Chapter 62 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 62 – Like a dream but not a dream

Chu Yu could clearly see Chu Sheng’s body trembling but his big brother didn’t turn around. Chu Sheng just straightened his back even more and said in a hoarse voice that sounded very tired: “…You’ve only just arrived so go and rest first. Big brother will come to see you later.”

Chu Yu stared silently at Chu Sheng’s back for a moment. Stepping forward, Chu Yu carefully lifted the hem of his robe as he knelt down beside Chu Sheng. Taking an incense stick, he lit it and bowed down to pay his respects, then he inserted it on top of the small cauldron in front of the memorial tablet after straightening up. Pursing his lips, he stayed kneeling upright, with his back ramrod straight, on the prayer mat.

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Chu Sheng was shocked and turned his head. “What are you doing, little brother?”

Chu Yu saw Chu Sheng’s face for the first time since he arrived when he turned his head.

As expected, his face was pale and haggard-looking but, in addition, his eyes were red. Chu Yu couldn’t tell if it was because of anger or whether Chu Sheng had been crying.

Thinking of the day when Chu Shuangtian died and Chu Sheng held his father’s ice-cold corpse, crying until his heart broke and he couldn’t cry anymore,1 Chu Yu felt his eyes inexplicably stinging with unshed tears. His lips trembling, Chu Yu said, “Big brother, I’m worried about you.”

Chu Sheng was stunned. Quickly raising a hand to cover his red eyes, he laughed a little awkwardly: “To think that I made my little brother worry about me… Big brother is alright.”

It’s alright even though your voice is choked with sobs?

Chu Yu sighed. “Big brother, didn’t you say that there are only the two of us left in the Chu family now? If you really want to treat me like a close family member, don’t force yourself to bear all your troubles and worries alone.”

Chu Sheng gritted his teeth. He seemed to want to be strong and say something. Yet, not wanting to open his mouth only to start crying in front of his little brother, Chu Sheng paused for a moment, then shook his head. He took a deep breath and looked directly at Chu Yu: “Little brother, believe in your big brother. The Chu family will definitely be able to survive this crisis.”

In fact, things weren’t that bad. The Chu family were united in their fury. The members of the branch families were unconditionally obedient to the Chu family’s direct descendants.2 When the news broke out, Chu Sheng had kept a cool head and explained to his three uncles everything that had happened in detail. He had also gathered together all of the Chu family members.

The Chu family elders had known about Chu Shuanghe but the old family head had sealed this knowledge, thus people did not normally talk about him. After finding out what had happened, no one said a further word about it

The Chu family can certainly stand united against outsiders, which is the best-case scenario. At the very least, they shouldn’t be listening to malicious gossip from the outside. The danger was if chaos started in the Chu family from the inside.

But to say that things are not bad would also be bad. Whoever publicized this matter, their motives were hard to fathom.

Before Chu Shuangtian’s mishap, the Chu family had been one of the biggest forces to be reckoned with in the battlefield. Now that the war between the Righteous and Demonic Path cultivators was over, it would be reasonable to suppose that the Chu family should be even better off than before when they returned. However, with the gossip that “Chu Sheng killed his own father” spreading so far around it was inevitable that the Chu family will not be peaceful.

The truth of this incident is somewhat complicated and involves some deep secrets that shouldn’t be revealed to outsiders. Therefore, even Lu Qingan can only keep silent. Even if outsiders knew the truth, they still don’t know who Chu Shuanghe really is. They will only think of it as Chu Sheng’s patricide.

Thinking about this made Chu Yu’s head swim so he put it out of his mind for now. He looked at Chu Sheng for a moment before turning his gaze back to the memorial tablets. He read the names in the dim candlelight and realized that, unknowingly, he had developed a sense of belonging in his heart to these people.

The two brothers knelt quietly for a moment, Chu Yu opened his mouth first: “Big brother, in that place there was me, Xie Xi, Shizun, you, and… Xu Keqing.”

Excluding Chu Yu and Xie Xi, who hadn’t returned yet, and Chu Sheng himself, only Lu Qingan and Xu Keqing remained.

