Chapter 64 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 64 – Living Underneath a Man’s Trousers

Although Chu Yu’s expression didn’t change, his mind had received an enormous shock.

F*** f*** f***! What’s going on? Weren’t all of these onlookers here to watch the Chu family’s situation?

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The large crowd of onlookers was making a racket. Their excited voices and burning gazes scared Chu Yu to the point that he didn’t dare to make a move. Suddenly, he felt his hand being grabbed by someone. The warm hand passed its warmth on to him and seemed to melt through this winter’s ice.

Xie Xi softly sighed and faintly said: “Shixiong is quite popular……”

The long and wide sleeves of their robes hung downwards and covered their hands. Chu Yu was a bit nervous and swept a glance around them. It wasn’t until he saw that no one had noticed that he silently pinched Xie Xi’s hand.

……He had actually forgotten that the original had held the title of Tian Yuan Sect’s number one on the list of ten most beautiful men.

But the person who was beside him now was a bit more handsome compared to the original. The original’s laurels should have been removed right?

As if he knew what Chu Yu was thinking, Xie Xi teasingly used his index finger to draw a circle in the palm of his hand. He pinched Chu Yu’s fingers and then stroked them inch by inch. He unhurriedly said: “The moment that these people see Shidi they immediately break into a run. It’s completely different from when they see Shixiong.”

Chu Yu was itching from his actions. The itching had traveled from the palm of his hand all the way to his heart. He uncomfortably pulled at his hand but when he failed to pull it back, he then simply lowered his eyes. After pondering for a long while, he suddenly came to a realization.

In these past few years, Xie Xi hadn’t returned very often as he was very diligent in hunting down demonic cultivators while at Qing Tu. Sometimes, he would even carelessly leak killing intent from his body. These disciples were mostly those who had remained at Tian Yuan Sect and therefore hadn’t seen many life or death battles. After seeing Xie Xi’s appearance that looked as if he were a living Yama, there was an eighty percent chance that they didn’t even have the time to admire his looks before they were scared into running away.

……No wonder this child became bent. Something like hitting on girls must be simply impossible.

Chu Yu sincerely said: “Shidi, you should really be a bit more good-natured towards others……”

Xie Xi continued to knead his fingers and didn’t seem to mind it: “It’s enough if I have Shixiong.”

Just as Chu Yu was planning on educating Xie Xi, that group of excited disciples finally calmed down. The eyes of the youth leading them were brimming with tears of excitement as he raised his sleeves and gave a deep bow towards Chu Yu.

“Many thanks for Da Shixiong’s kindness for looking after and instructing me. Please accept this bow from Shidi.”

Chu Yu was given another shock. He promptly moved over to help him up and waited for him to raise his head. After carefully looking at him for a while, Chu Yu recognized him. His originally somewhat fuzzy memories cleared up.

“You are……Fourth Shidi?”

The youth gave an embarrassed laugh and scratched his head: “I’m no longer at Yuan Chen Peak. I’m already extremely terrified just by calling Chu Shixiong Da Shixiong. I’m not worthy of Da Shxiong calling me Fourth Shidi.”

Chu Yu still had some recollection of this Fourth Shidi. He could vaguely recall that this person had once been someone who blindly followed the crowd and therefore had been one of the people who had bullied Xie Xi the most. A cannon fodder who was even more of a cannon fodder than Third Shidi……

Now this little cannon fodder was also at the Foundation Building stage. Chu Yu inwardly sighed and then unexpectedly gave a faint smile: “Congratulations for advancing into the Foundation Building stage Shidi.”

The moment cold and noble people who are normally careful with their actions smile, it would cause people to receive an incomparable visual shock. What’s more, the original had quite the nice exterior.

The surroundings suddenly became silent.

Fourth Shidi was dumbstruck.

Chu Yu could distinctly feel Xie Xi increasing the strength that he gripping his palm with.

After being speechless for a moment, Chu Yu withdrew his smile and inwardly cursed. Just as he was about to say a few more polite words and then dismiss the peanut gallery, suddenly, the female disciples who seemed to have come to their senses rushed towards Chu Yu.

The corner of Chu Yu’s eyebrow twitched. He subconsciously moved closer to Xie Xi. Xie Xi then pulled him into his arms. A layer of frost appeared in his eyes as he swept a glance at the crowd.


