng Valley that allowed only the Chu family’s main branch family members to dwell in it was still as quiet and peaceful as before. It had been covered by the winter snow and appeared even more somber.

He followed the original’s memory and found Chu Yu’s room only to find no one there. Chu Yu’s heart sunk. After mulling it over for a moment, he flew towards the Chu family’s ancestral hall.

There was a special barrier protecting the area around the Chu family’s ancestral hall so it was unaffected by the four seasons. The leaves of the maples trees on both sides of the path were always red and they would silently fall to the ground. For no reason at all, there would be a desolate air in the area.

Chu Yu sheathed Xun Sheng and quickly walked over. He could faintly see the warm, yellow lights leaking out from within the ancestral hall. He had yet to reach it when his gaze suddenly swept across the person leaning on top of a maple tree that was beside the ancestral hall.

That person seemed to be contemplating something as he gently petted the fox in his arms. His head was lowered and he was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Chu Yu’s arrival. Chu Yu paused in his steps and turned towards him. He softly said: “Lord Fu?”

Fu Zhongyi roused from his distracted state and raised his head to look at Chu Yu. He blurted out “Chu Sheng” before immediately discovering that the person in front of him wasn’t Chu Sheng. He composed himself and in the blink of an eye, he was overjoyed as he confirmed that the person in front of him was Chu Yu.

“Third Lord Chu? Where did you run off to these past several days? Hurry, go persuade your big brother. I was thrown out of the valley by him for a couple of days so I don’t dare to persuade him again.”

Chu Yu wrinkled his brows: “……My big brother, what kind of state is he in right now?”

The hand that Fu Zhongyi was using to pet the white fox paused. He sighed: “His heart is like dead ashes.”

Chu Yu calmly nodded his head and quietly said “many thanks.” He turned around and walked towards the ancestral hall. He took a deep, deep breath before pushing the door open and entering.

Lighted candles filled the ancestral hall and the smell of incense assailed his nose. He raised his eyes and was promptly met with the sight of row upon row of neatly arranged memorial tablets. They looked dignified and solemn.

Chu Yu’s gaze fell upon Chu Sheng who was kneeling in front of the memorial tablets.

He hadn’t seen Chu Sheng in over a month and he had clearly gotten thinner. He was wearing mourning clothes and his back was ramrod straight as he kneeled on top of the praying mat. A gloomy and desolate air enveloped his body.

Chu Yu felt himself choke with emotion for no reason and in a trembling voice, he said: “Big brother, I’m back.”

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