Chu Sheng opened his mouth but after a long time, but in the end, all he could say in a hoarse voice was: “Little brother… that’s impossible. Xu Keqing was once captured by a demonic cultivator and was rescued by his father. He watched me grow up and he’s loyal to the Chu family, he wouldn’t…”

Chu Yu looked at him and said nothing.

Chu Sheng knew that his words weren’t convincing. Rubbing his forehead, he could only say weakly: “We shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we find out the truth. It’s the same for both Xu Keqing and Elder Lu.”

The ancestral hall was silent. The only sound that could be heard was Chu Sheng’s slightly rapid breathing. The candlelight in the hall flickered, making the light and shadows dance chaotically.

Chu Yu involuntarily reached out to grasp the gathering shadows at his fingertips before slowly closing his hands. “Big brother, I’ll go back to Tian Yuan Sect. I’ll be in charge of Shizun and you take care of Xu Keqing, alright?’

It’s inappropriate for one to investigate people one has mutual trust with but in this case they had no choice but to do so. Chu Yu had just arrived yet he was leaving already. Even though Chu Sheng felt numb with pain these days, he was still extremely reluctant to let him go. Pursing his lips, Chu Sheng took Chu Yu into his arms and stroked his back.

He can’t act willfully and force Chu Yu to stay. If this matter is not clarified, not only does it damage the Chu family’s reputation, but also the unknown threat lurking in the dark might come back to bite them at the worst possible moment.

Their grandparents were still in life-and-death closed-door cultivation. Their father was dead. Their mother was just a soul sleeping in the soul jade and they didn’t know when, if ever, she would wake up. If the two of them don’t take care of this responsibility, then no one will.

Chu Sheng’s eyes were wet and he didn’t know what to think. He let Chu Yu go and sighed, “My little brother has really grown up.”

The corners of Chu Yu’s mouth twitched.

Now that he knew Chu Sheng better, Chu Yu felt that it really was a very good thing that he had transmigrated into this novel and saved the Chu family from being destroyed by Xie Xi. If he remembered correctly, in the novel the Chu family was killed off at the time when their grandfather and grandmother were still in life-and-death closed-door cultivation. They had been killed in a sneak attack by someone’s evil scheme.

Fortunately, the Chu family is still almost complete.

Chu Shuangtian could still be resurrected.

Though his head was still spinning because of all his disorderly thoughts, Chu Yu did not delay any more. Taking a fresh incense stick, he kowtowed three times in front of the memorial tablets. Then, grabbing the powerless Chu Sheng and dragging him outside the ancestral hall, Chu Yu threw him at Fu Chongyi. Finally, Chu Yu waved to Chu Sheng and left on his flying sword.

Chu Sheng was brokenhearted when he saw Chu Yu leaving. He was going to follow after Chu Yu for a thousand miles to send him off when Fu Chongyi held on to his wrist so tightly that Chu Sheng couldn’t break free. Unexpectedly, the normally calm, modest, meek, and gentle as jade son of the head of the Fu family was being so energetic that Chu Sheng became angry and glared at him coldly.

“Let me go.”

Fu Chongyi lips tightened and he stared at Chu Sheng with a burning gaze. His voice was low as he said: “Chu Sheng, why not me?”

“…” Chu Sheng seemed to think of something but then turned his head away, saying nothing.

Chu Sheng’s profile was outlined by the faint, gloomy light, making his figure seem even more bleak and lonely than before. Fu Chongyi’s eyes grew darker and darker as he gazed at Chu Sheng: “I really wasn’t joking that day. You may believe it or not as you please. I know that the Chu family is in a tight spot right now. I won’t force you to answer, but you must cooperate with me and let me treat your wound.”

“Jiao Xia has many cultivators who specialize in medicine. I couldn’t possibly ask the son of the head of the Fu family to come running here every day.” Chu Sheng tried to wave Fu Chongyi away coldly but his right hand trembled uncontrollably.