With one sweep of his ice-cold gaze, all those whose heads had previously been in a feverish daze now all trembled and subconsciously retreated. Once their minds settled down, they were clearly able to see his hand that was placed on Chu Yu’s waist. Immediately, everyone’s expressions turned somewhat odd.

Even if the brotherly feelings between the two of them were very deep, to be acting this intimate while other people were watching was a bit much.

With another look at Xie Xi’s expression, as if he was a mad demon protecting his wife, and the entire peanut gallery was silenced.

While the world of cultivation didn’t look down upon homosexuality by any means, there were a few negative connotations surrounding it. Furthermore, Chu Yu and Xie Xi were of different statuses and they were also fellow disciples under the same master……

Chu Yu saw that they had calmed down and no longer panicked. He calmly nodded his head at Fourth Shidi and said “I leave it to you” before pulling Xie Xi along as he returned to his dongfu.

The moment they entered his dongfu, the strength of the grip from the hand that was on his waist abruptly increased. Chu Yu didn’t have time to say anything to Xie Xi before he was pressed up against the stone wall of the barrier’s entrance. In the next second, his lips were bitten.

Chu Yu was baffled and a little dumbfounded. He slapped at Xie Xi’s back and made a few muffled sounds. However, there was no other choice but to let him do as he pleased and he continued with his somewhat violent licking and entanglement. After a long while, their lips finally separated.

Chu Yu was panting a bit and was stunned. He reached up and stroked the back of Xie Xi’s head with his hand, his voice somewhat soft: “What are you getting mad for?”

Xie Xi’s hand was braced against the stone wall. He lowered his head and gently played with Chu Yu’s lips, nipping at them before kissing them again. There was a complicated look in his eyes: “Shixiong actually smiled at that group of people.”



Did you get angry just because of one smile?

Chu Yu was stumped for a moment before he shook his head: “Shidi, haven’t you noticed that you’re a bit immoderate and stubborn?”

He won’t allow him to look at other people for too long, won’t allow him to smile at other people. This child’s possessive tendencies were rather frightening.

Xie Xi pursed his lips. The emotions in his eyes stilled as he caressed Chu Yu’s face: “Shixiong, I have said so before. I only have you.”

Only have you, so he treated him as his most important treasure and hated that he couldn’t hold him in his arms at all times. Only he could have Chu Yu so no one else could look at him too much and no one else could covet him.

Chu Yu felt that he had not managed to get through to Xie Xi. He furrowed his brows and pushed him away. He then tidied up his somewhat disheveled clothing. After deciding what to say in his mind, he deliberately said: “Shidi, treating someone as if they’re the only thing you have isn’t a good thing. You have to think, what if one day I were to leave, you……”

“Impossible!” Xie Xi flatly cut him off and gripped his hand tighter. He resolutely said: “I forbid you from leaving me again Shixiong!”

Chu Yu sighed and waved his other hand at him, “Give me time to calm down.”

Finishing his words, he pulled his hand away and slowly walked towards the back of the cliff.

Chu Yu knew that Xie Xi was staring at him. After a pause, he still didn’t turn his head back and continued to walk straight ahead.

With regards to the skill “The Protagonist Cannot Die Rule,” he had asked the system and sure enough, such a good thing didn’t really exist in this world. Although this book had been abandoned and was full of plot holes, the system had vaguely revealed that this book still had an outline. For the time being, the story was following that outline of the main storyline but once the contents of the outline of the main storyline were completed, this book’s contents would be considered as finished. Only afterward would they be able to act as they wanted.

As such, this skill would disappear the moment the book’s main storyline was completed.

Chu Yu mulled things over for a bit. He had planned to be with Xie Xi forever but after he considered the long road of immortals that awaited him once the main story ended, anything could happen. Xie Xi was a genuine protagonist so the rule of not dying wouldn’t disappear for him, but the same couldn’t be said for himself.

According to Xie Xi’s increasingly possessive desires and obsession, if Chu Yu were to suddenly die, he would then immediately go berserk and annihilate every living being……

Once he reached the back of the cliff at the top of the mountain, it started snowing again. The huge rock from back then was still there. Chu Yu raised his sleeve and brushed aside the snowflakes that had landed on its surface. He then sat with his legs crossed on the rock and closed his eyes.