Fu Chongyi snapped at him: “How powerful is a Nascent Soul stage demonic cultivator’s spiritual strength? Haven’t you had enough? Is it really necessary to wait until the pain reaches the very marrow of your bones before you learn how to take care of yourself? Chu Sheng, do you still want to keep your hand?”

The more Fu Chongyi spoke, the more Chu Sheng would look at him blankly, ignore everything he said. Fu Chongyi had been extremely angry with him these past few days. With great effort, Fu Chongyi calmed himself and spoke pleadingly in a slow, soft voice: “You don’t want to make Chu Yu worry, do you?”

The expression on Chu Sheng’s face changed. After a long moment of silence, he lifted his hand and pushed back his wide sleeve. Underneath, his arm was covered in blue runes. In the middle of the runes was a black spot that pulsed with energy as if it was alive was gradually spreading up from his hand.

The Chu family’s home territory was a long way from Tian Yuan Sect. Chu Yu had to fly at a high speed for two days before he arrived in Qinghe town.

That time when they discovered a demonic cultivator at Qinghe, the water demons had returned to their home before they could be destroyed. The Tian Yuan Sect later sent a high-level cultivator to take care of them. Now that the demons’ invasion has been stopped, Qinghe has become a prosperous and bustling city.

Chu Yu paused his travels for a while there then continued on to Tian Yuan Sect.

Regarding this place, in fact, disregarding the original Chu Yu’s memories, this was where he first met Chu Sheng. Over the years, the initial nervousness and subconscious feeling of alienation he used to have had disappeared. He no longer thinks of Chu Sheng as a cannon fodder character in “Sword Immortal.”

Chu Yu has never felt the reality of the world so clearly as he did now.

He should still have Tian Yuan Sect’s entry card on his body. Chu Yu rummaged for a while until he found the entry card and threw it. Seeing the Tian Yuan mountain range, he paused a while then plunged into the fog. The scenery blurred for a moment then became clear.

Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine steps wound their way up like a coiling dragon from the foot to the top of the mountains. This was different from his memory of this place from the time when he left. Now there was no spring water, only winter snow covering everything and the sound of the north wind whistling through the mountains.

Chu Yu’s gaze drifted over the scenery as he vaguely recalled the first time he rode his flying sword. His solemn mood suddenly dispersed and he smiled. He didn’t tarry any further and flew directly to Yuan Chen Peak.

Each peak has its own barrier. The immortal’s place of residence3 was like a mystical realm in between heaven and earth. Chu Yu turned to the peak, hesitated for a long time, then went in.

It was the middle of the night and Chu Yu didn’t want to disturb other people’s dreams. After pondering for a moment, he decided to leave a note outside the gate of Lu Qingan’s courtyard. Then Chu Yu went to his own courtyard. Looking at the door to Xie Xi’s room he wondered where Xie Xi was living now.

Chu Yu had been gone for ten years but the small courtyard was still the same as it had always been. Pushing open the door to his room, the corners of Chu Yu’s mouth turned up in a slight smile when he saw the clean entrance, desks, and chairs.

As his eyes roamed over his room, Chu Yu saw Xie Xi lying quietly on the bed.

… After sleeping with him for three years, this child had developed the habit of sleeping in his bed.

Chu Yu paused, held his breath, walked lightly up to the bedside and reached out to take off his robe.

He had only managed to half take off his robe before his waist was grabbed. A familiar breath enveloped Chu Yu’s ear and a soft, sleep-addled but seductive voice said: “Shixiong…”

Chu Yu smiled and pinched Xie Xi’s face: “You’re smart. I suppressed my aura4 but you still noticed me.”

Really worthy of being the protagonist.

Chu Yu was still sighing in his heart when the robe that he had only half taken off was pulled off and thrown aside by Xie Xi. The room was very dark so he couldn’t see clearly. Chu Yu turned to look at Xie Xi. When Chu Yu opened his mouth to speak, Chu Yu’s head was drawn down and he was kissed.