The wind sobbed from within the devil’s pass that was in front of him as if there was a wronged ghost struggling inside of it as they cried and howled.

Someone was standing behind him.

Chu Yu paused and in the end, he still couldn’t help but turn his head: “What did you follow me for?”

Xie Xi bit his lips, he had a sad look on his face: “Is Shixiong angry at Shidi?”

……Although he really had been a bit unhappy for a split second back there, he was nowhere near angry. Not to mention, Xie Xi could be said to be completely devoted to him. He would act like a spoiled child or act obedient from time to time. Chu Yu honestly didn’t have the will to get truly angry at him.

Chu Yu inwardly sighed and then shook his head: “I’m just worried about you.”

Xie Xi’s quietly stared at Chu Yu for a moment before he said in a low voice: “I remember……Shixiong was like this back at that time too. You wouldn’t look back no matter what. I followed behind Shixiong and thought that it would be fine for me to die if only Shixiong would cheer up……”

That time?

……Ten years ago while we were in the Mausoleum Ruins?

Chu Yu’s mind blanked out for a moment. When he saw that Xie Xi’s complexion was almost deathly pale, he immediately felt his heart turn cold. He really wanted to slap himself.

The rumors had said that Xie Xi had gone mad after he had been trapped inside the Mausoleum Ruins and he himself had confirmed this. The period of time in which Chu Yu was inside the Mausoleum Ruins was probably a nightmare for Xie Xi and the memories that he least wanted to recall in his life. Normally, Chu Yu would deliberately avoid talking about the Mausoleum Ruins but unexpectedly, this time it was he himself who had caused Xie Xi to recall those memories.

Seeing Xie Xi’s depressed appearance, Chu Yu felt his heart hurt and promptly jumped down from the huge rock. He quickly walked over and, at a loss of what else to do, embraced him.

It was rare for Xie Xi to not immediately respond in kind. His long eyelashes were lowered and covered the look in his eyes. He continued to say: “I thought that Shixiong wouldn’t look back again……thank goodness, this time around Shixiong looked back.”

Chu Yu said: “I’m not angry.”

Xie Xi raised his hand and tightly clutched at Chu Yu’s sleeve, “If Shixiong doesn’t like how I act……I can change, but Shixiong……can’t leave.” As he spoke, he started choking with sobs, “Don’t leave again.”

Above all, Chu Yu couldn’t stand seeing people cry.

He had recently seen the thoroughly red-eyed Chu Sheng who had almost cried in front of him before and now Xie Xi had been scared into crying by his sudden sorrowful attitude and concern for the future. Chu Yu was truly upset with himself as he helplessly tightened his arms around Xie Xi, “Alright……I already said that I’m not angry. I swear to you that I won’t leave. How old are you already to still be weeping like this……”

Xie Xi raised his head. There were some teardrops hanging from his long eyelashes but after he blinked they slowly fell down. Chu Yu found the scene a bit funny as he raised a sleeve and wiped Xie Xi’s tears. Without thinking things through, he said: “It’s not impossible for me not to look at other people too much and not smile at others. It’s just proper manners to return politeness with politeness.”


Xie Xi was so overjoyed that he cupped Chu Yu’s face and lowered his head to kiss him. His excited face was a tad red and the sadness from just now had suddenly disappeared. He hugged Chu Yu and stroked and cuddled against him. He was a bit bashful as he said: “Shixiong, let’s continue the matter from this morning.”

Chu Yu didn’t bat an eye: “I want to cultivate.”

Xie Xi lowered his head and licked up his Adam’s apple. He was beaming as he said: “Shixiong mentioned pair cultivation before. In this past couple of days, Shidi has discovered the method to pair cultivate. Since Shixiong wants to cultivate right now, let’s try it out.”

Chu Yu: “……”

Chu Yu couldn’t find any words in him to refute him.

The days they spent at Yuan Chen Peak made it seem as if they had suddenly returned to how it was ten years ago. It was still as peaceful as before as they cultivated and hunted chicken. The only difference was that they would do some small exercise every night before they went to bed……

Chu Yu didn’t have the strength to kick Xie Xi away. Therefore, they would do it until it was extremely late at night. When Chu Yu snuck outside, he ran into Third Shidi and his teeth itched from the sight of him winking at him. He considered when would be a good time to discuss the topic of moderation with Xie Xi.