It was such a gentle kiss that made Chu Yu’s heart soften. Blinking, Chu Yu decided to give in to Xie Xi.

This was different from Xie Xi’s kisses in the past. Somehow, this kiss seemed to reach directly into his heart, making Chu Yu melt. Chu Yu couldn’t bear it. He took the initiative and stretched out his tongue to lick Xie Xi’s lips. After nibbling on Xie Xi’s lips, he drew back slightly and said softly: “I’ve come a long way. Let me rest first.”

Chu Yu was not able to see Xie Xi’s expression in the darkness. He just felt as if Xie Xi was looking askance at him for a moment. Then Chu Yu was pushed down on the bed. Soft kissed rained down on Chu Yu. His hair was loosened and his underwear was torn apart. Chu Yu felt powerless to resist the onslaught. He could only lie down with his eyes closed and hug Xie Xi tightly in return until the restlessness that was in Chu Yu’s heart gradually dissipated.

Holding the protagonist really gave him peace of mind…

When Chu Yu woke up, his lower body was unexpectedly sore. Xie Xi’s XXX was still buried inside him.

Yesterday, at midnight, Chu Yu had fallen asleep while they were doing it. Unusually for him, Xie Xi hadn’t cleaned Chu Yu up. The two men were still hugging each other stickily.

Looking up at Xie Xi staring straight at him, Chu Yu sighed and pushed Xie Xi: “Hmm… haven’t you had enough? Take it out.”

Xie Xi was in a daze. When he heard Chu Yu’s voice, he suddenly woke up. A strange expression was on his face as Xie Xi stuttered: “Shi… Shixiong?’

Chu Yu scowled: “Hmm?”

The expression on Xie Xi’s was like someone lost in a dream: “… Am I still dreaming? How can Shixiong be here?”

Xie Xi silently held Chu Yu tighter and eagerly leaned down on him. Chu Yu’s “little brother” was also starting to react. Xie Xi lowered his head and kissed Chu Yu on the forehead. His tone was somewhat plaintive as he muttered: “Then I don’t want to wake up…”

The expression on Chu Yu’s face became even darker: “Making me star in one of your spring dreams?5 I am very pleased. Xie Xi, are you really confused or are you just faking it?”

Chu Yu’s voice was low at first but his voice had risen almost to a shout by the end of his speech.

Xie Xi who had still been in a daze, half-lost in his dreams, was finally roused by Chu Yu’s voice. The confusion in his eyes gradually dissipated. Once he regained his senses, Xie Xi’s eyes grew brighter and brighter: “Shixiong… Shixiong, you’ve really returned! I thought last night was just a dream and I hadn’t woken up yet…”

Chu Yu calmly reached out and pinched his face. “You’ve woken up now?”

No wonder last night was so strange. He must have thought that it had all been a dream.

Xie Xi nodded and was about to say something when someone knocked on the door.

Third Shidi’s voice came from behind the door: “Second Shixiong, Shizun told me to see you. Can I come in?’

The expressions on both Chu Yu and Xie Xi’s faces changed.

Chu Yu said in a panicked tone of voice: “Don’t come in!”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was cold: “Get lost!”

Behind the door, Third Shidi was silent.

After a long time, Third Shidi said weakly: “Da… Da Shixiong… you’re here, too.”

Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by me, Reika of BC Novels.
  • Oh my gosh, those two woke up still connected to each other!
  • I made a mistake earlier and translated Xu Keqing as “emissary Xu.” He was the other person who was with them when they encountered Chu Shuangtian. I’ve fixed the earlier chapters, too.
  • Poor brocon…
  • Please let me know if there are any mistakes. Thanks for reading.

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  1. 撕心裂肺 – until his heart tore and his lungs split
  2. Chu Sheng and Chu Yu are in the direct line of descent of the Chu family.
  3. 洞府 (dòng fǔ) literally a “cave dwelling” but really refers to the legendary abode of immortals
  4. literally “held my breath” but I’m thinking it’s something like “suppressed my Qi”
  5. 春梦 (chūn mèng) spring dream aka a s*x dream

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