After almost a month had passed, Chu Yu found the time to go out and make some inquiries. As expected, the hostile attitudes towards the Chu family had gradually settled down. The world of cultivation’s gossipers would never lack in new topics to talk about after a meal. Criticizing other people was a very easy thing to do. There was no need for them to continue to badmouth the unmoving and unresponsive Chu family.

The hostile attitudes had gradually settled down. Although the Chu family had become tainted, they still had an unruffled appearance as if they weren’t the least bit affected by the recent events. That person probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate this any longer and would jump out soon to court their death.

It definitely wasn’t Lu Qingan and he truly hoped that it wasn’t Xu Keqing.

Chu Yu folded his arms as he walked back. He was in quite the good mood as he pulled Xie Xi along and walked up the stairs at the foot of the mountain. As he walked, he gestured at his chest: “Does Shidi still remember? Back then when we first went to Qing He Town, you were only this tall.” After a pause, he said, “Oh, not long before we descended down the mountain, you also stabbed me with a sword.”

There was originally a faint smile on Xie Xi’s face but the moment he heard these words, he immediately looked like he was on the verge of collapsing. The corners of his eyes reddened and his eyes teared up. Seeing that the child was about to cry, Chu Yu couldn’t help massaging his forehead and inwardly cursing himself for having a cheap mouth. After a long session of caressing, hugging, and massaging, Xie Xi was finally placated. Chu Yu wiped away his cold sweat.

He really shouldn’t court death……

He quietly closed his mouth and didn’t open his mouth again to try to court death. Xie Xi on the other hand blinked and said: “Back then Shidi was still young and ignorant. I was unaware of Shixiong’s good intentions……oh, did it leave a scar?”

Chu Yu slapped away his hand that had reached over and attempted to take off his clothing. With a cold face he said: “What, you still don’t know whether or not there’s a wound on my body?”

Xie Xi laughed.

The two had so much free time that they were bored. They walked from the bottom of the mountain all the way to the top at an unhurried pace. By the time they raised their heads to look at the mountain gate, the sky had already darkened a bit. The entire Tian Yuan Sect was a large circle with the inner and outer regions separated into two layers. The outer layer was where all the outer disciples were. They couldn’t tolerate the coldness from both the mountaintop and the freezing winter days so there wasn’t anyone to be seen at the mountain gate.

Chu Yu leisurely swept a look around and was just about to take out his sword and fly when he suddenly saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. It was clear that that person also hadn’t intended on hiding himself. When he saw Chu Yu and Xie Xi, his gaze was immediately filled with bitterness and resentment as if he wanted to throw himself at the two of them and swallow them whole.

Chu Yu was astounded: “Oh? Isn’t it Song Shixiong?”

In a split second, Song Jingyi’s complexion turned as black as a pot and his eyes looked like he wanted to kill someone.

Chu Yu wasn’t in a hurry to leave. His arms were covered by his sleeves and he leaned against Xie Xi as he looked Song Jingyi up and down. Ever since Song Jingyi had been carried by Lin Shidi into the first hall, thrown onto the ground, and then had all his evil deeds exposed, Song Jingyi had seemed to have disappeared. Who would have thought that they would meet him again here?

Compared to the past him who was always immaculately dressed and had a fake smile on his face, the present Song Jingyi was clearly a lot more pleasing to the eye. Although he was still as immaculately dressed as before and was still putting on airs, that disgusting fake smile of his was already gone. It had been replaced with an expression that came from the depths of his heart.

He truly wanted to kill Chu Yu and Xie Xi.

Chu Yu reckoned that he truly couldn’t deal with the fact that he had been crippled. Song Jingyi looked wan and sallow.

Inwardly, Chu Yu felt incomparably good about this. He could see the present Song Jingyi’s cultivation with just one look. His luck had been good and he hadn’t been completely crippled. He still retained the cultivation of someone who was at the third stage of Qi Refining.

What a pity that they had wasted all those stalks of spiritual grass.

Song Jingyi was quite furious and it was a long time before he gave a cold snort. He gnashed his teeth and said: “Chu Yu, don’t be too pleased with yourself. Sooner or later I’ll make you regret it all.”

Chu Yu simply wanted to laugh: “How does Song Shixiong plan on making Shidi regret?”

Song Jingyi glared at him but oddly enough, he didn’t continue to tangle with him. He turned around and silently passed through the mountain gate.

Chu Yu was a bit amazed: “Shidi, do you think that after his spirit veins were crippled his brain was also damaged?”

Xie Xi wasn’t as carefree as Chu Yu. He wrinkled his brows and after a long while, he said in a low voice: “Once Shizun ascertains his background, I’ll make my move and kill him. Leaving someone like him behind makes it hard for people to have true peace of mind.”

Unfortunately, in order for Lu Qingan to coordinate with Chu Yu and reduce suspicion, Lu Qingan could only quietly remain at Yuan Chen Peak and cultivate and meditate during this period of time. He would occasionally take Third Shidi to the top of the mountain for training. His range of movement had been greatly diminished.

Shen Nian was always beside him. Every day he would mutter “Beautiful you look a bit familiar” “An An do we know each other?” He provoked him to the point that Lu Qingan had almost lost it several times.

Regarding Shen Nian’s skill in routinely courting death, Chu Yu wanted to worship him.

If he were to change roles, he definitely wouldn’t dare to provoke Xie Xi like this. Not unless he was prepared to be unable to leave his bed for at least three days.

Thinking about this, Chu Yu was deeply worried and took Xie Xi with him as he flew back to Yuan Chen Peak on Xun Sheng. After long consideration, he tactfully said: “Shidi, I want to tell you……”

Xie Xi narrowed his eyes and hugged Chu Yu’s waist. He breathed in a mouthful of air and replied with a low “hm.” His voice was both deep and magnetic. Hearing it made a Chu Yu’s ears turn red and a tingle run down his spine. He composed himself and calmly continued to try to negotiate.

“Shidi……there’s a common saying. To follow a sequence and take things step by step. No matter what you’re doing you can’t do too much of it all at once. First, you’ll use up all your energy. Second, you’ll start to weaken. Third, you’ll exhaust……”

Xie Xi was silent for a moment: “Shidi will sincerely follow Shixiong’s instructions.”

Chu Yu heaved a deep sigh: “You understand my meaning?”

Then this old waist of mine can still be preserved.

Xie Xi solemnly said: “Shixiong is instructing Shidi not to rush when cultivating. I need to take it one step at a time and can’t use up all of my energy from the very beginning. Otherwise, I’ll hit a bottleneck once I reach the later stages and will be forced to wait in vain. However, there’s no need for Shixiong to worry. Shidi has already formed his Nascent soul and stabilized it. As long as Shixiong remains by Shidi’s side, Shidi won’t undergo Qi Deviation nor hit a bottleneck.

……What the f*** does this have to do with what I’m saying?

Chu Yu’s face darkened. But he still said, “congratulations on forming your Nascent Soul Shidi” though. Soon after, he felt what a ball-breaking pain this situation was.

This “Shixiong” was so ball-breakingly painful to hear. The current level of Xie Xi’s cultivation was so high that it oppressed his. This child also especially liked to stick to him and call him Shixiong over and over again. The ways of the world had changed……

Chu Yu felt saddened: “Shidi has become more and more powerful. I really can’t beat you……”

Xie Xi’s face turned even more solemn: “No, in front of Shixiong, Shidi will endure being hit or scolded. If Shixiong is unhappy, you can tie Shidi on the bed and ruthlessly hit me.”

……These words……why is it that the more I think it over the stranger they seem……?

Chu Yu promptly threw these words to the back of his mind and didn’t think about them anymore. He then fixed his complexion and continued back on to the previous topic.

“Shidi……young people still need to show some restraint. Right now you’re curious but later on, you likely won’t feel the same way. If you were to use up all your energy now……” Chu Yu coughed once and cryptically said: “What’ll you do if you end up completely exhausted in the future?”

“Now that Shidi has tasted the marrow, my longing for its flavor only grows. I like eating fish.” After finishing his words, Xie Xi gave a strange smile. He lowered his head and held Chu Yu’s white earlobe in his mouth and nipped it. He lowered his voice: “As for whether or not Shidi will exhaust himself, Shixiong will know in the future.”

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